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  • Realm of Souls
    sleep with a recollection of a self less experience of awareness characterized by light In this stage we reach for something unknown and fundamentally inexplicable Through a reversal we objectively transition from the Mental Plane of the personality into the spiritual Intuitional Plane of our developing spiritual Self Correspondingly we subjectively transition from the periodic expression of our soul in the Heaven Realm into the spiritual Realm of Meaning where self conscious Souls our human group soul and all the Archetypes reside In Eastern mysticism the Realm of Meaning equates to the Bardo of dharmata or intrinsic radiance Without form this primordial purity is a spontaneous presence of sound light and color Experience in this Bardo also includes luminosity dissolving into union This luminosity manifests in the form of Buddhas and deities which emanate a blinding dazzling and brilliant light Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles Meaning is the Process which gives significance to all forms and organisms of material existence It is also the Process that translates the one Infinity into infinite variation from one point Without the space here to describe mathematical fractals Meaning is also what conveys the self same properties from Spirit into Matter It is by which the highly complex and chaotic shapes forms and systems within Matter are generated from a simple limit through a repeated iteration at smaller and smaller scales These italicized phrases are the keys to understanding fractals and integral calculus From the Processes of Meaning come the Systems of Archetypes which channel and unfold meaning into Matter An archetype is the original pattern or model for which all of the things of the same kind are made prototype perfect example or type or group Within psychology archetype has taken on a specific meaning Archetypes are forces and tendencies which lead to a repetition of similar experiences in forms They are the nuclei or nexus points of a multidimensional network or field which connect meanings Stanislaw Grof describes experiences of archetypes as light ecstatic reborn and pulsating with exuberant life energy To the godfather of archetypes C G Jung the term archetype comes from Philo Judaeus s Imago Dei or God image in man They are transubjective autonomous psychic systems and become autonomous entities of psychic force Something consistent with all archetypes is manifold meaning their almost limitless wealth of reference Within our physical body each of our various systems organs and structure are archetypes Each is distinct consisting of similar substance for providing a specific purpose and function for us living on the physical Plane I define Archetypes as multidimensional autonomous life systems charged with meaning that provide patterns or models that lead to a repetition of experiences in Matter They act as mediators between Spirit and Matter in our continuum of Spirit Matter They

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  • Entering the Kingdom of God
    processes of an organism characterized by ingesting nutrients storage and use of energy excretion of waste growth and reproduction Life is also equated with something essential to the continued existence source of vigor or liveliness and existence of the soul Altogether these different descriptions go right to a succinct spiritual definition of Life Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles From these various perspectives Life in the Realm of Being is the processes of our solar organism Solar Logos that characterize the ingestion storage and use of energies nutrients throughout its physical body our Planes and Realms Further this Life characteristically transmutes the unneeded residue of manifested existence and stimulates the growth and reproduction of all the various lives within the boundaries of its influence This process of Life is everlasting and immortal dynamic and transcendent It is the cause of all diverse forms and levels of existence This Life precedes form and produces Being which is the impersonal and life source of our existence Centres The third aspect in each subjective Realm is that of the Form expression or Systems which channel or distribute the Energy or Processes from this level into lower levels of manifestation These centres or chakras have been almost exclusively defined in terms of Man At this level the Centres are the Systems by which our cosmic Being the Solar Logos expresses his Life In keeping with As Above So Below the macrocosm is an organism similarly organized and structured as is the microcosm Man Metaphysically the centres channel the life aspect not consciousness They demonstrate the form building aspect bringing outer forms into manifestation by expressing force and life The functions of the centres are to vitalize the bodies transmit spiritual energy and bring development of self consciousness in Man Within our physical Body we have various systems that coordinate stimulate and regulate our physical life In this physical expression the centres etherically represent both the nervous and circulatory systems As the nervous system a transmit energy and force to assure the maintenance and development of consciousness As the circulatory system they channel the movement of energies within our continuum of Spirit Matter and facilitate the manifestation of life at all levels within our bodies The systemic etheric Systems from the Realm of Being provide the same function within our overall solar universe Beingness The result of the Processes of Life working through the Systems of the Centres produces the Consciousness or Existence of Beingness Most of our fields of study are pretty consistent in using the word being Sri Aurobindo equates Being with Brahma consciousness self knowing spiritual being living and acting power of the infinite and universal Spirit Lao Tzu identifies Integral Beings which evolve from the human sphere and live forever in the Realm of Integral Life

