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  • iTransformers.net | Empowering iTransformation
    a SaaS architect Continuous Integration and Deployment expert for one of the leading network monitoring vendors in the world In his spare time Nikolay also teach in New Bulgarian University Vasil is a Physicist with amazing software development skills As developer enjoys Java and Java EE world Vasil has a lot of experience in Java Java EE embedded world OSGI applications for financial institutions and customs Last 5 years Vasil has worked in the OSS BSS world as a Senior Software developer for Comptel Corporation and as a Team lead for SevOne Programista In Comptel Vasil was one of the key experts in Comptel Instantlink Network Element Interface development and provisioning fulfillment business logics design and implementation In SevOne Vasil and his team have reborn the SevOne SaaS solution by developing a generic provisioning engine and inventory system from scratch Vasil is a PhD holder in Physics from Sofia University As part of his PhD he has developed a Monte Carlo simulation code written in C of electrical breakdown phenomena in a Plasma Focus devices He has also worked together with the plasimo group on a framework for plasma simulations Together Nikolay and Vasil enjoy contributing to software and networking society and has developed a number of open source software applications and libraries Their source software projects range from a framework for network discovery automation and configuration to libraries for expect and SNMP and enterprise Java web applications DDOS protection component At certain point they were interested in Internet mapping so a tool for generation of a graphml Internet maps from MRT dumps of Internet routers like bird or quagga was created More specifically the open source projects developed by iTransformers Labs are netTransformer snmp2xml4j expect4groovy expect4java DDOS Servlet filter javaMrt2Graphml Under the hat of iTransformer Labs Vasil and Nikolay

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  • Areas of Expertise | iTransformers.net
    Expertise iTransformer Labs offer development professional education and consultancy services in the following areas Software Development Services Enterprise application development SQL NO SQL database design development Software architecture design analysis and documentation Continuous Integration and Deployment Release process refinement and optimization Unit Functional and Non Functional tests development Automatic deployment Delivery and deployment pipelines Cloud computing Cloud platform design and implementation OpenStack consulting SaaS solutions Cloud provisioning and testing OSS

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  • Products | iTransformers.net
    iTransformers product portfolio includes a couple of open products iTransformer is a product able to perform SNMP network discoveries and to visualize large Internet Service Provider infrastructures It is also able to influence the current state of the IP network through activation of various network templates bgpPeeringMap is a product based on iTransformer core able to discover BGP peering map from your Internet Routers to create a toplogical view of

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  • netTransformer | iTransformers.net
    the ISP will has to pass through many intermediate states depending of its transformation strategy netTransformer has been used to generate the states and to make a formal diff between them The transformation from a state to state happens by executing a set of steps that in the end get parameters from the models and execute a set of templates through a management protocol on one or more network devices Finally the software supports a network rediscovery and a diff between the newly reached network state and the previously discovered one prior the execution of the step That way the network engineer can ensure that the desired state has been reached and the envisioned effect of the transformation step has been achieved From network mapping perspective netTransformer generates 3 distinct data models hierarchical xml device centric data model of the network device containing information about the device its key metadata its ports interfaces and protocol neighbors graph based device centric data model in graphml file format produced by xslt transformation of the device data xml graph based network centric data model in graphml this is a network wide model produced by merging all device centric graphmls The software is generating topology views and network topology diff views from the network centric data model Thus a lot of people use it simply for network mapping One of the important other concepts of it is that each network has to be treated as a separate project Since there are many kinds of networks through the years appeared various kinds of project types The current one are SNMP Network Discovery able to discovering and visualize IP networks based on various metods like OSPF BGP CDP LLDP Direct links next hops Blue is Metro Ethernet red is MPLS core layer Same topology this time

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  • iTransformer | iTransformers.net
    Guide Developer s Guide netTransformer on dynamips bgpPeeringMap Education Graduation projects Trainings Cloud Solutions Intro to OpenStack Networks Security DDOS RTBH Self Protection Forum Contact iTransformers net Empowering iTransformation Search form Search You are here Products iTransformer iTransformer iTransformer is a simple but powerful open product for network transformation It is able to discover SNMP networks model preview and apply configuration templates through telnet towards the network Nowadays iTransformer has

