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  • IBS—Free at Last!
    Learn more about FODMAPs Blog Dietitians Find a FODMAP dietitian FODMAP CPE Events Goods and Services About Patsy Catsos Media GI Nutrition Inc Contact Patsy Catsos Disclaimer and Disclosures Free Downloads In English En español Books Books in Print Meet the Authors Search Q IBS A FODMAPs Spell relief your way If you have irritable bowel syndrome IBS the FODMAP approach can help you find the diet that s right for you Click here for a short video tour of the resources on this site Welcome IBS sufferers Welcome Registered Dietitian Nutritionists Welcome to IBS Free at Last You ve come to the right place to learn about a new way of eating for IBS One size fits all diets for IBS are gone for good A FODMAP elimination diet helps up to 75 of people with IBS And it works fast Most people begin to feel better right away Is the FODMAP elimination diet right for you As a dietitian skilled in the delivery of the FODMAP elimination diet you can customize the diet to your patient s specific nutrition needs With you as a guide each IBS patient will get the best possible outcome from this evidence based

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  • What is IBS? — IBS—Free at Last!
    archaea that live in the human digestive tract Each person s gut microbiome is as unique as a fingerprint Although IBS research is one of the most active areas in medicine today we still do not fully understand why people have it There are probably multiple interwoven strands of causation with the gut microbiome at the core People with IBS have a less diverse community of microbes living in their gastrointestinal tracts and those microbes produce different types and amounts of gas compared to those residing in people without IBS In some cases overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine SIBO may occur Abnormal motility gut muscle function may be a problem for some people with IBS It can be triggered by too much or certain types of gas or fluid in the gut People with IBS may experience more pain than other people do from sensations that occur when excess gas or fluid build up in the large or small intestine we call this visceral hypersensitivity Neurotransmitters such as serotonin which also regulate mood and response to stress are certainly involved Immune activation and inflammation are emerging as IBS triggers as well As these medical mysteries are solved and specific causes of gastrointestinal symptoms are recognized the diagnosis of IBS might be made less often But for now it remains the 6th most common diagnosis in primary care and a leading cause of referrals to gastroenterology specialists I d been struggling with digestive issues but could never quite figure out the cause This book has changed my life and helped me enjoy food again Amazon reader review of IBS Free at Last July 25 2013 If you have IBS you are not alone Up to 15 of adults have irritable bowel syndrome that s over 45 million people in

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  • IBS diagnosis — IBS—Free at Last!
    In English En español Books Books in Print Meet the Authors Search IBS diagnosis and treatment start with Your physician IBS What is IBS IBS diagnosis Treatment for IBS Typical IBS symptoms include abdominal discomfort or pain excess gas bloating and distention Bowel habits for people with IBS can be diarrhea predominant IBS D constipation predominant IBS C or mixed For many years irritable bowel syndrome IBS has been a diagnosis of exclusion Because there is no single reliable diagnostic test for IBS patients with gastrointestinal symptoms would often have a whole series of tests and procedures to rule out other illnesses or conditions if no medical explanation for the symptoms was found the patient would be sent home with a diagnosis of IBS This is still common practice in the clinical setting and it makes sense to a point Naturally your doctor wants to make sure he or she does not miss another treatable diagnosis particularly if alarm symptoms are present So called alarm symptoms suggest a more thorough workup is needed before a diagnosis of IBS can be assigned Fever passing blood anemia or other abnormal labs lack of appetite unintentional weight loss malnutrition symptoms waking you from sleep family history of colon cancer celiac disease Crohn s disease or ulcerative colitis onset after age 50 palpable mass sudden onset of persistent diarrhea Discuss these with your health care provider if present In the absence of alarm symptoms and depending on your age your doctor might be able to diagnose IBS based on your medical history and some basic blood work without ordering further tests This is a growing trend based on the latest practice guidelines for physicians At a minimum it is good medical practice to screen patients with gastrointestinal symptoms for celiac disease a relatively common

