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  • ISTG - Portsmouth, Virginia Arrivals V11
    name of the ship and date of arrival and send to the transcriber at the bottom of the manifest or to the ISTG Production Coordinator We strive to make your search productive If you don t find the passenger list you are looking for on our site please consider a subscription to Ancestry com There you can locate your ancestors ship passenger list view and save a copy of the original list You can also access census data and death records to help you in your search Census records and in particular the 1930 census is one of the most easily used tools for beginners and seasoned genealogists alike Ancestry com is the only place where all census years are easily searchable If you find an ancestor on a ship on ISTG and would like to link to your email address or home page please submit a short paragraph about the passenger where settled children etc with the name of the ship and date of arrival and send to the transcriber at the bottom of the manifest or to the ISTG Production Coordinator Website search technology courtesy of FreeFind com The new ISTG logo was created by Patty MacFarlane 2007
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v11/arrivalsv11/portsmouthvav11.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG - San Francisco, California Arrivals V11
    like to link to your email address or home page please submit a short paragraph about the passenger where settled children etc with the name of the ship and date of arrival and send to the transcriber at the bottom of the manifest or to the ISTG Production Coordinator We strive to make your search productive If you don t find the passenger list you are looking for on our site please consider a subscription to Ancestry com There you can locate your ancestors ship passenger list view and save a copy of the original list You can also access census data and death records to help you in your search Census records and in particular the 1930 census is one of the most easily used tools for beginners and seasoned genealogists alike Ancestry com is the only place where all census years are easily searchable If you find an ancestor on a ship on ISTG and would like to link to your email address or home page please submit a short paragraph about the passenger where settled children etc with the name of the ship and date of arrival and send to the transcriber at the bottom of the
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v11/arrivalsv11/sanfranciscov11.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG - Ships Captain's Listed By Name - Volume 11
    June 1842 Davis Colin K Brig Magoun Davis E K Ship Emily 10 June 1844 Emily 11 November 1844 Davis John Ship Goodwin 17 May 1841 Ship Goodwin 30 April 1844 Sarah Parker Davison Henry RMS Britannic de Bow A R Brig Elisabeth de Wolfe Win J Brig Orson Dearness John Ship Emmanuel Debney G SS City of Puebla Chinese Passengers Decan P A Ship Caledonia Brander Ship Octorara Decan Peter A Ship United States 4 August 1841 Decan P A Ship United States 22 March 1842 Decare P A Ship Octorara Decker P H Barque G H Wappaus Decun P A Ship Octorara Delano R T Ship Golden State Delue George Schooner Acadian Deming John Brig Odessa Di C G Brig Rowena Dickson J M Brig James D Dietrichs A H Bark Agda Dill C G Brig Caracas Brig Rowena 25 July 1841 Brig Rowena 11 May 1842 Brig Rowena 27 May 1843 Dill C S Brig Rowena 15 September 1843 Doane Schooner Samuel Ingham Doane A P Schooner Daniel Simmons Doane Seth P Schooner William Wallace 27 June 1840 Brig William Wallace 9 October 1840 Dockendorff S Schooner Harriet Porter Dockenduff Ship Swatara Dolby Saml Brig Globe 12 July 1837 Brig Globe 14 August 1838 Donaldson James SS Assyria Donne Ship William Wallace 11 May 1840 Doughty Wm Ship Tarquin Douglass John Barque Clarence Drew J Barque Potomac Driver H D Ship Daniel Webster Dubs Evans Ship Chandler Price Dunbar Ship Gibraltar Dunlevey Mich M Ship Venice 17 June 1844 Dunley Richard M Ship Venice 13 April 1846 Dunne Edward Brig Wyoming Dunton John L Brig Treaty Durke H Bark Elba Dyer A Brig Echo 30 May 1842 Dyer H Brig Echo 3 July 1843 Dyer Scott Barque Nautilus Ehlers H Steamer Germania Steamer Hammonia Emerson Walter Ship St Cloud Engel J C Barque Valparaiso Ernst G Steamer New York Evans Andrew D Brig Navarre Evard Thomas Ship Abbottsford Fabens Joseph Barque William and James Fagerstrom F Brig Suometar Faitt Barque John Kerr Farrell J D Farwell Farwell Farwell Fauck Ship Walter 26 October 1838 Faulk Geo Ship Walter 6 June 1839 Fenton Alexander Kansas Ferguson C Guickstone Castle Ferguson D Cruikston Castle Fields Robt Schooner Frances Filliman Jos A Brig Finance Finch William Steamer Gaelic Chinese Passengers Forman S E Ship Manchester Forsyth M SS Wisconsin Fowler Brig Czar Fox Brig Johns Freeman John Ship Tuscany Freeman Thomas W J SS Nevada Freita P R Brig Factura Friedrichs Franz Ship Christel Fries James S Brig Gipsy Gage Jm Barque Amelia Gallagher Barque Louisa 27 July 1846 Gallagher Jno Barque Louisa 13 July 1844 Brig Elizabeth 21 June 1841 Brig Elizabeth 15 April 1842 Brig Elizabeth 20 June 1842 Ship John Sergeant Barque Louisa 5 May 1843 Brig Louisa 23 May 1843 Barque Louisa 26 July 1843 Barque Louisa 27 May 1844 Garberdt L Brig Canton Gardner S H B Bark Hope Gardner William R Brig Agenoria Garwood Geo M Brig Volta Gatjen D Ship Eva Dorothea Gerdes
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v11/captainsv11a_l.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG - Ships Captain's Listed By Name - Volume 11
    Lincoln Rigby SS Wyoming Rigby C L Nevada Rigs John Barque Hannah Rinder John H SS Belgic Chinese Passengers Ringk R SS Fulda Robbins Frederick Brig Rhine Ship Persian Roberts Brig America Robinson H Ship Cynosure Robinson William Barque Caroline Ship Carouge Rogers W C Ship Helen Mar Roluffs C J Bark Franklin Rood S Schooner Edwin Eva Roskell Thomas F SS City of New York Roy John Schooner Anna Rue John R Brig Norris Stanley 15 June 1841 Rur John R Brig Norris Stanley 7 July 1842 Russo Ferd Ship Luisa Bruno Ryder A Brig Joshua Sears 24 October 1839 Sadler John W State of Indiana Sage S A Brig Amelia Mulholland Salter J E Ship Henry Sampson E Ship Undine Sampson Eutis Ship Narraganset Samuel Anthony Ship Sarah G Hyde Santen H von SS Hansa Santen H J von SS New York Saunders Barque Bermudiana Saunders R Brig Saunders Sawyer David Schooner Union Schofield Brig Wave Schulken Bark Dorette 27 October 1868 Schulkon Bark Dorette 20 May 1867 Schurmann H S SS Hammonia Scott Edward Steamer John Bell Seal J H Schooner George Klotts Selby William Barque India Semcke H Columbia Settle J L Brig Montgomery Shankland A Bark Madeline Shankland Wm M Brig Cuba Shannon Neil J RMS Asia Sheed Abraham A Brig Echo Shillington H Ship North Star Shirley Enoch Ship Algonquin Sidey Robert SS Australia Silliman Joseph A Brig Finance Simpson Barque Christiana Simpson Edward Bark Dependent Sistan Leonard Ship Franklin Skaats Renier Brig Saunders Skeltington Harden Ship North Star 9 September 1844 Skillington H Ship Edward Ship North Star 22 August 1842 Skinn Don Brig Highlander Skotfield Clement Dublin 13 April 1840 Ship Dublin 1 September 1840 Skotfield Clement Ship Dublin 20 May 1842 Ship Dublin 21 May 1846 Slecan Robert R Ship Mary Pleasants Sleightholm Margaret Slocumb C Schooner Acadian Smack Powell Brig Cumberland 10 March 1837 Brig Cumberland 12 May 1837 Brig Cumberland 29 July 1837 Brig Cumberland 27 April 1839 Small F Brig Echo Small John J SS Bolivia 5 July 1876 SS Bolivia 8 November 1876 Smith C F Ship Berlin Smith Edward John RMS Adriatic Smith Edward T RMS Britannic Smith J H Ship Octarara 10 September 1841 Smith J Henry Ship Octorara 7 March 1842 Smith J Tremaine SS City of Peking Chinese Passengers Smith J M Ship Swatara Smith James Ship Grafton Smith Levi Ship Bavaria Smith Robert Schooner Helen Smith Thomas H SS United Kingdom Snow Jabez Ship Galen Snow Sp Ship Benjamin Morgan Snowdon Charles Brig Mary Somers R G Schooner Hunter Spalding Lyman Ship Isaac Newton Spencer William Schooner Mary Jane 10 June 1839 Schooner Mary Jane 26 July 1839 Schooner Mary Jane 10 September 1839 Spileker Ship Gustav Spille M Brig Stern 25 June 1840 Brig Stern 9 July 1842 Sprelle D Brig Stern 27 July 1838 Sprille C Brig Stern 7 September 1839 St Croix Redman Ship George Green Stang Hans Brig Mads Weil Stanwood S F SS Boston 1 February 1900
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v11/captainsv11m_z.html (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG - Passenger Surnames: A-Anc
    JOHN 35 Ship Solon ADAMS JOHN 4 Ship John Sergeant ADAMS JOHN 69 Chevalier ADAMS JOHN 70 Barque Wolga ADAMS JOHN 75 RMS Adriatic ADAMS MARG T 116 Margaret ADAMS MARK 93 Ship Erin ADAMS MARTHA 11 Ship Erin ADAMS MARY E 2 Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS MARY 67 Ship Franklin ADAMS MARY 72 Barque Wolga ADAMS MAUD 136 SS The Queen ADAMS MESSR DARRACOTT OWNER Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS MESSR OWNER Brig Queen Victoria Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS MESSR DARRACOTT OWNER Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS MESSR OWNER Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS MGT 312 Ship Albion ADAMS MR THO S 293 SS Nevada ADAMS MR THOMAS 293 SS Nevada ADAMS OWNER Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS RICHARD 49 Steamer Ville de Paris ADAMS RICHARD CAPTAIN SS Morro Castle ADAMS ROBERT 6 Ship Dublin ADAMS ROB T MERCHANT Brig Emily ADAMS ROGER E 1 Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS RON H 78 SS Anchoria ADAMS ROSS 134 Barque Creole ADAMS SAMUEL 129 Ship Virginia ADAMS SARAH 136 Barque Fanny ADAMS THOMAS 134 Barque Carouge ADAMS THOMAS 65 Ship Franklin ADAMS THOMAS 68 Ship Franklin ADAMS THO S 27 Ship James White ADAMS WALLACE N 17 SS Frederick H Newell ADAMS WILLIAM R 4 Brig Queen Victoria ADAMS WILLIAM 105 SS The Queen ADAMS WILLIAM 12 Ship Erin ADAMS WILLIAM 134 SS The Queen ADAMS WILLIAM 79 Ship Susquehanna ADAMS W M P 124 SS Henry Chauncey ADAMS W M 12 Brig Excelsior ADAMS W M 24 Schooner James ADAMS W M 37 Ship Richmond ADAMS W M 78 Ship Susquehanna ADAMSKI WOLF 42 Ship