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  • What about Gluten? — IBS—Free at Last!
    flat abdomen and said out loud WHOSE BODY IS THIS I am so so grateful there are no words If these fermentable sugars and fibers are your problem you re on the road to Glory Land Good luck Amazon reader review of IBS Free at Last February 28 2013 Many people with IBS find they feel better when they don t eat wheat and gluten free eating is one of the most popular lifestyles today But wheat is more than just gluten Wheat contains a complex assortment of proteins carbohydrates and fats If you react poorly to wheat it s important to learn more about the difference between the protein in wheat versus its carbohydrates Sometimes people have bad reactions to one of the many proteins in wheat Examples Gluten is the wheat protein that causes the symptoms of celiac disease Celiac disease can cause gas bloating abdominal pain constipation or diarrhea but symptoms aren t necessarily limited to the gastrointestinal GI tract The affected person can experience anemia achy joints infertility osteoporosis and more Gluten can cause an itchy rash called dermatitis herpetiformus too Several different wheat proteins can cause classic food allergies or food sensitivities Non celiac gluten sensitivity NCGS is a newly recognized condition that occurs when a person has a bad reaction to gluten but does not have celiac But there the story starts to get complicated because gluten grains wheat barley and rye are complicated Wheat barley and rye also contain certain carbohydrates fructans which can cause IBS symptoms for some people Fructans are a type of dietary fiber one of the FODMAP carbohydrates Because the US diet revolves around wheat it s by far the biggest food source of fructans for Americans It s not hard to see how much overlap there is between

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  • Low FODMAP diets and nutrients at risk — IBS—Free at Last!
    alarmed and no call for some of the scary headlines I ve seen lately Some people will write anything to get your attention with words like warning and danger especially when they are trying to sell you an alternate solution to your problem Even responsible doctors and writers can sometimes be too quick to assume that a low FODMAP diet must be short on nutrients It is possible to meet your nutrient needs on a varied low FODMAP diet with the possible exception of prebiotic fiber Trouble with meeting nutrient needs does not come from the low FODMAP diet per se but from the addition of other dietary restrictions that people place upon themselves or that result from their other medical conditions For example people who don t eat any animal products are going to have to plan very carefully to meet their needs for protein and vitamin B 12 because legumes are limited on the diet and because only animal products contain B 12 People who don t like vegetables might have difficulty consuming enough vitamins from food but that was probably true before they ever even heard of FODMAPs People with very high calorie needs might have to plan carefully to meet them given the limited portion sizes of many foods on the low FODMAP diet Such people should be working with a dietitian to get as close as they can to adequate intake of nutrients from food People without other dietary restrictions should eat a wide variety of low FODMAP foods to consume a nutrient rich diet What about prebiotic fiber What are prebiotics and how can you get them on a low FODMAP diet A dietary prebiotic is a selectively fermented ingredient that results in specific changes in the composition and or activity of the gastrointestinal microbiota thus conferring benefit s upon host health ILSI Europe 2013 In other words they are food components that are believed to encourage the growth of good bacteria in the gut After all bacteria in the gut do perform some important services for the human body and we don t want to starve them out altogether we are just aiming to keep the rate of fermentation at a tolerable level Oligosaccharides short chain fibers are considered prebiotics and a low FODMAP diet deliberately limits these Oligos are not the only potential prebiotics however though they are the most widely known Resistant starches are another food component that are considered prebiotic Researchers are actively working to find out how the theoretical risk of reduced prebiotic intake affects the good work of the gut microbiome Follow these tips to get as close as you can to consuming enough prebiotic fiber and resistant starch Good sources of prebiotic fiber and resistant starches Eat a wide variety of low FODMAP foods Don t avoid foods that contain oligos in small amounts just eat them in the suggested portions and not too many in the same meal or snack In the IBS Free at Last

