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  • Blog | Green Gate Farms
    5 By Green Gate Farms on April 15 2014 in Blog CSA Recipes As spring arrives at the farm we re getting the last of the lush winter greens so time to savor those super nutritious greens in the kitchen with some new recipes and storage tips First off I ve got to feature something that celebrates one of my favorite times of the year Strawberry Season Even though we Continue Reading 2 Spring Summer CSA Newsletter Week 4A of 20 By Green Gate Farms on April 8 2014 in Blog CSA Farm News Newsletter Contents Notes From The Field with Farmer Jamie Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education Alice WatersNEW FARM INSTITUTE 2014 Spring Summer CSA Week 4A 1 Napa Cabbage 2 Mustard Greens 3 Swiss Chard 4 Mizuna 5 Green Onion Scapes 6 Green Continue Reading 0 Green Gate Farms Newsletter April 1 2014 By Green Gate Farms on April 2 2014 in Blog Farm News Newsletter Contents NOTES FROM THE FIELD with Farmer EvanUPCOMING EVENTSTXYFC Meet and Mingle Mixer Saturday April 5th 5pm 9pm Green Gate Farms You as a food buyer have the distinct privilege of proactively participating in shaping the world your children will inherit Joel Salatin Holy Cows Hog Heaven 2014 Spring Summer CSA Week 2B 1 Green Garlic Continue Reading 0 RecipeShare with Workshare Emily By Green Gate Farms on March 25 2014 in Blog CSA Recipes I m excited that this week s harvest will include an abundance of bok choy a great Chinese green that is part of the cabbage family It s loaded with calcium vitamins A C K and cancer fighting phytonutrients I tend to love it best in stirfrys like this recipe Champagne Braised

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  • Crash | Green Gate Farms
    every intersection Also crashing to a halt with me were our plans for the fall season Because of the drought and staffing issues we delayed the CSA start until mid October Now it will be more like mid November if we are lucky Adding to our worries about lack of transportation and income is that our landlord has increased the rent at our intown farm while Bastrop County has denied our ag exemption for a second year in a row because they don t understand organic vegetable farming This means that instead of our River Farm being taxed at an agricultural rate of about 1 200 we will be taxed at nearly 10 000 As we sort through these challenges and the pain in my neck we have been buoyed by the encouragement of our CSA Community Supported Agriculture members who have offered to help drive the kids to school and gifts of massage What is needed most now is to restore one of the tenants of a CSA a member s sense of ownership in a farm That is particularly true of the city farm Erin and I have invested our personal savings sweat and tears into a property we don t own to produce food and community and earth wise customers We ve had incredible help every inch of the way and more is needed to ready our Community Farm for Fall As we begin our ninth year of farming our plans are simple Improve infrastructure walk in greenhouse storage housing Develop Education Center build new livestock areas finish pavilion create outdoor learning stations teach more students Serve our neighbors expand farm stand classes trade food for work camps Here s how you can help Farm Clean up Day Saturday September 13 9 5 Carpenters painters plumbers and workers of all ages welcome as we revive the farm from its crispy siesta Help plant onions and garlic get plants started in greenhouse Participants encouraged to picnic in the Children s Garden attend Farm Talk on Starting Your Fall Garden Buy Pork or Pigs Delicious shares of Guinea Hog pork available 50 500 Live animals Guinea and Heritage hogs also available all ages and sizes 50 and up School to Farm Sponsor a Visit Encourage your teacher and human resource pals to book a tour service learning activity tailored to the group Just 10 per person Sponsors needed to fund requests from underserved schools October Workshops Bees and Butchering classes being scheduled for rabbit pig and chicken email us to reserve your spot info newfarminstitute org Landscaper and Lawyer Identify fund landscaper to mow tidy up the farms a lawyer to take up our case against Bastrop County Donate to New Farm Institute Help fund a first rate farm based education program for Austin See www newfarminstitute org About Farmer Skip Skip Connett s boyhood was spent on a magnificent farm in Pennsylvania that got its start in the 1700s His career has spanned journalism public health and farming