Tarquin ADAMSON EDW D 95 SS Minnesota ADAMSON ELIZA 25 Ship Monmouth ADAMSON JOHAN 576 SS Celtic ADCOCK ISAAC 1 Ship Susquehanna ADDAMS JANE 94 Ship Solon ADDISON WILLIAM 236 SS City of Paris ADDRILL JANE 3 Ship Charles ADDUSELL T J 490 SS Columbia ADDY GEO 37 RMS Britannic ADDY JAMES 35 RMS Britannic ADDY JAMES 47 RMS Britannic ADDY M RS 36 RMS Britannic ADDY WILLIE 48 RMS Britannic ADDY W M 565 SS City of Limerick ADEL LABRAN 179 Ship Adelaide ADELBERGER CASPER 212 Ship Southampton ADELBERGER MARIA 213 Ship Southampton ADELIST PSACHIA 8 SS Mozaffari ADELMANN J P 365 SS New York ADELMANN ROSINE 306 SS Hammonia ADELSBERG HIRSCH 31 Kansas ADELUNG C VON 48 Steamer Fulda ADELUNG ERNEST 101 Ship Tarquin ADELUNG ERNESTINE 103 Ship Tarquin ADELUNG SOPHIE 100 Ship Tarquin ADELUNG VICTOR 102 Ship Tarquin ADEMEON EDW D 95 SS Minnesota ADER F 48 Ship Louise ADG FERD 283 Ship J W Brune ADGATE M R 16 Barque Louisa ADIE PHILIP H 139 SS Bothnia ADIRAN F W 178 Bark Gutenberg ADKINSON J R 11 Ship Pocahontas ADLER ABRAH 6 SS Berlin ADLER ARON 162 SS New York ADLER BERTHA 69 SS Elbe ADLER C 289 SS Hammonia ADLER CECILIA 70 Brig Columbia ADLER CHARLES 72 Brig Columbia ADLER ELIZABETH 49 Brig Columbia ADLER EUIGEN 68 SS Elbe ADLER HERM 690 SS Berlin ADLER IGNATZ 369 Steamer Germania ADLER ISAAC 143 Ship Charles ADLER ISRAEL 144 Ship Charles ADLER JACOB 71 Brig Columbia ADLER JENNY 70 SS Elbe ADLER JOHANNA 125 Bark Vater Gruner ADLER JOHANNES 47 Brig Columbia ADLER JOSEPH 103 Ship Southampton ADLER L 104 Ship Southampton ADLER LOUIS 485 SS Hansa ADLER MOSES 521 SS America ADLER ROSA 67 SS Elbe ADLER S 172 SS Bremen ADLER SARA 235 Ship J W Brune ADLER SOLOMAN 56 Barque Philadelphia ADMERIER THERIS 189 SS Anchoria ADOLF PHILIPPINE 486 Steamer Fulda ADOLPH HERMANN 16 SS New York ADOLPH JOHANNE 12 SS New York ADOLPH JOSEPH 13 SS New York ADOLPH LOUIS 11 SS New York ADOLPHI GG AUG 357 SS Hansa ADRES FAMILY 61 Ship Olympia ADRIAANS W J CAPTAIN Ship E F Gabain Ship E F Gabain ADRIANE MARRENUS 378 SS Medway AEGERTER BARBARA 409 SS Frisia AEILTS CAROLINE 255 Ship Herzogin v Brabant AEILTS DINETTE 253 Ship Herzogin v Brabant AEILTS FOLKER 254 Ship Herzogin v Brabant AEILTS PETER 251 Ship Herzogin v Brabant AEILTS SOPHIE 256 Ship Herzogin v Brabant AENSCOUGH ANN 397 SS City of Paris AENSCOUGH MARTHA 396 SS City of Paris AERTTE JAMES 151 Fanny AERTTYS GASPAR 188 Steamer Fulton AFAN TAK 127 Steamer Gaelic AFANASJEWS JANIS 9 SS Mozaffari AFFLECT W 21 Ship Algonquin AFFTER HENRY 39 Brig Louise AFTEN AUG 186 Steamer Teutonia AFTEN J 187 Steamer Teutonia AFTERHEIDE GOTTFRIED 161 Ship Anna Delius AGARD JOSEPHINE 5 Barque Louisa AGARD LEON 6 Barque Louisa AGAU CATHARINE 43 SS America AGAU RUDOLPH 42 SS America AGEN CLARA 23 SS Celtic AGILOW JAMES 14 Susquehanna AGNES HESTHER A 356 Ship Albion AGNEW AGNES 38 Ship Colossus AGNEW ALEXANDER 44 Ship Colossus AGNEW ELLENOR 34 Caledonia AGNEW HUGH 71 SS Anchoria AGNEW JANE 37 Ship Colossus AGNEW JANE 68 Ship Benjamin Morgan AGNEW JANE 70 Ship Benjamin Morgan AGNEW JANET 193 SS City of Cork AGNEW JOHN 35 Ship Colossus AGNEW MARGARET 36 Ship Colossus AGNEW MARY ANN 39 Ship Colossus AGNEW MARY 69 Ship Benjamin Morgan AGNEW MARY 71 Ship Benjamin Morgan AGNEW WILLIAM 1 Schooner Acadian AGNEW WILLIAM 170 SS City of Cork AGNEW W M 67 Ship Benjamin Morgan AGNEW MICHAEL 32 North Star AGOTE CARLOS 182 RMS Britannic AGRICOLA DOROTHEA 268 Bark Dorette AGRICOLA FEDERIKE 266 Bark Dorette AGRICOLA HENRY 265 Bark Dorette AGRICOLA HULDA 267 Bark Dorette AGRINSKI BARNEY 27 SS Iowa AGRINSKI BETSY 25 SS Iowa AGRINSKI ISAAC 26 SS Iowa AGRINSKI ISREAL 28 SS Iowa AGSTEN CARL 259 Ship J W Brune AGSTEN WILHELMINE 260 Ship J W Brune AGUIRE MARY 32 Barque Columbia AGUIRE PETER 31 Barque Columbia AGUSTA ANN 447 SS Minnesota AH CHOW 3 Orizaba AH FYE 5 Orizaba AH GEE 16 SS City of Peking AH KUM 72 SS City of Peking AH LAN 3 Steamer Gaelic AHDERS W M 127 SS Hansa AHEARN JAS 748 Steamer Denmark AHEARN MG T 887 SS Minnesota AHEARN MRS 526 Steamer Tarifa AHEN HAMELLEN 31 Caledonia AHEN JANE 30 Caledonia AHEN JOHN 323 SS Etna AHEN JOSEPH 157 Caledonia AHERMAN CARL 9 Bark L G Bigelow AHERN CATH 95 Brig Cynosure AHERN CORNEL S 32 SS City of Limerick AHERN DENIS 298 SS Etna AHERN EDWARD 279 SS Etna AHERN ELLEN 299 SS Etna AHERN HON 803 SS City of Washington AHERN JANE 28 Ship Mamaroneck AHERN JOHN 323 SS Etna AHERN KATE 525 SS City of Cork AHERN MARGARET 143 Ship Emerald Isle AHERN MARGARET 739 Steamer City of Manchester AHERN PENELOPE 96 Brig Cynosure AHERNE BRIDGET 108 Ship Constitution AHERNE CHRISTOPHER 106 Ship Constitution AHERNE ELIZA 107 Ship Constitution AHERNS JOH 215 Steamer Hammonia AHERNS LENA 214 Steamer Hammonia AHL CONRAD 251 Ship Queen AHLAVED EDLA J 521 RMS Etruria AHLBURN JULIUS 2 Barque Elizabeth AHLEFELDT ALEX 419 SS America AHLERS FRED HINR 98 Ship Isabella AHLERS MARIA ANNA 43 Barque Fides AHLHOLM ANTON 301 SS France AHLMANN BARBARA 483 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN BARBE 485 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN CARL 488 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN LAURA 489 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN LORENZ 482 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN LORENZ 486 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN MARIE 484 Steamer Hammonia AHLMANN PETER 487 Steamer Hammonia AHNEMUELLER HENRY 8 Barque Johan Georg AHNEMULLER HENRY 8 Barque Johan Georg AHNNON ROB T 174 Ship Adam Lodge AHNSFELD CHRISTIAN 41 Hermine AHOMAN ALFRED 2 SS Bolivia AHRENDT AUGUST 38 Bark Therese AHRENS 14 Brig Bremen AHRENS ANTON WILH 836 SS Elbe AHRENS BERTHA 550 SS Elbe AHRENS C 1 Bark Gerhard AHRENS CARNADIN 18 Bark Inca AHRENS CHR 17 Bark Inca AHRENS ELISAB 549 SS Elbe AHRENS EMMA 4 Bark Gerhard AHRENS FRIEDKE 121 Ship Cimbria AHRENS FRITZ 19 Bark Inca AHRENS GEORGE 320 Ship Admiral AHRENS H FR 106 Ship Isabella AHRENS HEINRICH 21 Columbia AHRENS HERM 767 SS Berlin AHRENS HERMANN 3 Bark Gerhard AHRENS JOH 213 Steamer Hammonia AHRENS JOH 88 Ship Cimbria AHRENS JOHANN 168 Steamship Deutschland AHRENS JOHN 548 SS Elbe AHRENS MARG A 551 SS Elbe AHRENS MARIA 20 Bark Inca AHRENS MARIE 465 SS New York AHRENS MARIE 466 SS New York AHRENS MINA 2 Bark Gerhard AHRENS MRS W 35 SS Columbia AHRENS W 27 SS Columbia AHRENS WILH 286 Steamer Germania AHRING FRITZ 528 Steamship Deutschland AHRING JETTE 527 Steamship Deutschland AHRLE KATCHEN 188 Steamer Fulda AHS MARGUERITE 89 Ship Lancashire AICHELE JOH 28 Ship Italy AIGN M A 202 SS Bremen AIKEN ANNE 36 Brig Johns AIKEN JAMES 13 Brig Delaware AIKEN JAMES 158 Ship Venice AIKEN JANE 152 Ship Venice AIKEN MARTHA 208 Ship Swatara AIKEN MARY 207 Ship Swatara AIKEN MARY 48 Ship Lord Maidstone AIKEN WILLIAM J 100 Ship Venice AIKENS JAMES 654 Steamer City of Manchester AIKIN LILLY 125 Ship Lehigh AIKINS ELIZA 95 Brig Colossus AILTS PETER 251 Ship Herzogin v Brabant AINDOW THOMAS 677 RMS Etruria AINSEADEN JANE 30 Guickstone Castle AINSNIS ARVIDS 845 USAT General Omar Bundy AINSWORTH 188 Ship Susquehanna AINSWORTH A 207 SS City of New York AINSWORTH ALLEN E CAPTAIN Ship Samuel M Fox Ship Samuel M Fox AINSWORTH ANDREW 187 Ship Susquehanna AINSWORTH ANN 186 Ship Susquehanna AINSWORTH ELIZ 189 Ship Susquehanna AINSWORTH EMILIA 647 Ship Samuel M Fox AIRE DAINA 764 USAT General Omar Bundy AIRE ELISE 763 USAT General Omar Bundy AIRE ILGVARS 583 USAT General Omar Bundy AIRE JANIS 762 USAT General Omar Bundy AIRE LIJA 765 USAT General Omar Bundy AIRE MADAME FRESIDENTE 2 Brig James A Marple AITKEN MAGGIE 203 SS Iowa AITKEN MISS 101 SS Anchoria AITKEN RICHARD 81 SS Iowa AITKEN ROBT 8 SS United Kingdom AITKIN MARG T 161 Ship John Cadmus AIZEMANN GUTEK 10 SS Mozaffari AIZUPIETIS HARIJS 584 USAT General Omar Bundy AJELLO CRISTINA 37 SS Birmania AJELLO GIUSEPPE 18 SS Birmania AJELLO ROSSARIA 38 SS Birmania AKALM ELIZA 23 Ship Richmond AKALM JAMES 20 Ship Richmond AKALM MARGARETT 21 Ship Richmond AKALM MARTHIA 22 Ship Richmond AKALM SAM 24 Ship Richmond AKINS JANE 4 Brig Charlotte Ann AKINS SAMUEL 3 Brig Charlotte Ann AKINSON W M 309 Alexander Marshall AKKERMANN EGGE 230 Bark Robert AKKERMANN ELISABETH 232 Bark Robert AKKERMANN GEESKE 231 Bark Robert AKKERMANN MEEKE 228 Bark Robert AKKERMANN TOBKE 229 Bark Robert AKMENS JANIS 11 SS Mozaffari AKMENS LAIMA 12 SS Mozaffari AKMENS TALIVALDIS 13 SS Mozaffari AKROYD MARY ANN 17 Ship Susquehanna AKSAMITOWSKI JOHAN 763 SS Svalbard AL RING FRANZ 918 Steamer Fulda AL YDE GABRIEL 120 Ship Ilzaide ALAXANDER JAMES 84 SS Edinburgh ALBA SALOMON 585 USAT General Omar Bundy ALBACK ANDREAS 516 SS America ALBACK BABY 520 SS America ALBACK EVA 517 SS America ALBACK FRANZISKA 518 SS America ALBACK HEINRICH 519 SS America ALBALIS W M 3 SS City of Washington ALBANESIUS ELISABETH 39 Ship Samuel M Fox ALBEN FRIEDERIKE 512 SS Elbe ALBEN GUSTAV 511 SS Elbe ALBENS T 221 SS America ALBENSK JOS 216 SS City of Washington ALBENSK JOS 217 SS City of Washington ALBENSR JOS 216 SS City of Washington ALBENSR JOS 217 SS City of Washington ALBERS A G 55 SS Bremen ALBERS AD 103 Steamer Hammonia ALBERS ADOLPH 129 Steamship Deutschland ALBERS ANTON 61 Barque Louise ALBERS AUG 331 Steamer Teutonia ALBERS BERNH D 46 SS Berlin ALBERS CATHR 329 Steamer Teutonia ALBERS CLAUS 454 Steamer Union ALBERS CLAUS 762 Steamer Union ALBERS CLAUS 805 SS Elbe ALBERS E 455 Steamer Union ALBERS E 763 Steamer Union ALBERS EDO H 404 SS Ericsson ALBERS EDUARD 305 Steamship Deutschland ALBERS ELISE 102 Steamer Hammonia ALBERS F G 100 Steamer Hammonia ALBERS GERKE 453 Steamer Union ALBERS GERKE 761 Steamer Union ALBERS HEINR 330 Steamer Teutonia ALBERS JOH HERM 577 SS America ALBERS JOH 328 Steamer Teutonia ALBERS SIEBE 175 Hermine ALBERS SOPHIE 101 Steamer Hammonia ALBERS TELKE 391 Steamer Hammonia ALBERS TRINTJE 176 Hermine ALBERT AUGUSTE 105 Ship Reichstag ALBERT DAN L 197 Ship Teutonia ALBERT ERNST 104 Ship Reichstag ALBERT PETER 22 Ship Emma ALBERT PETER 296 SS Hammonia ALBERT W M 98 SS Columbia ALBERTI E 151 SS Bothnia ALBERTI NICOLAS 283 SS Minnesota ALBERTINE 24 Brig Constitution ALBERTINE A 23 Brig Constitution ALBERTO ANTONIO 91 SS Bellona ALBERTO P 167 Steamer Chicago ALBERTS MARGT 283 Steamer Hammonia ALBERTSON M R 3 SS Fulda ALBERTUS AMALIE 91 Ship Herzogin v Brabant ALBERTUS CARL FRANZ 86 