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  • SNMP | iTransformers.net
    for managing devices on IP networks Devices that typically support SNMP include routers switches servers workstations printers modem racks and more It is used mostly in network management systems to monitor network attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention SNMP is a component of the Internet Protocol Suite as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force IETF It consists of a set of standards for network management including an application layer protocol a database schema and a set of data objects SNMP exposes management data in the form of variables on the managed systems which describe the system configuration These variables are usually called OIDs They can then be queried and sometimes set by managing applications The OIDs have a tree hirerchical structure and are described in Management Information Base MIB files Each MIB file contains only a part of the tree Figure 1 SNMP OID tree SNMP OID tree could be manipulated by a set of atomic queries SNMP GET allows us obtaining the value of s specific OID SNMP WALK use takes advantage of the hierarchical tree structure and allows the management application to obtain the value of a portion of the tree If a WALK is

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  • OID | iTransformers.net
    Guide Developer s Guide netTransformer on dynamips bgpPeeringMap Education Graduation projects Trainings Cloud Solutions Intro to OpenStack Networks Security DDOS RTBH Self Protection Forum Contact iTransformers net Empowering iTransformation Search form Search OID SNMP MIB files describe the structure of the management data of a device subsystem they use a hierarchical namespace containing object identifiers OID Each OID identifies a variable that can be read or set via SNMP MIB

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  • netTransformer is now available | iTransformers.net
    available This is the first public release of netTransformer It combines the best from iTransformer version 0 5 and bgpPeeringMap version 0 2 Besides that it supports a number of new features such as ranking algorithms improved configurability better network activation and several BGP peering Map enhancements Find out more about netTransformer ideology here If you find it interesting please have a look also on the user guide Follow the

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  • netTransformer ideology | iTransformers.net
    Internet human profiles or HTML in the global WWW The links could be cables routing protocols neighbourships social links or just links between documents The network state can be captured and uploaded in a certain data model Once captured the network state could be previewed so YOU the network stakeholder can reason about it If there is a need you can even change it The change is actually a trigger of a transformation process to an another state After the change happens you might want again to review your current network state to reason about it and so on until each and every node and link of the network disappears The described lifecycle is nothing else but a transformation from one state to another The transformation could happen in many different ways and could be driven by many different reasons Typically each network stakeholders has his own context and his own reasons why he would like to change certain network state In the IP networking world the reason for the change could be for example the introduction of a new service into the network a network extension to new geographical areas or the ongoing global network transformations as the one

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  • iTransformers.net | Empowering iTransformation
    a SaaS architect Continuous Integration and Deployment expert for one of the leading network monitoring vendors in the world In his spare time Nikolay also teach in New Bulgarian University Vasil is a Physicist with amazing software development skills As developer enjoys Java and Java EE world Vasil has a lot of experience in Java Java EE embedded world OSGI applications for financial institutions and customs Last 5 years Vasil has worked in the OSS BSS world as a Senior Software developer for Comptel Corporation and as a Team lead for SevOne Programista In Comptel Vasil was one of the key experts in Comptel Instantlink Network Element Interface development and provisioning fulfillment business logics design and implementation In SevOne Vasil and his team have reborn the SevOne SaaS solution by developing a generic provisioning engine and inventory system from scratch Vasil is a PhD holder in Physics from Sofia University As part of his PhD he has developed a Monte Carlo simulation code written in C of electrical breakdown phenomena in a Plasma Focus devices He has also worked together with the plasimo group on a framework for plasma simulations Together Nikolay and Vasil enjoy contributing to software and networking society and has developed a number of open source software applications and libraries Their source software projects range from a framework for network discovery automation and configuration to libraries for expect and SNMP and enterprise Java web applications DDOS protection component At certain point they were interested in Internet mapping so a tool for generation of a graphml Internet maps from MRT dumps of Internet routers like bird or quagga was created More specifically the open source projects developed by iTransformers Labs are netTransformer snmp2xml4j expect4groovy expect4java DDOS Servlet filter javaMrt2Graphml Under the hat of iTransformer Labs Vasil and Nikolay

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  • User login | iTransformers.net
    Documentation netTransformer UserGuide Pirin Release Discovery Methods Impl Guide Developer s Guide netTransformer on dynamips bgpPeeringMap Education Graduation projects Trainings Cloud Solutions Intro to OpenStack Networks Security DDOS RTBH Self Protection Forum Contact iTransformers net Empowering iTransformation Search form Search

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  • netTransformer source code | iTransformers.net
    Install maven http maven apache org guides getting started maven in five minutes html Install an SVN tool and checkout netTransformer source code from the following URL svn checkout svn svn code sf net p itransformer itransformer trunk itransformer itransformer Once ready you should have a directory structure similar to the one bellow Open the project with Intellij IDEA Download the most recent version of the community edition of the software Start Intellij and navigate to the file menu netTransformer build process has been organized through maven Thus here you have to choose Import a project from an external model and then to choose maven Navigate to the trunk folder that has been checkout from the svn Do not change anything else and click the Next button On the next step you will be asked to select a maven project to be imported You should see one maven project called iTransformers iTransformer On the next step you have to enter netTransformer as a project name Click finish If you are an Eclipse fan you should be capable to do something similar in Eclipse Building the project Navigate to the Build menu and press Make Navigate to the module iTopologyManager then

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  • source code | iTransformers.net
    on dynamips bgpPeeringMap Education Graduation projects Trainings Cloud Solutions Intro to OpenStack Networks Security DDOS RTBH Self Protection Forum Contact iTransformers net Empowering iTransformation Search form Search source code netTransformer source code Submitted by info on Thu 01 09 2014 06 39 Getting started with iTransformer source code Install java sdk 1 6 26 or newer http www oracle com technetwork java javase downloads index html Install maven http maven

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