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  • GastroDiet 2015 — IBS—Free at Last!
    spending a few days with over one hundred researchers gastroenterologists and dietitians from around the world to learn and share about FODMAPs Where else could one hope to chat about fructooligosaccharides and polyols over perfect cappuccinos with the very individuals who are producing ground breaking research in their labs and clinics Where else could one have a lovely Italian meal in an ancient Medici castle including a before dinner talk about rumination fermentation and the fecal microbiome Some people might not appreciate that as proper dinner table conversation but it fit right in at GastroDiet 2015 Several of us live tweeted the event so if you d like to learn more search twitter for gastrodiet A few highlights Dr Peter Gibson organizing the speaker photo on the last afternoon of the conference a little like herding cats Dr William Chey There is mounting evidence that links food to the pathogenesis of IBS yet too few GI doctors have a dietitian as part of the treatment team Dr Jane Muir The long awaited iOS update to the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App became available on the first day of the conference My favorite new information Traditionally made long fermentation sourdough breads are low in FODMAPs even those made with white and whole wheat flour Dr Emma Halmos IBS isn t always about the food It is a multi factorial condition so we must have realistic expectations for diet and use other treatment modalities as needed For example PhD candidate Simone Peters reports that gut directed hypnotherapy is as effective as low FODMAP diet for IBS Dr Peter Gibson So far there is no evidence of an anti inflammatory effect of low FODMAP diet in patients with Crohn s or ulcerative colitis PhD candidate CK Yao Breath tests in IBS are

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  • How We Met — IBS—Free at Last!
    years ago when Lisa and Karen met at the local gym in the Boston area and struck up a friendship Little did they know they would be future collaborators on a book project Lisa confided in Karen regarding her worsening IBS symptoms and Karen who is a pediatric dietitian recommended she consider a FODMAP elimination diet which was helping some of her pediatric IBS patients Lisa in addition to being an amazing cook and gluten free baker has a background as research scientist and she was immediately impressed by the science behind the diet She got a copy of my book IBS Free at Last and started the elimination phase of the diet She was skeptical at first because the diet omitted many of the high fiber foods she had been told for many years should be helping her IBS they didn t But within days she knew she was on her way to a whole new chapter of her life feeling better and better It wasn t long before she had developed a huge collection of low FODMAP recipes and they were getting rave reviews from her friends and family and even from her two teenagers and their friends When Karen learned of this growing recipe collection she realized how much it would help her pediatric IBS patients and their families It s not easy to follow a low FODMAP diet especially in a family with children A book full of recipes developed with kids in mind all suitable for the elimination phase of the diet would make it so much easier So Karen and Lisa decided to write a cookbook together At about the same time Karen and I met each other for the first time when we were seated together at a professional event in Chicago Little

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  • Dining out and FODMAPs — IBS—Free at Last!
    a low FODMAP diet when dining out It takes a minimum of 10 minutes to do a good job explaining FODMAPs to someone who has never heard of it before you re just not going to do justice to the topic in 30 seconds with your restaurant server no matter how hard you practice beforehand Here are some tips for dining out that might help you get the sort of meal you are looking for It helps to be a regular Start with those restaurants you visit most often You might also have good luck with national chain restaurants such restaurants have professional menu developers and documentation available for ingredients allergens in each menu item For a thorough discussion about your special dietary needs make an appointment or at least call the day before around 4 pm the slowest time of the day in most restaurants Many restaurants are trying to cater to diners on gluten free diets so that is a good place to start since a gluten free diet automatically excludes fructan containing grains If you have to explain what you need in a real hurry say gluten free with no onions garlic sauce or gravy You and I know that gluten isn t a FODMAP but there is no need to try to explain all that to the restaurant staff so save your breath You can then go on to review the major ingredients and available substitutions for each meal Choose simply prepared mains without sauces since they often contain FODMAPs Grilled steak shrimp or chicken is often available Grilled or broiled fish and seafood hold the crumbs works well too FODMAP friendly side dishes include tossed salad hold the onions with oil and vinegar baked potato french fries or plain rice not pilaf and simply prepared

