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  • Interview: Dead Man Walking School Theater Project
    Ignatius College Preparatory San Francisco The interview gives an overview of Greg s work with the project and how a school can become involved Sister Helen Prejean an internationally acclaimed human rights activist and the author of Dead Man Walking first conjured the idea in 1998 after reading a New Yorker magazine article that said Arthur Miller s play Death of a Salesman had been performed a million times Every day Miller s play was performed somewhere in the world according to the article Sister Helen realized that if Dead Man Walking could be made into a play it could also be reproduced endlessly thereby expanding its impact Sister Helen called her friend Tim Robbins who wrote produced and directed the film adaptation of her book and invited him to write a stage play of her story Tim accepted the invitation and challenge soon crafting a powerful stage adaptation Instead of taking the play to Broadway however Tim decided to use the play as a tool to create deeper reflections on the death penalty in our nation s high schools and colleges He required that any school producing the play must also agree to involve at least two other academic departments law sociology criminal justice etc to provide courses related to the death penalty and Dead Man Walking Art and music departments were also encouraged to develop related creative projects Discussion groups prison visitation and other activities were soon added to the mix Since the launch of the project in the fall of 2003 more than 220 high schools and colleges across the country have produced the play conducted academic courses on the death penalty and brought the issue to life on their campuses through art music and public education and action events Facebook 10 Google 0 Linkedin 0 Twitter 10 Tags Death Penalty Helen Prejean CSJ http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 03 dead man walking1 png 731 1091 Christopher Kerr http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 04 ISN Color Transparent Large png Christopher Kerr 2013 03 13 11 42 27 2013 12 13 14 24 03 Interview with Greg Callaghan National Coordinator of the Dead Man Walking School Theater Project You might also like Sr Helen Prejean Receives ISN s National Leadership Award Emma Coley Thomas Imhoff Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice 2013 Sr Helen Prejean C S J Over 1 200 to Ask Congress to Stand with Pope Francis at 18th Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice Death Penalty Restorative Justice Resources Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Death Penalty Saint Ignatius High School Welcomes 500 for Invisible Neighbors Teach In Jesuit s America Magazine Joins Diverse Catholic Journalistic Voices In Calling for End to Death Penalty in U S Maryland Repeal of Death Penalty 1 reply Trackbacks Pingbacks Ignatian Solidarity Network Maryland Repeal of Death Penalty says December 13 2013 at 2 23 pm 0 replies Reply Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion Feel free to contribute Leave a Reply Cancel

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  • Videos Archives | Ignatian Solidarity Network
    05 Screen Shot 2015 05 01 at 2 07 34 PM png 499 495 Christopher Kerr http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 04 ISN Color Transparent Large png Christopher Kerr 2015 05 01 14 10 42 2015 05 01 14 14 47 Loyola University Maryland Students Say We Have a Dream Videos Sr Simone Campbell S S S Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice 2012 March 17 2013 Sr Simone Campbell S S S executive director of NETWORK Catholic Social Justice Lobby reflects on the Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice 2012 theme Imagination Reform Moving Beyond the Margins for the 1 000 participants representing 60 universities high schools and parishes across the country Learn more about the Ignatian Solidarity Network at www ignatiansolidarity net http s3 amazonaws com media ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2012 11 simone campbell jpg 1365 2048 ISN Staff http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 04 ISN Color Transparent Large png ISN Staff 2013 03 17 19 07 27 2014 01 06 12 25 56 Sr Simone Campbell S S S Ignatian Family Teach In for Justice 2012 Homepage Videos Voices for Justice Interview with Greg Callaghan National Coordinator of the Dead Man Walking School Theater Project 1 Comment March 13 2013 Greg Callaghan is the director of the Dead Man Walking School Theater Project based in San Francisco California Greg is a graduate of Santa Clara University and Saint Ignatius Preparatory San Francisco The interview gives an overview of Greg s work with the project and how a school can become involved http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 03 dead man walking1 png 731 1091 Christopher Kerr http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 04 ISN Color Transparent Large png Christopher Kerr 2013 03 13 11 42 27 2013 12 13

