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  • Imaginative Plane Our Means of Unifying Personality & SoulOur Closest Source of Beauty & Meaning
    life This enables us to freely contact at will both higher levels of the Emotional Plane and levels of the Mental Plane In H W Percival s metaphysical system our desire mind or imagination is our rightness mind I think most of us would agree that our imagination can be very vivid but not necessarily as objective or powerful as our emotions and thoughts Imagining is a more internal individualistic mechanism within us Within our piano key organization of Planes our imagination fits perfectly as the inner Plane overlapping our Mental and Emotional Planes It is the next higher inner Plane above our instinctual nature Within the double helix structure of Objectivity and Subjectivity it lies between the subjective Dream Realm and the Heaven Realm of our soul This makes our imagination pivotal to both our objective personality and subjective soul The Figure below provides an outline of our imaginative world and how it connects to other parts of our universe Other terms used to describe the Imaginative Plane include psychic world low subtle realm upper yetzirah life world and un perspectival world In our Energy Structure our desire mind nature is on the inner ida kundalini channel or creative thread linking our desire nature with higher inner spiritual nodes As more central to the core of our existence it also provides a powerful link to our subjective soul Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles Imaginative Senses Our imaginative senses like our physical senses interact with the various energies of the Imaginative Plane and provide input through perception to our imagination These senses include clairaudience psychometry clairvoyance fantasy and creative imagination The first three are considered our psychic faculties These psychical senses include psychic hearing vision and touch Simply they provide our ability to hear see and touch throughout the Planes of our Personality The term used consistently regarding these faculties through various fields of study is inner just as our Imaginative Plane is an inner Plane Our fourth imaginative sense is fantasizing Other than idle daydreaming there have been many positive uses outlined for fantasizing Kabbalistically we can use our imagination to attain higher realms They can be made to minister to higher faculties of the soul Psychologically active imagination can facilitate better communication between our conscious and unconscious It demands not just perception and passivity but active participation Using our active imagination or fantasizing can reveal the negative movement of the unconscious which allows us to gain added influence over the unconscious Another important function of our imagination is its ability to unify the various parts of our Personality The philosopher Samuel Coleridge considered primary imagination as the synthetically perceiving and categorizing of things that are not me His secondary imagination provides the power of unifying chaotic experience into the significant form of

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  • Mental Plane  Our Current Evolutionary Playground of the Mind
    Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles Thinking Senses As has already been described we develop senses within each Plane Our thinking senses are the highest senses we develop as a material being They provide our ability to interact and receive mental energies for mental processing i e thinking Our five mental senses include deductive and inductive reasoning analytical thinking or logic abstract thinking and discrimination I conclude that our first three mental senses extend from the intellect node while our two highest thinking senses extend from the mind node I am only beginning to now believe that we also have senses which extend from our Egoic Lotus node What they are is to be determined The duality of our mentality is demonstrated by not only two energy nodes but also by two bodies one higher mental and one lower mental This duality also includes our normal mental consciousness and our Ego From the Egoic Lotus node the Ego becomes our objective consciousness expression while the Soul becomes our subjective expression in the Heaven Realm This multitude of dualities is what we must overcome in order to become an integral Being Physicality Instinctual Emotional Imaginative Mental Intuitional Spiritual Unity Monadic Love Spirit Our higher thinking faculties include abstract thinking and discrimination The key to abstract thinking is what differentiates it from other thinking Webster s defines abstract as thought apart from any particular instances or material objects Abstraction as thinking is forming and idea by abstracting out what is common to a variety of instances It is a type of contemplation that ends with the creation of ideas It comes from inspecting forms and discerning their nature and interrelations Discrimination as a sense or faculty transcends normal day to day thinking and reasoning Metaphysically discrimination is what takes place between the essential and nonessential real and unreal Self and not self and soul and spirit leading to freedom from the three worlds i e physical emotional and mental Planes Our sense of discrimination leads us from our material existence to the real nature of our Self and Soul Discrimination becomes the bridge from our Ego and Personality to spiritual energies and states of consciousness Central to our mental existence are concepts and ideas Unfortunately many use these terms interchangeably Since many of the terms used to define ideas and concepts are the same the key is in differentiating these two levels of thought energy In general ideas more relate to pure thoughts while concepts are the models developed from ideas An idea is a mental object of some thought or knowledge In this case object means organized energy The idea is a singular result of processing input from our thinking senses Our concepts are derived from ideas For example at some point someone came up with the idea of

