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  • ISTG Vol 2 - Mayflower
    to other Allertons John Billington Eleanor Billington wife Frances Billington son relationship unknown John Billington son William Bradford Dorothy May Bradford wife William Brewster Mary Brewster wife Love Brewster son Wrestling Brewster son Richard Britteridge Peter Browne William Button Robert Cartier Carter John Carver Katherine Carver wife James Chilton Susanna Chilton wife Mary Chilton daughter Richard Clarke Francis Cooke John Cooke son Humility Cooper John Crackston John Crackston son Edward Doty Francis Eaton Sarah Eaton wife Samuel Eaton son Ely hired sailor given or surname unknown Thomas English Moses Fletcher Edward Fuller Ann Fuller wife Samuel Fuller son Samuel Fuller Physician Richard Gardiner John Goodman William Holbeck John Hooke Steven Hopkins Elizabeth Hopkins wife Giles Hopkins son Constance Hopkins daughter Damaris Hopkins daughter Oceanus Hopkins son born on voyage John Howland John Langmore William Latham Edward Leister Edmund Margeson Christopher Martin Marie Mary Martin Desire Minter Elinor Ellen More Jasper More Richard More Mary More William Mullins Alice Mullins wife Joseph Mullins son Priscilla Mullins daughter Degory Priest Solomon Prower John Rigdale Alice Rigdale Thomas Rogers Joseph Rogers son Henry Sampson George Soule Miles Standish Rose Standish wife Elias Story Edward Thompson Edward Tilley Agnes Tilley wife John Tilley Joan Tilley wife Elizabeth Tilley daughter Thomas Tinker Mrs Tinker wife Tinker son William Trevore hired sailor John Turner Turner son Turner son Richard Warren William White Susanna White wife Peregrine White son born onboard Resolved White son Roger Wilder Thomas Williams Edward Winslow Elizabeth Winslow wife Gilbert Winslow brother Dorothy maid of John Carver Family Transcribers s Notes William Brewster 10th gr grandfather of transcriber For more information on the Ship 77 97 121 102 108 111 119 101 114 and it s passengers go to 77 97 121 102 108 111 119 101 114 Correspondence 8 26 1999 I also have an ancestor on the Mayflower For more information on Edward Doty please contact Mary Beth an ISTG volunteer Correspondence 2 13 02 I recognize William Bradford Peter Browne John Tilley and John Howland as my ancestors William Bradford was Gov after John Carver died He wrote a wonderful book and alot of poetry based on his travels and loves John Howland and servant to Gov Carver was thrown off the Mayflower during a bad storm and saved by a topsail and a few of his mates Edward Dotey was one of them He went on to be prosperous and was Leut Governor of Plimoth Colony Peter Browne was lost while hunting with good friend John Goodman and his pet dog after a bout with a couple of wolves they found their way back frost bitten and weary but full of tales about their adventures John Howlands future wife Elizabeth Tilley and father John and step mother Bridget came over too but John and Bridget were among the many who died from the illness that developed during and after the trip The Bradfords Howlands and Brownes prospered in family as well as in daily life in their new community
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  • ISTG Vol 2 - Fortune
    in 1634 in a letter to his son John Winthrop Jr dated 12 Dec 1634 John Winthrop reported that the pestilent fever hath taken away some at Plimouth spl amoung others Mr Prence the governor his wife WP 3 177 from Gt Mig 3 1522 Her body was interred at Coles Hill in Plymouth Passengers 2 Hotten s lists as Bassite with wife implied 6 also listed as Brigges 7 also listed as Bompasse 9 also listed as Coner 12 also listed as Dean 13 also listed as De La Nove 15 also listed as Martha widow with sons William and John and daughter Martha 23 also listed as Austin Nicholas 26 also listed as Prince Correspondence 8 December2001 passenger 7 Bumpas 1 Thomas Bompase Ann Brodford 2 Edouad Edward Bumpas Bompasse b 1603 in St Barthalomew Parish London England d February 03 1692 93 in Marshfield Plymouth Massachusetts Hannah b 1607 m 1628 in Marshfield Plymouth Massachusetts d February 12 1692 93 3 John Bumpas Sr b June 02 1636 in Marshfield Plymouth Massachusetts d March 07 1714 15 in Rochester Bristol Massachusetts Sarah Hunter b Abt 1649 in Scituate Plymouth Massachusetts m 1670 in Marshfield Plymouth Massachusetts d 1710 Contact Jeffery G Scism for more information For history of passenger 27 Moses Simonson see Simmons Correspondence 19 March 