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  • Our The Oneness of Presence
    beautiful The Elegant Universe pg 169 Within quantum theory force has been relegated to the exchange of virtual particles These particles differ from ordinary matter particles in their spin These particles also have no mass Unfortunately quantum theorists conclude that virtual particles exist but have yet to fulfill scientific method s rule of observation As concluded in the Tao of Physics force and matter are different aspects of the same phenomenon Within transpersonal psychology force seems to be defined similar to philosophical and scientific concepts C G Jung makes some subtle comments regarding force that demonstrate another perspective He equates force with intent and with will subjectively i e intentionality He defines lines of force as that which indicates motion and activity Jung related force to energy in that energy is always expressed specifically as motion and force when actual and as a condition or state when potential For me this subtle delineation reconciles the typical usage of energy as force while also equating energy with states or levels of Spirit Matter Metaphysically H P Blavatsky defines force as the transformation of supra conscious thought of the Logos into energy Mulaprakriti or unmanifested primordial matter is inert without force and becomes first objectified through force To her the forces of nature are differentiated aspects of Universal Motion Implied here are levels of forces from the Universal to those affecting the atoms of physicality The Tibetan reflects a similar perspective in defining Fohat as the force which brings latency into activity and potentialities into demonstrated powers He defines the term transmutation as the mode where force is changed into energy He further defines 49 types of forces which all forms respond to From these various perspectives I would begin by drawing from Webster s in which force is an agent or cause of motion From Sri Aurobindo force makes all action possible creating sustaining maintaining and directing all movement and workings in the universe From philosophy and science forces are intrinsic facets within matter and create measurable change of movement One of the reasons that forces exist is to enforce symmetries which provide an order and coherence throughout manifestation Finally from metaphysics force brings unmanifested potentiality into activity Physical Realm Dream Realm Heaven Realm Realm of Souls Realm of Being Oneness of Being Coherence Innermost Realms Laws Unfolded from higher levels of Spirit we have Laws as the Form aspect within this Realm of Forces Remember Form here is really not form yet but a way of delineating the systems of expression in this Realm Laws at this level of synthesizing Spirit are not much different than the laws that we re aware of To me the main difference is the scope and energetic form of laws Webster s equates laws to rules of conduct rule or principle expected to be observed divine commandment and events and activities that have been observed to occur with unvarying uniformity under the same conditions The Laws at this level are the intelligent rules principles

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  • Our Subjective Origins
    disclosure of spiritual enlightenment I was pleasantly surprised that Lao Tzu refers to Rays In Hua Hu Ching s The Later Teachings of Lao Tzu he makes reference to rays as follows All rays and spirits come from the subtle nature of the universe and single energy rays and groups of rays relate with and influence everything in their environment Although these rays never take concrete form they always exist in the subtle sphere pg 94 This poignant insight from Lao Tzu hits the mark perfectly Rays do influence everything in their environment in this case our solar system They do originate in the subtle sphere the Subjective They do not take concrete form as such but do influence and qualify all forms and substance whether objective or subjective The Rays at this level are the physical arteries and veins of our cosmic Being Solar Logos and extend throughout the Cosmic Physical Realm our subjective systemic universe and the myriad of lives which make up solar life As the second aspect of Cosmic Love the Rays unfold or embody the Love of our cosmic Being in 12 streams coherently interrelated for systemic expression These 12 energy streams actively express Coherence from the Realm of Coherence Somewhat confusing this simultaneous Form and energy aspect of the Rays is similar to the oftentimes confusing principal that the Spirit of our universe is also seen as Matter from a larger perspective From one perspective think of the Rays as the life blood and arteries which channel energy in active circulation to sustain Life within our universe The Tibetan makes many references to Rays throughout the books he dictated through Alice Bailey Simply he defines Rays as the energy in substance originating out of mind or Spirit In our case this is the mind of our cosmic Being or from Cosmic Intelligence These energies become channels by which the intent and purpose of cosmic and inter cosmic Beings are communicated throughout our solar system including all life nce NDE Most readers of metaphysics and Eastern mysticism are acquainted with the term prana As blood is to the dense physical body prana is the life energy of the etheric double which surrounds and vitalizes our physicality Without the etheric double vitalizing the dense physical body we die So think of prana as the lifeblood energy of all physical life though not visible The Rays are the cosmic Prana vitalizing all life within our systemic Planes and Realms They are creative in nature just as sex energy is creative in nature They are the positive aspect in manifestation just as matter is the negative aspect in manifestation As all physical life on earth is vitalized from the rays from the Sun our energy source our entire solar continuum of Spirit Matter is vitalized from the Rays emanating from our cosmic source the Spiritual Sun Consciousness Consciousness is the Consciousness or result Son Aspect within the Trinity Father Mother Son of the First Realm of Coherence Symbolically

