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  • Store, Astrological Intretations
    shaping your spiritual psychological and material life Retail price is 19 00 16 00 Home Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our articles are available for reproduction for all members Please give credit to the author For non members please contact us for permission to reproduce articles Books Paths Astrology Natal Chart and Interpretation This about 50 page Timepassages natal interpetation is an easy to understand and apply

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  • God, Man and the Dancing Universe, A Synthesis of Metaphysics, Science and Theology, Jef Bartow
    Front Cover Back Cover Table of Contents Chapter 3 4 Color Inserts Index Metaphysical Reviews Kirkus Reviews ForeWordReview Review by Fred Kipp Home About Us Articles Paths Programs Contact Us Our Living Spirit Store Home About Us Articles Books Programs

    Original URL path: http://www.livingspiritcommunity.net/NewParadigm/Godman/GodMan.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Living Spirit’s Guidebook for Spiritual Growth, A Program for Spiritual Transformation, Jef Bartow and Tanya Bartow
    Living Spirit Store Click below to Look Inside this Book Front Cover Back Cover Table of Contents Introduction Chapter 2 excerpt Metaphysical Review Sign up for our E Newsletter Home

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  • Archives of Articles on Astrology
    yrs old Libra 7th House 30 35 yrs old Scorpio 8th House 35 40 Sagittarius 9th House 40 45 Capricorn 10th House 45 50 Aquarius 11th House 50 55 Pisces 12th House 55 60 There are a variety of ways to proceed with these articles One begin with your age and move forward Two start with your Sun sign Three begin with the age of a loved one or child

    Original URL path: http://www.livingspiritcommunity.net/Education/Archives/FollowtheSun/Archives.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Self-publishing, marketing and networking for spiritual metaphysical book authors
    your book published and promoted successfully There are many websites books and resources available to help you in writing and publishing Unfortunately the vast majority all apply to book publishing in general From our experience following many of these sources will add time and money to your efforts and not get you closer to success What works to publish a novel or children s book in general will not necessarily get your spiritual or metaphysical book to your audience That is why we are now providing a series of services designed for our niche market With our help you can reap the following key affiliate benefits as a author of spiritually oriented books Otherwise to learn more just click on any of the Affiliate Benefits listed to the right Ways to reduce your time and efforts in book publishing Expert services which will minimize your costs in self publishing and promotion Resources to get you to your market audience most effectively Best practices shared by successful authors in the spiritual community 15 discounts on all our services and products Ways for you to participate Utilize our services to enhance your writing success Learn about self publishing from our expert authors

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  • Strategic review and positioning for spiritual & metaphysical books
    success is a well written manuscript targeted to the right audience utilizing the best publication channel with the right promotional strategy Within Living Spirit we can help you get your book on the right track and strategically positioned to optimize your success Our strategic review includes confirming that your manuscript is ready for publishing that it is positioned to your target audience and that the publishing method you ve chosen

    Original URL path: http://www.livingspiritcommunity.net/Services/Pre-Publishing-Services.html (2016-04-28)
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  • Self publishing services for spiritual & metaphysical books, spiritual book cover design and editing
    includes providing a cover design that is critical to your book s acceptance by reviewers award programs distributors retailers and your target audience Printing your book will not come directly from your manuscript It must be submitted in an appropriate format which meets certain industry standards in publishing This proof ready book creation is most cost effectively done by those with significant experience utilizing popular publishing software In addition to

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  • Marketing and promotion for spiritual & metaphysical books, spiritual book reviews, direct mail & advertising
    great presentation packet or press kit A good one takes sales and marketing expertise not just good writing Included in this is a key part of creating your credibility a good book review If your book qualifies for our various promotional services we will help ensure you have both of these necessary tools From this good foundation we will then also help you penetrate the market for your book with the following services targeted to your needs Direct Mail promotion Periodic direct mail promotion is an excellent way to keep your book in the minds of bookstore buyers retailers and or your target audience Advertising positioning creation Advertising in publications is expensive but can be a highly effective promotional tool in the right publication at the right time Periodic PR Releases Getting yourself interviewed by journalists and on radio and TV programs can greatly enhance your credibility and success Effective promotion to the spiritual and metaphysical community is a small niche part of traditional book PR We can help you reach this specific niche Living Spirit promotion Three specific Living Spirit marketing programs include marketing your book through fundraisers tradeshow participation and our book store We participate in key New

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