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  • Our Spiritual Intuition
    of Life Therefore we have five intuiting senses which help us to explore and experience intuitional energies These five senses include telepathy healing inner vision intuitive perception and wisdom Much has been written about what has been labeled mental telepathy In actuality we have an instinctual telepathy that is communicated through our psychic senses of the imagination including clairsentience psychometry clairaudience and clairvoyance These psychic activities are strictly part of our Personality Spiritual telepathy originates in the Intuitional Plane and allows us to communicate spiritually with other Beings and humans Before humanity began developing spiritual intuition communication from inner Beings came through the subjective soul directly into our objective imagination Humans utilizing clairaudience would hear the communication from these inner Beings Of course we can still utilize this capability A more direct spiritual form of communication comes in developing intuitional telepathy This communication and interaction can come in the form of inner voices or energetic overshadowing When intuitional telepathy is working we can also have thoughts communicated directly into our higher mind ined Somewhat controversial in many societies is the ability to heal The physical ability from those true healers comes through developing the power of spiritual healing originating in the Intuitional Plane This power faculty or sense becomes the ability to heal ourselves throughout the Personality We all have the potential to develop this sense to varying degrees Our third intuitional sense we can develop within our intuitional nature is that of inner vision This is a spiritual counterpart to clairvoyance As described earlier clairvoyance allows us to see within the Planes of our Personality Inner vision becomes our ability to see in the spiritual Planes and inner Realms What is limited within the Personality because unlimited within our spiritual nature These two senses work similarly and therefore makes developing inner vision more difficult Human nature tends to go with what is easy and comfortable not what is challenging and outside of our comfort zone Physicality Instinctual Emotional Imaginative Mental Intuitional Spiritual Unity Monadic Love Spirit The fifth subplane embodies various states of meditation D T Suzuki relates this to the pure undefiled spiritual world of nondiscrimination It is the principle of nondiscrimination lying underneath every form of distinction and discrimination It is the world of no thinking or beyond thinking the state of No mind ness I conclude it is also represented in the beautiful properties of those equations and theories that best describe our universe within science and mathematics Central to the Intuitional Plane we have the dominion of synchronicity the fundamental characteristic or energy of the entire Intuitional Plane Just as we receive intuitive insights that seemingly come from nowhere here s where we first began to develop a conscious sense of intuiting the ability to receive recognize and use insights from Spirit to take more meaningful and purposeful steps within life Synchronicity is the principle energy of meaningful coincidences It is psychologically how everything is connected dispelling the illusion of random coincidences Intuitional Energies Subplanes

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  • Humanity's Spiritual Center
    energy node within our Tree of Life is labeled by Kabbalah as Keter or Crown Within other philosophical systems this energy center is labeled Brahman Atma Supermind Spiritual Will or Divine Will From this highest center also called the thousand petal lotus energies flow down into all parts of our spiritual and personality life What would seem somewhat incomprehensible we can develop spiritual senses and a spiritual body within these energies As shown in the figure below there are also various terms that have been used to describe this body If we remember that synonymous terms for senses include faculties powers capacities and life s mechanisms senses can be developed within every Plane to facilitate us in becoming aware of learning controlling growing and transforming ourselves and our environment Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles Another of our spiritual senses which I believe is a good term for this entire group of senses is synthesis Philosophically Kant defined two levels of synthesis including a synthesis of apprehension This synthesis of apprehension produces a unity of intuition based on a framework of principles Psychologically Carl Jung defined the goal of the individuation process as the synthesis of the self In doing so we become a likeness to God and a hermathrodite Metaphysically The Tibetan relates synthesis to unification and the unfoldment of divine Insight beyond illumination He considers the Thousand petal Lotus or Head Center to be our organ of synthesis Our sense of synthesis is self perception and cognition based on a framework of principles Externally this provides us with the ability to perceive the Whole or One from which all the diversity of expression originates Internally the faculty of divine Insight helps us produce a unification of the Self and Personality in manifestation Through synthesizing both the conscious and unconscious our sense of synthesis provides us the power to bring the many parts of ourselves into a unified One To me a higher form of synthesis is our potential spiritual sense of discernment Descartes described discernment as the ability to grasp each truth by means of a single and distinct act which is similar in every case The apostle Paul described spiritual discernment in the following But the natural man received not the things of the Spirit of God for they are foolishness unto him neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned Eastern mysticism describes discernment as the recognition of the distinction between the real sat and unreal asat truth and fiction and particularly the transcendent Self and the nonself anatman Both abstract thinking and intuitive perception relate to perceiving and learning about the Spiritual Planes of unifying wholeness we have been describing in recent articles Beyond this knowing and discernment provide faculties for becoming aware and learning the things of