Ship Herzogin v Brabant ALBERTUS CAROLINE 89 Ship Herzogin v Brabant ALBERTUS EMILIE 90 Ship Herzogin v Brabant ALBERTUS MARIE 88 Ship Herzogin v Brabant ALBERTUS WILHELMINE 87 Ship Herzogin v Brabant ALBES CATHR 76 Bark Edmund ALBINGER PETER 347 SS Bremen ALBINS CHATARINE MAGRETE 177 Ship Christel ALBINSEN CHATARINE MAGRETE 177 Ship Christel ALBIS ELISE WILH 39 Bark Everhard Delius ALBIS WILHELMINE 38 Bark Everhard Delius ALBISSER NICOLAS 4 Ship Bavaria ALBMAN JOS 198 Steamer Fulton ALBOHM CARL 444 SS Bremen ALBOHM JOHANN 441 SS Bremen ALBOHN CARL 444 SS Bremen ALBOHN JOHANN 441 SS Bremen ALBRECHT ADOLF 350 Pollux ALBRECHT ANNA GELA 194 Barque Fides ALBRECHT ANNA 351 Pollux ALBRECHT AUGUST 449 Ship Samuel M Fox ALBRECHT AUGUSTE 353 Pollux ALBRECHT CARL 354 Pollux ALBRECHT CATH A 122 Ship Eva Dorothea ALBRECHT CHR 297 SS Hansa ALBRECHT FRANZ 200 SS America ALBRECHT FRDR 488 SS New York ALBRECHT FRITZ 923 Steamer Fulda ALBRECHT G 17 Barque B Bohlen ALBRECHT GEORGE 48 Brig Louise ALBRECHT HEN 39 Brig Louise ALBRECHT HERMANN 355 Pollux ALBRECHT JOHANN 193 Barque Fides ALBRECHT JOHANN 77 Ship Samuel M Fox ALBRECHT JOH N 77 Ship Samuel M Fox ALBRECHT JULIUS 35 Barque Washington ALBRECHT LOUISE 245 SS Frisia ALBRECHT MARIA 914 Steamer Fulda ALBRECHT MARIE 244 SS Frisia ALBRECHT MARIE 352 Pollux ALBRECHT MINNA 924 Steamer Fulda ALBRECHT MISS 82 SS America ALBRECHT M RS C 81 SS America ALBRECHT OTILE 642 Steamer William Penn ALBRECHT OTTO 356 Pollux ALBRECHT OTTO 913 Steamer Fulda ALBRECHT THERESE 329 SS America ALBRECHT WILHELMINE 592 Ship Samuel M Fox ALBRECHT WILH E 592 Ship Samuel M Fox ALBRECHT W M 298 SS Hansa ALBRICH ANNA 364 Steamer Fulda ALBRING CURT 25 Bark Charles Edwards ALCORN AND W 2 Ship Monongahela ALCORN ELLN 211 Ship Saranak ALCORN FANNY 160 Barque Margaret ALCORN HENRY 212 Ship Saranak ALCORN HENRY 3 Ship Pocahontas ALCORN WILLIAM 36 Barque John Ker ALCORN W M 243 Barque Margaret ALDANN HENRY LEWIS 52 Brig Louise ALDEADAM ROBT 315 Steamer Caledonia ALDEADAM ROBT 316 Steamer Caledonia ALDEN JAMES 830 RMS Etruria ALDER KONRAD 152 Ship Anna ALDERS G A 276 SS Edinburgh ALDERSON JAMES 254 SS Henry Chauncey ALDERSON JOHN 788 RMS Etruria ALDERSON MRS JAMES 255 SS Henry Chauncey ALDERSON OPHELIA 257 SS Henry Chauncey ALDERSON SARAH M 256 SS Henry Chauncey ALDHERN THOMAS 51 Ship Lehigh ALDORN ELI 47 Bark Eliza ALDRICH JAMES H 784 RMS Etruria ALDRICH MARY G 785 RMS Etruria ALDRIDGE ELLEN 30 Ship Globe ALDRIDGE EPHEMIA 31 Ship Globe ALDRIDGE GEORGE 29 Ship Globe ALDRIDGE VINCENT 32 Ship Globe ALECANDER M R OSCAR 38 SS Andes ALEEL EMMEN 6 Brig Louisa ALEIER ELISABETH 86 Ship J W Brune ALEKNA ALEKSAS 6 USAT General Omar Bundy ALEKNA ERMIGIUS 9 USAT General Omar Bundy ALEKNA RAMUTIS 8 USAT General Omar Bundy ALEKNAITE ALMYRA 10 USAT General Omar Bundy ALEKNIENE LIUCIJS 7 USAT General Omar Bundy ALEMENDINGER ANNA M 287 SS America ALEORA JAMES 171 Ship John Cadmus ALEORA MARG T 172 Ship John Cadmus ALERY JNO 216 SS City of New York ALEXANDER ALBERT 801 SS City of New York ALEXANDER ANNIE 800 SS City of New York ALEXANDER BEME 420 SS Hansa ALEXANDER CARMINE 31 Ship Provincialist ALEXANDER DOBSON 28 Ship Provincialist ALEXANDER ELIZA 89 Ship John Cadmus ALEXANDER GEORGE 55 Barque Columbia ALEXANDER HEINR 56 Ship Cimbria ALEXANDER HENRY 418 SS Hansa ALEXANDER J 798 SS City of New York ALEXANDER JAMES 89 Allen Kerr Ship Erin ALEXANDER JANE 30 Ship Provincialist ALEXANDER JANE 53 Barque John Kerr ALEXANDER JANE 90 Ship John Cadmus ALEXANDER JOHN C 33 Australasian ALEXANDER JOHN 233 SS France ALEXANDER JOHN 7 Ship North Star ALEXANDER JOS 573 Steamer Germania ALEXANDER JOSEPH 250 SS Hammonia ALEXANDER LANA 18 Bark Onyx ALEXANDER LETITIA 249 Ship Provincialist ALEXANDER LOUISE 249 SS Hammonia ALEXANDER M 799 SS City of New York ALEXANDER MARG T 60 Allen Kerr ALEXANDER MARY 25 Ship Mary Ann ALEXANDER MARY 250 Ship Provincialist ALEXANDER MARY 29 Ship Provincialist ALEXANDER MARY 60 Ship Erin ALEXANDER MICHAEL 542 USAT General Omar Bundy ALEXANDER M RS 8 Ship North Star ALEXANDER RICHARD J 12 Bark J W Cater ALEXANDER ROBERT 59 Allen Kerr ALEXANDER ROB T 59 Ship Erin ALEXANDER SAMUEL 83 Doctor Barth ALEXANDER THO S 105 Ship Goodwin ALEXANDER TIENE 419 SS Hansa ALFAWICKYJ WOLODYMYR 586 USAT General Omar Bundy ALFERS BERNHARD 574 SS America ALFERS JOHANN 575 SS America ALFORD SUSAN 131 Ship Merchant ALGEIER JOHANNES 387 SS Hammonia ALGI N J E 31 SS Ocean ALHBURN CAROLINE 10 Barque Levant ALHBURN JOHN 7 Barque Levant ALINDER ANIDER 1025 Steamer Fulda ALJETS ALJET GARRELS 24 Bark Gerhard ALJETS ELSCHE 29 Bark Gerhard ALJETS GRETJE 30 Bark Gerhard ALKER EUGENE 6 Ship Southampton ALKIN M RS 16 Ship Susquehanna ALKSNIS ARVIDS 342 SS Svalbard ALL IER MARG 371 SS Ericsson ALLAD ROBERT 14 Schooner William Wallace ALLAN THO S 128 SS Celtic ALLANLAN M L 813 Steamer Chicago ALLEBY JAMES 15 Schooner James ALLEBY MARTHA 467 SS Iowa ALLEBY THOMAS 466 SS Iowa ALLEN A D 21 SS Boston ALLEN ALICE 590 SS Arizona ALLEN ANDREW 2 Ship Emmanuel ALLEN ANN 35 Ship Provincialist ALLEN ANN 53 Ship Monongahela ALLEN ANNE J 276 SS Bothnia ALLEN BGT 882 Steamer Erin ALLEN C 86 SS Baltic ALLEN CAPTAIN Ship Forest King ALLEN CATHERINE 178 Ship Globe ALLEN DAVID 38 Ship Provincialist ALLEN D R HARRIET JR 4 SS Fulda ALLEN ELIZA 143 Barque Christiana ALLEN ELIZABETH 37 Ship Provincialist ALLEN ELLEN 177 Ship Globe ALLEN F H 20 SS Olivette ALLEN GEN L VAN 11 Steamer New York ALLEN GEO 9 Ship Monongahela ALLEN GEORGE MARSHALL 6 SS Celtic ALLEN GRACE 7 SS Celtic ALLEN HARRIET 65 Ship Albion ALLEN J F VAN 12 Steamer New York ALLEN J K 44 SS Boston ALLEN J 589 SS Arizona ALLEN J B CAPTAIN SS
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v11/surnamesv11/spla_v11.htm (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG - Passenger Surnames: And-Az
    Ericsson ANDREAS W H 194 SS New York ANDREASDOTTER ENNA 315 SS Gallia ANDREASDOTTER IDA 314 SS Gallia ANDREASON PETRONELLA 440 SS Celtic ANDREESEN A 81 Bark Gerhard ANDREESEN D J 79 Bark Gerhard ANDREESEN T 80 Bark Gerhard ANDRES JOHNSON 172 Ship Louis Philippe ANDRESEN HANS 487 SS Frisia ANDRESEN JOH S 352 SS Frisia ANDRESEN OLE 409 RMS Etruria ANDRESON OSKAR 223 RMS Etruria ANDRESSEN C CAPTAIN Ship Isabella ANDREST JOHN 76 SS United Kingdom ANDREST MRS JOHN 77 SS United Kingdom ANDREW ANNE 17 Brig Hannah ANDREW ELIZA 13 Brig Hannah ANDREW GRILLO 3 Ship Ohio ANDREW JANE 12 Brig Hannah ANDREW JA S 101 Ship Saranak ANDREW JOHN 11 Brig Hannah ANDREW JOHN 143 Barque Caroline ANDREW JOHN 16 Brig Hannah ANDREW JOHN 341 SS City of Cork ANDREW KENEDY 73 Provincialist ANDREW MARY 15 Brig Hannah ANDREW MARY 340 SS City of Cork ANDREW NANCY 14 Brig Hannah ANDREW W M 59 SS Edinburgh ANDREWS HEMONEL 18 Guickstone Castle ANDREWS ABRAHAM 12 Ship Goodwin ANDREWS ALBERT W 246 SS Celtic ANDREWS ANNA 6 Ship Andromache ANDREWS ARTHUR 66 Brig Cynosure ANDREWS CATHERINE 107 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS CECIL 130 Ship James White ANDREWS CT 31 SS Olivette ANDREWS ELIZA JANE 4 Ship Laurens ANDREWS EMILY J 91 SS Henry Chauncey ANDREWS GEORGE 22 Margaret ANDREWS GEORGE 521 SS City of Limerick ANDREWS GEORGES 17 Schooner Amerique ANDREWS GEORGIE 218 SS Bothnia ANDREWS GORDON M 92 SS Henry Chauncey ANDREWS JAMES 104 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS JAMES 14 Ship Goodwin ANDREWS JANE 1 Ship Monongahela ANDREWS JANE 103 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS JOHN 1 Ship Laurens ANDREWS JOHN 17 Ship Rowland ANDREWS JOHN 5 Ship Andromache ANDREWS JOHN 81 Ship Erin ANDREWS JOSEPH 17 Ship Goodwin ANDREWS JOSHUA 5 Ship Carouge ANDREWS M 780 SS City of New York ANDREWS MARGARET 109 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS MARGT 180 Steamer Chicago ANDREWS MARIA 2 Ship Laurens ANDREWS MARY ANN 20 Ship Southampton ANDREWS MARY 13 Ship Goodwin ANDREWS MARY 78 Ship Adam Lodge ANDREWS MRS GEO S 90 SS Henry Chauncey ANDREWS PHEMONEL 18 Guickstone Castle ANDREWS RACHEL 4 Ship Andromache ANDREWS ROBERT 102 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS ROBERT 106 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS SAM L 15 Ship Goodwin ANDREWS SARAH 108 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS SOPHIA 105 Ship Provincialist ANDREWS STANLEY 3 Ship Andromache ANDREWS THO S 131 Ship James White ANDREWS THO S 822 SS City of Paris ANDREWS W 781 SS City of New York ANDREWS WILLIAM 136 RMS Etruria ANDREWS WILLIAM 19 Ship Southampton ANDREWS W M 16 Ship Goodwin ANDREWS W M 232 SS Anchoria ANDREWS W M 27 Ship Madison ANDREWS W M 3 Ship Laurens ANDREWS W M 79 Ship Adam Lodge ANDRICS JOSEF 607 SS Fulda ANDRIJISZYN TEODOR 18 SS Mozaffari ANDRZEJEWSKA ANNA 557 SS Svalbard ANDRZEJEWSKI PIOTR 556 SS Svalbard ANDRZEJEWSKI TADEUSZ 378 USAT General Omar Bundy ANDRZEJZAK LUDWIK 19 SS Mozaffari ANDSERSON ANDERS 131 SS City of New York ANEAR JANE 90 Steamer Malta ANGELBECK ANGELIKA 1160 SS Elbe ANGELBECK CHRISTINE 464 Steamship Deutschland ANGELS B 264 SS Bothnia ANGER L A 378 Steamer Cella ANGERER CHARLES 14 Barque Philadelphia ANGERER ELISE 37 Brig Louise ANGEROTH MINNA 71 Barque Philadelphia ANGERSTEIN PHILIPP 736 Steamship Deutschland ANGETING AGNES 148 Ship Nimrod ANGETING FERDINAND 149 Ship Nimrod ANGLIM ELLEN 499 SS City of Cork ANGOLA MIGUEL 2 Barque Elizabeth J ANGSTROM OLIVIA 333 RMS Etruria ANGUS C 2 Brig Virginia Trader ANGUS LIZZIE 6 SS Anchoria ANGUS M RS 5 SS Anchoria ANHALT HIRSCH 253 SS New York ANHALT JOHANNE 252 SS New York ANICO B 277 Steamer Palmyra ANIOL ALEXANDER 221 Ship J W Brune ANKELAN MARIE 447 Steamer Fulda ANKETELL MICHAEL 56 SS Alsatia ANKETER OLIVER 55 SS Alsatia ANLEY CATH 9 Brig Charlotte Ann ANLEY DAN L 13 Brig Charlotte Ann ANLEY JAS 10 Brig Charlotte Ann ANLEY JNO 12 Brig Charlotte Ann ANLEY MARY 11 Brig Charlotte Ann ANLOW HANNAH 51 Ship Constitution ANLOW PATRICK 50 Ship Constitution ANN ELLEN 56 Fanny ANNACKER CLEMENTINE 34 Ship Anna ANNACKER KONRAD 108 Ship Anna ANNACKER REINHARD 110 Ship Anna ANNACKER ROSALIE 109 Ship Anna ANNAN MONS 16 SS City of New York ANNAN PETER 356 SS Minnesota ANNAN W 17 SS City of New York ANNEBERG AUGUST 319 Ship Anna Delius ANNEBERG GUSTINE 322 Ship Anna Delius ANNEBERG MAREA 320 Ship Anna Delius ANNEBERG MAREA 321 Ship Anna Delius ANNEFELD FRIEDRICH 73 