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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Women in Law Enforcement
    Sheriff s Department considers candidates for career advancement based on work ethic education and experience As a Deputy Sheriff you will have a career rooted in equality that provides you with fulfillment excitement and opportunity Before you begin you must understand that becoming a San Diego County Sheriff s Deputy is not easy nor does it happen overnight As with most things in life your success in this career is determined by the amount of effort you put into it If you are going to seriously consider a profession in law enforcement assess yourself honestly Are you physically and mentally prepared for this career Are you willing to do shift work Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone and try new things If you answered yes to these questions you are well on your way to becoming a Deputy Sheriff to get an idea of where you should be physically and mentally review the sections below and visit the FAQ section of our web site If you have the will and determination the Sheriff s Department will prepare you for this career Once hired you will spend several months at the academy as a full time county employee where you will receive top quality training by field experts qualified instructors and seasoned deputies In addition to criminal and civil law you will be taught defensive tactics arrest and control firearms and emergency vehicle operations We do this so on day one at a jail facility or in a patrol car you have the necessary training to succeed be safe and advance your career The San Diego Sheriff s Department also recognizes the importance of personal and family life As a full time San Diego County Employee you will have a variety of benefit packages to choose from

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Opportunities for Veterans
    Manual and depend upon his her level of training Three classifications for Reserve Deputies Level I Level I Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are peace officers under sections 830 6 a 1 PC and 832 6 a 1 PC They only retain their peace officer authority for the duration of their duty assignments They are usually assigned to patrol stations and practice general law enforcement but can be assigned to other areas such as search and rescue They must go through field training with both regular and reserve training officers prior to participating in ongoing patrol activities Level I reserves can perform all the legal functions of paid deputies and are held to the same continuing professional training standards as any other peace officer 24 hours every two years Level II Level II Reserve Deputies are recognized as peace officers through 830 6 a 1 PC and 832 6 a 2 PC Again they retain their peace officer authority only for the duration of their duty assignment They are usually assigned to patrol stations and practice general law enforcement They must go through field training with both regular and reserve training officers prior to participating in ongoing patrol activities While working general law enforcement assignments Level II reserve personnel require immediate supervision by a peace officer that has completed the POST regular basic course Level II reserve deputies may however work limited assignments authorized for Level III reserve deputies without supervision Level III Level III reserve deputies are recognized as peace officers through 830 6 a 1 PC and 832 6 a 3 PC for the duration of their specific assignment Level III deputies are restricted to limited support duties such as traffic control security at parades and sporting events report writing evidence transportation parking enforcement and other duties that are not

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Background Investigations
    Background Investigator Documents to Prepare for Your Background The following are documents you can start preparing for your background investigation Driver s License Social Security Card Birth Certificate US High School Diploma US High School diploma and or GED certificate with test score or high school proficiency certificate College Diploma s School Transcripts Official and sealed school transcripts Military DD214 Selective Service Registration Marriage Divorce paperwork Name Changes All documents reflecting name changes from birth certificate Legal Documents Complete documentation relating to any civil criminal or bankruptcy proceedings Proof of Vehicle Insurance Vehicle Registration Rental Contract Personal History Statement PHS If you have scored high enough to be considered for employment you will receive an invitation to the background orientation via mail The Sheriff s Department uses a Personal History Statement PHS to learn more about its candidates for the position of Deputy Sheriff and or Deputy Sheriff Detentions Courts Cadet Applicants may begin completing the PHS early PLEASE NOTE Access to the online PHS requires a password which will be given to you in your certification pre screen notice The password has changed recently The last two letters are now lowercase Please DO NOT BRING your pre filled PHS to your background pre screen it will not be accepted Some PHS files are quite large If you experience difficulty completing the PHS on the computer a hard copy will be provided to you during your Pre Screen appointment PHS Documents Please download and complete each of the following documents Make sure to save all of your documents for your own records The following Word documents dot dotx were created using Microsoft Word 2010 We recommend using Microsoft Word 2007 or higher FORM NAME FORMAT COMMENTS 1 Personal History Statement Updated Feb 25 2014 Signature required 2 General Information Also

