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  • An advanced self applied spiritual growth Path based on one's relationships in life
    your spiritual destiny in this life through all your relationships From the time we are born we are first dependent and finally inter independent on other humans for growth and development Embracing all of our short and long term relationships as a spiritual teacher can not only be spiritually fulfilling but also supportive and comforting The big difference in this spiritual Path of Relationships and normal life is our conscious attitude and orientation on pursuing spiritual growth utilizing all of the relationships we have This change in attitude and orientation will transform our past current and future relationships Fundamentally it requires living a new set of spiritual values with love and integrity while embracing the changes this brings about It also means allowing those relationships which do not foster growth to wane or even die This spiritual Path is for you who are either highly motivated to accomplish tangible change within our society of relatedness or to spiritually live and transform your life through the day to day relationships you have If the most important part of your life and internal fulfillment comes from the relationships which you embrace and nurture then this new age Aquarian spiritual Path is for

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  • An advanced self applied spiritual growth Path utilizing don Juan's Warrior's Path to spiritual freedom
    the Aquarian Age a group of new seers initiated a spiritualizing Path which has been defined as the Path of Knowledge or Warrior s Path The teachings of don Juan Matus define a unique path to freedom through living by integrity and Spirit the Eagle This spiritual Path most fully embraces the Subjective Abstract and leads to final freedom from objective materiality and into the infinity of Spirit As is with each spiritual Path it is an arduous journey involving intense growth focused on something which is inexplicable to normal society This Path to knowledge and infinity involves embracing the subjective half of our continuum of Spirit Matter Our dreaming is transformed into a conscious living experience which totally transcends our daily life orientation Our outer physical life becomes totally dictated by Intent inner Purpose Every detail within our day to day life becomes significant and meaningful from this spiritual perspective Our Warrior s Path is a dynamic Aquarian self responsibility way to fully embrace both halves of the reality of life Your subjective life moves from an unconscious experience to the overriding focus on your spiritual journey This Path is most fulfilling for those who would rather live and

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  • Spiritual growth, Marketing focus and promotion for spiritual artists, spiritual astrologers, spiritual counselors, spiritual healers,
    orientation and the new actions we initiate to transform our current personality and life Expert mentoring along the way is a powerful means to stay the course when the course gets tough A new program as part of Living Spirit s growth programs is our Re Visioning your Life It is specifically designed for those who need to take a whole new fresh look at life Re Visioning your Life is an excellent program to help you move from where you are today to a place where you can easily self initiate your growth in Spirit independently or through a Path program like Living Spirit s Self Directed Spiritual Growth Paths The foundation for this mentoring program is Jef s 9 Spiritualizing Habits for Life and his From Life Struggles to Living by Spirit seminar article series Each of these are designed in step be step exercises activities Re Visioining your Life adds the concurrent one on one interaction with a mentor who can accelerate your progress and success This one on one interaction is now available through high speed internet and today s technology computers and video cameras From the proven foundation of the two programs above Re Visioning

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  • Spiritual growth events, activities for living by spirit, marketing your spiritual practice
    has defined a specific Path of Spiritual Growth based on astrology This Self Directed advanced Path is not for beginners or those not already familiar with the science of astrology Astrology based Mentoring is a great way to get expert help regarding your journey into Spirit as you investigate the benefits of astrology as your spiritual growth guide and path LifeCycles Astrology Mentoring Programs Re Visioning your Life LifeCycles Astrology Accelerated Growth Crossroads Consulting Self Directed Programs Costs Individual mentoring can be done easily through video conferencing with high speed internet a recent technology computer and video comera We can help you get started or we can also conduct mentoring via phone or e mail The mandala of the astrology chart provides a map of each level of our existence personality soul and spirit The cycles in astrology condition our life as a human being and later as a spiritual initiate Beyond using the normal transits and progressions in astrology these life cycles provide a structured basis for focusing our spiritual life today and for the future Living Spirit s Astrology based Mentoring utilizes Jef s LifeCycles Astrology to further bring needed outside expertise to your individually tailored spiritual growth

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  • Program for accelerated spiritual growth, self-assessment in spiritual growth, intensive spiritual growth mentoring
    step by step workbook provides the basis for getting started Periodic interaction with Jef is now easily avaliable with high speed internet today s computers and video cameras So you can accomplish this program from within your own home or meditative environment Major parts of this intensive program include Strategically Guided Life Review This part of the program is designed to help provide you insights and conclusions as to your ascendency in Spirit upon review and reflection of each of the significant aspects in your life This strategic self assessment will also help determine how each area of your life may or may not affect your next major step in growth You will be doing most of the work regarding this review while we will be strategically guiding you along the way Astrological Evaluation Concurrently we will construct your Natal astrology chart current transits and both secondary and solar arc progressions Engaging our in depth study and experience utilizing astrology as a spiritual growth tool we will evaluate your past and current growth opportunities issues and integrate these insights and conclusions with the results of the Strategic Guided Life Review Concurrent Dream Analysis Dreams are a valuable tool to understand the unconscious and current inner spiritual work of the soul Throughout this program we will evaluate your significant dreams to engage your unconscious into this intensive spiritual program Periodic Inner Work Sessions Various faculties beyond our five physical senses will be employed to assist you in this program The various senses of the Personality and Self become powerful tools for our mentors to understand and reveal the status and issues within your Personality Ego and Soul Inner Work with these senses will be utilized during this program to reveal and confirm the reality of your next major step in growth