Ship Anna ANNEN A H 300 Pollux ANNEN A H 301 Pollux ANNEN G H 302 Pollux ANNEN W A 303 Pollux ANNFLING GEORGE 31 Ship Columbia ANNFLING JAMES 30 Ship Columbia ANNFLING JOHN 29 Ship Columbia ANNFLING MARGARET 28 Ship Columbia ANNFLING MARION 27 Ship Columbia ANNFLING SARAH 26 Ship Columbia ANNIS DENNIS 10 SS Boston ANNON PHILLIP 151 Ship Solon ANNYDY MARY 142 Ship Adelaide ANOMY MARY 18 Ship Adam Lodge ANOMY MICHAEL 17 Ship Adam Lodge ANON AASGAVE 223 Ship Louis Philippe ANSBACHER PHILIPP 27 Ship Albert ANSCHISCH JETOCHRAK 828 SS Gallia ANSCHUTZ CARL JUST 2 Ship Eva Dorothea ANSELL MICHAEL 3 Ship Koomar ANSEN CHRIST 102 SS City of Washington ANSLIE ARCHIBALD 88 SS Bolivia ANSLIE JUNE 90 SS Bolivia ANSLIE M RS A 89 SS Bolivia ANSLINE JANE 149 SS Anchoria ANSPACHER AUGUST 16 Brig Louise ANSPACHER AUGUSTE 15 Brig Louise ANSPACHER CAROLINE 9 Brig Louise ANSPACHER ELISABETH 10 Brig Louise ANSPACHER ELISABETH 12 Brig Louise ANSPACHER ELISABETH 14 Brig Louise ANSPACHER HENRY 11 Brig Louise ANSPACHER LEA 8 Brig Louise ANSPACHER MARY 13 Brig Louise ANSTELL JEAN 552 SS The Queen ANSTEY EDWARD 46 Ship Southampton ANTE ANTON 78 Ship Anna Delius ANTHONY ANN 29 Steamer Palmyra ANTHONY GEORGE W CAPTAIN Brig Daniel Kilby ANTHONY JAMES 2 SS Fulda ANTHONY LEWIS 28 Steamer Palmyra ANTHONY MARY 660 Steamer City of Manchester ANTILL SAMUEL 170 Ship Mary Pleasants ANTISS ELIZA 8 Ship Susquehanna ANTISS JAMES 7 Ship Susquehanna ANTISS LYDIA 3 Ship Susquehanna ANTISS MARY 5 Ship Susquehanna ANTISS NICHOLAS 9 Ship Susquehanna ANTISS ROBERT 6 Ship Susquehanna ANTISS WILLIAM 4 Ship Susquehanna ANTOINE ALPHONSE 632 Steamer William Penn ANTOINE BERTHE 445 SS The Queen ANTOINE EDOUARD 446 SS The Queen ANTOINE JEANNE 444 SS The Queen ANTOINE JEANNIE 396 SS The Queen ANTOINE LOUIS 443 SS The Queen ANTOINE MARIE 447 SS The Queen ANTOINE OLYMPE 395 SS The Queen ANTON HERMAN 24 Schooner Amerique ANTONIAK MARIJA 15 USAT General Omar Bundy ANTONIAK MYCHAYLO 14 USAT General Omar Bundy ANTONIN PAULIN 1 Barque Ohio ANTONIO S 6 Brig Rowena ANTONSWICH IG 2 SS Iowa ANTOSIAN W G 32 SS City of Cork ANTOZZI CESARE 425 SS The Queen ANTWELL THOMAS 56 Ship Goodwin ANWORTHY THO S 78 Ship Thomas P Cope ANWORTHY THO S 79 Ship Thomas P Cope ANZANNA D 1 SS Columbia ANZANNA MISS K 4 SS Columbia ANZANNA MISS M 3 SS Columbia ANZANNA MRS D 2 SS Columbia AOPENKAMP JOHN 91 Brig President APEL CH R 168 SS Hansa APEL FREDR 169 SS Hansa APEL HEINRICH 210 SS America APEL JACOB 1013 SS Elbe APEL JOHANNES 225 Ship J W Brune APEL W M 15 SS Anglia APER EVELINE 133 Ship Albert APER JOH 131 Ship Albert APER WILKE 132 Ship Albert APHANALP ANNA 75 Steamer Cella APIE HERMANN 105 Steamer Palmyra APIL HERMANN 105 Steamer Palmyra APLANALP ANNA 75 Steamer Cella APLERS HERM 156 Bark Edmund APNKIW CHRISTYNA 20 SS Mozaffari APNKIW OLGA 21 SS Mozaffari APNKIW STEFAN 22 SS Mozaffari APODAIN ANTONIA R 4 SS Eagle APOLD E 579 Steamer Teutonia APPEL AMALIE 278 Steamer Fulda APPEL CARL 277 Steamer Fulda APPEL ELISABETH 249 Ship J W Brune APPEL FRANZ 276 Steamer Fulda APPEL JOH 46 Brig Bremen APPEL JOHAN 296 SS France APPELDORN HUGO 185 Barque Kosmos APPERMANN JACOB 5 Brig Louise APPLEBAUM ZILLE 101 Ship Edward APPLEMAN ADAM 263 Ship Southampton APPLEMAN ANNA 260 Ship Southampton APPLEMAN CAROLINE 261 Ship Southampton APPLEMAN FRANCISCA 262 Ship Southampton APPLEMAN GABRIEL 259 Ship Southampton APPLEMAN HERMAN 265 Ship Southampton APPLEMAN JULIAN 264 Ship Southampton APPLEYARD ENOCH 161 Steamer Palmyra APPOLONST META 240 Steamer New York APTANALP ANNA 75 Steamer Cella ARAMBURN JOHN L 9 RMS Britannic ARANANEREA J 52 SS Morro Castle ARANDA L P 9 Ship Forest King ARANGO AUGUSTIN 6 Brig Delaware ARANGO AURELIA 19 Steamer Fah Kee ARANGO AURELIA 22 Steamer Fah Kee ARANGO ELVIRA 21 Steamer Fah Kee ARANGO FERNANDO 5 Brig Delaware ARANGO JEOFILA 20 Steamer Fah Kee ARATA ROSA 341 SS The Queen ARBATKNOT ANNE 116 Ship North America ARBATKNOT JAMES 117 Ship North America ARBATKNOT MARY 118 Ship North America ARBATKNOT W M 115 Ship North America ARBELES HERMANN 27 Barque Louise ARBES ANNA 595 SS Berlin ARBES CATH 594 SS Berlin ARBES ELISABETH 598 SS Berlin ARBES JOSEF 592 SS Berlin ARBES JOSEF 597 SS Berlin ARBES MARG 593 SS Berlin ARBES WENZL 596 SS Berlin ARBINGER ANNA MARIA 6 Bark Maria S ARBINGER ANNA 5 Bark Maria S ARBINGER GERTRUDE 12 Bark Maria S ARBINGER MAGDALENA 10 Bark Maria S ARBINGER MARIA 11 Bark Maria S ARBUCKLE ANNE 46 Bark Olinda ARBUCKLE ELIZA JANE 44 Brig Hannah ARBUCKLE ELIZA 215 Ship Provincialist ARBUCKLE MARG T 34 Fanny ARBUCKLE MARY A 38 Barque Queen ARBUCKLE SUSAN 125 Ship John Cadmus ARBUROTER GUILL 167 SS Bellona ARCHDALE ANNA 26 Ship Augusta ARCHER ETHEL 52 SS Boston ARCHER GEORGE 21 Barque John Ker ARCHER THOMAS 20 Barque John Ker ARCHESON MARY 39 Brig Cynosure ARCHIBALD ELIZA 10 Brig Pacific ARCHIBALD JAS 487 Steamer Erin ARCHIBALD STEWART 161 Ship Erin ARCLIFFE HENRY 365 Steamer City of Manchester ARCLIFFE MARY 366 Steamer City of Manchester ARCOTT SAM L 1 Ship Monongahela ARDEE CATH 19 Ship Carouge ARDEY SUSAN 148 Barque Bradshaw AREND JEAN 279 SS Medway ARENDORF F 366 Steamer Cella ARENDORF J P 365 Steamer Cella ARENDS FRAUKE JANSSEN 174 Ship Fama ARENDT HERMANN 184 Ship Fama ARENDT PETER 55 Manchester ARENG ELLEN 17 USAT General Omar Bundy ARENG ENDEL 16 USAT General Omar Bundy ARENS AELF 184 Barque Kosmos ARENS FERD 104 Steamer New York ARENS FRIEDRICH 179 Ship Christel ARENS HENRI 428 Steamer Malta ARENSBERG CATHAINA 15 Brig Bremen ARENSBERG CONRAD 20 Brig Bremen ARENSBERG HENRY 18 Brig Bremen ARENSBERG JOHN 14 Brig Bremen ARENSBERG JOHN 17 Brig Bremen ARENSBERG MARIE 19 Brig Bremen ARENSBERG MARTIN 16 Brig Bremen ARENT CAROLINE 218 SS Frisia ARENT CAROLINE 269 SS Frisia ARENT CATH E 216 SS Frisia ARENT CHARLOTTE 215 SS Frisia ARENT JACOB 217 SS Frisia ARENT JACOB 270 SS Frisia ARFMAN JERYERT 61 SS The Queen ARFORDSON AUGUST 104 SS Anchoria ARI CAPTAIN 60 SS New York ARIAN JAMES 2 Schooner Eagle ARIANS 60 SS New York ARIOLA FRANCISCO 22 SS Frederick H Newell ARIPECHUS MCH 217 Steamer Fulton ARISAL ALVINA 16 Barque Amelia ARISTSEN THOMAS 308 SS City of Paris ARKEBAUER MARIA THEEN 157 Bark Gerhard ARKEBAUER TRIENTJE THEEN 150 Bark Gerhard ARKIN GABELLA 307 Steamer Chicago ARKIN JOHN 54 Brig Eliza ARKISS W M 44 SS Wisconsin ARKUSAUSKAS STASYS 18 USAT General Omar Bundy ARLESFORD CARL 139 Steamer Chicago ARLITZ FRANZ 251 Steamer Teutonia ARLITZ INGEBORG 248 Steamer Teutonia ARLITZ J T 247 Steamer Teutonia ARLITZ MARGT 250 Steamer Teutonia ARLITZ WM 249 Steamer Teutonia ARLOW HANNAH 51 Ship Constitution ARLOW PATRICK 50 Ship Constitution ARMAND CATHR 329 Bark Inca ARMAND JOHN 331 Bark Inca ARMAND MARGT 333 Bark Inca ARMAND PAULINE 330 Bark Inca ARMAND WM 332 Bark Inca ARMANN DAVID 106 Ship London ARMBRIESTER ELISE 147 Barque Fides ARMBRUSTER JAC 106 Ship Edward ARMES CHA S W 48 SS Henry Chauncey ARMES MRS CHA S W 49 SS Henry Chauncey ARMES W M P 50 SS Henry Chauncey ARMIR GETTY 154 SS America ARMONE JOHN 17 Ship Algonquin ARMOUR ANDREW 12 SS Bolivia ARMOUR ELIZA 52 Ship Scotia ARMOUR JAMES 54 Brig Silksworth ARMOUR JESSIE 42 SS Iowa ARMOUR JOHN 4 Ship Georgiana ARMOUR JOHN 55 Brig Silksworth ARMOUR MARY 56 Brig Silksworth ARMOUR MATILDA 53 Brig Silksworth ARMOUR M RS E 13 SS Bolivia ARMOUR NANCY 50 Ship Scotia ARMOUR ROB T 52 Brig Silksworth ARMOUR THOMAS 51 Ship Scotia ARMOUR WILLIAM 41 SS Iowa ARMSTRON JOHN B 530 SS City of Limerick ARMSTRONG MAY 27 Ship Carouge ARMSTRONG ALBERT 212 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG ALB T 212 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG ANDER 287 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG ANDREW 7 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG ANNA 2 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG ANNA 3 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG ANNE 282 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG CATHARINE 202 Ship Provincialist ARMSTRONG CHARLES 106 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG CHARLES 3 Brig Echo ARMSTRONG EDWARD 45 Ship Lehigh ARMSTRONG ELIZA 41 Ship Susquehanna ARMSTRONG ELLEN 235 Ship Provincialist ARMSTRONG ELLEN 62 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG ELLEN 71 Barque Bradshaw ARMSTRONG FANNY 278 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG FANNY 29 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG FANNY 57 Ship Abbottsford ARMSTRONG FRANCIS 48 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG GEOGINA 5 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG GEORGE H 1 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG GEORGE W 7 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG HAMILTON 284 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG HENEY 64 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG HORATIO 6 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG HUGH 128 Barque Margaret ARMSTRONG HUGH 70 Barque Bradshaw ARMSTRONG HY 129 Ship Albion ARMSTRONG ISABELLA 178 Ship Abbottsford ARMSTRONG JAMES 63 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG JAMES 164 Ship Champlain ARMSTRONG JAMES 179 Ship Abbottsford ARMSTRONG JAMES 286 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG JAMES 3 Brig Hannah ARMSTRONG JANE 165 Ship Champlain ARMSTRONG JANE 190 Ship Dublin ARMSTRONG JANE 207 Brig Cynosure ARMSTRONG JANE 44 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG JANE 906 SS City of Paris ARMSTRONG JANET 664 RMS Etruria ARMSTRONG JAS 167 Ship Henry ARMSTRONG JAS 279 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG JA S 11 Ship Benjamin Morgan ARMSTRONG JNO 162 Steamer Erin ARMSTRONG JOHN A 130 Barque Margaret ARMSTRONG JOHN B 530 SS City of Limerick ARMSTRONG JOHN 108 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG JOHN 18 Iowa ARMSTRONG JOHN 209 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG JOHN 232 Provincialist ARMSTRONG JOHN 40 Ship Edwin ARMSTRONG JOHN 42 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG JOHN 47 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG JOHN 61 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG JOHN 67 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG JOHN 85 Ship Edwin ARMSTRONG JOSEPH 229 Provincialist ARMSTRONG JOSEPH 27 Ship Georgiana