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  • Unity,  Our Attic of Unification
    have the potential to develop as this bridge I will not describe them in detail in this article but only outline their key pivotal place in our spiritual existence on the Path of spiritual growth Since there is not an Energy Node in the Unity Plane we do not develop senses or a body of experience here We do develop consciousness here which becomes our conscious bridge to the synthesizing Planes and Realms of our spiritual universe Before describing this bridge let s outline the energies of this Unity Plane Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles The pivotal energies of the pivotal Unity Plane I simply define as Unity Sri Aurobindo equates unity with Oneness He describes this light and force as one of the two eternal aspects of existence this complete and unreserved self giving Other Eastern mystical terms for this energy or state is integral awareness one chi Divine Reality and Divine Subtle Origin Philosophically according to Leibniz unity is the way of pre established harmony For F H Bradley there is a supreme unity a super relational differentiated harmony of experience not self and not God The state of unity can best be defined as that ultimate reality regarded as one and yet as the source of varieties as complete or perfect and yet as not divorced from the finite imperfect world Beyond this Unity we encounter the state of Presence This Presence can be defined as an influence or a supernatural or Divine Spirit felt to be present According to Aurobindo this is a state of Integral Perfection Evelyn Underhill documents the state as an atmosphere of Eternity unified with the Absolute It is the self fulfillment in the union of heart and Will At the top of our attic of existence we encounter Purpose We interpret this energy as the energy of our God the Monad as it conditions and influences the Thousand petal lotus our Head Center the Egoic Lotus our Heart Center and our entire objective existence Metaphysically purpose is the energy which brings about synthesis Divine Will implementing Divine Intention It is the passive counterpart to Will which is active Purpose is our reason for being It is the energy which communicates from our Monad and various levels of God beyond us into us The communication of this energy we experience as directed unifying will Our Bridging Consciousness In advanced stages on the Spiritual Path we build a conscious bridge from our spiritual center to our Monad the spiritual source of our Being Until we do this there is an Angel which stands in and provides this bridge for us This Angel is called the Angel of the Presence It provides a bridge between our humanness and our true spirituality just as the Solar Angel provides the

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  • Monadic,  The Home of our “Spark of God”
    a force of necessity He traces the root of the word necessary to ne cesse which means not yielding So the essence of Will is necessary impetus for change It is the driving force of change behind all activity within Matter Will is the impulse or urge within all manifestation toward creating and fulfilling God s Integrity It is the efficient cause of change which is essential if active intelligent Matter is to fully express Love The three synthesizing energies of the Monad On our upward journey we now reach the three energies of our Monad or our creative originating source for us in manifestation In keeping with As Above So Below here is the objective expression of Will Love and Active Intelligence Here is the home of the Monad of Man In the recently discovered writings of the Christian Gnostics the term Monad appears with various definitions or labels In The Three Tablets of Seth the Monad is the the parent Barbelo a nonexistent from an undivided thrice powerful One In The Secret Book According to John the Monad is the parent of the entirety the invisible spirit a unitary principle of rule god ections Physicality Instinctual Emotional Imaginative Mental Intuitional Spiritual Unity Monadic Love Spirit As I feel my way through these verses I experience a sense of separation from this Word just as I experience separation from both the normal sounds of the outer world and the words from that still small voice within The Tibetan in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire equates the Word of God with the Voice of the Monad Since the Monadic Plane is the domain of our Monad or spark of God this is where that voice speaks from From this place across an abyss transition we next touch the 6th subplane energy of creative wisdom In Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism by Lama Anagarika Govinda five Wisdoms are defined The highest or 5th Wisdom is defined as all accomplishing Wisdom This is the pure transcendental Buddha knowledge the source of all Wisdom the center of undifferentiated Suchness I relate this Monadic domain as the source from which the Buddha received the pure transcendental knowledge in enlightenment I term it creative because it is the creative source from which all wisdom flows Metaphysically this creative wisdom is the objective expression of the energy of Love Wisdom or more commonly referred to as the 2nd Ray As referred to by The Tibetan this cosmic Love Wisdom expresses the desire nature of the Solar Logos the Being whose physical body is our entire solar system The source of this Love Wisdom is in the Cosmic Emotional Plane where his desire nature resides just as Man s desire nature resides in the Emotional Plane The simplest way for me to understand this is to think of Active Intelligence as originating source of how we think and move matter This active intelligence is expressed down the Planes through both At one ment and Holy Spirit in the