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  • Our Innermost Spir
    rest of this article in describing my process of intuiting and contemplating the answers Instead let me succinctly identify and outline five subjective Realms in this and the last article in this series which only a few have ever had conscious experience of Like the black keys on a piano there is a split between three higher i e spiritualizing inner Realms and two lower i e materializing Realms Realm of Attraction Something must always be a beginning or the end even in an infinite process Our highest inner Plane is that of Love Attraction is a characteristic of Love As side by side inner expressions the Love Plane and the Realm of Attraction form a compatible pair As the Love Plane expresses a more willful side of Love the Realm of Attraction expresses the more attractive side The eastern philosopher P D Ouspensky brings a poignant perspective here in that Infinity attracted me Infinity is the boundary of the unknowable incomprehensible My closest experience of this Infinity definitely pulled me toward it drawing me out of myself toward an abstraction I knew was beyond my ability to understand H P Blavatsky provides another perspective If you try to embrace in the unity of a single law all these bodies and their movements if you seek the word which explains in this vast panorama of our universe this prodigious harmony where all seems to obey the empire of a single force you pronounce a word to express it and say Attraction Finally the emerging science of Wholeness defines what become attractors Nature does not permit processes whose final states she finds less attractive than their initial states Therefore a prime ingredient in the order within chaos which describes all living organisms and life in our universe is an attractor An attractor is a region of phase space which exerts a magnetic appeal for a system seemingly pulling the system toward it Realm of Intention The second inner Realm of Intent is creatively unfolded from the interaction of inner Attraction and outer Forces 2 and 3 create 4 To me the intercourse of attraction and forces creates intent Intent is the Energy Processes which moves everything toward its end result Intent is the Will to relate Force which helps all manifested life to fulfill God s purpose and plans An excellent source in understanding Intent comes from the teachings of don Juan Matus The following provides various perspectives that don Juan elucidates on Intent Intent gives focus to everything and makes the world happen Intent binds our vows and promises with everything being consistently directed toward fulfillment of them Intense sets up a path for attainment and comes only from something that is abstract Intent is the purposeful guiding of wills the energy of alignment Intent is the silent voice of the Spirit the spirit that moves Intent is the active side of Infinity Transpersonal psychology provides a completely different view of Intent In describing the concept of libido C G

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  • Physical, Our Somewhat Unusual Physicality
    is made up of various levels of energy which can be labeled planes worlds realms consciousness etc The number seven is usually associated with these various levels In this and future articles we will similarly come to the same number of seven as the number of subplanes within each major level of energy we can experience in outer Objectivity Later we will journey into the inner part of Objectivity and finally Subjectivity itself each with its own structure It would seem the easiest place to start would be our physicality Unfortunately our physicality is just as diverse and almost incomprehensible as many of the high spiritual Planes or subjective Realms are So let s start with the easiest part that part of our universe which we can experience with our five physical senses Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles Our somewhat visible universe As we take a walk in nature it is relatively easy to experience the solidity of physical matter Our dense physical subplane is composed of rocks minerals mountains trees and much of we what we experience in nature The crust of our earth contains much of our solid physical plane The inner layers of our earth as well as much on and above the surface of our earth are actually not solid but liquid or gaseous We easily experience our liquid subplane in the water in our rivers oceans and clouds the blood running through our veins and arteries and the liquids we drink Our next less dense physical subplane are our gases that we experience in the steam rising from our geysers and boiling water the air we breathe the anesthesia we sometimes take before surgery and the various gases we learn about in chemistry These three subplanes are differentiated by how much heat or energy is absorbed in them If we heat frozen water ice it becomes liquid water If we heat liquid water it finally turns into a gas If we heat or pressurize a gas there comes a point at which it will emit forms of energy call radiation Radiation is simply defined as rays of light radiant energy So our various forms of light form another subplane of our physicality one that is less dense or more energetic than the ones we ve just described Dark energy If that wasn t enough to put a monkey wrench into our understanding of physical matter in 1998 astronomers discovered that something is pulling the universe apart This something is causing galaxies to flee from each other at an ever faster rate This is directly contrary to science s understanding that the mutual gravity of all the matter in the cosmos is thought to be slowing down the expansion that began with the big bang For lack of a better