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  • bgpPeeringMap | iTransformers.net
    Graduation projects Trainings Cloud Solutions Intro to OpenStack Networks Security DDOS RTBH Self Protection Forum Contact iTransformers net Empowering iTransformation Search form Search You are here Products bgpPeeringMap Submitted by info on Thu 12 29 2011 23 17 bgpPeeringMap stands is a product based on iTransformer dedicated to the task to create a dynamic digital data model of various BGP peering topologies It was able to discover and generate BGP

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  • DDOS Protection for Enterprise applications and web infrastructures | iTransformers.net
    they do First will occupy your DNS and will redirect your publically accessed points towards their infrastructure Then they will allow funcitonality that will snapshot your site so if you site has dynamic contect simply forget about them finally they will tunnel the traffic from their infrastructure to yours So but how will that help you In parallel with that they will apply RTBH They have connections with some ISPs and major content hosting providers and will try to hide them and you from the eyes of the attacker This works sometimes if you are lucky and your stuff has been hosted in an ISP with which they have good connections but in many cases and in many contries their service simply won t work well Thus instead of using such complex solutions we offer you a way to help yourself If you an ISP and would like to use our ddos servlet filter you can easily expose it as an API and grant access to your customers to it So once they are under an attack they would pull the triggers notify your API and you will block the attakcer traffic for them How the traffic will be blocked since we don t apply security rules or imply complex security equipment being used Well we will simply a bit the situation and will blackhole directly the traffic on IP forwarding level at the endge of your network Since the edge is typically distributed this method even if it does not give 100 guarantiees offers the most scalable way of dealing with DDOS It has been described in RFC 5635 and has been used by Google amazon and many many other ISPs If you a final customer of an ISP your choice is to look for and ISPs or hosting

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  • expect4groovy | iTransformers.net
    Apache 2 Open Source license groovy closures The above Groovy closures are registered into script bindings with one of the following overloads of createBindings method void Expect4Groovy createBindings CLIConnection cliConnection Binding binding boolean withLogging Map String Object Expect4Groovy createBindings CLIConnection cliConnection Map String Object Expect4Groovy createBindings InputStream is OutputStream os Example CLIConnection conn new RawSocketCLIConnection conn connect user v password 123 address localhost 23 Expect4Groovy createBindings conn getBinding true Another available connections are net itransformers expect4groovy cliconnection impl SshCLIConnection net itransformers expect4groovy cliconnection impl EchoCLIConnection net itransformers expect4groovy cliconnection impl RawSocketCLIConnection net itransformers expect4groovy cliconnection impl TelnetCLIConnection Example expect4groovy script import net itransformers expect4groovy Expect4Groovy import net itransformers expect4groovy cliconnection CLIConnection import net itransformers expect4groovy cliconnection impl EchoCLIConnection import net itransformers expect4java ExpectContext import org apache log4j Level import org apache log4j LogManager if args length 0 LogManager getRootLogger setLevel Level INFO else LogManager getRootLogger setLevel Level toLevel args 0 CLIConnection conn new EchoCLIConnection def params empty map for echo connection conn connect params Expect4Groovy createBindings conn getBinding true expect setTimeout 1000 println Timeout while expecting simple send to echo connection send echo n send test n expect echo n Example how to use nested expect closures expect test n send hello n send to echo connection again expect hello as it should be send already to the echo connection expect hello n Example usage of re closure send echo1234 expect re a z 0 9 println Captured it getMatch 1 More complicated examples with array of Match closures Shows also how to use exp continue of ExpectContext send echo1234 n send 5678echo n send ZZZ n expect re a z 0 9 ExpectContext it println Captured it getMatch 1 it exp continue re 0 9 a z println Captured it getMatch it exp continue gl ZZZ println Captured ZZZ

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