2002 passenger 27 Simonson Simmons I am the 10th generation of MOSES SIMMONS from the SHIP FORTUNE arriving in PLYMOUTH MA on Nov 9 1621 I descend from the following MOSES SIMMONS b 1635 JOB SIMMONS b 1674 JOB SIMMONS b 1720 SOLOMON SIMMONS b 1766 CHARLES SIMMONS b 1808 SOLOMON SIMMONS b 1835 LUKE SIMMONS b 1855 WILLIAM SIMMONS b 1892 Carolyn Simmons Correspondence 19 March 2002 passenger 27 Simonson Simmons I am the 10th generation of MOSES SIMMONS from the SHIP FORTUNE arriving in PLYMOUTH MA on Nov 9 1621 I decended from the following MOSES SIMMONS b 1635 JOB SIMMONS b 1674 JOB SIMMONS b 1720 SOLOMON SIMMONS b 1766 CHARLES SIMMONS b 1808 SOLOMON SINNONS b 1835 LUKE SIMMONS b 1855 and CLARENCE SIMMONS b 1888 Glenn Simmons Correspondence 14 October 2002 passenger 27 Simonson Simmons Joseph Alden married Mary Simons Symons b 1627 Plymouth b d 8 Feb 1697 Bridgewater Mass d f John Alden f Moses of Leydon m Pricilla Mullians arrived 1621 Holland Ship Mayflower Ship Fortune David Snow Correspondence added 4 May 2012 Passenger 27 Simonson Simmons I am the 14th generation of MOSES SIMMONS from the SHIP FORTUNE arriving in PLYMOUTH MA on Nov 9 1621 I descend from the following Thomas b 1602 England William b 1623 England William b 1648 Va Johann Jacob b 1682 Germany Hans John Nicolas b 1707 Germany John Michael b 1755 Tulpehockton Pa John b 1770 Joseph b 1792 William Granville b 1834 Isaac Edward b 1878 Robert Isaac b 1911 My mother Betty Ella Simmons Wright b 1935 and myself William Robert Wright b 1964 Robert Wright Correspondence added 11 November 2005 passenger
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  • ISTG Vol 2 - Anne & Little James
    Planters with wife but no children 49 Juliana Morton wife 50 Nathaniel Morton became Secretary of the Colony 51 Morton 4 other children John Ephraim Patience Sarah 52 Thomas Morton Jr son of Thomas who came in the ship Fortune 53 Ellen Newton 54 John Oldham 55 Mrs Oldham wife Not in Hotten s 56 Lucretia Oldham sister Not in Hotten s 57 Frances Palmer wife of William Palmer who came in the ship Fortune 58 William Palmer Jr son 59 Christian Penn not listed in Planters 60 Abraham Pierce not listed in Planters 61 62 Mr Pierce s two servants names not indicated 63 Joshua Pratt 64 James Rand St George Southwark 65 Robert Rattliffe Ratcliff in Planters 66 Mrs Rattliffe wife not listed in Planters 67 Nicholas Snow Hoxton Co Middlesex Eastham 68 Alice Southworth widow later became the second wife of Governor Bradford 69 Thomas Southworth son not in Hotten s 70 Francis Sprague Duxbury 71 Anna Sprague wife not in Hotten s 72 Mercy Sprague daughter not in Hotten s 73 Barbara Standish second wife of Captain Standish married after her arrival 74 Thomas Tilden Stepney London 75 Ann Tilden wife not in Hotten s 76 Tilden child not in Hotten s 77 Stephen Tracy Yarmouth Norfolk 78 Tryphosa Tracy not in Hotten s 79 Tracy child not in Hotten s 80 Ralph Wallen 81 Joyce Wallen wife not in Hotten s 82 Elizabeth Warren wife of Richard Warren of Mayflower no Warren s on Hotten s list 83 Mary Warren daughter 84 Elizabeth Warren daughter 85 Anna Warren daughter 86 Sarah Warren daughter 87 Abigail Warren daughter Transcriber s Notes Patience Brewster 9th gr grandmother of transcriber Daughter of William Brewster of Mayflower wife of Governor of Plymouth Colony Thomas Prence Passengers on 76 105 116 116 108 101 74 97 109 101 115 Correspondence 11 22 99 passengers 80 81 WALLEN and 35 HICKES I am a descendent of Ralph and Joyce Wallen passengers 80 81 I know that they stayed in Plymouth after arriving and that they had a son Thomas Walling before 1630 I have Ralph s date of death between 1633 1634 and Joyce s after 9 7 1643 I am also descendent of the Hickes family Robert and Margaret and son Samuel Upon arriving in Massachusetts the family settled in Plymouth Robert Hickes was born in Southwark London England in 1570 He was married to Margaret Winslow in 1610 Robert s death date is listed as March 24 1647 in Plymouth Ma Margaret s death date is listed as Aug 23 1670 in Clinton Middlesex Conn Mass Samuel married Lydia Doane on Sep 11 1645 in Plymouth They went on to have twelve children My line comes from their daughter Jane born in Rhode Island but christened in Plymouth in 1652 Debra West Correspondence 11 05 01 passengers 35 HICKES and 5 BANGS I am descended from two families on list Margaret Hickes Winslow was going to Plymouth to join
