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  • the blessings of white picket fences | Kalilily Time
    by Elaine Let us be grateful to people who make us happy they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom Marcel Proust I am enjoying the blessings of white picket fences pink clematis and red rugusa roses and those who house and care for them And me My formula for living is quite simple I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night In

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  • river stone 1-15-11 | Kalilily Time
    remember the Pythagorean Therum or Algebra More than 50 years later I m learning to do modular knitting and I have to figure out how many stitches to pick up along the hypotenuse of a knitted right triangle But these days even if I don t know Google knows This entry was posted in aros education getting older knitting River of Stones technology by Elaine Bookmark the permalink 2 thoughts

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  • Aros | Kalilily Time
    winter tune waiting for the pitch pipe sun and the soft direction of a distant child Posted in aros nostalgia poetry River of Stones river stone 1 21 11 Posted on January 21 2011 by Elaine After sitting and obsessively writing for three hours I cannot fall asleep Why is it that I only get creative after dark Posted in aros personal idiocies River of Stones writing river stone 1 20 11 Posted on January 20 2011 by Elaine I put a cake in the oven set the timer and went to search through my poetry for something to submit The cake is overdone Much of my poetry is as well Posted in aros food poetry River of Stones river stone 1 19 11 Posted on January 19 2011 by Elaine a shadow on the stairs where there should be none a black cat asleep Posted in animals and pets aros river stone 1 18 11 Posted on January 18 2011 by Elaine From a small mound of snow emerges the head of a squirrel who seems to take a breath and then disappear Above the mound hangs what s left of a bird feeder that the squirrel had demolished before the snows Up and down he pops and plops delighting in the fact that the birds can t get at his stash Posted in animals and pets aros River of Stones writing Post navigation Older posts The writing in this weblog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives 4 0 International License April 2016 S M T W T F S Feb 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Blogging continuously since November 25 2001

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  • compost | Kalilily Time
    getting older Magpie Tales photography poetry by Elaine Bookmark the permalink 16 thoughts on compost willow on October 8 2010 at 9 14 am said Wonderful This reads so nicely aloud helen on October 8 2010 at 11 23 am said The best compost rich and full of life Martin H on October 8 2010 at 1 19 pm said I really like this Not a word wasted Kathe W on October 8 2010 at 3 17 pm said I like this a lot especially the last tow lines Lovely brian on October 9 2010 at 5 20 am said this does have a great cadence rolling off the tongue very nice magpie jinksy on October 9 2010 at 10 47 am said the year s used ends and endings storm swept in sheltered corners Autumn captured exactly in these words Reflections on October 9 2010 at 11 38 pm said Such lovely leaves only to become the food of life for future seeds The richness enhances the cycle Nicely done Sender UpWords on October 10 2010 at 10 05 am said Lovely word usage here Beautiful Love and Light Sender Jingle on October 10 2010 at 12 11 pm

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  • Language | Kalilily Time - Part 2
    the point Never say never Posted in books creativity culture education family ha ha health language Origins of the Specious Posted on May 19 2009 by Elaine The title of this post is the title of a book that I have just ordered from Amazon one of the authors of which I heard interviewed on NPR on my way back home today The authors website has a page on grammar myths that begins thusly and that is worth taking a look at The Living Dead The house of grammar has many rooms and some of them are haunted Despite the best efforts of grammatical exorcists the ghosts of dead rules and the spirits of imaginary taboos are still rattling and thumping about the old place It s no longer considered a crime to split an infinitive or end a sentence with a preposition for example but the specters of worn out rules have a way of coming back to haunt us In the interest of laying a few to rest let s dedicate to each a tombstone complete with burial service May they rest in peace According to the authors many of those complicated rules of proper grammar that I expended so much energy on learning and then teaching my 8th grade classes back in the 70s are no longer worth worrying about Well makes me no nevermind as someone somewhere used to say I ve always known that language evolves But is appears to be evolving faster than I I can t wait to read the book Patricia O Conner one of the authors appears on the Leonard Lopate Show around 1 20 P M Eastern time Click here on the third Wednesday of each month to hear Pat live She appears on the Leonard Lopate Show around 1 20 P M Eastern time If you miss a program click here to listen to a recorded broadcast Posted in blogging books culture education getting older language a good day for a poem Posted on March 6 2009 by Elaine While I was moving I sorted through some of the stacks of poetry that I had written over the years and pulled out a batch of short ones Perhaps Thursday will be the day of each week that I will post one of them I live in Pioneer Valley these days but I wrote this one back in the 70s when I lived in another valley I think one of the reasons I call this blog Kalilily Time is because of my memories of that past valley time Valley Time Easterly the winds tease the the sun toward morning brushing aside the easy showers of early summer clouds Time follows the way of the wind through this dawn misted valley filters through the blue unfoldings of fragile morning chicory flows through the slow green seekings of those low growing vines breathes honeysuckle and wildrose rain into the season s drifting light Westward the sun leaves the high horizon draping a

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  • turnaround fantasy | Kalilily Time
    caped in scarlet velvet with eyes as green as spring mischief and legs as strong as the golden mare they rode The warrior ranged the ragged cliffs above a raging sea rescuing damsels in distress and returning ancient thrones to rightful heirs And when the moon was full the warrior would ride to the village and make music and laughter and even love And one one of those moonfull nights I asked the warrior What do you seek And the warrior answered I seek a knight in shining armor with eyes as daring as the autumn seas and hands as gentle as the brush of his stallion s silver mane A knight who rides the wooded hillsides and rain washed valleys rescuing damsels in distress and returning ancient thrones to rightful heirs Then in the startling shadows I saw a dark longing drown the mischief in her eyes as the warrior turned to face the moon copyright Elaine Frankonis This entry was posted in creativity culture dreams feminism language Magpie Tales myth and magic by Elaine Bookmark the permalink 4 thoughts on turnaround fantasy jinksy on March 26 2011 at 4 17 am said Clever bit of gender bending writing

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  • river stone 1-23-11 | Kalilily Time
    About The Crafty Side of Kalilily Post navigation Previous Next river stone 1 23 11 Posted on January 23 2011 by Elaine where black bear sleeps the earth breathes dreams dank and wistful a dark moon calls one glaucous gull

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  • river stone 1-8-11 | Kalilily Time
    world by Elaine Bookmark the permalink 2 thoughts on river stone 1 8 11 Kay Dennison on January 8 2011 at 4 28 pm said Well said Yes they do and we have our full quota of nut jobs on both sides to commit such atrocoties AND we have Sarah Palin shouting Don t retreat Reload I think her rhetoric and that of others like her is responsible I just

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