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  • Tikkakoski 25.01.02
    in Tikkakoski at 25 01 02 Main purpose was to take photos and measure cocpit of Bf 109G 6 This documentation might come handy later when I will start building my own copy cocpit More Bf 109G 6 photos can be found here These are in full size I will also create 2D drawing of cocpit as soon as I find decent program for doing it Finished drawing with needed

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  • 1/48 Tamiya Bf 109E-3
    Painting and decals Painting was done by brush and with Humbrol enamel paints as always Scheme was standard early war RLM 71 and RLM 02 on upper side and RLM 65 on underside First the kit was painted completely with RLM 65 After that upper side of wings and fuselage were painted with RLM 02 then RLM 71 Camouflage color borders were masked with Tamiya masking tape which is wonderful stuff for this purpose Wheel wells were painted with RLM 02 except for the wall around the wheel which was painted on dark grey Maybe dark brown would have been better color because these walls were actually made out of leather and on many pictures they appear darker than rest of the RLM 02 painted wheel well After finishing the kit I found a good photo where the wheel well was apparently painted with underside color atleast the long part where the undercarriage leg lays The truth is out there After painting the camouflage I applied a layer of clear varnish to places where decals were to be placed I built the model to represent JG 77 machine using kit s decals Decals were ok except that red color seemed to be pink rather than red Also large underwing crosses were quite difficult to get in place because of large underwing bulges caused by MG FF cannon ammo drums and the fact that decals didn t react to Humbrol decal solvent Some decals also ruptured when I was putting them in place and I was forced to fix them with paint did also learn that Tamiya masking tape can easily rupture decals even if they are protected by two layers of satin varnish This may have been caused by poor adhesion of decals used by Tamiya Weathering Weathering was done

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  • Scale Models
    with my new digital camera I haven t studied lighting and photographing at all yet which is quite apparent if you study photos closer Also equipment like lights and background papers are lacking But me and the equipment will get

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  • Friends
    Home 7 Photo Galleries Friends Friends Pictures of our friends taken by shitty pocket camera Leena and Jouni Scary dr Anssi Korppi Phear me Matrix style fighting scene by Sanna

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  • My BMW E36 Coupe
    mostly on auto mode but I tried few manual changes In autobahn traffic SMG does not offer much but on cities it is very nice to have automatic clutch works faultlessly Of course it will be best on track or twisty road Satellite navigation and Harman Kardon sound system Navigation works like a dream it guided me from Gelsenkirchen to Copenhagen without any troubles One bit of autobahn was under repairs so I had to drive past one turn but the system instantly calculated new route most impressive I already bought newest BMW Scandinavia CD ROM but unfortunately is does not cover finland that well only are limited by Tampere Turku and Helsinki is available Harman Kardon sound system sounds suprisingly good quite tight bass and it also goes relatively low so no need to tinker with it Consumption and cruise control Fuel consumption suprised me very pleasantly I drove trough Denmark with cruise control at average speed of 120 kmh On board computer reported avegare consumption to be only 7 9 l 100 km which is about what I managed with my 325i Coupe 05 09 2004 No plates Car has not been registered yet Few times a month I run the engine to charge battery and then do few brisk accelerations and brakings on parking lot to clear the brakes from rust By the way BMW has finally sent out a service action for 00 03 built M3 s Crankshaft bearings will be inspected and changed free of charge Hopefully this will fix the problem for once 22 11 2004 Decision time Seems like I m going to move to Malmo Sweden before registering the car to there After that I can drive the car anywhere including Denmark I bought an original BMW front strut brace for the car from ebay it should arrive any day now All 2003 and later model M3 s had this fitted in factory It s an easy and cheap 190 with shipping upgrade 24 11 2004 Strut bar Strut bar arrived and I promptly installed it Easy job that took no longer than 10 minutes I also had opportunity to try out the M mobility kit on empty front tire I did not use the liquid that is supposed to fill the holes but first tried to inflate it with kit s compressor to see if that alone does the trick which it did I upped the pressure to 2 3 bar and after few days it seems that the air is still there 20 04 2005 Time for update I guess Almost half a year since last update Well the car is almost in use After last update I have moved to Sweden so I can register the car there avoiding attrocios car taxes of Denmark Also it is actually possible to get the M3 insured in Sweden unlike in Denmark Somehow danes think it s not right that young chap like me has sporty car like that so I would go to high risk category meaning very high insurance costs In sweden the insurance costs are about 30 of those in denmark I hoped to have the car registered before end of april but long queues for registration inspections in sweden might prevent that Let s hope for the best Yesterday I properly drove the car with danish temporary plates first time after bringing it home from germany Everything worked well altough fuel tank pump made faint whirring noise I haven t noticed before and right front tire still loses air slowly not sure why Maybe it s time to invest to those 19 rims and 245 275 tires I could not resist urge to play with the SMG and I must say the automatic throttle blips on downchange are intoxicating As is the acceleration I have been looking for various CSL bits for the car Most useful would be CSL front bumber but I haven t seen any of those yet Original CF roof would be around 500 but attachment would be a lot more CF part around exhausts is 400 but fitment is easy Not a single sight of CSL bootlid yet 29 04 2005 Finally Well this project is now completed Car was finally registered this morning after passing registration inspection in Ystad town car inspection station and I insured it right after that in IF Sweden I will get the new plates next week and after that is just lots of driving I must fix the navigation unit before any serious traveling it went black after failed firmware update 13 05 2005 Update No driving around yet due work I did wash the car again and took some photos with recently acquired Canon 10D DSLR I also received the register plates and attached them to car And filled right front tire which keeps deflating slowly So now it is finally ready Next weekend there is season s first STCC race in sweden not that far away so maybe I go there before wandering any further Oh I did order some spare part for car from BMW dealership in Malmö BMW OEM engine airfilter to replace K N filter BMW OEM left side trunk tray current one has a crack BMW OEM towing hinge BMW OEM Phoenix Gelb paint touch up pen set paint lacquer BMW OEM aluminium brake and throttle pedal covers I asked the price for new SMG gearknob as current has bit of chrome missing but price was around 100 so I will see if I can get it from ebay there s one on sale now Also I ordered M and 3 emblems to brother s M3 it s disgrace to have M3 without proper markings 25 05 2005 Another update Still not much driving It seems that first proper use will be vacation trip to finland trough sweden Right front still leaks I have to get it fixed on vacation I did get all the stuff I ordered from BMW service yesterday