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  • Treatment for IBS — IBS—Free at Last!
    to do with their IBS symptoms or that their symptoms were all in their heads If they did get advice about diet they were told that everyone with IBS should avoid red meat high fat foods caffeine and alcohol It was taught as gospel that patients with IBS should eat more fiber A high fiber diet is certainly worth a try considering fiber s many well known health benefits However if a high fiber diet does not help or makes your symptoms worse instead of better its time to move on Today s best IBS treatments revolve around an individualized diet for each person with IBS the gut microbiome and the gut brain axis Knowing what we know now it seems obvious why IBS treatments of the past failed so often What is a FODMAP elimination diet Learn more about FODMAPs Of course appropriate food choices are not the only treatment for IBS though they are the focus of both this web site and IBS Free at Last Second Edition Though other treatments are outside the scope of this website they are acknowledged here Some people do find their IBS symptoms improve with adequate attention to a healthy lifestyle including stress management regular mealtimes adequate fluids exercise and rest Many people find that daily use of a high quality probiotic helps a great deal Disclosure I am a nutrition consultant for VSL 3 a high potency probiotic medical food for the dietary management of IBS This means I do projects and write materials for the company such as developing IBS friendly recipe s I don t sell VSL 3 products which are available behind the counter at retail pharmacies Gut directed hypnotherapy is a promising modality for stress management for retraining the gut brain axis to work more effectively together

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  • What is a FODMAP-Elimination Diet? — IBS—Free at Last!
    Jane Muir and Jacqueline Barrett found that a low FODMAP diet helped 75 85 of their IBS patients experience significant sustainable relief of their IBS symptoms A low FODMAP diet avoids foods containing certain sugars and certain fibers capable of causing diarrhea constipation gas bloating and abdominal pain in people with IBS Examples of FODMAPs include Don t worry you don t have to be a biochemist to try a low FODMAP diet I ve studied the science so you don t have to The term FODMAP was coined by Susan Shepherd and Peter Gibson of Monash University Australia Lactose also known as milk sugar found in milk yogurt and ice cream Fructose also known as fruit sugar found in fruit high fructose corn syrup honey and agave syrup Sorbitol mannitol and other ol sweeteners also known as sugar alcohols found in certain fruits and vegetables as well as some types of sugar free gums and candies Fructans a type of fiber found in wheat onions garlic and chicory root GOS a type of fiber found in beans hummus and soy milk These five types of FODMAPs have several things in common They can be poorly absorbed during the digestive process They are rapidly fermented by the bacteria that live in your gut They are capable of pulling fluid into the gut in a process called osmosis The increased fluid load along with the type and amount of gas produced cause distension and motility changes leading to bouts of IBS symptoms Symptoms are often delayed until hours after eating a high FODMAP meal or snack because it takes time for FODMAPs to make their way through the stomach and into the intestines where the effects occur By reducing the overall dietary load of these carbohydrates troublesome GI symptoms can be minimized or eliminated IBS Free at Last contains a detailed plan for a FODMAP elimination diet including menus label reading tips and more What is a FODMAP elimination diet An elimination diet is a learning diet with a strategy and a plan close monitoring of your symptoms will help you learn how the food you eat affects you A FODMAP elimination diet may be recommended by your doctor or dietitian At the beginning and if you are a good candidate for the diet you might be advised to limit all of the FODMAPs in your diet Soon it will be time to reintroduce FODMAPs one type at a time You may find that only one or two FODMAPs are responsible for most of your symptoms In the end most people find they can still have their favorite high FODMAP foods in moderation For example if you discover high FODMAP fruits are a problem area but apples are your favorite food your new knowledge can help you to decide how to handle it choose smaller apples eat just a few slices eat them less often or go for the gusto and endure the resulting belly ache The ultimate goal is for