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  • Our Instinctual Heritage
    learning various mental processes developing mental senses and building mental bodies the animal vegetable and mineral kingdoms are also learning things that are not automatic unlearned responses for them Our Living Spirit Store Books Paths Look Inside Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles I conclude that within our spirit matter universe there is instinctual core for all life I label that core the Instinctual Plane Since it is of primary importance for continued physical existence it is naturally located closest energetically to our physicality thereby becoming a powerful motivator for continued physical life Eastern mysticism labels this Instinctual sphere the Lunar Vital world In Western mysticism it is called the Upper Asiyyah Gehinnom or Hell In psychology it has been given the names Pre perspectival World the Magic Structure the Vital Sphere or Sphere of Animal Instinct So as to eliminate some confusion we have instinctual parts of our physical body processes our emotional nature our imagination and even our mental faculties The Instinctual Plane and its energies and senses form the core of our instinctual nature not all of it The further we progress the more parts of our personality will become instinctual in nature Mid Level Instinctual Energies Moving to the middle energies of the Instinctual Plane we come to a mixture of fear thirst and hunger These energies were originally created from the reality that continuing life physically needs to include activities that will sustain the life form The processes of life include ingestion of nutrients Our instinctual sense of activity facilitates sustaining all life functions Thirst and hunger obviously help motivate the sustaining of life through ingestion of nutrients As to fear it would be easy to see how it is an energy related to aggression and self preservation For us humans fear is an energy that is also stimulated within our instinctual nature based on higher emotional needs and wants imaginative fantasies and images and even mental reasoning and life concepts This is why I conclude that fear is a mid level energy within our instinctual nature The psychologist C G Jung is the first one that I ve encountered in my research who determined that we have instinctual senses just like physical senses He was also the individual I conclude that coined the term herd instinct I conclude that the energy of herding has become the qualified matter that conditions and motivates our instinctual nature for more productive survival Primitive man found that working in groups helped reduce threats to every individual It also became a far more productive way of satisfying the needs for continued physical life Most of us have heard about how a group of animals will all run off a cliff to their death rather than separate from the herd Plants obviously tend to survive better in groups with group protection rather than

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  • Our Closest Source of Beauty & Meaning
    Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members contact us for permission to reproduce articles Our Energy Structure Before diving into the various emotional components of the emotional plane let s introduce the structure by which we can simultaneously live throughout our personality in the material planes I call it our Energy Structure This structure is described in the Kabbalah as our Tree of Life Kabbalistically it is a symbolic structure which organizes our universe and us in it It includes various sephiroth nodes each of which develops a different aspect of our makeup The three channels of our Energy Structure are also the three channels of the kundalini taught in Eastern mysticism Emotional Energies Matter Each plane is organized similarly The denser energies congregate as denser matter while the more refined or spiritualized energies become the higher subplanes In trying to categorize the different types of emotional states I concur with experts that they generally fall into three modes of expression or existence First certain emotions are related to each of us individually Second some derive from our relation to others The third mode is an exaggerated emotional state derived from overindulgence I think we would agree that some of the most putrid emotional energies that we experience are greed gluttony and lust Each of these I consider an exaggerated emotional state I also include avarice excessive desire for money and riches in the same category Finally sloth being excessive laziness or lack of motivation becomes a heavy emotional inhibitor in life So our lowest subplane is comprised of exaggerated overindulgences Not too far removed from these is our next subplane composed of envy jealousy covetousness and possessiveness I would put all of these in the category of relating to others as each includes some form of resentful focus Moving up we find the emotional energies we all have experienced at one time or another Each one of these shown in the Figure is not very desirable but results from both relating to others or some level of selfish orientation Central to our human emotionality is devotion loyalty and eros From a human point of view devotion and loyalty are considered positive From a spiritual perspective they continue a major form of attachment to matter and humans which ultimately inhibits spiritual growth As to eros we are bombarded by the benefits and positive desire for being in love Unfortunately this is an attached form of love of self or others based on personal gratification As a higher form of sympathy empathy is a more positive way of relating to others As sympathy is the attached suffering we experience when dependently connected to our own emotions and those of others I define empathy as the ability to feel and understanding the suffering of others based on our own experiences of suffering This is why I conclude that empathy is both an emotional state and one of our feeling senses As

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