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v2/1600v2/anne_james16230710.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG Vol 2 - Ark and Dove
    John Boulter Purser and steward of the 65rk John Curke Helper on the 68ove John Games On the 68ove Richard Kenton Boatswain on the 68ove Samuel Lawson Mate on the 68ove Richard Orchard Master of the 68ove Nicholas Perrie Helper on the 68ove Warreloe Mate on the 68ove The account of the Landing of the 65rk and the 68ove was taken from page 38 and the documented list of adventurers from pages 339 343 of The Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate by Harry Wright Newman Originally published Washington D C 1961 Reprinted for Clearfield Company by Genealogical Publishing Co Inc Baltimore Maryland 1998 Another source for a passenger list for the 65rk and the 68ove is Series II Register of Maryland s Heraldic Families by Alice Norris Parran 1938 See Maryland Catholics on the Frontier for a link to this listing For further information regarding the early history of the Maryland Colony particularly in regard to the Catholic Protestant question see Margaret Brent history This map shows the location of St Clement s Island on the Potomac river where the passengers of the 65rk 97nd 68ove disemb 65rked Correspondence May 20 2001 passenger 48 Hallowes Hollis John Hallowes a k a Hollis married Restituta Tue circa 1639 in Maryland and had a number of children including William Hollis I Then came William Hollis II William Hollis III and Amos Hollis all of whom lived in the Baltimore or Harford County area Amos had a son named Benjamin who migrated to Bracken County Kentucky circa 1797 and was followed by a long line of Hollis who live there through the early 1900 s Charles Hollis Correspondence January 7 2002 passenger 37 Fenwick I m in the begining process of mapping my family genelogy I do know that Cuthbert Fenwick came over on The Ark and The Dove in 1634 I m interested in anyone who has any information to this portion of the Fenwick family Cuinoc2 Correspondence October 26 2002 passenger 71 Nevill I am looking for information on John Nevill who was a transportee on The Ark and The Dove He married Bridget Throsley Thoresby abt 1638 They had a few children one of which was James Nevill married to an Elizabeth John Nevill was born in England I would like any information that anyone may have Shannon Callahan Correspondence November 19 2002 passenger 71 Nevill John Neville Born 1612 England came to Maryland on the Ark and the Dove He died in June 1664 Calvert Co Maryland He married in 1638 to Bridget Thoresby His second wife s name was Ann and third wife Johanna Porter I am descended from his son James bn 1640 Calvert Co Md died 1696 and his son John bn 1661 Northhampton Co Va died 1733 He married Elizabeth Bohannan 1685 His son Joseph Neville bn 1693 in Va died 1766 He married Ann Bohannan 1730 His son George Neville bn 1734 died 1811 married Rachel Earle His son George Washington Nevils bn 1760
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  • ISTG Vol 2 - Griffin
    to the highest bidder levied fines against those who refused to take an oath of allegiance Those who did not affirm that the Church of England was the true apostolic church were excommunicated To this end Charles I appointed a Bishop Laud as Archbishop of Canterbury and empowered him to reform the entire Church of England Laud established a uniform system of worship that he imposed on all Englishmen burned books and pamphlets that did not pass his censorship ordered inspection tours of parish churches to insure the use of the Book of Common Prayer On 22 Apr 1632 Rev Lothropp s group met at the home of Humphrey Barnet in Black Friars London for their normal worship Archbishop Laud sent agents to arrest the group seized forty two while eighteen others escaped They were all sent to Newgate prison built for felons By 1634 the group had been released on bail except for Rev Lothropp who finally procurred his liberty on the occassion of his wife s sickness She died shortly thereafter and his many children were placed with the Bishop at Lambeth Rev Lothropp was finally granted liberty to go into foreign exile on 24 Apr 1634 He came to America on the 71 114 105 102 102 105 110 in 1634 together with six of his seven living children and thirty two members of his church landing in Plymouth MA On 27 Sep 1634 Rev Lothropp moved to a settlement of nine houses called Scituate MA where the meeting house was the largest home belonging of Mr James Cudworth who