ARMSTRONG JOSEPH 29 Ship Carouge ARMSTRONG JOSEPH 53 Ship Pocahontas ARMSTRONG MARGARET 111 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG MARGARET 236 Ship Provincialist ARMSTRONG MARGRET 287 SS Iowa ARMSTRONG MARGT 285 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG MARG T 200 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG MARG T 4 Brig Hannah ARMSTRONG MARINSON D C 8 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG MARY 107 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG MARY J 130 Ship Albion ARMSTRONG MARY JANE 66 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG MARY 109 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG MARY 163 Ship Champlain ARMSTRONG MARY 277 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG MARY 280 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG MARY 4 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG MARY 45 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG MARY 67 Ship Goodwin ARMSTRONG MARY 905 SS City of Paris ARMSTRONG MATTHEW 163 Steamer Erin ARMSTRONG MISS JANE E 8 Ship Thomas P Cope ARMSTRONG M RS 177 Ship Abbottsford ARMSTRONG M RS 20 Ship Susquehanna ARMSTRONG M RS 43 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG ORSIN 211 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG PATIENCE 207 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG PATR 57 Susquehanna ARMSTRONG PATRICK 86 Ship Edwin ARMSTRONG PETER 4 Brig Pacific ARMSTRONG REBECCA 230 Provincialist ARMSTRONG REBECCA 24 Ship Carouge ARMSTRONG REBECCA 28 Ship Carouge ARMSTRONG RICHARD 16 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG RICH D 55 Susquehanna ARMSTRONG ROBERT 210 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG ROBERT 5 SS Anglian ARMSTRONG ROB T 210 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG ROSY 110 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG SAMUEL 18 Ship Edwin ARMSTRONG SAM L 283 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG SAM L 56 Susquehanna ARMSTRONG SARAH 28 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG SARAH 65 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG STEPHEN 41 Ship Abbottsford ARMSTRONG THOS 281 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG THOS 288 SS United Kingdom ARMSTRONG TRUMAN 213 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG WILLIAM B 206 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG WILLIAM 12 Ship Goodwin ARMSTRONG WILLIAM 129 Barque Margaret ARMSTRONG WILLIAM 201 Barque Caroline ARMSTRONG WILLIAM 208 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG WILLIAM 46 Ship North Star ARMSTRONG W M B 206 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG W M 176 Ship Abbottsford ARMSTRONG W M 189 Ship Erin ARMSTRONG W M 19 Ship Susquehanna ARMSTRONG W M 208 SS Nevada ARMSTRONG W M 23 Ship Carouge ARMSTRONG W M 25 Ship Carouge ARMSTRONG W M 371 SS City of Washington ARMSTRONG W M 88 Ship Edwin ARMSTRONG JAMES 26 Ship Carouge ARMYDY MARY 142 Ship Adelaide ARNALD W M 76 Ship Richmond ARNATAL ROBERT 14 Brig Pactolus ARNBERG CARL AUG 95 Ship Eva Dorothea ARNDSON ANDERS 281 SS City of Paris ARNDT E 174 SS Bremen ARNEMANN CARL 64 SS Elbe ARNEMANN WILHELM 65 SS Elbe ARNESDATTER KAREN 97 SS Bolivia ARNESEN SARAH 28 Ship Oconee ARNHART ANNA 455 SS Ericsson ARNHEIM BERNHARD 67 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM CARL 71 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM FRITZ 64 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM HELENE 65 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM JULIUS 66 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM MAX 70 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM MINNA 69 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM MORITZ 72 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM ROSALIE 68 Ship Tarquin ARNHEIM SOPHIE 63 Ship Tarquin ARNHEITER L 399 Steamer Teutonia ARNHOLZ CHRISTIAN 211 Clementine ARNIEL ELIZA 24 SS Bolivia ARNITZ G 21 SS Columbia ARNOLD A 163 Bark Dorette ARNOLD AMALIE 164 Bark Dorette ARNOLD ANNA 68 Bark Vater Gruner ARNOLD BERNH 319 SS America ARNOLD BERNH 66 Steamer Fulda ARNOLD CARL 239 Bark Robert ARNOLD CATH 320 SS America ARNOLD CHARLES 64 Brig Hannah ARNOLD CONRAD 100 Bark Vater Gruner ARNOLD EDUARD 1177 SS Elbe ARNOLD EDUARD 68 Steamer Fulda ARNOLD FANNY 77 Steamer Palmyra ARNOLD FRANZ 352 Steamer Palmyra ARNOLD FRID K 376 SS Frisia ARNOLD FRIEDRICH 1178 SS Elbe ARNOLD GEORGE 101 Bark Vater Gruner ARNOLD GEORGE 58 Ship Southampton ARNOLD HICKS 95 SS Bothnia ARNOLD JANE 71 Ship Erin ARNOLD JOSEPH A 54 SS Camp Defiance ARNOLD JOSEPH 6 Ship American Union ARNOLD JOSEPH 96 Ship Anna ARNOLD MAINY 78 Steamer Palmyra ARNOLD MARG T 72 Ship Erin ARNOLD MARIE 229 SS America ARNOLD MARIE 231 SS America ARNOLD MARIE 233 SS Bellona ARNOLD MR JAS M 214 SS Wyoming ARNOLD M RS 96 SS Bothnia ARNOLD PETER 230 SS America ARNOLD PETER 318 SS America ARNOLD SAML
    http://www.immigrantships.net/v11/surnamesv11/spland_v11.htm (2012-09-11)

  • ISTG - Passenger Surnames: B-Bar
    Schooner Scituate BAKER JOSEPH SAMUEL 200 Kansas BAKER JOSEPH CAPTAIN Schooner Scituate Schooner Scituate BAKER LEAH 198 Kansas BAKER LINA 3 Kansas BAKER LLOYD 23 SS Boston BAKER MRS 270 SS Edinburgh BAKER MURRAY 9 SS Boston BAKER M RS 63 Ship Swatara BAKER ROB T 33 RMS Britannic BAKER SARAH 1 Kansas BAKER WILLIAM 64 Ship Swatara BAKER W M 289 Steamer Malta BAKOFF MARIAN 189 Ship London BAKS ANNA 95 Steamer Union BAKS JOS 94 Steamer Union BAKSINSKAS BRONJUS 30 SS Mozaffari BALAKAUSKAS ANTANAS 31 SS Mozaffari BALARDES FRANCIS 4 Schooner Louisiana BALAY CHRISTINE 76 Brig Ferdinand BALBERUNE GEO 41 Ship Susquehanna BALCH CAPT 49 SS Anchoria BALCKEN ANNA E 95 Florian BALCKEN CATH 96 Florian BALCKEN ELIZABETH 94 Florian BALCKEN ELIZBT 94 Florian BALCKEN G 93 Florian BALD ADAM 123 SS Frisia BALD ANNA 121 SS Frisia BALD CASPER 125 SS Frisia BALD FRANZ 11 Steamer Union BALD JOHN 38 Brig Louise BALD LEONARD 120 SS Frisia BALD MARG T 122 SS Frisia BALD MICHEL 124 SS Frisia BALD VALENT 12 Steamer Union BALDAUF AGATHE 152 SS Hammonia BALDAUF CARL 153 SS Hammonia BALDENER ANN 70 Ship Plato BALDENSPERGER PHILIP 136 Steamer Ville de Paris BALDING EMILY 369 SS Henry Chauncey BALDING IRENE 368 SS Henry Chauncey BALDING JEREMIAH 366 SS Henry Chauncey BALDING MRS JEREMIAH 367 SS Henry Chauncey BALDWIN AUG T C 5 SS Henry Chauncey BALDWIN E 4 Brig Virginia Trader BALDWIN GEORGE W 856 SS Gallia BALDWIN MASTER G 170 RMS Britannic BALDWIN MASTER G 171 RMS Britannic BALDWIN MISS H 268 SS Celtic BALDWIN MISS P 172 RMS Britannic BALDWIN MISS W 173 RMS Britannic BALDWIN PATRICK 64 Steamer City of Manchester BALDWIN RUSSEL 169 RMS Britannic BALDWIN S MERCHANT North Star BALDWIN S OWNER Ship S Baldwin BALDWIN STEPHAN OWNER Ship Swatara BALDWIN STEPHEN MERCHANT Dublin BALDWIN STEPHEN OWNER Ship Octorara Ship Octorara Ship Octorara Ship Octorara Ship Octorara Ship Swatara BALDWIN WILSON LESLIE 113 SS Celtic BALDWIN W M 290 SS Arizona BALDWIN W M 757 SS City of Paris BALE DOLLY 28 Barque Caroline BALE MATHEW 35 Emily BALENBERG ANNA 226 SS America BALFING JOH W M 70 Brig Louise BALFORCE BETTY 46 Barque Wolga BALING B J OWNER Brig Cumberland BALION CATHR 597 Steamer William Penn BALION ELEANORE 598 Steamer William Penn BALION MARIE 596 Steamer William Penn BALION MATH 600 Steamer William Penn BALION NICL 599 Steamer William Penn BALION REINH 595 Steamer William Penn BALKE JOHANN 81 Bark Anna Delius BALKE LISETTE 82 Bark Anna Delius BALKEN H 91 Florian BALKHAUS AUGUSTE 168 Bark Gutenberg BALKHAUS CAROL 167 Bark Gutenberg BALKHAUS EDWARD 180 Bark Gutenberg BALKHAUS EMILIE 169 Bark Gutenberg BALKHAUS EMMA 174 Bark Gutenberg BALKHAUS FRIEDRICH 176 Bark Gutenberg BALKHAUS HELENE 175 Bark Gutenberg BALKIN BARUCH 72 SS Anchoria BALKIN BREINE 73 SS Anchoria BALL 7 Ship Glasgow BALL ADOLPH 174 Ship E F Gabain BALL ANN 6 Ship Glasgow BALL ANNA 173 Ship E F Gabain BALL BOOTHBY AND CO MERCHANTS Schooner Sarah Jane BALL CAROLINE 176 Ship E F Gabain BALL ELIZA A 4 Ship Thomas P Cope BALL ELLEN 9 Ship Glasgow BALL EWD 5 Ship Glasgow BALL JAMES H 77 Steamer Fulton BALL JOHN 10 Ship Glasgow BALL M S 4 Barque Madeline BALL MARY ANN 8 Ship Glasgow BALL MORITZ 172 Ship E F Gabain BALL REGINA 175 Ship E F Gabain BALL STEPHEN 621 SS Minnesota BALL WILLIAM 124 RMS Britannic BALL WM 442 Steamer Teutonia BALL W E 146 SS Celtic BALL XAVER 282 SS America BALLA JAMES 5 Schooner Roanoke BALLAEN JOHANNA 131 SS America BALLAN MARYAN 40 Barque Margaret BALLANTINE ANN 25 Brig Silksworth BALLANTINE CATHERN 7 Barque Romulus BALLANTINE DAVID 6 Barque Romulus BALLANTINE MARG T 26 Brig Silksworth BALLANTYNE JOHN 2 SS Anchoria BALLANTYNE M R ROBT 38 SS France BALLANTYNE M RS 3 SS Anchoria BALLARD ELIZ 323 SS Minnesota BALLARD G B 338 SS Celtic BALLARD JAS 459 Steamer Denmark BALLARD JOS 459 Steamer Denmark BALLARD JOS 696 SS City of New York BALLARD THOMAS 338 SS Celtic BALLAYL A G OWNER Brig Echo BALLENTINE BETTY 90 Barque Caroline BALLENTINE HAMILTON 98 Ship Solon BALLENTINE JA S 2 Ship Algonquin BALLENTINE JOHN 207 Ship Solon BALLENTINE MAG T 99 Ship Solon BALLENTINE ROB T 1 Ship Algonquin BALLENTINE W M 145 Steamer Palmyra BALLENZWEIG CHAIM 131 RMS Adriatic BALLER JOHN ANTON 125 SS America BALLERBY FRID K 107 Steamer Fulda BALLIE BETSEY 46 Schooner Helen BALLIE HAMILTON 47 Schooner Helen BALLIE JAMES 50 Schooner Helen BALLIE MARG T 48 Schooner Helen BALLIE ROBERT 49 Schooner Helen BALLIN CH A 11 Brig Stern BALLINGER WILHELM 234 SS Bellona BALLISTER LAURENCE 6 Schooner Acadian BALLMAR MARIA C 22 Brig Constitution BALLON M H 237 RMS Adriatic BALLOW PATRICK 20 Ship Monongahela BALLS BIDDY 55 Ship Thomas P Cope BALLS MARY 54 Ship Thomas P Cope BALLWEBER BARBA 111 SS Bellona BALLWEBER JACQUES 107 SS Bellona BALLWEBER MADELEINE 110 SS Bellona BALLWEBER ROSINE 108 SS Bellona BALLWEBER SOPHIE 109 SS Bellona BALMAKS KARLIS 341 SS Svalbard BALMANN DOROTHEA 47 Barque Philadelphia BALMANN LUDWIG 46 Barque Philadelphia BALMEL J 6 Brig Emily Davis BALODIS ANTONA 846 USAT General Omar Bundy BALODIS ANTONS 343 SS Svalbard BALOFF EDW 126 Bark Dorette BALOFF ERNESTINE 125 Bark Dorette BALOFF G 123 Bark Dorette BALOFF HENRIETTE 124 Bark Dorette BALOW ADOLF 12 Ship Admiral BALOW