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  • BMW E36 325i Coupe
    5l M50TU VANOS 192 hv 245 Nm Mittarilukema 117 tkm Automaatti ilmastointi MD soitin 10 levyn CD vaihtaja 2 kpl 12 JBL subbari Urheilupenkit M Tech korisarja alkuperäiset BMW osat M3 sähköpeilit Ajotietokone BMW M3 kevytmetallivanteet Uudet talvirenkaat akku nesteet

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  • My BMW E36 Coupe
    launch followed by Coupe in 1992 Convertible in 1993 Compact 1994 and Touring 1995 Legendary M3 was made public in 1992 in Paris boasting 286 hp from 3 0 liter straight six engine a radical change from previous M3 s straight four BMW E36 318is Coupe 140 horsepower from 1 8l 16 valve inline four engine was not a bad show in early 90 s This car has M technic

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  • Joy Division
    will tear us apart again You cry out in your sleep all my failings exposed There s a taste in my mouth as desperation takes hold Just that something so good just can t function no more When love love will tear us apart again Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart This song is about slowly dying relationship and it really captures emotions of man who can feel things are going wrong but he does not know how to put things right Name of this song Love Will Tear Us Apart is written on the stone at Ian s grave A change of speed a change of style A change of scene with no regrets A chance to watch admire the distance Still occupied though you forget Different colours different shades Over each mistakes were made I took the blame Directionless so plain to see A loaded gun won t set you free so you say We ll share a drink and step outside An angry voice and one who cried We ll give you everything and more The strain s too much can t take much more I ve walked on water run through fire Can t seem to feel it anymore It was me ee waiting for me Hoping for something more Me ee seeing me this time Hoping for something else Joy Division New Dawn Fades This song must be heard words simply cannot describe Ian s voice and feeling it express To the centre of the city where all roads meet waiting for you To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank searching for you Moving through the silence without motion waiting for you In a room with a window in the corner I found truth In the shadowplay acting out your own

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  • Kruder & Dorfmeister
    wait I now have all their major recordings and most albums they have released with other artists or as solo K D music is quite relaxing music and sometimes during late nights I just lie in the sofa at dark living room and enjoy the beats and admire how the pieces have been put together beatifully Tosca is a side project for Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber Their music is

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  • Pulp
    heyday was in mid 90 s after they had released their Different Class album My first touch with Pulp was videos of Disco 2000 and Common People which were actually stylish and the music wasn t bad either It took

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  • Digital Photography
    Hobby Diaries Digital Photography Links www dpreview com EN www the digital picture com EN www fredmiranda com EN www digicamera net FI www dcresource com EN www kamera lehti

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  • Digital Photography
    Subject to updates Cameras Canon EOS 10D Workhorse Canon Ixus V2 Party camera Lenses Canon EF 28 105 mm f3 5 4 5 Will be replaced by something else could use wider angle Canon EF 70 200 mm f4 0 L Canon EF 300 mm f4 0 L The big gun for me atleast Seems to be my most used lens Canon EF 1 4x II Helps to get photos

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  • Digital Photography
    tubes meant to accomodate the lenses but I don t think I have much use for them anytime soon I have now taken around 1000 photos during summer vacation and BMW meet in sweden Equipment has performed flawlessly and up to my expectations During vacation I spend some time on Alfa Romeo Club Finland trackday and also on BMW Club Finland meet to get first real feel for track photography I was bit worried how 300 f4 0 L 1 4 x combination would work would there be enough light max aperture is f5 6 to get exposure times to acceptable levels around 1 500s or faster No need to worry on party cloudy day I could use ISO 400 and when sun was shining ISO 100 was enough I could not say bad words about the image quality either Few photos that I took standing on pit straight wall from cars coming towards were out of focus I suspect cars were occasionally just moving too fast for the AI SERVO to follow Mind you I was maybe about 25 meters away from a car that was approaching almost head on on speed that was in excess of 150 km h 300 f4 0 L 1 4 x ISO 400 f5 6 1 1500 s Oh yes almost forgot that I bought another camera Small Canon digital Ixus V2 is arriving this week alongside 128 mb CF card and all the original equipment on reasonable price of 163 including postage 10D is too large and heavy to carry around everywhere that s where Ixus comes into a play I m also looking to buy a laptop to store photos on long journeys instead of buying a heap of 1 GB CF cards after XP and other mandatory stuff you should have 30 40 GB of space for photos Useful for getting to internet too 28 08 2005 Ixus V2 Canon Digital Ixus V2 arrived It is in very good condition and it came with three batteries and all the equipment in original box Took few photos to make sure it works and work it did Zoom is bit noisy but I don t think it is a problem Ixus is so small that I carry it with me most of the time now Canon has announced new lens EF 28 105 f4 0 IS L Price should be around 1000 Very tempting lens to replace my current zoom however EF 17 40 f4 0 L would be almost half the price and more useful on wide end 03 09 2005 Equipment photos I took few photos of cameras and lenses Compare them to those on top of the page a slight development can be seen Canon Digital Ixus V2 Canon 10D with 28 105 mm f3 5 4 5 The Big Guns 300 mm f4 0 L 70 200 mm f4 0 L and 1 4x II extender 22 09 2005 Back from Spa and Nurburgring After two years of

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