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  • Huntington Beach, CA Real Estate
    oil extraction and real estate speculation Aspects of its history combine to make the city of Huntington Beach CA what it is today an oil producing vacation destination with some of the best surfing on the Pacific Coast The approximately 192 000 people who call Huntington Beach CA home are employed in a variety of sectors Oil production and manufacturing especially of airplane parts are two large industries There is also one hospital and several small career colleges that provide jobs Many people find employment in public education or local government but the sector that is poised to take over is tourism so those potential new residents with hospitality training will be well equipped for the future The things that attract growing numbers of tourists are the same things that will keep you busy and happy during your free time There are 8 5 miles of beaches with big surfable waves that roll in from as far away as New Zealand There are outdoor shopping malls and charming restaurants along the pier There s the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve a wetland full of birds and interesting plants And of course there are Surf City Nights activities every Tuesday Neighborhoods and Housing in Huntington Beach CA Now is a great time to buy into the Huntington Beach housing market Home prices in the United States and especially in Southern California have declined over the last several years bringing the city into the budget range of more people Two years ago in 2007 the average price of a house or condo was over 760 000 Now although homes are listing in the 790 000 range the average sale price is closer to 560 000 If you can afford the taxes and the high cost of Southern California living you can save about

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  • Buyers Information for Huntington Beach CA Real Estate
    Sell Should You Renovate Before Selling Common Selling Mistakes Listings About Me Contact About Huntington Beach Industry Project Self Sufficiency Education Community College Learn Tube Cutting Collision Repair Entertainment History Restaurants Community Health Care Huntington Beach Real Estate Resources Your search for homes in Huntington Beach begins here Buyers Information for Huntington Beach CA Real Estate Do Not Overpay for your Huntington Beach Home Huntington Beach Professional Home Inspections Tips

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  • How Not to Pay Too Much for your Huntington Beach Home
    just trying to get a started in the real estate market but if you need to be careful to get that foothold or even that perfect home without paying too much Here are some strategies to employ so that you aren t paying too much for your Huntington Beach home Give yourself time Real estate is a very tricky business for the buyer as often a person will be looking for a house to move into right away This often leads to people paying more than they probably should for a house Once you ve made up your mind to get a house of your own it can be hard to continue to pay rent but if you are just moving to Huntington Beach this might be the route you want to take as you look for a suitably priced house Feeling as if you have to buy right away will have you jumping at chances if you are willing to shop for a few months odds are you will be able to find a reasonable price Be flexible Too many people go house shopping with the house they want to buy already in mind how it looks how many rooms the yard In order to get a good price and not pay too much though you need to be prepared to be flexible in your housing expectations The perfect house ready to move into is going to come at a premium cost If you are flexible and willing to make some changes to the house after you move in you will be able to find a reasonable price You should also be willing to examine different neighborhoods around Huntington Beach as house prices will vary from community to community Don t be pressured Remember the house seller is interested

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  • Professional Home Inspections for Huntington Beach Real Estate
    making the exercise well worth the price of admission If you ve ever walked through a house pondering a purchase then you know that instinctively you are checking to ensure that there are no flaws Even if you have no practical knowledge in the matter the odds are pretty good that your agent will be able to point out some areas that need to be taken care of before or right after the purchase The state of the roof and the carpets are readily observed and the age of the furnace and hot water tank are bits of information that are easily collected But has the professional home staging consultant disguised some wonky walls with a fresh coat of paint or a clever furniture layout Is there a leak in the pipes between the upstairs bathroom and a downstairs bedroom that could mean a build up of mold or even rot in the ceiling joints What kind of insulation was used in the walls of the house and was it properly sealed in areas where moisture could accrue If the house was built in Huntington Beach previous to 1978 can you be sure that there is no lead paint present All of these questions which have to do with the hidden workings of the house can be answered by a Huntington Beach home inspector Part of the job of the inspector is to check any built in appliances and their piping to ensure that they are in good working order and that nothing is leaking If there is a concern an inspector can evaluate if any permanent or expensive damage has already been done or if a simple repair will stave off future costs Home sellers in Huntington Beach are usually cooperative with the idea of a home inspection in

