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  • FODMAP News — IBS—Free at Last!
    29 2014 FODMAPs in food Brand name products FODMAPs and Protein Powders Patsy Catsos May 29 2014 FODMAPs in food Brand name products Protein powder for your low FODMAP smoothie Learn how to choose one Most people can easily meet their protein needs with food alone on a low FODMAP diet but sometimes a protein powder is called for Smoothies are popular and delicious breakfasts or snacks but they can quickly become FODMAP bombs with the wrong protein powder in them Athletes in training or underweight patients often ask about protein powders suitable for a low FODMAP diet too Protein supplements are not right for some people so please seek advice from your health care provider if you have any medical conditions besides your IBS These products are NOT meant to be sole sources of nutrition They are used in addition to a wide variety of low FODMAP foods and beverages The following protein supplements appear to be suitable for a low FODMAP diet based on the listed ingredients and the nutrition info provided by the manufactures web sites as of this writing They have not been lab tested for FODMAPs Note that other flavors by the same companies and in the same line of products may contain FODMAPs such as fructose or xylitol Always double check the list of ingredients before you buy Nutribiotic Organic Rice Protein Powder vanilla plain chocolate mixed berry Dr Sears Zone Protein Powder Jarrow Brown Rice Protein Concentrate vanilla berry chocolate contain several gums Gums are not FODMAPs but are fermentable and can sometimes be poorly tolerated Solgar Whey to Go Whey Protein Powder 98 lactose free vanilla Biochem 100 Whey Protein Powder vanilla chocolate natural contains xanthan gum PreProtein Whey Protein Isolate 6 grams Powder Optimum Nutrition 100 Whey Gold Standard Vanilla Ice Cream appears to contain 1 gram of lactose with lactase enzyme added to help digest it Unjury unflavored Jay Robb Egg White Protein unflavored Perfect Fit vanilla chocolate contains gum There are hundreds of protein powders on the market and they can include any and all types of FODMAPs I can t review them all but here are some questions to ask yourself as you try to evaluate them What is the source of the protein Egg white is OK Rice is OK Whey protein isolate is OK Whey protein concentrate is only OK if a lactose free claim is also made 98 or better is probably fine for all but the most lactose intolerant people Soy protein probably has FODMAPs Soy protein isolate is an unknown If truly an isolate then it would have been separated from the fiber in the soy so might be OK Hemp protein is an unknown with respect to FODMAP status Pea protein of any kind is an unknown but probably has FODMAPs What is the source of the sweetener Sugar is OK Dextrose is OK Maltodextrins are probably OK but a little difficult to say for sure because this term refers to a

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  • Getting Enough Fiber on a Low-FODMAP Diet — IBS—Free at Last!
    your low FODMAP diet needn t be low in fiber Here are some good fiber sources suitable for a FODMAP elimination diet Low FODMAP fiber dos and don ts Quinoa is a good low FODMAP source of fiber brown rice and brown rice products rice bran 2 tablespoons cornmeal polenta oatmeal 1 2 cup cooked oat bran 2 tablespoons quinoa potatoes especially with skins low FODMAP vegetables and fruits nuts and nut butters one handful or 2 tablespoons no cashews or pistachios seeds and seed butters one handful or 2 tablespoons canned drained lentils 1 2 cup chia seeds whole or ground 2 tablespoons tempeh 3 ounces How much fiber is enough We could talk numbers but why focus on something that might add to your stress level if you can t make the target Sure fiber is good for you But too much of a good thing is not if it causes you miserable gastrointestinal symptoms I usually tell my patients to simply eat as much naturally fiber rich low FODMAP food such as those listed above as they can tolerate I don t recommend processed foods with added isolated food fibers for people with IBS who are following low FODMAP diets These are common causes of excess gas and bloating Examples of these isolated food fibers to avoid are inulin chicory root chicory root extract beet fiber corn fiber soy fiber citrus fiber and other ingredients that are added to food to boost up the fiber content Gluten free breads and baked goods often have added fibers because they would be otherwise poor fiber sources If the marketing message on the front of the package says Now with more fiber be sure to read the fine print of the ingredients section Some of these are known to be