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  • My BMW E36 Coupe
    been swapped to wide model year 1997 style and painted to body colour I bought original style narrow frames only to find out that they don t fit the whole front section has been changed so I bought set of original wide frames that finally fit Looks improved significantly In my opinion car styling best left at level BMW intented it You cannot improve perfection Altought my car looks almost identical to M3 I have no intention to add those markings because it is well cheating I know it is not M3 so I should others think it is I intend to do all the servicing by myself that will save bit of money and I will learn quite a bit about cars Also I have hear lots of bad things about quality of finnish repair shops So far almost all the fluids and filters have been changed and engine hood sound insulation added Once the weather gets better I will take few good photos about the car I haven t had possibility to drive my BMW that much yet damn finnish bureucrasy and winter but I have already noticed a few things First of all even with standard exhaust the sound is simply magnificent When you accelerate hard and then shift to higher gear the engine growls really nicely There is also noticeable surge in power after 4000 rpm engine just becomes alive must be because of VANOS changing intake cam timing I knew BMW sixes like revving but I was really suprised to feel it in person Simply magnificent It just asks you to change gears and do bit of unneccessary quick accelerations During the wintertime fuel usage has been about 9 liters per 100 km In summer the consumption has been slightly higher mainly because of wide tires and heavier foot on gas pedal Mode year 1994 Body type E36 2 Door Coupe Color Mauritiusblau original E36 M3 colour yes Engine Engine M50TU 2495 cc 24 valve inline six with intake VANOS Power 193 hp 141 kW at 5900 rpm Torque 245 Nm at 4200 rpm Weight 1350 kg empty Power to weight ratio 6 99 kg hp Transmission 5 gear Manual Acceleration 0 100 kmh 7 1 to 8 0 s depends on source Top Speed 233 factory reported Tires 235 45 17 on original Motorsport alloys Extras Climate control Sport seats Sport suspension 25 limited slip differential Onboard computer ABS Full M Tech body kit M Tech type 2 steering wheel M3 mirrors Sony MD 10 disk CD changer On this table there is some technical information about my car Month Year Odometer Operation 12 02 106000 Sparkplugs changed Thermostat changed Engine oil changed Oil filter changed Transmission oil changed Coolant liquid changed Dashboard lightbulbs replaced 01 03 107000 Hood insulation mattress installed 02 03 110000 Steering wheel changed 03 03 110500 Front wheel alignment Timing chain primary tensioner changed Air conditioning compressor belt changed 06 03 120000 New 235 40R17 summer tires from Germany

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  • Warsaw 2001
    is some photos I took on trip to Warsaw on fall 2001 Click here for more This is the main Warsaw shopping street 1200 x 1600 Ugliest building in Warsaw And that is really something I must say I liked

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  • Year In Copenhagen 2003/2004
    Home 7 Photo Galleries Year In Copenhagen 2003 2004 Year In Copenhagen 2003 2004 Fun in the sun

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