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  • Resolving spiritual growth issues, spiritual growth mentoring, practical spiritual growth counseling
    Spirit Training tailored to the needs of your individual spiritual issues budget and time frame The focus of Crossroads Consulting is not therapy but strategic mentoring designed to unveil core issues which condition your current spiritual crossroads facilitate insights into obstacles which undermine your progress into Spirit define specific actions and changes to effectively help you move forward into your next phase of your spiritual journey provide a supportive source of integrity and knowing of what living in Spirit really means Today individual sessions are ideally conducted via video conferencing through the Internet This requires high speed Internet service combined with a recent technology computer and video camera at your location Otherwise we will conduct sessions by phone and or e mail correspondence Individual needs during this process may also dictate personal interaction A visit to southwest Colorado could be a part of your crossroads resolution We are committed to interact based on integrity and love while respecting your rights to pursue your spiritual journey in your own way There are times and places on the Spiritual Path where independent objective feedback based on in depth spiritual growth experience is needed This tool can be invaluable in resolving the numerous

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  • Programs for individual spiritual growth, spiritual growth for ministers and church staff, Paths for spiritual growth
    anywhere from many years to a many decades Each Path is made up of three modules or focused which organize your activities The first module within each Path Phase is specific to each specific Path It encompasses the spiritual practices and exercises needed to gain Mastery on this specific spiritual Path The second module in each Path phase is termed Life Orientation It is made up of Living Values Spiritualizing Habits for Life Other and Goal Orientation During each Phase it includes one to all of the following sub modules Life Orientation Living Values As much as getting to the desired goal in spiritual growth is the means by which we proceed The values we choose and live by are as important as any one or more spiritual practices This sub module will teach us how to more and more spiritualize our values and fully live by them Spiritualizing Habits for Life During the course of integrating a spiritual commitment with continued involvement in the outer world we found that internalizing a number of key habits will accelerate one s progress while creating positive karma along the way These 9 spiritualizing habits can become our tools in truly integrating our life based on Spirit Other Orientation Our journey into Spirit until Mastery is a process which takes us from self orientation to other orientation This other includes humans other kingdoms in nature our soul and ultimately our God Within This sub module will teach and lead us along this critical part of the Spiritual Path Goal Orientation Defining and fulfilling goals has become a cherished tool for highly successful people in the outer world Utilizing this tool in spiritual growth is just as effective to bring about personal transformation both outwardly and inwardly The third module in each phase is termed Spiritual Practices In addition to Spiritualizing Exercises it includes one to all of the following sub modules Life Reviews Disciplines Loving Issues Resolution and Growth Measurement Spiritual Practices Life Reviews This transmutation process utilizes creative imagination to re acquire review and transmute our past qualified energies and substance held in our bodies and sub consciousness In the teachings of don Juan Matus this technique is called recapitulation It powerfully releases the complexes and baggage from our earlier years and past embodiments and re qualifies these energies for our spiritual future Disciplines Changing our attitude orientation and behaviors to become our Self and self conscious Soul is difficult The use of disciplines like using lent for growth is a powerful way to bring awareness and change throughout our Personality Here this effective spiritual tool is integrated with our other spiritual practices Loving Issues Resolution Our relationships in life provide a fertile field for spiritual growth Otherwise they become major obstacles on our spiritual journey Spiritualizing our relationships can be a difficult but very rewarding process This sub module provides a practical and effective process to spiritualize this very important aspect of life and growth Growth Measurement A fundamental principle of

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  • Discounted costs for advanced spiritual growth programs, products and mentoring
    evaluation part of each program includes a set fee based on the amount of time needed A single pre determined fee is designed for the entire program This includes everything except your travel accommodations food and incidentals for the retreat These retreat costs will vary based on the time of year your originating location and the specific retreat location we are utilizing Once you have chosen your specific retreat time we can specifically determine these costs Excluding your airfare we expect these retreat costs to range from 100 250 per day The mentoring fee for this program is no charge It is provided based on a Spirit oriented definition of LOVE abundant generous giving with no expectation of anything in return Crossroads Consulting other Mentoring Program Costs Mentoring fees you invest in any of these mentoring programs would normally vary based on your counselor s consulting rate and your investment of time and truthfulness As with everything in life the more you invest of yourself the greater the rewards As mentioned presently our mentoring fee is no charge A consideration for the future relates to the spiritual principle of Tithing This is between you and God SPIRIT It relates to returning 10 of everything that has been provided to you It includes time income attention attitude behavior etc Frankly to proceed with any speed in spiritual growth requires at least this commitment of energy by the student aspirant How and where you tithe is always betweeen you and SPIRIT Home Community Education Paths Contact Us Programs Services Store Our Programs Costs Self Directed Spiritual Paths Costs Each self directed program is broken down into phases Within each phase there are various modules which address the techniques activities and tools for you to complete the minimum requirements for this stage of

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