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Frequently Asked Questions
    interview During the preliminary interview you will have to disclose that information to one of the background investigators Based on everything you tell the investigator they will make a decision as to giving you an opportunity with the department or not Each case is treated individually What is your Department Tattoo Policy Our body art policy states While on duty personnel will not have any tattoo brand intentional burning of skin to create a design scarification intentional cutting of the skin to create a design visible on the face neck or head Visible tattoos that are prejudicial to good order and discipline are prohibited Any brand or tattoo that is visible while wearing a class C uniform and detracts from a traditional law enforcement appearance is prohibited While on duty and in uniform or representing the Department in any official capacity every reasonable effort should be made to conceal tattoos or other body art At no time while on duty or while representing the Department in any official capacity shall any tattooed surface exceed 25 of the exposed body part A Background Detective will look at your tattoos and make a final decision If I have questions about my background package and would like to speak to someone who can I contact You may call the Background Unit at 858 974 2010 I m in the military and I have top security clearance can this speed up my hiring process No our Background Detectives will still have to conduct a full background check Written Exam How do I register for the exam Once you submit your application you will receive an e mail confirming it s been accepted It will also include instructions on how to self register What if I didn t get instructions on how to register You need to contact County of San Diego County Department of Human Resources at 619 236 2191 Do you accept other agencies T scores No currently we do not accept these although other agencies do Unfortunately you will need to take our written exam What does the written exam entail The written examination includes the following sections Reading Comprehension English Grammar Sentence Construction Vocabulary Spelling Click here to take a practice exam The Sheriff s Department initial exam does not include a written essay like the practice exam but you will be asked to write an essay sometime through the process There is no math on our exam What should I study for the written test The public library or local bookstores should have literature on Entry Level Law Enforcement or Corrections Officer examinations Concentrate on improving your reading comprehension which is a major factor in the written exam Read each question slowly Choose the best possible answer There are no trick questions on the written exam You should try and answer every question because those questions left blank will be marked wrong Take your time Click here to take a practice exam For how long are the test results good

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Career Preparation
    fast paced intense and for some it may be overwhelming If you do not prepare yourself mentally and physically for the academy you increase the likelihood of failure All of the time and energy that you have invested into your career aspirations may be erased because of a failure to adequately prepare The Sheriff s Department wants to see individuals not only succeed in the academy but enjoy it and excel in the process There are several ways to prepare yourself for the academy and vastly improve your chances of success Below are a number of points that are noted to help ensure your success in the academy Mindset The academy will challenge you in many ways Entering the academy with the proper mindset is critical to achieving success Read More Physical Preparation Preparing in advance for the physical challenge of the academy may be one of your greatest keys to success Prepare early Read More Risky Behavior Your career can be compromised by irresponsible actions Protect your future by making the best decisions even before your career starts Read More We Are Hiring Applications will be accepted from 12 00 a m on May 2 Monday through 11 59

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Career Preparation - Mindset
    you That is okay being a Deputy Sheriff is not for everyone This career takes dedication adaptability and tenacity You must hold a deep seeded desire to hold criminals accountable for their actions You must have the mindset of a warrior Do not be confused a warrior does not seek confrontation or wish for violence Instead a warrior is a peaceful strong and just person If called upon or pushed however a warrior is not afraid of conflict and will act appropriately A warrior does not quit or waiver in the face of adversity he pushes on with focus and overcomes it Mindset is everything in this line of work You will fail if you are not mentally ready The academy will be a difficult pursuit You will be expected to complete courses that are academically physically and emotionally exhausting Your days will be filled with classroom study physical training firearms defensive tactics emergency vehicle operations criminal and civil law and many other areas of study Your tolerance for stress and an ability to multitask will be tested daily If you do not have a solid mindset that you will succeed no matter what the task you have lost the

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Career Preparation - Physical
    t already You must be disciplined and resolve yourself to push through laziness and pain Determine now that you will be ready on day one of the academy and then prove it Once in the backgrounds process take advantage of scheduled pre academy workouts described below At the workouts you will be exposed to the types of workouts expected in the academy In addition you will develop a strong bond with other candidates in the hiring process This bond may continue into the academy and hopefully you will establish lifelong friendships with fellow cadets This type of bond will greatly improve your chance of success in the academy Voluntary Physical Training Program The San Diego County Sheriff s Department offers a voluntary physical training program to prepare applicants for the academy The workout program is strictly voluntary however your attendance is highly recommended Attendance shows motivation and dedication please make every effort to attend The program offers guidance and physical preparation for the Regional and Sheriff s Detentions Court Services Academies Training will be available at the baseball field at Hourglass Community Park in San Diego next to Miramar College Academy every Thursday Training will be available from 1pm to 4pm to anyone involved in the San Diego County Sheriff s Department background investigation hiring process Hourglass Community Park is located at 10301 Black Mountain Road San Diego Physical Agility Tests Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their physical agility by completing a work related agility test The following events are included for each of the Deputy classifications DEPUTY SHERIFF LE Solid six foot wall climb Six foot chain link fence climb 165 pound life like dummy drag for 32 feet 99 yard obstacle course 500 yard run DEPUTY SHERIFF DET COURTS Stair Climb Walk 75 feet wearing a 30

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  • Join the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department | Career Preparation - Avoid Risky Behavior
    s Department Criminal Felony Conviction Altercations with law enforcement or other individuals Domestic Violence Restraining orders Verbal physical or mental abuse of others DUI Moving Violations i e several speeding tickets Driving without auto insurance Associating with individuals who break the law Drug use Other than honorable discharge from the military Poor Employment history Being financially irresponsible i e bad credit history Harassment racial or discriminatory treatment of others We

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