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  • FODMAPs and International Food Terms — IBS—Free at Last!
    voice for your book and stick to it Naturally my voice is American English since I live in the United States but I know I have readers around the globe Today s post is devoted to making the language in my book IBS Free at Last more accessible to those living elsewhere I ll start the conversation with an excerpt from my 2014 publication the Flavor without FODMAPs Cookbook What else should be on this list I m going to leave the comments for this post open for the next few months and I will update and expand the list of terms using your suggestions so please do take the time to write in Appetizer is also known as starter Arugula is also known as rocket Baking soda is also known as bicarbonate of soda Beet greens are also known as silverbeet Bell pepper is also known as a sweet pepper or capsicum Butternut squash is also known as butternut pumpkin Canned is also known as tinned Cantaloupe is also known as a rockmelon Cilantro is also known as coriander leaf C onfectioner s sugar is also known as icing sugar or powdered sugar Cookies are also known as biscuits Corn syrup is also known as glucose syrup Cornmeal is also known as maize flour Cornstarch is also known as cornflour Dessert is also known as pudding or afters Eggplant is also known as aubergine Endive is also known as chicory or witloof Garbanzo beans are also known as chickpeas Granulated sugar is also known as table sugar white sugar or sucrose Green onions are also known as spring onions or scallions Grilling is also known as barbecuing Ground meats are also known as minced meats Ketchup is also known as tomato sauce Muffin is also known as quick bread

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  • Need to Gain Weight? High-Calorie, Low-FODMAP Foods — IBS—Free at Last!
    is for the rest of us to lose it High calorie intake may be needed for weight gain or to support high levels of activity such as training for a marathon or working at a demanding physical job One memorable patient of mine was a tall slightly underweight 18 year old male college student who had a very physical summer job played soccer for a couple hours after work most nights and had a lovely mom who prepared mostly vegetarian food read beans at home and plenty of it He had to consume thousands of calories a day to support his calorie needs how can someone with IBS do this without blowing up It is helpful to recall that oils do not contain any FODMAP carbohydrates Oils contribute 9 calories per gram versus only 4 calories per gram from protein and carbohydrate So the 1 weight gain strategy for FODMAP sensitive individuals or those on the elimination phase of the diet is to EAT MORE HEALTHY FATS such as olive oil canola oil any kind of nut or seed oil I think coconut oil is over rated as a healthy fat but it is low in FODMAPs so go ahead and eat more of it if you must gain weight for your health and if your doctor or dietitian agrees I know I know you ve always read that people with IBS shouldn t eat too much fat but is that really true for you Try it and see for yourself before you limit your fat intake unnecessarily based on over generalized advice You might be able to tolerate more healthy fat than you think There is a huge difference between a tablespoon of olive oil 13 5 grams of fat and a Bloomin Onion 134 grams of fat ouch Just because greasy fried foods make you feel sick doesn t mean you can t try some olive oil on your salad or drizzle your roasted veggies liberally with it If you have to limit fat intake because of another medical condition seek the help of a registered dietitian to help you plan your weight gain Many high protein foods are low FODMAP source of calories for weight gain again because they are automatically low in both sugars and fibers potential FODMAPs If you need to gain weight and you don t have any other health issues such as kidney stones or kidney disease that would make it inadvisable to eat more protein you might try bigger portions of the following foods Which foods are high in protein and calories but low in FODMAPs Learn what to eat for IBS if you need to gain weight Beef Pork Chicken Turkey Fish Seafood Lactose free milk Lactose free yogurt or kefir Lactose free cottage cheese Aged Cheeses Eggs Puddings and custards made with lactose free milk eggs and granulated sugar Firm or medium tofu Unseasoned Not silken Tempeh This is a fermented soybean food Make sure it is unseasoned Seitan Seitan

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  • Comparison of the FODMAP approach with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) — IBS—Free at Last!
    explain the SCD the rest of this post assumes that you are familiar with the basics of the SCD For more SCD information click here I d like to highlight just a few similarities and differences between the SCD and the FODMAP elimination diet The main similarity between the two diets is the idea that poorly absorbed carbohydrates are fermented by colonic microbes and that symptoms result The differences I believe are due to new developments in our understanding of sugar absorption and malabsorption and to advances in food technology that had not taken place at the time Ms Gotschall wrote her book Apples how do FODMAP and SCD diets differ about apples and other foods that are naturally high in fructose One significant difference between the two diets arises out of the now better understood role of dietary fructose intolerance as a cause of GI symptoms The SCD relies heavily on honey as a sweetener Honey has a lot of excess fructose and is not allowed on the FODMAP elimination diet Apples are another example of a naturally high fructose food allowed on the SCD but not on the FODMAP elimination diet On the other hand granulated sugar is allowed on the FODMAP diet but not on the SCD We know now that fructose is actually well absorbed when an equal amount or greater of glucose is present at the same time as it is in granulated sugar fructose On the SCD homemade 24 hour fermented yogurt and certain cheeses were the only milk products allowed because they were low in lactose With the availability of lactose free milk cottage cheese sour cream and ice cream on the market today the FODMAP elimination diet allows a wider variety of milk products An important philosophical difference regards adherence to the