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  • End of the Row for Austin’s Last Tractor Dealership | Green Gate Farms
    many of the Lanford employees and all those shiny tractors have a new home there I can vaguely remember my first auction I lived in the heart of PA Dutch Country and my parents went regularly to these country outings looking for great furniture deals One piece was an old string bed with an ornate headboard crowned with a bust of George Washington They bought it for a dollar and I slept on it until I left home for college The bed often creaked in the middle of the night even when I lay completely still Ghost of its previous owner I imagined or old George trying to keep me awake My most memorable auction in famed Lancaster County was an impromptu diversion to a family reunion Erin and I had driven up from Atlanta with two young kids in the car and we thought it would be fun just to look around Like watching the reality show Breaking Amish we found men again in straw hats and black suspenders eyeing the forbidden fruit of the English toasters window ACs and other gadgets with plugs Then it was their turn to gawk at us as we tried to strap a 50s Schwinn bike and a 100 pound RCA Victrola on the roof I went to the Lanford auction with a strict budget at Erin s insistence and a specific need a five foot shredder for the river farm I arrived early and had listened to three hours of cattle rattle before a score of us hovered over item No 271 Here we have a five foot Rhino mower like brand new the auctioneer began 500 bid now 50 will you give me 50 550 bid will you give me 6 My hand shot up along with two others Do we have 650 Now only two were standing Do I hear 700 My heart was pumping fast How high was I going to go My hand seemed disconnected to my brain and shot up again Seven hundred now will you give me 50 The old farmer across from me must have seen I was intent on taking this Rhino home Going once Going Twice Sold It was mine at an even 700 New these mowers sell for more than twice that amount I knew because a bidder next to me had pulled it up on his smartphone a minute earlier Wondering if I had overlooked some obvious flaw I called out to Jerry as he walked past Did I get a deal or what He assured me I did One more happy farmer The auction continued late into the evening Early Sunday morning trucks and trailers pulled into Lanford one last time So much stuff collected and tagged and haggled over now dispersed across the state The Lanford family has had a long run since brothers Rex and Don set up shop shortly after World War II They made a lot of farmers happy last Saturday and the last couple hundred

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  • Farmer Contemplates Dull Hoe in Light of Stanford Study | Green Gate Farms
    at 10 22 pm I miss you all and always love your writing I don t care what any study says I know you taught me the best way to grow for our children Thank you Skip Reply Green Gate Farms September 8 2012 at 12 42 pm DJ we miss you too Plenty of weeds to pull HaHa Reply Anitra September 6 2012 at 11 33 pm In preschool my children learned to 1 Take care of themselves 2 Take of their things 3 Take care of others In taking care of their things they learned that this includes the earth They pick up litter they are kind to nature and they enjoy the amazing beautiful outdoors We call this being good stewards of the land We prioritize organics in our life because we feel it supports these values The results of these values are not something that will ever be captured in this particular a data snapshot And as a mom I can say that for me it does not matter Because it s not about proven improved nutrition health protection and increased compounds It is not about avoiding what is bad about fighting those other guys about winning the mom of the year It is about building a foundation that one can only hope helps our children to make conscientious choices to be to do and to give their best to the themselves to others and to this earth So Farmer Skip please back away from the dull hoe Thank you pouring your soul and passion in to organic farming The fruits of your labor go way beyond fabulous food Reply Green Gate Farms September 8 2012 at 12 43 pm Anitra thanks so much for our thoughtful and generous reply The hoe is back on the wall Reply TexasDeb September 7 2012 at 1 45 pm Skip please step away from that hoe I ll second Ryan there are more reasons than the presumption of additional nutrients to eat organic local produce As y all point out the meta study never addresses what I feel are legitimate concerns that the safe levels of pesticides are set too high especially when taken in consideration of a lifetime of exposure Knowing where my food comes from and who is responsible for growing it is important to me and my family I ll vote for local organic with my food dollars every time Reply Green Gate Farms September 8 2012 at 12 44 pm Dont worry too much about that hoe it s very very dull Thanks for you feedback Reply Courtney September 7 2012 at 3 28 pm Skip when my family lived in Austin over the last two years we bought produce from your farm I have five small children and make buying the kind of food you grow a priority Quite frankly the more they tell me I don t have to the more I want to Scientists have been unable to prove many things that

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  • Farm life and death | Green Gate Farms
    not for meat I grabbed the two babies and placed them in the empty vegetable crate in the front seat of the van Then I loaded Jolly and the mother in the rear For 10 miles I listened to those two opposite and competing calls new life asserting itself up front death approaching from the rear It s strange what you focus on when your day has been altered by animals you focus on other animals An 18 wheeler in front of me was hauling frozen chickens from Sanderson Farm A huge cartoon of Miss Goldy stared down at me this happiest of chicks dressed out in bonnet parasol and purse Across the length of the trailer was printed 100 Natural What was this natural it referred to I wondered What they ate Where they lived How they died It all seemed so far removed so unnatural from my experience with these goats and yet here I was pulling into a veterinary hospital with it sign out front advertising 20 off on dentals and floats I m here to pick up Miss Prissy said the woman at desk ahead of me Dripping wet mud caked to my boots I waited patiently as I learned that Miss Prissy s electrolytes were fine but her visit would cost her owner 72 To my right a man was playing with his puppy while waiting for its shots To my left a woman emerged from the exam room clutching a collar and wiping tears from her eyes Life and death side by side same as in my van Our vet had me back up the van to the equine barn to get out of the rain I opened the back door and she checked Jolly s vitals She confirmed that he was in the late stages of pneumonia but couldn t say why You never know with goats One minute they are fine the next She paused and said I would put him down if were you I nodded I ll get someone to help you unload him She saw the puzzled look on my face I didn t mean you personally We can put him down here No I said I ve done it many times Yes of course she said slighty embarrassed That will save you money It was a long ride in the van in the rain Having two farms is not easy but that was no excuse not to have attended to Jolly earlier My only consolation was that I d probably saved two little lives by coming out to our Bastrop farm on such a foul day As I pulled into our Austin farm Erin was walking toward the barn Trotting at her side was another saved life I d almost forgotten about Annabelle is the lucky Barbadoe lamb that survived that dog attack I had found her half dead in that same woods her neck and hindquarters ripped by teeth Farmer Jamie and others nursed her back to