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  • High and low FODMAP foods — IBS—Free at Last!
    amazing Foods that I thought were upsetting me were actually fine and other foods that I thought were okay were not Also I was relieved to discover that I was not as sensitive to as many foods as I had thought In fact after doing the elimination diet I was able to eat MORE things Amazon reader review of IBS Free at Last January 12 2014 You ll probably need some help getting started The FODMAP composition of our food supply is a slowly evolving collection of facts Most of the information used to create food lists in IBS Free at Last Second Edition and the Flavor without FODMAPs Cookbook was found in peer reviewed scientific literature published since 2007 Researchers at Monash University have authored several papers with FODMAP facts about Australian whole and processed foods Which foods are high FODMAP and which ones are low FODMAP That is a much more flexible matter and requires interpretation of the facts depending on the purpose and the professional opinion of the health care provider or writer The table below is not designed with any particular cut offs for high v low FODMAPs in mind but suggests relatively lower FODMAP options for some common higher FODMAP favorites As you will note many high FODMAP foods would typically be considered healthy choices For those who can tolerate them high FODMAP fruits vegetables milk products legumes and whole grains may be wonderful foods But people with IBS often have to limit their portions of these foods or suffer the consequences Luckily there are many nutritious low FODMAP foods to choose from The information in this chart is up to date as of August 2015 and supercedes information in my books or material published before that date Email Address Select Do we have your

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  • What about Gluten? — IBS—Free at Last!
    flat abdomen and said out loud WHOSE BODY IS THIS I am so so grateful there are no words If these fermentable sugars and fibers are your problem you re on the road to Glory Land Good luck Amazon reader review of IBS Free at Last February 28 2013 Many people with IBS find they feel better when they don t eat wheat and gluten free eating is one of the most popular lifestyles today But wheat is more than just gluten Wheat contains a complex assortment of proteins carbohydrates and fats If you react poorly to wheat it s important to learn more about the difference between the protein in wheat versus its carbohydrates Sometimes people have bad reactions to one of the many proteins in wheat Examples Gluten is the wheat protein that causes the symptoms of celiac disease Celiac disease can cause gas bloating abdominal pain constipation or diarrhea but symptoms aren t necessarily limited to the gastrointestinal GI tract The affected person can experience anemia achy joints infertility osteoporosis and more Gluten can cause an itchy rash called dermatitis herpetiformus too Several different wheat proteins can cause classic food allergies or food sensitivities Non celiac gluten sensitivity NCGS is a newly recognized condition that occurs when a person has a bad reaction to gluten but does not have celiac But there the story starts to get complicated because gluten grains wheat barley and rye are complicated Wheat barley and rye also contain certain carbohydrates fructans which can cause IBS symptoms for some people Fructans are a type of dietary fiber one of the FODMAP carbohydrates Because the US diet revolves around wheat it s by far the biggest food source of fructans for Americans It s not hard to see how much overlap there is between

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  • Is it for me? — IBS—Free at Last!
    has been brilliant for us My daughter s dietitian introduced us to the FODMAP idea but she was new to it herself so the information we got was sparse My daughter improved but she was living on rice chicken carrots and dry cornflakes We re following the elimination phase of the diet and she s eaten more fruit vegetables and nuts than I think she s ever eaten which bodes well for her future health Facebook comment on IBS Free at Last April 4 2014 The best candidates for the FODMAP elimination and challenge process can answer yes to the following questions Do you have digestive symptoms such as excess gas bloating abdominal pain diarrhea and or constipation Have you been properly evaluated by a health care professional and diagnosed with IBS or another condition that might benefit from a low FODMAP diet Has your doctor or dietitian recommended a FODMAP elimination diet Has celiac disease been ruled out Have you been unable to manage your symptoms with good health habits like regular meals managing stress and getting adequate amounts of fiber fluids and exercise Are you physically mentally and emotionally able to limit your diet for a period of time without endangering your health Are you willing and able to take on a dietary experiment iframe data provider name Is a FODMAP elimination diet right for you See this video I made as a nutrition consultant to VSl 3 a probiotic medical food for dietary management of IBS Some people may not be good candidates for an elimination diet including people with inflexible eating habits those who are medically mentally or emotionally fragile those who are at risk for eating disorders and those who do not have full control over their food purchasing and preparation In addition diet changes

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