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  • General BMW E46 Information
    BMW s Cars and motorbikes Traveling People Miscellaneous

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  • Photo Galleries
    of story Camera Canon Powershot A20 and G2 My BMW E36 325i Coupe My first car ever and of course I have taken few photos of it Camera Canon G2 My BMW E46 M3 Coupe My second car ever Camera Canon G2 BMW Club Finland Autumn Trackday 2002 BMW Club Finland organized trackday at Ahvenisto racetrack Camera Canon G2 My First BMW And Trip To Berlin I went to Berlin

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  • Sim Features
    Sim Features I have compiled information about different online WWII simulations Some results are bit suprising Background Terrain Air war Ground war Sea War Connections and stability

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  • Jagdgeschwader 4
    losses In the middle of January 1945 the Geschwader was deployed in Guben Jüterbog where it remained until the end of the war in May 1945 Jagdgeschwader 4 finished it s war on May 1945 in central part of Germany II Sturmgruppe with FW 190 flew their last mission during Berlin operation against Soviet forces before doors of Berlin city On 11th September 1944 II Sturm and III Gruppen of JG 4 took part on interception mission near Chemnitz Both Guppen attacked the 100th BG and 95th BG bomber groups and claimed 13 destroyed bombers and many damaged During combat with bomber groups and 339th FG and 55th FG fighter group they lost tens of FW 190s and Me 109s also 21 pilots were killed during this mission Planes Principal planes for Jagdgeschwader 4 were Focke Wulf Fw 190A and D models and Messerschmitt Bf 109G and K models Perhaps the most rarest plane in use was Fw 190A 8 Sturmbock or Battering Ram Additional equipment was added to the standard Fw 190A 8 aircraft to make it more effective bomber interceptor Add on s consisted of bolt on 5 mm armor plates on the fuselage sides and 30 mm armored glass panels on the front canopy sides These protected pilot from return fire of bomber gunners Also ammo magazines for 30 mm cannnons were protected The outer wing position 20 mm MG 151 20 wing guns were replaced by more effective but low velocity 30 mm MK 108 cannons With weapon loadout of 2 x 13 mm MG 131 2 x 20 mm MG 151 20 and 2 x 30 mm Mk 108 Fw 190A 8 Sturmbock was the heaviest armed single seater of World War II All modifications increased weight and A 8 Sturmbock s were quite bad

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  • WWII Online Unit Guide
    units in WWII Online Air Bf 109E Bf 110C He 111H Ju 87B Land Sapper Rifle SMG FlaK 30 FlaK 36 PaK 36 Opel Blitz Sdkfz 7 PzKw IIC PzKw

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  • 1/48 Hasegawa Ju 87B-2
    87B 2 1 48 Hasegawa Ju 87B 2 Kit is built straight out of the box only thing I did was replacing the molded aileron and flap hinges with steel wire The result is not too shabby after 10 year

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  • What Next?
    be BMW 3 series Coupe with of course the famous BMW straight six engine 320Ci has 2 2l with 170 hp and 325Ci has 2 5l 192 hp M54 powerplants 330Ci with 3 0l and 231 hp engine might be bit too expensive with all extras the I have planned Coupe will be equipped with atleast M Sport package II and if I totally lose my mind with Clubsport package which is as close M3 as you can get without buying an genuine M3 Interior colour is easy to pick as there is only one choice Sport and Clubsport interiors are always anthracite black Well atleast it will fit any exterior colour I will still check if I can get it with red half leather seats Exterior colour is one very difficult thing to decide There is only few exterior colours I really really like but choosing between them is hard Alpina White Affects resale value negatively Black Imola Red only available as conjuction with Sport package Hard to keep clean Mystic Blue replaced the popular Topaz Blue Orient Blue Oxford Green British Racing Green anyone Silver Grey same colour as new M3 CSL Titanium Silver perhaps the most common choice but it suits E46 really nicely Those few Sport Coupe images are from car configurator in BMW UK website Titanium Silver 330Ci Sport Coupe with new 18 rims Estoril Blau BMW E46 Coupe with Clubsport package M72 V Spoke rims and M Sport wing Imola red M3 Titanium Silver M3 2003 BMW 3 series Coupe brochure Remote site PDF 2003 BMW 3 series Convertible brochure Remote site PDF BMW wheels M3 CSL look perhaps As my previous car was quite nice replica of E36 M3 externally apart from the M3 badges I think this one will borrow some styling

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  • What Next?
    330Ci M sport SMG 22 000 or E46 M3 32 000 from germany with all those first and most expensive kilometers behind them Problem was that finnish law required that I would have to use the car for 6 months on denmark before returning to finland otherwise I would have to pay normal and astronomically high registration tax Been there and done that once before already and all I got was this lousy T shirt and it was a scenario I did not fancy a bit So I had to find a workaround or way to optimize taxes So I started to look alternatives namely buying a used BMW from germany and then registering it to somewhere Scenarios were Buy used car from germany and register it to Denmark very expensive Buy used car from germany and keep it on german registry will not work since I got contract extension which prohibits getting special permit from police Buy used car from germany and move to sweden and register car there Option 1 was out of question I would have to pay around 800 month just to keep the car in danish registry as long as the car is in denmark

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