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  • Gonzaga Students Join Governor O'Malley to Lobby Against the Death Penalty
    penalty something we have been learning about the past few weeks in ethics class We also had the opportunity to view the judiciary hearing on the bill advocating for repealing of the death penalty When arrived we were directed towards the Governor s office where through a fortunate turn of events we were able to take pictures with the Governor but even more importantly sit and talk with him for almost an hour while he ate lunch O Malley a Gonzaga grad knew a lot of what we were being taught about concerning the death penalty and explained how the same lessons we were learning had pushed him towards being against the death penalty The Governor also walked us through what his recent State of the State address which he informed us was heavily based on the teachings of Jesus in the twenty fifth chapter of Matthew s Gospel Overall our meeting with the Governor was very laid back and casual and for many of us brought some humanity to the politics we see so often on the news Despite all this the most incredible part of the day at least for myself was yet to come The day before my teacher had informed me that if I would like to I might have the opportunity to testify in front of a few people on my opinion on the death penalty It didn t hit me until later that evening that what Ms Murphy was referring to was actually going to be either the state senate or judiciary I was incredibly nervous but knew that it Matt Gannon shaking Governor O Malley s hand was a once in a lifetime opportunity to speak up for something I believed in We sat watching the Governor Lieutenant Governor Archbishop Lori and many other officials speak and finally it was my turn to take a seat I had a small speech prepared but when it came my turn to speak I spoke from the heart of how I d been raised and what Ms Murphy my ethics teacher had taught me I spoke about how a system with such inequalities could never be called justice and questioned how we could support a culture where the common sense not to kill is instilled in us from a young age but still use a legalized form of murder as retribution The entire day was a great experience and the feeling of standing up in a real way against something like the death penalty couldn t be beat Facebook 35 Google 141 Linkedin 0 Twitter 176 Tags Death Penalty Gonzaga College High School http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 03 matt gannon jpg 3139 3996 Christopher Kerr http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 04 ISN Color Transparent Large png Christopher Kerr 2013 03 11 14 10 32 2013 03 11 14 10 32 Gonzaga Students Join Governor O Malley to Lobby Against the Death Penalty You might also like Maryland Repeal of Death Penalty

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  • Socially Responsible Investing Resources
    and governance investing but regardless of the title SRI or ESG the meaning remains the same For Institutions Investors Investment Companies Calvert Investments As a leader in sustainable and responsible investing SRI Calvert offers a range of SRI strategies Recognizing that investors want choice in how they meet their financial goals and impact corporate responsibility and sustainability practices we offer three distinct approaches Domini Social Investments We are an investment firm specializing exclusively in socially responsible investing We manage funds for individual and institutional investors who wish to integrate social and environmental standards into their investment decisions First Affirmative Financial Network LLC First Affirmative creates and manages customized investment portfolios for individual and institutional clients that seek to align investment decision making with personal values and or institutional mission Working through a nationwide network of investment professionals we help clients invest in companies that contribute to clean healthy environment treat people fairly embrace equal opportunity create safe and useful products and support efforts to promote a more peaceful world Green Century Funds Founded by a partnership of non profit advocacy organizations Green Century provides investors who care about a clean healthy planet to use the clout of their investment dollars to encourage environmentally responsible corporate behavior At Green Century green investmenting means investing in a diverse array of companies that are helping to build a cleaner greener future for us all from small innovative wind power producers to large established firms using cleaner technologies to run their business and bring their products to market Neuberger Berman Socially Responsive Fund One of the world s first socially responsive funds among mainstream investment managers that includes an integrated investment process and social analysis no part of the process is outsourced The fund seeks long term growth of capital by investing primarily in securities of companies that meet the funds financial criteria and social policy Resources and Information Responsible Endowment Coalition The Responsible Endowments Coalition REC works to build and unify the college and university based responsible investment movement both by educating and empowering a diverse network of individuals to act on their campuses and by fostering a national network for collective action We empower young people to defend human rights and the environment while making both corporations and universities accountable to global stakeholders Our goal is to foster social and environmental change by making responsible investment common practice amongst colleges and universities and to support the next generation of activists with a new and powerful toolkit Green America Green America s mission is to harness economic power the strength through consumers investors businesses and the marketplace to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society UN Study of Studies on SRI The threat of climate change impacts the struggle to protect fragile ecosystems and the understanding of the economic and social impacts of urban and industrial pollution have embedded themselves in the global public perception as real and present dangers We cannot underestimate the influence of financial services and the potential impacts