would become one of the colony s leading military figures On 8 Jan 1634 35 thirteen initial members formed the Church at Scituate and he was ordained as their minister Not everyone was happy with the manner in which Rev Lothropp conducted his religious duties On 26 Jun 1639 Rev Lothropp and a few of his followers moved to an area on Cape Cod that became known as Barnstable Early Plymouth settlers who came to Scituate and later went to Barnstable with Rev Lothropp included Anthony Annable Henry Cobb the younger Samuel Fuller who married his daughter Jane Isaac Robinson and Henry Rowley ultimately James Cudworth would also join the group at Barnstable See also John Lathrop 1584 1653 published in 1979 by the Institute of Family Research in Salt Lake City Distinguished descendants of Lathrop Lothrop SAMUEL LATHROP Samuel LATHROP Franklin Delano Roosevelt 32nd President of the US Benedict Arnold US Revolutionary War figure Thomas E Dewey Gov of NY twice candidate for President of the US Adlai E Stevenson US Senator from IL twice candidate for President Israel LATHROP John Foster Dulles Secretary of State of the US Alan W Dulles director of the CIA of the US Marion Meriwether Post founder of General Foods Dina Merrill actress Joseph LATHROP Oliver Wendell Holmes Justice of the Supreme Court of the US Ulysses S Grant 18th President of the US Parley Parker Pratt Mormon Pioneer George
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  • ISTG Vol 2 - Abigail
    147 Hotten s lists as age 34 148 Hotten s lists as Halijack age 38 156 Hotten s lists as Drewrie 161 Hotten s lists as Payne 162 Hotten s lists as Payne 163 Hotten s lists as Strowde Transcriber s Ancestors 8th and 9th gr grandfathers of transcriber Freeman Edmond II baptized 25 Jul 1596 died at age 86 body was interred at Old Town Cemetery in Sandwich Plymouth colony Will on 21 Jun 1682 in Sandwich Inventory of estate in Sandwich taken on 4 Oct 1682 amount unknown probated 2 Nov 1682 He married first Bennett Hodsoll in 1617 who died in England in 1630 and then he married Elizabeth Perry in 1632 She is on this voyage Edmond III and Alice on this voyage are both children of Edmond II and Bennett Freeman Edmond III aka Edmund Edward died between 4 Mar 1696 and 5 Jan 1704 in Sandwich Barnstable Co MA Christened 26 Nov 1620 in Billingshurst Sussex Eng Resided in Shawme now Sandwich after 3 Apr 1637 Plymouth records 3 Apr 1637 is thus granted permission to settle Sandwich the fourth town in the Plymouth Colony It is also agreed by the Court that these ten men of Saugus Edmund Freeman Henry Feake Thomas Dexter Edward Dillingham William Wood John Carman Richard Chadwell William Almy Thomas Tupper and George Knott shall have liberty to view a place and sit down and have sufficient lands for three score families upon the conditions propounded to them by the Governor and Mr Winslow Edmund was the deputy to the General Court from Sandwich Edmond married 1648 1st to Rebecca Prence daughter of Gov Thomas Prence of Plymouth Colony and granddaughter of William Brewster patriarch of Mayflower 1620 voyage and 2nd in 1651 to Margaret Perry Administration of estate in Sandwich 5 Jan 1703 4 at court unknown Correspondence February 2000 Passengers 105 109 Foster Thank you for your work in transcribing ships list from the Abigail Christopher Foster his wife Frances and son John he is on your list as Joseph who would have been one year old at the time were passengers on the Abigail John died in Southampton New York You may contact James J Foster about the Foster family Others looking for parents of Christopher Foster ROY1BOYUSA aol com pinetucket prodigy net skoestler cox internet com Doggy20491 aol com Pontiacace aol com kids sb verizon net Correspondence June 13 2001 Passengers 139 141 RUCKMAN My ancestor John Ruckman his wife Elizabeth and their 9 month old son also named John came to Boston MA aboard the Abigail 8 October 1635 He was a follower of Lady Deborah Moody the anabaptist and was given a town lot and a plantation lot in her settlement at Gravesend Long Island New Netherlands New York He soon sold the plantation lot John later settled in Sandwich Barnstable Co MA Lady Moody was a witness to John s will dated 13 March 1650 Brenda DeMarce Correspondence July 4 2001 Passengers
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v2/1600v2/abigail16351008.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG Vol 2 - Unspecified Name