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  • Helpful Huntington Beach Mortgage Tips
    Know your credit status If you are a credit card spender or have a couple of lines of credit or even if you have a financing option on a vehicle you ll want to check your credit rating before you apply It s a nasty surprise for your potential mortgage broker to be the one to tell you your credit rating isn t that great so make sure you know what it will say about you Check your credit report yourself There is potential for error in everything and the last place you want an error when applying for a mortgage is on your credit record Go over it carefully and make sure everything is recorded accurately Take care of as many outstanding items as you can right away The better your credit the more your mortgage can be so try to take care of as many outstanding bills as you can Be honest We re all tempted to exaggerate our income or minimize our debts when applying for a loan of any kind in order to be approved for more Don t think for a minute that they ll never know In the first place people who go over that application are trained to verify facts and to look for things that seem out of place In the second you might not want to be approved for a mortgage based on overstated earnings maintaining the payments could prove very difficult Organize You need to disclose a lot of personal information when you apply for a mortgage and it will go a lot quicker if you have everything ready beforehand Locate your last two income tax statements recent pay stubs investment accounts and bank records Having these ready to go may cut down on the number of appointments you need

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  • Avoid the Most Common Huntington Beach Home Buyer Errors
    for homes Pre approval for your mortgage amount before you start shopping for a house will provide you with a critical guideline when viewing properties If you fail to get approved beforehand your estimate as to how much you are able to spend on a home could be wrong and you may waste time on properties that are outside your ideal budget range Moreover the process of approval can take a while and you may find yourself losing out in a bidding war when the seller accepts an offer from a buyer with funds already in place Failing to have a home inspection done Getting the home you are interested in buying inspected before making an offer is something that many buyers fail to do to their detriment By paying the small price for the home inspection beforehand you may save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run Most buyers from those within Huntington Beach to those moving out of the area to Mississauga real estate and for sure their Realtors have an idea about how to judge the cosmetic parts of a house s makeup room layout paint and carpets appliances that kind of thing What an inspector will do is check the structural integrity and the bones of the building and make sure there aren t any hidden problems that could really cost you in a few months or years Failing to negotiate Buying a home in Huntington Beach is a business transaction and the price is not final Don t be scared to offer what you think is fair on the house rather than just agreeing to the asking price You can also bargain for additions to the package getting the sellers to leave some new appliances as part of the deal can save you a

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  • Sellers Information - Considerations when selling your Huntington Beach CA home
    Inspections Mortgage Tips Common Mistakes Negotiations Sellers Before You Sell Should You Renovate Before Selling Common Selling Mistakes Listings About Me Contact About Huntington Beach Industry Project Self Sufficiency Education Community College Learn Tube Cutting Collision Repair Entertainment History Restaurants Community Health Care Huntington Beach Real Estate Resources Your search for homes in Huntington Beach begins here Sellers Information Considerations when selling your Huntington Beach CA home Common Mistakes in

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  • Common Mistakes in Selling Huntington Beach Real Estate
    mistake areas Pricing Most of the time when we are talking about pricing mistakes in selling a home we are addressing the chronic issue of over pricing Over pricing is easy to understand after all real estate is a business transaction that calls for bargaining and many people assume a potential buyer will negotiate Unfortunately putting a price on your house that is too high may mean that many of these buyers who could well have negotiated will pass your home by thinking it s out of their range It s often better to price your house a bit lower and attract a greater number of interested Huntington Beach buyers While it does not happen quite as often sometimes sellers make the mistake of pricing their houses too low leading buyers to suspect there s something wrong with the house or the property Remember with pricing perception is everything It s the first detail about your home that most buyers will seek and they may make the decision not even to bother looking based on the asking price alone Cleaning Sure you know your house looks great when it s clean and that the fence is going to be easy to replace Keep in mind though that the potential buyers won t see that A house with areas in obvious need of repair or one that hasn t been thoroughly cleaned before a showing sends a message to the prospective buyer that it is hard to keep up or that it hasn t been well maintained over the years Again perception plays a big role and it s important that you don t take the little things for granted Make any necessary repairs before you start showing and spruce up the place vacuum dust do the dishes make the beds

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