BARON 2 Brig Michael BALSE CARL 393 Steamer Fulda BALSEN CHAS 39 SS Boston BALSER WILH 310 SS New York BALSTON MARY 11 Barque Elizabeth J BALTEN RICH D 76 Ship Susquehanna BALTENHOFWE W M F 77 Ship Plato BALTENWICK ANNA 533 Steamer William Penn BALTIG SEB 137 SS New York BALTIMORE CHILD 14 Dublin BALTIMORE CHILD 15 Dublin BALTIMORE M RS 13 Dublin BALTIMORE W M 12 Dublin BALTRUDIS JONAS 32 SS Mozaffari BALZER CATHARINA 11 Hermine BAMAM HEINR 5 Steamer Germania BAMANN MARIE 547 SS Bremen BAMBAUER JAKOB 313 SS Medway BAMBERG BARBARA 46 Doctor Barth BAMBERG EMILIE 47 Doctor Barth BAMBERG GOTTLIEB 48 Doctor Barth BAMBERG JAMES 27 Barque Columbia BAMBERGER ESS 27 SS America BAMBERGER CARL 56 SS New York BAMBERGER L 26 SS America BAMBRICK BESSIE 18 SS Olivette BAMBRICK ELIZ 993 SS Minnesota BAMBRICK FRANK 11 SS Olivette BAMBRICK HARRY 20 SS Olivette BAMBRICK M RS T 17 SS Olivette BAMBRICK POLLY 19 SS Olivette BAMBURY RICH D 215 SS Celtic BAMFORD HARRIETT 256 SS Arizona BAMFORD ROBERT 254 SS Arizona BAMFORD ROB T 257 SS Arizona BAMFORD SARAH 255 SS Arizona BAMKE CHRISTIAN 139 Ship Albert BAMLER CONRAD 15 Steamship Deutschland BAMME WILHELM 9 Bark Therese BAMNER ELISE 123 Ship Anna BAMNER GERTRUD 124 Ship Anna BAMSENER CHARLES 50 Brig Bremen BAMSEYER 115 SS New York BAMSEYER ROSINE 117 SS New York BAMSEYER HENRIETTE 116 SS New York BAN AUG 13 Steamer Teutonia BAN AUGUST 13 Steamer Teutonia BAN LUD 14 Steamer Teutonia BAN LUDWIG 14 Steamer Teutonia BANAGAN J 1 Bark Elba BANAGAN JAMES 155 Ship General Harrison BANAGAN JOHN 153 Ship General Harrison BANAGAN MAGGY 154 Ship General Harrison BANBASO J J OWNER Schooner Hebe BANCH JOSE 17 Steamer Fah Kee BANCKE CHRISTIAN 139 Ship Albert BANDE CATHARINE 261 Steamer Fulton BANDE LOUIS 260 Steamer Fulton BANDELOW JULIUS 207 Ship Edwina BANDENS CORAL 4 Barque Amelia BANDENS M RS 3 Barque Amelia BANDONER EVA 341 SS Medway BANDORG OTTO 387 SS Frisia BANDRICK CARL 567 SS Gallia BANDRICK JAMES 42 RMS Adriatic BANDRY JEAN 94 Ship Olympia BANDY ANN 8 Ship Andromache BANDY CAROLINE 10 Ship Andromache BANDY GEORGE 9 Ship Andromache BANDY JANOS 626 SS Fulda BANDY JOHN 12 Ship Andromache BANDY WILLIAM 11 Ship Andromache BANDY WILLIAM 7 Ship Andromache BANEFIELD JAMES 54 Ship Susquehanna BANEKE CHRISTIAN 139 Ship Albert BANES JAMES 212 SS Edinburgh BANETE ELLEN 94 Ship Columbia BANETE GEORGIANNA 95 Ship Columbia BANETE HUGH 93 Ship Columbia BANETT WM 44 SS Norseman BANFORTH CHRISTOPHER 43 Ship Pocahontas BANG AUGUSTE 198 SS Minnesota BANG FRANZ 242 SS Bremen BANG PETER C 138 Steamer Palmyra BANGAY HY 26 SS Boston BANGEHR A MARIE 499 Steamer William Penn BANGER JACOB 31 Rebecca BANGERT JOHANNES 39 Hermine BANGERT THEODORA 40 Hermine BANGGER JOHANN 76 Steamer Cella BANGS ELISHA 40 RMS Asia BANIGAN J 1 Bark Elba BANIGAN PAT 151 Ship Thornton BANION ELLEN 523 Steamer Denmark BANION KATE 522 Steamer Denmark BANJTE LUIS OWNER Ship William Badger BANK AUGUSTE AMALIE 44 Brig Stern BANK DAVID 3 SS Bolivia BANK MATHEW 101 SS Anchoria BANKE CATH E 86 Ship Saranak BANKE W M 334 SS Bremen BANKHEAD ROB T 80 Barque Bradshaw BANKI MARTHA 46 Ship Halcyon BANKOVITZ JOSEF 800 SS Elbe BANKS ANN 34 Ship Georgiana BANKS BENJAMIN 31 Ship Georgiana BANKS DAVID 12 Brig L Orient BANKS ELIZABETH 30 Ship Georgiana BANKS ELIZABETH 37 Ship Georgiana BANKS JAMES 40 Ship Georgiana BANKS JAS 195 SS Celtic BANKS JOSEPH 132 SS The Queen BANKS JOSEPH 32 Ship Georgiana BANKS MARTHA 36 Ship Georgiana BANKS MARY 38 Ship Georgiana BANKS REV I 196 RMS Britannic BANKS SAMUEL 39 Ship Georgiana BANKS SARAH 35 Ship Georgiana BANKS WILLIAM 29 Ship Georgiana BANKS WILLIAM 33 Ship Georgiana BANMEYER 115 SS New York BANMEYER HENRIETTE 116 SS New York BANMEYER ROSINE 117 SS New York BANNAN ELIZA 38 Ship Mary Pleasants BANNAN JAMES 102 Ship Adelaide BANNEBER BAPTIST 39 Ship Thornton BANNER CAROLINE 253 Steamer Cella BANNER ELLEN 127 Ship Franklin BANNER ISABELLA 1 Caledonia BANNER THO S 88 Brig Shenandoah BANNERMAN C CAPTAIN Schooner Ariel BANNERSACH FRD 335 SS Bremen BANNISTER CHARLES A 84 SS Gallia BANNISTER DORA 86 SS Gallia BANNISTER ELIZABETH 82 SS Gallia BANNISTER IDA 33 SS Gallia BANNISTER JANE E 85 SS Gallia BANNISTER JOHN W 83 SS Gallia BANNISTER JOHN 13 Ship Thomas P Cope BANNON ANN 232 Ship Thomas P Cope BANNON ELLEN 523 Steamer Denmark BANNON JAMES 183 SS Wyoming BANNON JANE 179 Barque John Ker BANNON JA S 317 SS Minnesota BANNON KATE 522 Steamer Denmark BANNON PAUL 104 Ship Pacific BANSBACH CAROLINA 42 Ship Charles BANSBACH SEBAST 41 Ship Charles BANSCATH JOHN 837 SS City of Paris BANSCH IDA 273 Steamer Fulda BANSEN WILH 164 Bark Gutenberg BANSTEDTER CAROLINE 492 SS New York BANSTEDTER HENRY 491 SS New York BANTE KOSEPH 59 Barque Louise BANTHIER DORIS 278 SS Hammonia BANTHIER DORIS 279 SS Hammonia BANTHIER HEINR 277 SS Hammonia BANTHIER JOH 281 SS Hammonia BANTHIER MARIA 280 SS Hammonia BANTIEN PETER 272 Steamer Fulton BANTIS JOHANN 296 Bark Gutenberg BANTLEY MARY 121 Caledonia BANZEL FLORA 313 Ship Admiral BANZHAF MARIA 533 Ship Samuel M Fox BANZHOF JOHANNE 46 Ship Samuel M Fox BANZHOF JOH E 46 Ship Samuel M Fox BAORSEN ALICE 400 SS Gallia BAPP ANASTASIA 281 SS America BAPTED ANE 96 Steamer Chicago BAPTISTE A DE 1 Ship Bavaria BAPTISTE C DE 2 Ship Bavaria BAPTISTE N F 576 SS Arizona BAPTISTE Z JOHN 4 Ship Ohio BAR ANDRE 98 Bark Vater Gruner BAR ANNA 3 Ship Thomas P Cope BAR BERNH 110 SS Hammonia BAR DAVID 48 SS America BAR EMMA 191 Steamer Germania BAR JOH 532 Steamer William Penn BAR MINNA 535 Steamer Germania BAR PAULINE 192 Steamer Germania BAR JOHANNA 269 Steamer Fulda BARACQUET JEAN 628 SS The Queen BARAD THOMAS 45 Brig Colossus BARADAZ MERCHANT Brig Emily BARAGAN HENRY 26 Ship Susquehanna BARAGAN JAS 25 Ship Susquehanna BARAGAN JOSEPH 27 Ship Susquehanna BARANOWSKI WACLAW 33 SS Mozaffari BARANOWSKYJ MICHAILO 34 SS Mozaffari BARATTA JOSEPH 80 SS W A Scholten BARATTA MARY 81 SS W A Scholten BARBANTE ANDRIANE 169 SS Iowa BARBASHESIK BARUCH 43 Michigan BARBASTE PIERRE 13 Barque Elizabeth J BARBER ALEX 5 Schooner General Warren BARBER CATH E 131 Barque Columbia BARBER CONSTANTINE 298 Steamer Fulton BARBER GEORGE 84 Ship Erin BARBER JANE 129 Barque Columbia BARBER MATTHEW 13 Ship Andromache BARBER M RS H C 5 SS Olivette BARBER SUSAN 14 Ship Andromache BARBERY JN O 26 Levan BARBIER BERTHE 167 SS Celtic BARBOUR CHARLOTTE 1 Ship Thomas P Cope BARBOUR FRED K 2 Ship Thomas P Cope BARBOUR JOSEPH 3 Ship Thomas P Cope BARBOUR WILLIAM 73 RMS Corsica BARBURY WILLIAM 3 Barque Elizabeth BARCIS FELI L 402 Ship Samuel M Fox BARCK ANNA 288 Bark Dorette BARCK WILHELMINE 287 Bark Dorette BARCK WILHELMINE 289 Bark Dorette BARCKLEY G C AND COY OWNERS Brig Echo BARCKOUS ABRAHAM 71 SS Celtic BARCKOUS CILLI 69 SS Celtic BARCKOUS FANNY 74 SS Celtic BARCKOUS JETTY 70 SS Celtic BARCKOUS LIEB 75 SS Celtic BARCKOUS MORCHA 72 SS Celtic BARCKOUS RERSE 73 SS Celtic BARCKOUS SOLOMON 68 SS Celtic BARCLAY A C OWNER Brig Echo BARCLAY A C AND CO OWNERS Brig Echo BARCLAY A C CO OWNER Brig Norfolk Brig Norfolk BARCLAY A C OWNER Brig Echo Brig Echo BARCLAY A G AND CO OWNER Brig Echo BARCLAY A OWNER Brig Norfolk BARCLAY A C OWNER Brig Norfolk BARCLAY AL AND CO OWNERS Brig Echo BARCLAY ANDREW C OWNER Brig Echo BARCLAY CLEMENT AND B OWNER Ship St Louis BARCLAY JAMES 1 Brig Gazelle BARCLAY JAMES 29 Steamer Ville de Paris BARCLAY JAMES MERCHANT Brig Gazelle BARCLAY JOHN B 155 RMS Bothnia BARCLAY JOHN 284 Steamer Malta BARCLAY JOHN 6 Brig Wyoming BARCLAY MARY M 7 SS Anglia BARCLAY MICHAEL 52 Ship Columbia BARCO M RS A 21 SS Ocean BARCZOWSKI ANDR 38 SS Hammonia BARCZOWSKI CONSTANZA 41 SS Hammonia BARCZOWSKI FELICIA 42 SS Hammonia BARCZOWSKI MAG AL 39 SS Hammonia BARCZOWSKI MARIANNE 40 SS Hammonia BARCZYK JANINA 35 SS Mozaffari BARCZYNSKI MICH 142 Bark Agda BARD MARY 14 Ship Susquehanna BARDBURY SALLLIE 140 SS Arizona BARDEL WM 22 Steamer New York BARDEN ELLEN 11 Brig Factura BARDEN JNO 688 SS City of Washington BARDER BERTHA 242 Bark Inca BARDME CATH 465 Pollux BARDME CATH 469 Pollux BARDME ELIS 473 Pollux BARDME ELISE 470 Pollux BARDME FRIEDR 472 Pollux BARDME GEORG 466 Pollux BARDME JOHAN 467 Pollux BARDME MARGARETHA 477 Pollux BARDME MARIE 474 Pollux BARDME PETER 476 Pollux BARDME PHILIPP 471 Pollux BARDME SUSANNA 468 Pollux BARDME VALENTIN 464 Pollux BARDME VALENTIN 475 Pollux BARDOW VALENTIN 464 Pollux BARDRIL T 544 SS America BARDSLEY MARR T 33 Ship Monongahela BARDWELL HORACE 136 SS Celtic BARDYN EDWARD 31 SS Frederick H Newell BARDYOFSKY MARIA 190 SS Fulda BARE ANN 177 Barque Caroline BARENS L 680 SS America BARENS NICOL 679 SS America BARENTZ MOSES 81 Brig Louise BARETT MARY 112 Chevalier BARFELLT DORETHEA 305 Bark Dorette BARFITZ WILH 257 Steamer Fulda BARFUT FRED 44 Steamer Teutonia BARFUT FREDERICK 44 Steamer Teutonia BARG CAROLL 226 Steamer Hammonia BARG JAACH 227 Steamer Hammonia BARGATE JOHN 7 Brig Finance BARGFREDE HINRICH 937 SS Elbe BARGHUSEN ANNA 172 SS America BARGMANN EMILIE 236 Bark Dorette BARGMANN EWALD 286 SS Elbe BARGMANN FERD 234 Bark Dorette BARGMANN FERDINAND 234 Bark Dorette BARGMANN FREDKE 235 Bark Dorette BARGMANN THUSNELDA 287 SS Elbe BARGNER CH 79 SS Bremen BARHORST FERD 299 SS America BARHORST HEINR 300 SS America BARHORST HEINR 531 SS America BARHORST JOSEPH 530 SS America BARILA JONAS 36 SS Mozaffari BARILAITE MARIJA 37 SS Mozaffari BARILIENE ONA 38 SS Mozaffari BARINDT M 70 SS Bolivia BARING CARL JULIUS 5 Bark Everhard Delius BARING LYDIA 20 Schooner Pomona BARISH CLARA 2 Steamer Fulda BARISH CLARA 3 Steamer Fulda BARISH ROBERT 1 Steamer Fulda BARK MARGARET 2 Brig Napoleon BARKALZKI ANNA MARIA 123 Bark Agda BARKALZKI FRIEDRICH 124 Bark Agda BARKALZKI JOHANN 122 Bark Agda BARKAUSKIENE ELENA 52 SS Svalbard BARKER ABRAHAM 212 SS Frisia BARKER ANNE P 25 Ship Scotia BARKER ANNE 269 SS Celtic BARKER ARON 213 SS Frisia BARKER JAMES W 25 SS Gallia BARKER M RS LOUIS 263 SS Celtic BARKER RIEFKE 214 SS Frisia BARKER ROBERT 209 SS Celtic BARKER SAL 24 Ship Scotia BARKER SARAH 211 SS Frisia BARKER THOMAS 4 Ship Ann BARKHAUSEN BABY 406 SS Bremen BARKHAUSEN C H 403 SS Bremen BARKHAUSEN ERST E 404 SS Bremen BARKHAUSEN W 405 SS Bremen BARKHOLL H W 62 Brig Stern BARKLEY ANDREW 113 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY ELIZABETH 95 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY JENNY 109 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY JOHN 111 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY JOHN 91 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY JOHN 96 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY MARY 107 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY MARY 90 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY MARY 93 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY MATTY 110 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY SAMUEL 97 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY SAM L 106 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY SAM L 108 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY SARAH 92 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY THOMAS 112 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKLEY WILLIAM 94 Ship Thomas P Cope BARKS GEO 223 SS Etna BARKWELL THO S 612 SS City of Washington BARLAND CONSTANCE 188 Steamer Tarifa BARLAND JA S 186 Steamer Tarifa BARLAND SUSAN 187 Steamer Tarifa BARLAY BELA 39 SS Mozaffari BARLAY GYSELA 40 SS Mozaffari BARLING B OWNER Brig Cumberland BARLINGER REGINA 51 Ship Albert BARLOL HENRY 2 Brig Abigail Richmond BARLOW ANN 7 Ship Monongahela BARLOW ELI 10 SS City of New York BARLOW ELIZABETH 9 SS City of New York BARLOW FRANCES 92 SS Bothnia BARLOW G H 11 SS City of New York BARLOW JAMES 21 Ship Pocahontas BARLOW JEANETTE 91 SS Bothnia BARLOW JOSEPH 19 Ship Pocahontas BARLOW MARG T 198 Brig Cynosure BARLOW MARY 20 Ship Pocahontas BARLOW ROBT 8 SS City of New York BARLOWSKI ALBRECHT 278 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI FRANCISKA 275 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI JOHAN 276 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI JOHANN 272 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI LEON 279 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI MARIANNA 273 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI THOMAS 274 Bark Agda BARLOWSKI VERONNICA 277 Bark Agda BARMON MARY 55 Ship Emerald Isle BARMSTER W M 19 Ship Caspian BARNARD BERTHA 16 Ship Adriatic BARNARD JOHN CAPTAIN Brig Backus BARNARD JULIA 19 Ship Adriatic BARNARD MARK 18 Ship Adriatic BARNARD MARY 17 Ship Adriatic BARNARD MRS T H 498 Steamer Caledonia BARNARD WM 80 SS Norseman BARNELL JNO 42 Steamer Tarifa BARNES AMY 14 Ship Ann BARNES ANN 223 Ship Albion BARNES BGT 61 Ship Jere Thompson BARNES BGT 64
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  • ISTG - Passenger Surnames: Bas-Bej
    TOBIAS 114 Ship Edward BAUER TREENTJE 548 Steamer New York BAUER W 270 Bark Dorette BAUER WENDELINE 64 Barque May Flower BAUER WENZEL 153 SS Ericsson BAUER WILHELM 100 Steamship Deutschland BAUER WILHELMINE 595 SS Elbe BAUER WM 432 Steamer Teutonia BAUER WM 434 Steamer Teutonia BAUERKEMPER FRIED 65 Ship Anna Delius BAUERLE ANNA 391 SS Bremen BAUERLE CHRIST 277 SS America BAUERLE V M 500 SS America BAUERLEIN CARL 425 Steamer Hammonia BAUERLEIN CATHR 426 Steamer Hammonia BAUERLEIN JEAN 428 Steamer Hammonia BAUERLEIN RAL H 427 Steamer Hammonia BAUERMEISTER C 200 SS Hammonia BAUERMEISTER JOHANNA 201 SS Hammonia BAUERMEISTER JOHNA 201 SS Hammonia BAUESLE CARL 551 Steamer William Penn BAUG WILH 164 Bark Everhard Delius BAUGHAN L G 1 Schooner Charlotte BAUGHOUGH GRANCES 453 SS City of Paris BAUGHOUGH MARIA 454 SS City of Paris BAUINE CHRISTINA 130 Ship Edgar BAUINE CHRSTNA 132 Ship Edgar BAUINE ELISEBTH 131 Ship Edgar BAUINE ELISH HR 129 Ship Edgar BAUINE ENGEL 133 Ship Edgar BAUINE FREDRICK 136 Ship Edgar BAUINE GERTRUDE 135 Ship Edgar BAUINE MARIA 134 Ship Edgar BAUKE FREDR 120 Bark Edmund BAUKNECHT JACOB 464 Ship Samuel M Fox BAULAY A C AND CO OWNERS Brig Norfolk BAULLIF IDA 136 Steamer Cella BAULLIF JULES 135 Steamer Cella BAULLIF MARIE 134 Steamer Cella BAULLIF PIERCE 133 Steamer Cella BAUM BERNH 180 Steamer Germania BAUM HERM 53 SS New York BAUM JOH A 116 Steamer New York BAUM JOSEPH 468 SS The Queen BAUM MICHL 115 Steamer New York BAUM MYER 35 SS Iowa BAUM SABINE 41 Bark Charles Edwards BAUMAN AUGUSTE 5 Ship Hemisphere BAUMAN ELIZA 169 SS Etna BAUMAN ELIZA 235 Ship Provincialist BAUMAN JOH 341 Steamer Hammonia BAUMAN SOPHIE 342 Steamer Hammonia BAUMANIS ALISE 47 SS Mozaffari BAUMANN BALTHAZAR 150 Bark Everhard Delius BAUMANN BARUCH 226 Bark Everhard Delius BAUMANN C C 51 Steamer Fulda BAUMANN CAMILLA 54 Steamer Fulda BAUMANN CARL 471 SS America BAUMANN CAROLINE 173 SS Hansa BAUMANN CATHARINA 151 Bark Everhard Delius BAUMANN CHAIM 48 SS Mozaffari BAUMANN CHRISTIAN 462 SS Hansa BAUMANN CHRISTINE 470 SS America BAUMANN DOROTHEA 32 Ship Gustav BAUMANN EDWARD 56 Steamer Fulda BAUMANN F 468 SS America BAUMANN F 472 SS America BAUMANN FR 122 SS Bavaria BAUMANN HEINR 220 SS New York BAUMANN HEINRICH 153 Bark Everhard Delius BAUMANN JOH 469 SS America BAUMANN JOH CH 467 SS America BAUMANN JOHANNES 152 Bark Everhard Delius BAUMANN MARTHA 31 Ship Gustav BAUMANN MARTIN 76 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BAUMANN MAX 208 SS Elbe BAUMANN NELLY 55 Steamer Fulda BAUMANN SIDNEY 53 Steamer Fulda BAUMBACH AMAND 198 Ship Gustav BAUMBACH ANNA CATHRINA 243 Bark Therese BAUMBACH ANNA 242 Bark Therese BAUMBACH CATHRINA 244 Bark Therese BAUMBACH ELISE 245 Bark Therese BAUMBACH FRIEDRICH 246 Bark Therese BAUMBACH HEINRICH 247 Bark Therese BAUMBACH PHILIPP 248 Bark Therese BAUMBACH REINHARDT 241 Bark Therese BAUMEISTER CARL 734 Steamer Fulda BAUMEISTER GEORG 368 SS New York BAUMEISTER PAULINE 721 SS America BAUMER CHRISTIAN 244 Bark Anna Delius BAUMGARD OLGA 3 SS Montana BAUMGARTEL CHRISTIAN 297 Bark Anna Delius BAUMGARTEL CHRISTIANE 298 Bark Anna Delius BAUMGARTEL FRANTZ 301 Bark Anna Delius BAUMGARTEL FRIDERICH 300 Bark Anna Delius BAUMGARTEL WILHELM 299 Bark Anna Delius BAUMGARTEN AUG 7 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTEN CH 260 SS New York BAUMGARTEN DOROTHEA 4 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTEN F E 17 SS America BAUMGARTEN FRIDR 1 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTEN FRIDR 6 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTEN HEINR 5 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTEN WILH 3 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTEN WILH E 2 Ship Teutonia BAUMGARTNER C 179 Ship Tarquin BAUMGATEN PETER 6 Brig Stern BAUMGESCHL FRANZ 316 Steamer Fulda BAUMLER HERM 526 Steamer Germania BAUMMANN PIERRE 106 Ship Olympia BAUMRUCK CATHARINE 178 SS Bremen BAUMRUCK MAGDALENE 177 SS Bremen BAUMS JEKABS 543 USAT General Omar Bundy BAUN JNO 304 Steamer Fulton BAUN JOSEPH 1 Ship Plato BAUNBURG CLAUS HEINR 142 Bark Gutenberg BAUNE WILHELM 203 Steamship Deutschland BAUR JOHN 30 Barque Caroline BAUR LIBERINS 17 Bark Vater Gruner BAURGASTEN EUGENIUS 193 Ship Edwina BAURMEISTER JULIUS 3 Bark Everhard Delius BAUS ADAM 37 Ship Adriatic BAUS AUG 53 SS America BAUS CATH 55 SS America BAUS CHRISTINE 54 SS America BAUSCH HENRY CHR 30 Brig Louisa BAUSCH PAUL 161 Barque Carlshaven BAUSCHAT CARL 1084 Steamer Fulda BAUSCHAT KATHRINA 1082 Steamer Fulda BAUSCHER 509 Steamer Fulda BAUSCHER ATON 139 Steamer Fulton BAUSCHER RAIMUND 150 SS America BAUSCHKOLB 1 SAUGLING 177 Barque Carlshaven BAUSCHKOLB HER 176 Barque Carlshaven BAUSCHKOLB W 174 Barque Carlshaven BAUW G 32 Pollux BAVEN ISAAC 74 Ship Constitution BAVEN SARAH 75 Ship Constitution BAVORN R D 360 SS City of New York BAWR CHR 466 Steamer Union BAXTER AND BROS OWNERS Barque Potomac BAXTER ANDREW 76 Provincialist BAXTER CATH A 23 Ship Manchester BAXTER E CAPTAIN Schooner Lion BAXTER EDWARD 25 Ship Manchester BAXTER ELEANOR 128 Ship Provincialist BAXTER ELIJAH OWNER Schooner Phebe Baxter BAXTER EMILY G 314 SS Celtic BAXTER JANE 26 Ship Manchester BAXTER JOHN 347 SS Celtic BAXTER JOHN 48 SS Anchoria BAXTER MARY 24 Ship Manchester BAXTER OBED JR OWNER Schooner Lion BAXTER OBED OWNER Schooner Lion BAXTER ROBERT 127 Ship Provincialist BAXTER WALTER 347 SS Celtic BAXTER WILLIAM 491 SS City of Paris BAXTER WM 153 Steamer William Penn BAXTER W M 235 Brig Shenandoah BAYARD JOHN 23 SS Australia BAYARD MARY 22 SS Australia BAYENBURGK W 443 SS Hammonia BAYER BARBE 237 Steamer Union BAYER CARL 127 Barque Kosmos BAYER CARL 19 Ship London BAYER CARL 23 Steamer Union BAYER CAROLL 21 Steamer Union BAYER CATHARINA 27 Brig Bremen BAYER CATHARINA 29 Brig Bremen BAYER CATHARINE 125 Barque Kosmos BAYER CHARLOTTE 20 Ship London BAYER CONRAD 24 Brig Bremen BAYER EDUARD 121 SS America BAYER ELISABETH 25 Brig Bremen BAYER ELISE 26 Brig Bremen BAYER FRANZ 183 Ship Tarquin BAYER FRDKE 22 Steamer Union BAYER FRDR 24 Steamer Union BAYER FRIEDR 120 SS America BAYER GEORGE 28 Brig Bremen BAYER GRETCHEN 233 SS Frisia BAYER HELENE 122 SS America BAYER J P 10 Brig Stern BAYER JACOB 2 Ship Grafton BAYER JOHANN 146 SS Bremen BAYER LORENZ 124 Barque Kosmos BAYER MARGARETHE 134 Barque Kosmos BAYER MATHS 332 Steamer Palmyra BAYER SALOME 737 Steamer Fulda BAYER THOMAS 126 Barque Kosmos BAYERL WOLFGANG 227 SS Elbe BAYERLEIN JOH 95 Ship Tarquin BAYERS CATHARINA 419 SS Medway BAYERS ELISABETH 420 SS Medway BAYERS THO S 109 Steamer Palmyra BAYETTES CORY B 5 Ship Monongahela BAYKO CAROLINE 706 SS Elbe BAYKO WILHELM 705 SS Elbe BAYKS CAROLINE 706 SS Elbe BAYKS WILHELM 705 SS Elbe BAYLER ESTHER 66 Barque Cumberland BAYLER JANE 67 Barque Cumberland BAYLER JOHN 64 Barque Cumberland BAYLER MARY 68 Barque Cumberland BAYLER MICHAEL 69 Barque Cumberland BAYLER M RS 65 Barque Cumberland BAYLER SARAH 65 Ship Halcyon BAYLEY EDW 140 Steamer William Penn BAYLIS MR H 111 RMS Persia BAYLISS LEO 6 SS Camp Defiance BAYLIZ MARGARET 1 Ship Monongahela BAYLY EDW 140 Steamer William Penn BAYMORE JOSEPH 1 Schooner Elizabeth BAYRE DOMINICK 73 SS Wyoming BAYRE WILLIAM 81 Steamer Fulda BAYS FRANK L 13 Brig Wissahicken BAYSON BETTY 14 Farwell BAYSON HARRIETT 16 Farwell BAYSON HILARE 12 Farwell BAYSON JAMES 13 Farwell BAYSON MARIA 15 Farwell BAYSON MARY 11 Farwell BAYSON SAM L 10 Farwell BAZIN AUGUST 83 Ship London BAZOLD MARG TH 21 Ship Italy BE JOH 178 Ship Cimbria BE S ROBERTS 849 USAT General Omar Bundy BEACH BAGNAIL 32 Ship Susquehanna BEACH E W 354 SS Arizona BEACH EDW D 356 SS Arizona BEACH F A 359 SS Arizona BEACH FRED K W 358 SS Arizona BEACH GEORGE T 357 SS Arizona BEACH H 145 Iowa BEACH JANE T 355 SS Arizona BEACH JANE 360 SS Arizona BEACH