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  • Love,  Our Inner Source of Love & Feminine Spirit
    the absence of instinctual activity When we transmute our instinctual nature Serenity is the quality or presence which takes its place A number of synonyms for serenity are tranquility exalted equipoise and quiescence Tranquility represents Serenity as both serene and placid Quiescence is a lack of activity while equipoise represents a perfect state of balance or equilibrium The state of Serenity becomes the exalted motionless state of perfect equilibrium Similar to the Void as the lowest energetic state in the next lower inner Unity Plane Serenity embodies the lowest subplane of the five energies of the Love Plane Purity Purity from the Love Plane becomes directly linked to the inner Imaginative Plane Our highest imaginative energies as virtues help embody virtuous Purity Various definitions of purity include freedom from adulterating matter clearness flawless unmixed and lucid Synonyms include homogeneity unmodified undefiled transparent and whole Purification is one of the most powerful processes we use on the Spiritual Path Purification changes our flawed mixed defiled energies within each of our bodies until they become clear transparent channels for higher energies Purification also changes our consciousness to become a homogeneous lucid clear whole embodiment of higher wisdom and knowledge At this point we then become the lucid flawless transparent carrier of our inner spiritual nature Faith From the inner Imaginative Plane we leap directly up to the inner Inspirational Plane which embodies Faith from the middle subplane of the Love Plane Although the common definition of faith focuses on belief Faith as a Characteristic of Spirit has nothing to do with belief Webster s does help with key words regarding faith as trust confidence reliance certitude assurance conviction and fidelity Western mysticism helps elucidate the embodiment of Faith Having lost their faith means to have lost one s communication and communion with Spirit Made whole by faith is the nurturing supportive healing that takes place with Faith As a Characteristic of Spirit Faith restores our trust reliance and fidelity in Spirit through the nurturing supportive healing that each of us needs to maintain a continuous communication and communion with Spirit This Faith is the healing energy of God Harmony If you remember we described the inner Unity Plane as our attic of unification above our spiritual center in the outer Spiritual Plane Here Harmony first manifests from its local source in the Love Plane Harmony is typically defined as euphony or the pleasant combination of agreeable sounds Synonyms include affinity and unity Various philosophers both Eastern and Western envisioned our universe to be based on a pre established harmony Metaphysically this harmony is that which brings to perfection all forms within creative manifestation If we think about perfection it certainly would not include the chaos and disagreeable conflicting energies within daily life The unity of a group or society is attained through the growing affinity euphony and perfecting expression of creativity by the group Harmony is the Characteristic of Spirit that both actively and latently conditions all manifested matter to seek growth

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  • Spirit,  The Outer Plan of Spirit
    put it justice consists of treating equals equally an unequaled unequally but in proportion to their relevant differences Theologically Justice is the sum total of all virtues or holiness It is the quality of righteousness or greatest of excellences Humans tend to use this to remove the unrighteous from our midst put in prison or kill so the rest of us can express God s righteousness Unfortunately how many humans do we know that live by all the virtues or express holiness As a characteristic of Spirit Justice can bring us the ability to live our virtues and become the greatest of excellences by revealing and transmuting the various parts of us that are not principled or in proper fitting with our spiritual nature Standing in Divine Justice is a powerful way to remove the injustices in our life What we typically think of injustice is really just Justice showing us how we are not living with equitable impartiality toward others Truth Many believe there is an Absolute Truth There is only one right Truth Unfortunately this is the illusion that humans like to embrace for their security and comfort Truth as a characteristic of Spirit is simply Reality What we determine is our reality that is our Truth Transpersonal psychology helps here in outlining two sides of truth One is experience for itself and the other is reference to something undefined or ineffable an experience that points to this mysterious reality A simpler way to put it is that Truth is what is As we broaden our conscious orientation in life we broaden what Truth is for us Truth holds us to a new orientation it reflects an objective synthesis of our ideas and values When embraced it reveals our current reality in life and helps us to align with something beyond as our potential reality Order Even though order is the best term for Order in our universe our understanding of order inhibits understanding Order So let s let go of our concept of order to embrace Order Order is that which produces a sense of perspective proportion and symmetry with in our lives Because of this Order helps us move from a division to a oneness of perception Our sense of putting our house in order usually means structure neatness with everything put in its place The Spirit characteristic of Order is what brings balance in our life It facilitates us moving from a multiplicity of meanings we sporadically see in life to the one ness of Life itself By revealing the hidden variables or synchronicities behind our relationships and life events Order provides us the opportunity to govern the outcomes of these events through perspective and balance regarding our events in life This is how we move from the attachments of our personality to a detached perspective and balanced view of our life Peace It is easy to understand peace as a freedom from conflict or agitation Outwardly Peace provides a calm and quiet environment undisturbed

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