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  • Injection MPG Miles Per Gallon MPH Miles Per Hour MPI Multi Port Injection MPV Multi Purpose Vehicle ms Millisecond MST MST Manifold Surface Temperature mV Millivolts MVZ MVZ Manifold Vacuum Zone NDIR Non Dispersive Infrared Nm Newton Metres NOX NOX Nitrogen Oxides NVRAM NVRAM Non Volatile Random Access Memory O2S O2S Oxygen Sensor OBD OBD On Board Diagnostic Self Test OBD STAT OBD On Board Diagnostic Status OC Oxidation Catalytic

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  • TPNP Transmission Park Neutral Position PNP Park Neutral Position PPM Parts Per Million PR PR Pressure Relief PROM PROM Programmable Read Only Memory PS Power Steering PSC PSC Power Steering Control PSI Pounds Per Square Inch PSP PSP Power Steering Pressure pt Pint PTC Pending Trouble Code PTOX PTOX Periodic Trap Oxidizer TOP Trap Oxidizer Periodic PWM PWM Pulse Width Modulation PWR Power to Weight Ratio Qt Quart RAM RAM

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  • Read Only Memory ROM Read Only Memory RON Rated Octane Number RPM RPM Revolutions per Minute RWD RWD Rear Wheel Drive SAS STEERING ANGLE SENSOR SC SC Supercharger SCB SCB Supercharger Bypass SCSV SHIFT CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE SEFI Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection SES Service Engine Soon light SFI SFI Sequential Fuel Injection Short Term FT Short Term FT Fuel Trim SIPS Side Impact Protection System SIS Side Impact Sensor SOHC

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  • System Readiness Test SS SS Shift Solenoid SSI Solid State Ignition ST ST Scan Tool STFT Short Term Fuel Trim SWB Short Wheel Base TAC TAC Throttle Actuator Control TAC Throttle Actuator Control TACH Tachometer TB TB Throttle Body Fuel Charging Station TBI TBI Throttle Body Fuel Injection TC Turbocharger TCC TCC Torque Converter Clutch TCCP TCCP Torque Converter Clutch Pressure TCM Transmission Control Module TCM TCM Transmission Control Module

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