JAS 119 Steamer Denmark BEACH JOHN S 194 SS Bothnia BEACH JOHN 197 SS Bothnia BEACH LOUISA 31 Ship Susquehanna BEACH MARY 29 Ship Susquehanna BEACH MARY 30 Ship Susquehanna BEACH MATHEW 518 SS City of Limerick BEACH MISS 196 SS Bothnia BEACH M RS 195 SS Bothnia BEACHAM WILLIAM 4 Ship Francis and Mary BEADLEY ANNE 14 Ship Wyoming BEADY MARY 83 Steamer Malta BEADY MISS 77 SS Wisconsin BEAHAN PAT 279 Steamer Chicago BEAKELY W M 490 Steamer Erin BEAKEN BIDDY 21 Ship Saranak BEAKIN BIDDY 21 Ship Saranak BEALES ISAAC 676 RMS Etruria BEALES SAML 67 Ship Susquehanna BEALS BERLLIA 41 SS Boston BEALS W 30 SS Boston BEAM CATH 175 SS City of Limerick BEAM GEO 171 SS Nevada BEAM GEORGE 171 SS Nevada BEAM MARY 176 SS City of Limerick BEAN CATHARINE 44 Bark Olinda BEAN JNO 151 Steamer Palmyra BEAN JOHN 45 Bark Olinda BEAN MARGARET 126 Ship Columbia BEAN TOM 125 Ship Columbia BEAN JOH LOUIS 29 Brig Louise BEANE MR AUGUSTUS 274 SS Nevada BEANE MR EDW D 273 SS Nevada BEANE MR EDWARD 273 SS Nevada BEANMERT JOSEPH 149 Ship North America BEAR PHILIPP 545 SS Frisia BEARAN J 202 RMS Britannic BEARD AUGUST JR 381 SS Henry Chauncey BEARD AUGUST 379 SS Henry Chauncey BEARD CHA S 380 SS Henry Chauncey BEARD HENRY 382 SS Henry Chauncey BEARD HENRY 8 Ship Saluda BEARDSLY JAMES 271 Ship Thomas P Cope BEARRIK MARY 27 SS Bothnia BEARRIK THOMAS 26 SS Bothnia BEATE ANNE 691 SS Elbe BEATH AGNES 24 Ship Montezuma BEATH ALISON 25 Ship Montezuma BEATH ROB T 23 Ship Montezuma BEATHY JA S 25 Ship Jane Augusta BEATLE MARY 451 Steamer Caledonia BEATON JOHN 97 Chevalier BEATTE JOHAN 297 SS France BEATTIE RICHARD 6 Ship Monongahela BEATTY 109 Ship Superior BEATTY ADAM 212 Ship Provincialist BEATTY ADAM 215 Ship Provincialist BEATTY ANN 135 Steamer Malta BEATTY ANN 217 Ship Provincialist BEATTY ANNE 173 Barque Christiana BEATTY ARCH D 168 Ship Emmanuel BEATTY CATH 109 Ship Superior BEATTY CATHARINE 108 Ship Carouge BEATTY CATHERINE 43 Ship Provincialist BEATTY ELIZA 30 Ship Provincialist BEATTY ELIZA 96 Ship Albion BEATTY HENRY 107 Ship Carouge BEATTY HENRY 172 Barque Christiana BEATTY JAMES 134 Steamer Malta BEATTY JAMES 45 Ship Provincialist BEATTY JANE 213 Ship Provincialist BEATTY JOHN 169 Ship Emmanuel BEATTY JOHN 44 Ship Provincialist BEATTY MARGERY 216 Ship Provincialist BEATTY MARY 33 Champlain BEATTY MARY 97 Ship Albion BEATTY MATILDA 46 Ship Provincialist BEATTY MATTY 218 Ship Provincialist BEATTY R 109 Ship Superior BEATTY ROBERT 167 Ship Emmanuel BEATTY ROBERT 214 Ship Provincialist BEATTY RUTH 109 Ship Superior BEATTY SAMUEL 106 Barque Queen BEATTY THOMAS 63 Ship Susquehanna BEATTY THO S 63 Ship Walter BEATTY WILLIAM 42 Ship Provincialist BEATUS ALICE 438 Steamer Tarifa BEATUS PAT 437 Steamer Tarifa BEATY AREBALLA 61 Ship Franklin BEATY CATHERINE 64 Ship Franklin BEATY ELLEN 21 Ship Solon BEATY GEORGE 59 Ship Franklin BEATY ISABELLA 62 Ship Franklin BEATY JAMES 60 Ship Franklin BEATY JAMES 66 Allen Kerr Ship Erin BEATY MAG T 122 Ship Solon BEATY MARY 63 Ship Franklin BEATZ CHARL E 175 SS Berlin BEATZ JOH GEO 172 SS Berlin BEATZ MARGAR THE 173 SS Berlin BEATZ MARTIN 174 SS Berlin BEAUMAN EDW D OWNER Brig Sparkler BEAUMAN JOHANNAH 11 Ship Hemisphere BEAUMONT FRANC 40 Ship Charles BEAUMONT JAMES 218 Ship Swatara BEAUMONT MAURICE DE 86 Steamer Ville de Paris BEAUMONT ROGER DE 85 Steamer Ville de Paris BEAUPLAND P J K 22 Brig Magoun BEAURY JOSEF 675 Steamer Fulda BEAURY MARGARETHE 672 Steamer Fulda BEBBER JOHANN 40 Ship Louis Philippe BEBENDORF GEORGE 8 Barque Philadelphia BEBERT WILH E 158 Steamer Germania BECHINE CATHARINA 10 Columbia BECHINE CATHARINA 9 Columbia BECHINE JOSEPH 12 Columbia BECHINE JOSEPH 8 Columbia BECHINE MARIE 11 Columbia BECHNER PETER 33 Brig Stern BECHREIN M RS 32 Florian BECHSEN FRZ 58 Ship Anna BECHTEL LOUISE 466 SS Bremen BECHTEL E 3 Brig Otis BECHTEL JACOB 465 SS Bremen BECHTEL JNO 9 Schooner Harriet Porter BECHTEL LOUISE 467 SS Bremen BECHTEL WILHELMINE 468 SS Bremen BECHTHOLD CAR 175 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD CHRISTINE 173 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD F 172 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD FOCKEA 176 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD LINA 174 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD PETER 171 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD SEVAIYE 178 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTHOLD WILHELMINE 316 SS Elbe BECHTHOLD WOECKEA 177 Ship Herzogin v Brabant BECHTLE JACOB 465 SS Bremen BECHTLE LOUISE 466 SS Bremen BECHTLE LOUISE 467 SS Bremen BECHTLE WILHELMINE 468 SS Bremen BECHTOLD ALBERT 578 SS America BECK 25 Brig Pactolus BECK ADAM 27 Ship Louise BECK ANDREAS 936 Steamer Fulda BECK ANNA 335 Steamer Germania BECK AUG 178 Steamer New York BECK BARBARA 62 Barque Louise BECK BUTHAN 285 Steamer Tarifa BECK CARL 480 Steamer Fulda BECK CASPAR 72 Ship Albert BECK CHUSTINE 114 Bark Therese BECK EDWIN G 3 Bark Wayfarer BECK ELISE 225 Steamer William Penn BECK ESTHER 23 Brig Alvina BECK EUSTACHIUS 83 Ship E F Gabain BECK EVA 164 Ship Lancashire BECK FRDR 258 SS New York BECK FRIEDK E 429 SS Elbe BECK GEORG 151 Pollux BECK GEORGES 163 Ship Lancashire BECK HEINR 316 SS New York BECK HEINRICH 113 Bark Therese BECK HEINRICH 115 Bark Therese BECK HENRIETTE 46 Steamship Deutschland BECK HENRY 122 Ship Fama BECK HENRY 170 SS Hansa BECK HERM 639 Steamer Union BECK HERM 947 Steamer Union BECK J J 4 Barque Manchester BECK J M 245 SS America BECK JACOB 2 Brig Bremen BECK JAMES 25 Ship United States BECK JAMES 56 Ship Richmond BECK JAMES 58 Ship Richmond BECK JANE 1 Brig Napoleon BECK JOHANNA 132 Bark Vater Gruner BECK JULIUS 107 Steamer Teutonia BECK JUL S 107 Steamer Teutonia BECK JUSTINE 114 Bark Therese BECK KUNIGUNDE 334 Steamer Germania BECK LORENZ 18 Ship Knickerbocker BECK M 667 Steamer Hammonia BECK MARY JANE 26 Ship United States BECK MICHAEL 45 Steamship Deutschland BECK MICHAEL 501 Steamer Fulda BECK MISS 29 Ship Louise BECK MR JOS 271 SS Nevada BECK M RS 28 Ship Louise BECK M RS 57 Ship Richmond BECK PETER 224 Steamer William Penn BECK PRUDENCE 59 Ship Richmond BECK R 578 Steamer Teutonia BECK S W M 146 Ship Emma BECK SOPHIE 344 Bark Gutenberg BECK T D 23 Steamer Teutonia BECK THEOD 8 SS Minnesota BECK WILH 333 Steamer Germania BECK WILHELMINE 116 Bark Therese BECK WILLIAM 24 Brig Pactolus BECK WM 226 Steamer William Penn BECKA MARIA 785 SS Fulda BECKA PAULINE 784 SS Fulda BECKBERG ADAM 133 SS America BECKBERG JOHANNES 132 SS America BECKBERG JOHANNES 134 SS America BECKELHAUGH LEONARD 46 Brig Navarre BECKEMEYER CATHAR 329 SS New York BECKEMEYER H WILH 77 Brig Louise BECKEN E J 170 SS City of New York BECKEN J E 164 SS City of New York BECKEN OLE 171 SS City of New York BECKENSER AUGUST 422 SS America BECKER ADAM 224 Pollux BECKER ADAM 440 SS Elbe BECKER ADOLPH 357 SS Medway BECKER ALBERT 147 Bark Therese BECKER ALEXANDER 666 SS America BECKER ANNA MARG 101 Brig Louisa BECKER ANNA 390 Steamer Fulda BECKER ANNA 509 SS Ericsson BECKER ANNA 532 Steamer Germania BECKER ANTON 527 SS America BECKER BALTH 166 Steamer Teutonia BECKER BALTHASAR 166 Steamer Teutonia BECKER CARL 199 Bark Inca BECKER CATH 413 Steamer William Penn BECKER CATHAR SOPHIE 288 Ship J W Brune BECKER CATHR 139 Steamer New York BECKER CATHR J 141 Steamer New York BECKER CATH E 182 Ship Samuel M Fox BECKER CHRIST 186 Ship Anna Delius BECKER CHRISTE 294 Steamer Union BECKER CHRISTIAN 100 Brig Louisa BECKER CONR 143 Steamer New York BECKER CONRAD 104 Brig Louisa BECKER DOROTHEA 266 SS Frisia BECKER E F 138 Steamer New York BECKER ELISAB 442 SS Elbe BECKER ELISAB 142 Steamer New York BECKER ELISABETH 102 Brig Louisa BECKER ELISABETH 12 Hermine BECKER ELISABETH 225 Pollux BECKER ELISABETH 226 Pollux BECKER ELISE 356 SS Medway BECKER ELIZ 249 SS Bavaria BECKER ELIZABETH 54 Brig Columbia BECKER EMILIE 123 Steamship Deutschland BECKER ERNST 585 Ship Samuel M Fox BECKER FRANK 122 Steamship Deutschland BECKER FRANZ 45 SS Hammonia BECKER FRED 140 Ship Charles BECKER FRID R 268 SS Frisia BECKER FRIEDERICKE 3 Hermine BECKER FRITZ 146 Bark Therese BECKER GABR 412 Steamer William Penn BECKER GEORG 223 SS America BECKER GEORG 394 SS New York BECKER GEORG 81 SS Berlin BECKER GEORGE 67 Brig Louise BECKER GUNTHER 144 Bark Therese BECKER HEINR 17 Ship Grafton BECKER HEINR 49 Brig Bremen BECKER HEINRICH 142 Bark Therese BECKER HEINRICH 508 SS Ericsson BECKER HEINRICH 551 Steamship Deutschland BECKER HENR 10 Steamer Union BECKER HENRICH 516 SS Gallia BECKER HENRIETTE 106 Ship Cimbria BECKER HENRIETTE 143 Bark Therese BECKER HENRY 103 Brig Louisa BECKER HENRY 17 Ship Grafton BECKER HENRY 97 Brig Louise BECKER HERM 446 SS Hansa BECKER HERMAN 227 Pollux BECKER HERMAN 33 Brig Louisa BECKER IDA 14 Steamer Teutonia BECKER J E 164 SS City of New York BECKER JAC 233 SS Bremen BECKER JAC 293 Steamer Union BECKER JEAN 586 Ship Samuel M Fox BECKER JOACHIM 267 SS Frisia BECKER JOH R 528 SS Elbe BECKER JOH HEINR 287 Ship J W Brune BECKER JOH 414 Steamer William Penn BECKER JOHANN 265 SS Frisia BECKER JOHANN 66 Bark Gutenberg BECKER JOHANNA 121 Steamship Deutschland BECKER JOHANNES 122 Bark Robert BECKER JOHN B 97 Brig Louise BECKER JOHN 120 Steamship Deutschland BECKER JOHN 397 SS America BECKER JOHN 42 Ship Emma BECKER JOHN 53 Brig Columbia BECKER JOHN 57 Brig Columbia BECKER JULIANE 46 SS Hammonia BECKER JULIUS 31 Brig Louise BECKER KAROLA 49 SS Mozaffari BECKER L H 137 Steamer New York BECKER LORENZ 504 SS Ericsson BECKER LOUIS 358 SS Medway BECKER LOUISE 80 Steamship Deutschland BECKER LOUISE 82 SS Berlin BECKER LUDW U 128 SS Berlin BECKER LUDWIG 155 Clementine BECKER LUDWIG 281 SS Bremen BECKER MAGA 140 Steamer New York BECKER MAGDALENA 140 Ship Albert BECKER MARGARETH 56 Brig Columbia BECKER MARGARETHA 157 Steamer Teutonia BECKER MARIA 408 SS Medway BECKER MARIA 55 Brig Columbia BECKER MARY A 215 Steamer William Penn BECKER MATHIAS 502 Steamer Fulda BECKER MATHILDE 313 SS Bellona BECKER MATHS 567 Steamer Teutonia BECKER MGHT A 157 Steamer Teutonia BECKER MINA 145 Bark Therese BECKER MINNA 411 Steamer Fulda BECKER M RS H 14 SS France BECKER PETER 510 SS Ericsson BECKER PH 514 Steamer Hammonia BECKER PIS 68 Brig Chipola BECKER ROBT 496 Steamer New York
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