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  • Anger Management
    from aggresssors or perceived aggression However out of control anger or inappropriate anger can cause negative responses not only from loved ones and friends but at work and in general society Issues for Anger Management Counselling Anger Outbursts of Rage Irritibility Abuse Verbal Attacks Physical Attacks Violence Anger at Self Unexpressed Anger Anger at work What is Anger Management Counselling and Psychotherapy Counselling and Psychotherapy for anger involves looking at the causes of anger or rage Whilst there might be something or someone in your life currently causing you to feel excessively angry the root of this extreme feeling will be found in the past some form of abuse control or how the way you were treated in your childhood by parents siblings or significant others has affected you Anger management counselling can help you to understand the causes of your anger and help you to manage your anger levels so you can lead a less confrontational life minimising the harm you can cause to yourself and others What are the Benefits of Anger Management Counselling Exploring and the root causes of your anger rage or irritability Gain self understanding and insight into your feelings and thoughts that contribute to

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  • Addiction
    and more obsessive addicitions such as over excercising working too hard or addiction to perfectionism All these addictions are masking inner disturbance or upset such as depression low self esteem shyness fear of abandonment fear of failing and so on Addictions have a serious affect of physical and psychological health and can lead to poor performance at work losing ones job depression panic attacks paranoia sleep disturbance and difficulties in personal relationships If you feel that you are dependant on drugs alchohol smoking or anything else that causes you to spend too much money affects your relationships negatively and changes your behaviour and moods then addiction therapy can help you What is Addiction Psychotherapy Counselling I can assess you and find out whether you have an addiction and decide how to treat you best whether with counselling medication or more intensive help I can also help in establishing the root cause of why you have become addicted and what lies behind the addiction An appointment with an Addiction Psychiatrist who may also be able to refer you to a rehabilitation centre is also available if necessary What are the Benefits of Counselling for Addiction Find out the underlying causes of

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  • Work Problems
    related to work whether it be counselling to help you decide what you would like to do as a career counselling with regard to changing your career or counselling for issues at work that you are finding hard to deal with The workplace can be one of the biggest causes of stress and it can negatively affect our health performance relationships at work and at home Work Counselling can be very helpful in establishing the root cause of why you feel anxious unable to perform or are finding your relationships at work difficult and in finding ways to manage these uncomfortable and sometimes difficult situations that can occur at work Work counselling can help you to explore the causes of your anxiety such as stress caused by the job itself relationships at work bullying over work anger management issues job dissatisfaction performance anxiety tendency to worry a lot low self esteem lack of confidence when in meetings or speaking redundancy and anything else around your workplace that is causing you difficulties and to find tools and strategies to help you manage your difficulties Career counselling is also of benefit to those who either don t know what they want to

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  • Eating Disorders
    our body image and with weight control Excessive dieting starving oneself calorie counting taking too many laxatives and or vomiting can lead to serious problems Childhood issues can also cause bulimia over eating and vomiting the more serious condition of anorexia I do not take on severe cases of anorexia Counselling and psychotherapy can be very helpful in establishing the root causes of why you feel the need to comfort eat binge eat feel pre occupied with your weight and body image and in treating eating disorders such as severe over eating bulimia and moderate cases of anorexia I can help you gain an understanding of the underlying causes of your particular issue around eating and explore your relationship to food This will involve looking at the onset of the eating disorder looking at childhood issues and practical treatment in the present such as help in monitoring how much you eat keeping diaries and a treatment plan What are the Benefits of Psychotherapy and Counselling for Eating Disorders Finding out the underlying causes of your issues around food and eating Exploring the thoughts feelings and habits that continue the cycle of over eating or starving yourself Gain insight and understanding

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  • Grief and Bereavement
    people find hard to come to terms with and sometimes find they cannot move on It is inevitable and understandable to feel shocked frightened sad angry even numb This is part of the normal grieving process but if the loss or death cannot be accepted and processed this can lead to mental health issues such as depression and feelings of an inability to cope What are the Stages of Bereavement Grief and Loss The first initial response to loss or death is one of shock and disbelief Sometimes denial follows as some people find it very difficult to come to terms with the reality that a loved one has died or they have lost something or someone precious to them It is usual for some to experience anger and sometimes guilt Sadness sometimes leading to depression can follow which can include symptoms of anxiety sleep disturbance loss of appetite lack of motivation exhaustion irritability social withdrawal and physical symptoms What is Bereavement Counselling and Psychotherapy Bereavement counselling can help you process your difficult feelings by exploring with you how you are feeling and help you go through the grieving process by enabling you to express your feelings of pain anger

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  • Sexual Problems
    exploring with you and establishing the root causes of your sexual difficulties whether they are based on a childhood experience difficulties in your initial sexual encounters as a young person how your childhood affected you or whether there is something happening in your current life or relationships that is causing you to feel lacking in confidence loss of libido confused sexuality stress anxiety performance anxiety issues around intimacy for yourself

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  • Abuse
    counselling allows you to talk about the distressing events that happened in the past or present in a safe confidential and sympathetic space Counselling can gently help you come to terms with what happened to you to release the difficult feelings around your abuse in a contained and safe way allowing you to gradually heal and find ways to assert yourself release yourself from an abusive relationship and build better

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  • Qualifications
    Problems Anger Management Addiction Work Problems Eating Disorders Grief and Bereavement Sexual Problems Abuse Qualifications Administration tel 07711 039705 click here to email Harley Street and the City Professional Qualifications Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling C C P E Certificate

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