    Original List of Persons of Quality Who went from Great Britian to the American Plantations 1600 1700 1931 Pages 283 286 09 1642 Andrew s Birth date is Established by the fact that he had to be Twenty one or Older to be a Landowner as Recorded in Weymouth Massachusetts 10 Married Ellinor Lovell in 1648 Daughter of Robert Lovell and Elizabeth b 1634 England Emigrated With Her Parents On the Same Ship as John Ford Father of Andrew Ford 11 Plymouth Deeds Volume 3 Page 210 20 Jul 1683 the Date of a Deed Which Ellinor Signed with her Mark and 25 Feb 1693 the Date of Andrew Ford Will Which Does Not Include Ellinor Lovell Ford his Wife 12 Will of Robert Lovell Dated 3 April 1651 and Probated 25 June 1672 History of Weymouth Volume 3 Page 392 13 3 May 1654 Andrew Ford was Made A Freeman of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England Ed by Nathaniel B Shurtleff 1854 Volume 4 Part 1 Page 460 14 24 Nov 1662 At the Annual Town Meeting Andrew Ford James Lovell Were Among Four Men Chosen to Be Wardens for the Ensuing Year History of Weymouth 1923 Volume 2 Page 511 15 29 Oct 1678 show that Andrew Ford Sr in Weymouth Took the Oath of Allegiance to Charles II with His Sons Andrew Jr James Nathaniel Samuel and Ebenezer Records of Suffolk County Court 1671 1680 Part 2 Page 974 Colonial Society of Massachusetts Publications Volume 30 1933 16 1664 in Addition to his land in Weymouth Massachusetts Bay Colony Andrew Ford Acquired Property in the Plymouth Colony to the South Along with his Brother in Law James Lovell Records of the Colony of New Plymouth in New England Ed by Nathaniel B Shurtleff Volume 2 Page 54 Volume 3 Page 182 Volume 4 Page 74 82 97 and 99 Volume 5 Page 5 17 1668 Representatives of the Plymouth Court Plymouth Colony Deed Volume 3 Page 128 18 Andrew Ford was Living in Weymouth MA 2 Feb 1692 Plymouth County Deed Volume 3 Page 212 19 Andrew Ford his Will Dated 25 Feb 1693 Stated that he was Late of the Town of Weymouth now Resided in Hingham MA His Will Probated in Boston MA on 23 March 1693 Suffolk County Probate Volume 13 Pages 146 147 Jonathan Davidson Correspondence 01 05 03 passengers Allen My ancestor George ALLEN and his family came to America on this ship which could be the MARY GOULD in 1635 The ship left Weymouth England March 20 1636 to mostly likely Boston The manifest list my ancestor George Allen Katherine his wife three sons and a servant Please contact me if you have information about this family William Allen Farmington NY This list has at least some of the same immigrants reported to be on the Mary Gould on March 20 1635 There is also another list of Hull
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v2/1600v2/unspecified16360320.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG Vol 2 - D'vos - The Fox
    15 Lysbeth Hendricken 16 Jan Bosch from Westphalen 17 Roeloff Hermansen 18 Mrs Roeloff wife from Germany 19 Robert De la Maire from Dieppe 20 David Kraffort mason 21 Mrs Kraffort wife 22 Child Kraffort 14 years 23 Jacomijntie Jacobs daughter of Jacob Swart 24 Jeurian Jansen from Holstein 25 Annette Anthonis wife of Gerrit Mannaet 26 Child Mannaet 5 years 27 Souverain Ten Houte baker 28 Albert Hendricks house carpenter from Maersen 29 Leendert D Wilt from Roermond 30 Adriaen Lourensen carpenter from Loenen 31 Symon Scholts from Prussia 32 Hendrick Tymenson from Loosdrecht 33 William Tymensen from Amsterdam 34 David Ackerman from Mayory of Bosch 35 Mrs Ackerman wife 36 Child Ackerman 20 years 37 Child Ackerman 18 years 38 Child Ackerman 16 years 39 Child Ackerman 12 years 40 Child Ackerman 8 years 41 Child Ackerman 6 years 42 Dirck Storm from Mayory of Bosch 43 Mrs Dirck wife 44 Child Dirck 6 years 45 Child Dirck 4 years 46 Child Dirck 1 1 4 years 47 Jan Joosten from Tielderweert 48 Mrs Joosten wife 49 Child Joosten 15 years 50 Child Joosten 12 years 51 Child Joosten 9 years 52 Child Joosten 6 years 53 Child Joosten 2 1 2 years 54 Claes Barents from Dordrecht Contributed and Transcribed by Pat Helyer for the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild 15 June 1999 If you find an ancestor on a ship on ISTG and would like to link to your email address or home page please submit a short paragraph about the passenger where settled children etc with the name of the ship and date of arrival and send to the transcriber at the bottom of the manifest or to the ISTG Production Coordinator Be sure to include the name of the SHIP and VOLUME number Get all
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