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  • War and Peace | Ignatian Solidarity Network
    with a more perfect justice among men 179 In the end a peace which is not the re sult of integral development will be doomed it will always spawn new conflicts and various forms of violence World Day of Peace Jan 1 2014 No 7 I make my own the appeal of my predecessors for the non proliferation of arms and for disarmament of all parties beginning with nuclear and chemical weapons disarmament A conversion of hearts is needed which would permit everyone to recognize in the other a brother or sister to care for and to work together with in building a fulfilling life for all No 184 This is not the time or the place to examine in detail the many grave social questions affecting today s world some of which I have dealt with in the second chapter This Exhortation The Joy of the Gospel is not a social document and for reflection on those different themes we have a most suitable tool in the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church whose use and study I heartily recommend July 2015 hundredth anniversary of World War I Angelus St Peter s Square Never war Never war I think most of all about children whose hopes for a dignified life a future are dashed dead children wounded children mutilated children orphans children who have the leftovers of war for toys children who don t know how to smile Stop it please I beg you with all my heart It s time to stop John XXIII Peace on Earth 1963 No 137 Today the universal common good poses problems of world wide dimensions which cannot be adequately tackled or solved except by the efforts of public authorities endowed with a breadth of powers structure and means of the same proportions that is of public authorities which are in a position to act in an effective manner on a world wide basis The moral order itself therefore demands that such a form of public authority be established Vatican II The Church in the Modern World 1965 No 82 It is our clear duty then to strain every muscle as we work for the time when all war can be completely outlawed by international consent This goal undoubtedly requires the establishment of some universal public authority acknowledged as such by all and endowed with effective power to safeguard on the behalf of all security regard for justice and respect for rights Pope Paul VI The Progress of Peoples 1967 No 78 Who does not see the necessity of thus establishing progressively a world authority capable of acting effectively in the juridical and political sectors United Nations The Pope spoke of the horrors of war and the absolute necessity of world peace He pleaded with deep emotion in his voice No more war War never again O Malley Vat II p 263 John Paul II World Day of Peace Message 2005 No 9 Down the centuries the teaching of the Church

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  • 25th Anniversary of the Jesuit Martyrs of El Salvador
    15 year old daughter Celina Ramos were murdered at the University of Central America in San Salvador El Salvador The lives and loss of these martyrs have significantly influenced the Ignatian family in the United States and throughout the world Jesuit institutions have re defined what it is to be universities high schools parishes etc in light of the martyrs discerning new ways of addressing issues of social justice locally and abroad Across the Ignatian family new ways of proceeding have developed over the course of twenty five years ISN itself is a direct product of the spirit of the martyrs forming in response to their tragic deaths at the hands of many individuals who received training at the former U S Army School of the Americas Ignatian Solidarity Network invites you to join us in commemorating the lives and witness of the UCA martyrs throughout this 25th anniversary year We hope this website will help you to reflect on the martyrs impact on your life learn more about their witness and find share resources to commemorate the martyrs in your local institutions and communities Reflections on the Martyrs from the Ignatian Family November 20 2014 by Guest Blogger The Less Familiar Story Padre Cortina November 18 2014 by James Hug S J Ellacuría Are We Really Dead November 13 2014 by ISN Staff Rockhurst University Jesuits Reflect on Anniversary of Jesuit Martyrs Order Your Falling In Love In El Salvador The Jesuit Martyrs of the UCA Poster Prayer Cards Poster Front of Prayer Card Back of Prayer Card Commemorate the Jesuit martyrs of El Salvador and their companions with the special 25th anniversary poster The paintings were originally created by Mary Pimmel Freeman Rockhurst University 07 as a thesis project Since then the paintings have been displayed at the

