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  • Home
    gotta live somewhere you know This is the advert about the flat Luckily I got it before this went to press This is it my first own home Well bank owns some of it but let s not get into

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  • Music
    is an exciting adventure to different time and place The most influential single thing that has affected my music taste lately is propably Gilles Peterson s Worldwide radio program that is broadcasted here in Finland by Radio Mafia on tuesday nights You really should check it out there might be just something that you like Lounge is one of my favourite exotic music style Invented in the 50 s to entertain people awaiting in elevators or hotel lounges hence the name it was mix of tropical instruments space age effects and cheesy lyrics Sometimes you just can t help yourself not to smile while listening these musical documents of past I suggest that you visit excellent Capitol Records Ultra lounge website to find out more Better living through coctail culture Nowadays I have also grew a interested to jazz Rock and pop lyrics are little boring altough there a some exceptions and sometimes feels like you have heard everything atleast once Jazz is different you need to concentrate to the music in order to get inside of it Of course there is some pieces that won t open at all or if they open you just don t like what s inside 1 Hatful of hollow The Smiths 2 The Best of Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds 3 Portishead Portishead 4 Paranoid Android Radiohead 5 Pulp His n her s 6 Pulp Different Class 7 Belle Sebastian Fold your hand child you walk like an peasant 8 Belle Sebastian If you are feeling sinister 9 Belle Sebastian Boy with the arab strap 10 Divine Comedy Casanova 11 Joy Division Unkown Pleasures 12 Joy Division Closer 13 Kruder Dorfmeister K D Sessions 14 Tosca Suzuki 15 3 Feet High And Rising De La Soul My personal all time top 15

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  • General BMW E46 Information
    Links Current camera equipment Year 2005 and before Year 2006 Year 2007 and 2008

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  • Digital Photography
    4 Phantoms were located further north to Kuopio I really wanted to see Tornados and Phantoms but I could not arrange time to visit the base Oh well Photographing fast jet fighters is quite challenging especially if you want something else than standard side and belly shots I mostly used 300 mm f4 IS L 1 4x combo but I could have used longer objective 10D worked ok most of the time but small number of AF points 7 and small buffer cost me some missed opportunities For a first time in long time I started to think about upgrading camera and optics afterall I had the 10D already for 3 years What I primarily needed was better AF system and larger buffer capacity After few days I came to conclusion that perhaps the best investments would be Canon 1D Mark II Canon EF 2x II extender and Canon EF 300 mm f2 8 IS L all used as usual With 1D I could use 2x extender and retain AF functionality with both of my compatible lenses which is good but on the other hand 1D Mark II has crop factor of 1 3 instead of 1 6 of 10D Some you win some you lose I guess So after unusually short time I went to action and acquired the extender which I found after few days locally Few weeks after that I found 1D Mark II on local camera shop after few days of considering I bought it Now I m only missing the lens but it seems that it will be some time before I can afford it As for my trusty 10D I put it on sale with 3 batteries and battery grip for 290 but there was very little interest I decided to keep it as

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  • DIY Screen
    screen is floating in air Later I might add red coloured light pipe to backside to enchance this effect Borders are about 30 mm wide and deep they are L shaped which is sufficient if you can accurately place the projector but I would recommend getting wider ones if possible To secure the back frame to sheet I had to use nails in addition to glue This caused few bumbs

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  • General BMW E46 Information
    Multimedia and links Track Driving My E36 325i Coupe Bought 2002 Sold 2003 General BMW E36 information My E46 M3 Coupe Bought 2004 General BMW E46 information My E36 318is

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  • BMW's
    interesting history full of interesting factoids for anorak trainspotters like me Bit of history BMW started out making aeroplane engines and the now famous blue and white roundel actually signifies a rotating propeller BMW comes from words Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Engine Works BMW has always emphasized M on it s name building many of the best car engines ever During World War II BMW built large number of 14 cylinder 801D radial engines for Focke Wulf Fw 190A fighter series among other things They also developed and built BMW 003 jet engine for various jet projects including Arado Ar 234 and Me 262 After WW II produced number of models until BMW hit jackpot with Neue Klass in 60 s A classic 2002 model combined unheard performance and built quality to a small car Those cars sold well in fact they saved BMW from bancrupcy and it gave BMW possibility to expand their production range of cars I think BMW is the only car manufacturer which has made profit every year after 60 s A small sporty sedan proved winning concept a market segment other manufacturers have tried to enter but nobody has yet matched the BMW BMW s image BMW has a strong image to say atleast It was the definite yuppie mobile of 80 s alongside with Porsche 911 and the brand still carries that label In Finland which was just awakening to capitalism and true free market that time BMW was car of choice for upwardly mobile people Porsche s were just too expensive Reading biggest finnish car magazine Tekniikan Maailma gives you a clear idea how BMW was viewed then and to some extent even now While high quality and responsive handling were praised remarks about strong and not always positive image were said Mostly they had something to do with neighbours and jelousy Buy this car if you can take jelous comments etc I also personally have find out that BMW causes strong emotions no matter how old it is Most often heard questions is WHY I guess you can get the same room and performance for less money to buy a BMW is then needless and pointlessly expensive and that must mean you are show off I guess it s difficult to understand if you are not that interested about engineering and quality 90 s brit pop giants Blur and Oasis both used BMW on their lyrics The suburbs they are dreaming they are a twinkle in her eye She s been feeling frisky since her husband said goodbye She wears a low cut t shirt runs a little bmw She s most accommodating when she s in her lingerie Wife swapping is the future you know that it would suit you Blur Stereotypes first verse I need to be myself I can t be no one else I m feeling supersonic Give me gin and tonic You can have it all but how much do you want it You make me

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