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  • Fermentation and FODMAPs — IBS—Free at Last!
    the intestines expand picture a tube shaped balloon expanding as it is blown up The abdominal wall gently expands to accommodate this and the gas is eventually either passed as flatus or absorbed into the blood stream That s all normal too But for unknown reasons in people with IBS the expansion of the intestine is sometimes experienced as a painful sensation What is it about FODMAPs that make fermentation a problem for some people What happens when gut bacteria eat your lunch The answer is a common cause of bloating and abdominal pain learn how to keep it in check Rapid fermentation Some carbohydrates are fermented more rapidly than others such as those that are defined as FODMAPs a diet loaded with FODMAPS might cause rapid gas production Rapid gut distension could follow Excess gas production could be a problem too Poor absorption Lactose and fructose FODMAPs again can be poorly absorbed by some people which presents extra food to the intestinal bacteria No one fully absorbs sugar alcohols like mannitol and sorbitol And fiber is never digested or absorbed by humans that s part of what defines them as fiber Fast intestinal transit time due to a virus inflammatory bowel disease celiac disease or non FODMAPs food sensitivity If the dietary carbohydrates are rushing past your small intestine before they can be absorbed again excess food may be presented to the bacteria in the large intestine It stands to reason that limiting rapidly fermentable carbohydrates FODMAPs would cut down on sharp increases in gas production We wouldn t want to squelch fermentation altogether though as it is a normal part of human physiology and some of the products of fermentation are good for us That s one reason that the FODMAP elimination phase of the diet is meant

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  • Foods with Unknown FODMAP Status — IBS—Free at Last!
    about FODMAPs Blog Dietitians Find a FODMAP dietitian FODMAP CPE Events Goods and Services About Patsy Catsos Media GI Nutrition Inc Contact Patsy Catsos Disclaimer and Disclosures Free Downloads In English En español Books Books in Print Meet the Authors Search Patsy Catsos June 10 2014 FODMAPs in food Foods with Unknown FODMAP Status Patsy Catsos June 10 2014 FODMAPs in food This is a list of foods with no published FODMAP data available I am posting it so that when you search my site you will find some kind of an answer to your query I ll add to or subtract from it it as time goes along To be on the safe side I do not recommend any of these foods during the elimination phase of the diet The FODMAP status of many foods is unknown This nutritional yeast for example contains a surprising amount of fiber Is it OK for your elimination diet Algae Aloe vera Beet fiber Citrus fiber Coconut palm sugar Corn fiber Flax Seeds Hemp Hemp fiber Hemp protein powder Jicama Kombucha Molasses Monk fruit Nutritional yeast Pea protein powder Pomegranate seeds Monash app says 1 2 cup is high in oligo fructans but

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  • Cheese and FODMAPs — IBS—Free at Last!
    during the aging process Aged cheeses are virtually lactose free and are suitable for the elimination phase of a FODMAP diet They don t have to be hard they just have to be aged Even softer aged cheese like Brie or Camembert are lactose free Some cheeses are not aged including mozzarella chèvre goat cheese cream cheese marscapone American cottage cheese ricotta queso fresco and feta These can have more lactose depending upon how much whey remains in the cheese Is this cheese lactose free Learn how to read a cheese label for the three most important FODMAP facts It is an easy trick to figure out whether a given cheese contains lactose It does not have to say lactose free on the front of the package Look at the Nutrition Facts for three things First check the ingredients to make sure there are no added sugars sugar is rarely added to cheese products If there are any added sugars this trick does not apply Then check the Sugars line Any lactose milk sugar in the cheese would show up on that line If it says Sugars 0g then the cheese is lactose free or very close to it they are allowed to round down to zero if the amount of lactose in the cheese is 4g or less Very few people would be unable to tolerate 4g of lactose What is the portion size 1 slice of this cheese is a 3 4 oz serving What would happen if you ate 6 or 8 of these slices If this were a cheese with 4 grams of lactose shown as zero on the label the lactose could add up couldn t it Lactose free cottage cheese will still show some grams of sugar on the Sugars line but those sugars

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