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  • my latest yarn improvisation | Kalilily Time
    one afternoon over to Northville to visit another former colleague and still friend with whom I play Zynga on FaceBook I ll be taking along my latest plarn market bag project to work on as we sit around in the evening drinking Comsos and getting therapeutically giggly But back to my latest improvisation for which I had no pattern and no plan I found a pattern for the hexagon and I wanted to try it with a lighter yarn that I had purchased ages ago on sale I m not even sure they sell it any more so I m glad I bought as much as I did because I used every ball I had I started with one hexagon and just kept adding others figuring out the shape as I went along I wound up with it being too wide at the bottom Hmm I had to figure out what to do to make it work My mother had a saying in Polish that translated into something like a dumb person will not even notice and a smart person will think that s how you intended it to be She used that saying a lot with me since I ve always embarked on projects by the seat of my pants and then had to improvise to figure out how to make them work So I made a pleat in the back of the sweater to take up the slack It looks like it was actually designed that way Works for me On a whim I tried to search for the exact saying in Polish and while I didn t find what I was looking for I did come across this wonderfully outrageous Polish crocheter whose work is on exhibit now until February at the the Smithsonian American Art Museum

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  • If you want it but it doesn’t exist,create it. | Kalilily Time
    that I like to sew and might enjoy it But I didn t for all kinds of reasons including that I have neither the space where I live nor the design talent and experience to get into quilting And I find it boring to quilt from a kit So I did more knitting to keep me busy but that didn t fill my need for community connection I tried a couple of book clubs but they never talked about the books and I didn t quite fit in with the memberships So I joined the Jewish Community Center mostly for the Zumba and aerobics and gym facilities and that helped to get me out of the house But it still wasn t what I was hoping to find The JCC offers some other programs that I might have taken but they were all at night and I don t drive at night and cost more than I can afford So I joined up to be a Hospice volunteer got trained and just met my first assignment That was a start but not exactly to the point What I miss from my old life are the people with whom I worked and the groups to which I belonged in which I took some leadership Some were peer discussion groups some were expressive arts therapy groups They were groups that dealt with substantive personal issues and opened doors to creative and spiritual exploration even though I am an atheist I always made friends with people in those groups because we had those interests in common So I went on a search for a group preferably a therapeutic group dealing with elder issues or major life transitions Uh uh No such thing Not even within a 25 mile drive So I drafted a

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  • on reading a friend’s short stories | Kalilily Time
    broad and deep his learning is And it s reflected in the narration of many of his stories which assumes that the reader has at least heard of the great philosophers and writers whose works populate a good liberal education The characters in these tales however run the gamut from auto mechanics and health care workers to college students and professors They are stories that are inclusive of age race marital status and economic realities They are stories about life as experienced by a narrator and it is not always the same one who is attuned to the nuances of the moment For me in every story it is the voice of the narrator that catches and guides my attention And that is the very reason why I feel compelled to muse about reading short stories written by a friend whose path periodically keeps crossing mine He uses names and characters that are familiar to us both events that coincide with what I know of his life He is the writer but is he always the narrator While as his friend I am enticed to wonder about the origins of these details the truth is that it doesn t matter to me the reader He is writing from his own experiences recreating and rearranging them to suit his fiction It s what good writers do Despite knowing that I can t help wondering which details really happened Did his young family really get evicted out of their apartment the day before one Christmas as happens in one of my favorite stories in his last anthology I guess I can always ask him and I probably will I tend to think that while the characters in the story are drawn from his life the situation probably isn t His answer will

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  • treadmill meditation | Kalilily Time
    follows them on Twitter There s a whole subculture out there of gamers of bright creative younger people who Tweet and FB and blog and tumblr and instagram and flickr and all of those oddly spelled connective mechanisms that people my age usually have to look up on Wikipedia I ve become a real fan of Felicia Day a young woman of so many talents and creative projects that she takes my breath away There s no point in trying to describe her here since her website has all the relevant information You really should check out her funky youtube video of her song Don t You Want to Date My Avatar I ve even gotten sucked into watching her The Guild It s like I live on another planet from these creatives So I m on the treadmill meditating sort of on being who I am Not a gamer Not even a player Just a little old lady whose heart rate is up to 135 and I do indeed need to take a breath I open my eyes and look straight into the mirror into the mirrored eyes of a really good looking gray haired guy who is working out at one of the machines in front of my treadmill He smiles He can t be smiling at me I think but I smile back anyway Later as I get up from the ab crunching machine he s standing nearby cooling off He obviously takes this exercise thing a lot more seriously than I do At least I get that impression from his trim physique and the gym shorts and fingerless gloves he is wearing This is a good time to come here he says to me It s just a little after noon on a Sunday and the