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  • Spelt v. Wheat and FODMAPs — IBS—Free at Last!
    of wheat and spelt fructans would be the main FODMAP of concern It is irrelevant whether these foods contain gluten as gluten is not a FODMAP ANSWER My first loaf of homemade sourdough bread Will sourdough bread prove to be low in FODMAPs A person can eat wheat products on a low FODMAP diet as long as they are low in fructans for example we would expect wheat starch or wheat germ oil to be low in fructans due to processing so they are suitable for a FODMAP elimination diet Breads made with wheat have so far proved to contain too many fructans to be suitable on the elimination phase of the diet I am hopeful we might someday have some data from Monash about breads made with traditional two day sourdough fermentation methods It seems possible they might be lower in fructans if the microbes in the sourdough starter eat up most of the fructans for us Several types of sourdough bread were included among the 80 loaves of bread from the US that my husband and I delivered to Monash University in 2013 but the results are as yet unpublished It s also possible though unproven that sprouting grains could reduce FODMAP content UPDATE August 2014 Although raw data has not been published the latest Monash app update gives a green light to sourdough breads made from wheat flour both white and whole wheat These breads are suitable for the elimination phase of the diet Great news for bread lovers Updates for my teaching tools and books will suggest a limit of 2 slices per meal Sprouted wheat breads were not low enough in FODMAPs to be suitable for the elimination phase of the diet As for spelt which is indeed an ancient variety of wheat several spelt

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  • Can adding glucose improve fructose absorption? — IBS—Free at Last!
    scientific standpoint aid in the digestion and allow small portions of problem high fructose foods ie apples pears honey so long as they were accompanied by a predominantly glucose food Is this a potential way to include small portions of these foods in the diet I have not experimented with this yet but I wondered if you could comment on the science behind the theory Thanks in advance I B Answer Yes adding some glucose also known as dextrose to a high fructose food should theoretically enhance fructose absorption and improve fructose tolerance to a degree that probably varies from one person to the next Update November 2015 At Gastrodiet 2015 PhD candidate Caroline Tuck shared some unpublished data that indicates despite its effect on enhancing fructose absorption IBS symptoms reported by the 26 test subjects did not significantly improve when dextrose was added to the test dose of fructose In other words adding dextrose to fructose is not likely to be an effective coping strategy for people with IBS Read my blog on fructose intolerance fructose malabsorption and FODMAPs One of the mechanisms for fructose absorption in the small intestine requires an equal amount of glucose to be present in order to operate efficiently and move the fructose out of the gut and into the bloodstream If there s no glucose around the fructose gets stranded in the gut That is why fruits with excess fructose relative to glucose are not suitable for low FODMAP diets Can adding glucose to these high fructose fruits make it easier for people with fructose malabsorption to tolerate them Its not hard to buy glucose dextrose and try for yourself whether adding some dextrose to high fructose foods like fruit or honey will improves your tolerance Tablets sold at the pharmacy for diabetics

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  • IBS Awareness: Let's Share [contest closed] — IBS—Free at Last!
    actually a lot smaller than I though it would be considering the big impact that it has made on the world it was just one room really with a few freezers lab benches and a desk or two Kelly and C K showed me around the lab Between their shoulders you can see the table top equipment that measures the FODMAPs in food Kelly the lab tech and C K a graduate student at Monash showed me the high performance liquid chromatography machine that is used to measure the FODMAPs in the lab samples Analysis is a complicated process that begins with getting multiple representative samples of the item to be tested combining and freeze drying them preparing a test solution of the samples finally running them through the test protocol and documenting every step of the way It is an expensive and involved process and the focus at first was on whole foods fruit vegetables whole grains and so on Later that year the Monash University Low FODMAP iphone app came out and it has been very well received by IBS sufferers around the globe But sometimes it isn t enough to know about tomato sauce in general or generic Australian bread We d like to know about the FODMAP content of specific brand name foods we could find in our local grocery stores Enter the Monash University Low FODMAP Certification Program My husband in the Sydney airport rearranging the 80 loaves of U S bread that we hand carried to the lab at Monash The research process takes a long time FODMAP content of these breads has still not been published Manufacturers will be able to submit their products for testing at Monash s lab for a fee My understanding is that products meeting the criteria for low

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