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  • Farmer Skip | Green Gate Farms
    By Farmer Skip on March 7 2012 in Essays When you work long hours for low pay it s hard to pass up the chance for easy money That explains why a dozen farmers were sitting in an office on a beautiful Spring like morning when they should have been out in the fields planting like mad Continue Reading 4 Spring Rains at Last By Farmer Skip on February 15 2012 in Essays Farmer Skip discusses spring rains weather hardships and new additions to the New Farm Institute Continue Reading 3 Fire and Rain By Farmer Skip on December 2 2011 in Essays Fires were burning in Bastrop County this week columns of white smoke drifting across the countryside as landowners took advantage of the burn ban lift Ever since the devasting wildfires this past summer those of us who work or live here have felt slightly terrorized at the sight or smell of smoke For months we Continue Reading 3 A gift of grass By Farmer Skip on October 24 2011 in Essays Hay and lumber Feeding and rebuilding These are the gifts and the stories that emerge from this once in a lifetime drought Nature may knock us down but human nature lifts us back up Continue Reading 1 A new season By Farmer Skip on October 19 2011 in Essays Fall is here and it looks like early spring Bright green islands of grass dot the gray landscape even some of our dying trees have put on new leaves as if dazed and confused by this foreign thing called rain Yesterday the high was 90 degrees Tonight is forecast to drop into the mid 40s Continue Reading 0 Previous 1 2 3 4 Next Make A Donation Fundraising Websites Crowdrise Become A Farm Supporter First Name Last

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  • Farmer Skip | Green Gate Farms
    that got its start in the 1700s His career has spanned journalism public health and farming Most recently he was a member of the TOFGA Advisory Board and TDA Organic Industry Advisory Board Author Archive Farmer Skip New Farm Institute debut By Farmer Skip on June 1 2011 in Farm News Farmer Skip talks about the purpose of New Farm Institute and its June 4th launch Continue Reading 2 Raising the Roof By Farmer Skip on May 20 2011 in Essays After two weeks of enduring cut fingers sore backs and the stress of doing something for the first time we have nearly completed roofing our barn Nearly 100 sheets of metal 22 feet each have been carefully cut folded lifted and snapped into place The result is breathtaking if we may say so ourselves A Continue Reading 2 Better Homes and Gardens By Farmer Skip on April 5 2011 in Farm News Today we are pretending it is July Are we crazy No actually we are in the whirling dervish of a national magazine shoot as photographers foods stylists editorial assistants make up artists and runners turn Green Gate Farms into a production set by Farmer Skip Continue Reading 5 A Barn Rises By Farmer Skip on March 11 2011 in Farm News When the barn is ready to be built the carpenter will come Farmer Skip writes about the barn in progress at the River Farm in Bastrop Continue Reading 4 Previous 1 3 4 Make A Donation Fundraising Websites Crowdrise Become A Farm Supporter First Name Last Name Email Address Photos on flick r Helpful Links Join the Meat CSA Manage Your Meat CSA Account Join the 2016 Spring Summer CSA Manage Your Vegetable CSA Send Your Kid To Camp Attend A Workshop Calendar Directions Contact Us

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  • From Tree House to Hoop House in 24 Hours | Green Gate Farms
    treehouse he had built for the show s first season a spa in Bastrop of all places I too had built a treehouse at our Bastrop farm a gift for Erin s 50 th birthday Mind you there are tree houses and there are houses in trees If you ve seen Treehouse Masters you understand why I was hesitant to share my arboreal feat with the world s greatest treehouse builder His are not your father s treehouses The Texas sized build in Waco was nearly as big as our farmhouse When I was growing up most kids dreamed of building a treehouse Today they can build whole cities on Minecraft Yet the dream lives on in the two million grownups who follow Pete and his crew each week as they build these elaborate human nests in the branches Just as gardening is an escape from the cube treehouses appeal to the illusion of defying not just gravity but Big Brother too Climb up raise the ladder and escape the wired and nerve wracking world Or as the Zen escent title of his new book puts it Be in a Tree The next morning I flew The Nest and returned to the farm Green Gate s crew was finishing up its own build an 18 foot tall hoophouse The last task was putting on its skin the clear plastic that will heat up the soil keep out the bugs and extend our season at both end The morning s calm breeze suddenly picked as we pulled 4 000 square feet of poly over 20 gothic arches gleaming in the sun Only the extra hands of our volunteers saved us the embarrassment of turning our hoophouse into a kite Building one s first hoophouse like one s first treehouse stirs that

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