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  • Metaphors | Kalilily Time - Part 2
    eyes that brushed my soul and hands that graced the rest with a merciful yearning Posted in art conspiracy theories dreams fantasies men metaphors non belief writing Sorting Socks Posted on March 10 2014 by Elaine I have over three dozen pairs of socks And that s not counting the ones without mates I can t imagine how I ever accumulated such a stash but it s typical of my reluctance to get rid of stuff Psychological stuff as well as physical stuff Sometimes it works to my advantage for example when my grandson is rooting around for some odd and end for a project he is constructing I usually have whatever it is he needs That reminds me of the earlier version of this book that I bought for him when he was a toddler But like my stash of socks there is stuff I don t need to carry around with me The writing workshop I took yesterday brought that fact home with great clarity Sorting socks is not the complete answer But it s a start Now if I can only get an Amtrak writer s residency that might really give me a fresh start Starting fresh at age 74 Hmm I can be Amtrak s Grandma Moses Ya think Oh bollocks I just realized I put the wrong Facebook url in my application That might knock me out of the running right there Too soon old too late smart Posted in aging contests creativity fantasies learning metaphors personal idiocies writing Magpie Tales 208 Posted on February 23 2014 by Elaine Magpie Tales is a blog dedicated to the enjoyment of poets and writers for the purpose of honing their craft sharing it with like minded bloggers and keeping their muses alive and well Each week it offers an image as a writing prompt Magpie Tales 208 Poet s Sleep 1989 by Chang Houg Ahn When poets dream the earth grows bones Stones hurl themselves through windows open to the lure of light only to return filled with shadows that divine the dawn Posted in dreams Magpie Tales metaphors poetry my raging PMS poem Posted on June 28 2013 by Elaine One of the advantages of being post menopausal is that I no longer get the raging PMS that in retrospect I think was responsible for messing up my various relationships including that with my parents Back in the 50s and 60s and 70s PMS was considered a fabricated rationale for plain ol female bitchiness Now we know better and I know that what I and my friends and family had to suffer through was actually my PMDD It s hard to describe what it felt like to go through those terrible fits of insanity to those who have never experienced it So at the time I wrote this poem which I think pretty much says it all Tooth Mother A sliver of moon like a sharpened claw slits the underside of April sending clouds as heaving

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  • Mag #237 | Kalilily Time
    writers for the purpose of honing their craft sharing it with like minded bloggers and keeping their muses alive and well Each week it offers an image as a writing prompt Go here to read what other writers have written in response to this prompt She seeks illusion eyes hiding behind a veil no longer bridal Salome knew the illusive power of veils but she is no Salome and in

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  • This need for seeds.. | Kalilily Time
    to primary content Skip to secondary content Home About The Crafty Side of Kalilily Post navigation Previous Next This need for seeds Posted on March 26 2014 by Elaine This need for seeds is in all of us We rub the world for inspiration watch for a sign a word a hope to plant like seeds winter sown reaching for warmth for light for the sweet fruits of need This

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  • Mag #212 | Kalilily Time
    writers for the purpose of honing their craft sharing it with like minded bloggers and keeping their muses alive and well Each week it offers an image as a writing prompt Mag 212 My Bed by Tracey Emin Depression It descends without warming squatting on your chest like the demon it is the weight of its message holding mind hostage the detritus of being rising like a moat around the bed where you lay beleaguered by fear This entry was posted in depression Magpie Tales metaphors photography poetry by Elaine Bookmark the permalink 9 thoughts on Mag 212 Cait on March 24 2014 at 6 39 pm said Wonderful poem Trellissimo on March 25 2014 at 3 32 am said A powerful summary of depression Good write Jinksy on March 25 2014 at 4 24 am said Nice one and excellent typographical layout to complement the poem Kutamun on March 25 2014 at 6 03 am said I found this quite immobilising thanks Kathe W on March 25 2014 at 3 17 pm said excellent description well done Helena Hey Lena on March 25 2014 at 5 33 pm said You captured depression pretty darned open and succinctly there Wayne

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