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  • The Less Familiar Story: Padre Cortina | Ignatian Solidarity Network
    all those who had been killed at the UCA listed including his name He pulled his Jeep over to the side of the road and checked himself to make sure he was still alive before continuing his journey into the city I was lucky to get to know Padre in 2003 He had lunch with our group in Omaha before our trip as he was at graduation to receive an honorary doctorate from the university and to bless the floors of a residence hall that were going to house the inaugural Cortina Community the following academic year We also go to spend time with him in Guarjila attending a Mass over which he presided But I was also lucky enough that I got to spend several hours with him later that summer when he returned to Creighton for a reunion with his classmates with whom he had studied in the United States during his Jesuit formation Two months after I had stood in the Rose Garden at the UCA and wept I sat in the Jesuit Gardens at Creighton with one of the surviving community members of the UCA community It was hard not to start picturing the lives of the Jesuits who were molding and shaping me through my time at Creighton sprawled across the lawn the comparison needed no verbal acknowledgement We talked for several hours about a variety of things but mostly I listened to Padre share stories from El Salvador most of them from during the war and many of them about his brother Jesuits So I immediately asked Fabio if he had known Fr Cortina And not only had he he then shared a story that I had heard Cortina tell on several occasions As a professor of engineering Cortina still felt compelled to talk about social justice in his class or politics as some of his students saw it One day several complained to Cortina that they felt they weren t learning enough about engineering because he spent so much time on social issues So he decided to give them what they were asking for The next day he gave them a quiz over all the engineering material they should have memorized by that point in the semester No one did particularly well and they begged him to go back to talking about politics Which he did I can only guess whether or not Padre told them why he talked so much about politics but his explanation to me made perfect sense students can read the formulas in a book but they can t read about what s really happening in their country in a book Fr Cortina passed away in 2005 several weeks after suffering a stroke His legacy lives on in his students who learned about the reality of their country and in Pro Búsqueda the organization he founded to help reunite families who had been torn apart during the war by the military who routinely took the children of those deemed

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  • Ellacuría: Are We Really Dead?
    be simultaneously somewhat prophetic and paradoxical the United States is in a much worse situation than Latin America Because the United States has a solution but in my opinion it is a bad solution both for them and for the world in general Ignacio Ellacuría S J What is that solution The capitalist market system we live in and the democracy that governs it and vice versa Why is that a bad solution both for us and for the world in general Ellacuría s reply It can t be universalized and so is not a solution for the whole human family It is therefore immoral It can t be universalized because there aren t enough resources on this planet for everyone to live as the U S the European Union or even the Asian Tigers do This then requires tragic choices about who will live and who will die especially what percentage of the population living in poverty is going to survive Who will make those decisions if they re not to be left to the heartlessness of the market And let me add The way those resources are being exploited now is changing the global climate in dangerous destructive ways The system is clearly functioning to make the rich richer the middle class and the poor poorer the statistics are there for those willing to look honestly The politicians whose policies will make the life and death decisions Ellacuría referred to are indentured to the wealthy who finance their campaigns More and more people realize that this assessment is not only prophetic and paradoxical it is disturbingly true More and more students know that the current societal status quo does not promise them a future Meanwhile our politicians and media preach the gospel of economic growth through consumption I know your works that you have the reputation of being alive but you are dead More and more of us need to stand up and say this out loud But can we find real life What are the emerging alternatives to this system Are we teaching and studying them Facebook 210 Google 0 Linkedin 0 Twitter 210 Tags Ignacio Ellacuria SJ http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2014 11 Screen Shot 2014 11 18 at 3 35 39 PM png 250 250 James Hug S J http ignatiansolidarity net wp content uploads 2013 04 ISN Color Transparent Large png James Hug S J 2014 11 18 15 37 08 2014 12 11 13 46 46 Ellacuría Are We Really Dead You might also like Here in El Salvador Life is Worthless JustLent March 7th Blood Ink The Jesuit Martyrs Prophetic Work for Justice 3 replies José Mulligan says November 20 2014 at 5 30 pm Very important and challenging reflection Jim If I can sneak in an ad here readers may find useful some videos of my recent talks on the Jesuit martyrs which can be found at YouTube com on my channel josephmulligan1 Peace Joe Mulligan SJ Managua Reply

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