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  • Falling in Love | Green Gate Farms
    We drank wine with the leaders of the largest Italian farmers cooperative We stood up and applauded our heroes Alice Waters Vandana Shiva and the famed Brazilian economist Max Neff And we ate Farmers being fed The tables turned Take eat this is our body and soul That is the Italian litany And eat we did finding delight and surprises at every turn Our first meal outside the conference was in Alba known for its wine and truffles Tired after a long drive we stepped into the first café that was open Its name Pink should have been our first hint that we were not in Iowa anymore We ordered what we thought was salad insalate crude and sat puzzled at the bowl of minced tomatoes topped with what looked burned potato chips Erin took the first bit and grimaced This salad was raw ground meat tossed in olive oil salt and pepper then topped with black truffles A local delicacy Our tastebuds were dazed and confused Alarms went off inside our conditioned brain cells isn t this unsafe illegal even It was delicious Italy surprised us not only at the table but in the fields too The countryside is a quiltwork of small odd shaped patches of land and not an inch of it is wasted Five acres of cultivated poplar trees border ten acres of corn swaths of trellised grapes march straight up a steep hill against the contours To the right are hoop housed peppers To the left a small dairy with mounds of steaming manure waiting to be spread So much diversity and small scale economy makes a Texan wonder could this be the time tested model for sustainable farming So many questions So many towns to explore and tastes to experience So little time Meanwhile our CSA swings into midseason We hear that animals are being born and no rain has fallen in since we left Vacationing farmers is an oxymoron but with the help of a village we have done the impossible made an unforgettable escape to what undoubtably is a food lover s mecca After 11 wonderful and inspiring days of roaming Central Italy Erin and I return to Central Texas with some wine to share and a resolve to eat better live slower and find more time for family and friends These are the lasting gifts from Italy and all the people who made it possible Thank you About Green Gate Farms View all posts by Green Gate Farms CSA Potluck Lunch Saturday Dec 4 12pm 2pm Newsletter CSA Week 7 4 Responses to Falling in Love Constance Burger November 5 2010 at 6 06 pm On Falling in Love Your writing leaves me hungry as usual farmer Skip But not hungry for local food as much as the kind of hunger YOU stir up in me for the Fine Dining that only an amazing Word Chef can feed my very soul Thank you for the Wondrous food Skip Reply Katie Kraemer

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  • Farm News | Green Gate Farms
    Gate Farms on December 17 2010 in Farm News In this issue Farm News Choose your last CSA pickup day Truffles Give the Gift of Health Sign up now for Spring This Week s Share Continue Reading 0 Week 13A By Green Gate Farms on December 16 2010 in Farm News Honey from our farm Tomatoes green red and orange Carrots Potatoes Turnips Lettuce Romaine or Red speckled Cabbage Hot Peppers Green Garlic Scallions Kale Dill or cilantro or parsley Continue Reading 0 Buy Sponsored Shares Keep Your Community Healthy By Green Gate Farms on December 9 2010 in Farm News In this issue International Terra Madre Day at the Farm Stand Sponsored CSA Shares This Week s Share and more Continue Reading 0 Give the Gift of Health By Green Gate Farms on December 7 2010 in Farm News We can tailor a gift basket to your budget including vegetables new Green Gate Farms t shirts Kestrel s truffles and more Continue Reading 0 Holiday truffles by Kestrel By Green Gate Farms on December 3 2010 in Farm News Need a sweet treat for the holidays Our farm s baker and administrative assistant Kestrel Lancaster is whipping up truffle treasures Not to be missed Purchase online or at farm stand Look for flavors packages and pricing info here and in this week s upcoming newsletter Sign up here for more info Continue Reading 0 Previous 1 20 21 22 23 Next Make A Donation Fundraising Websites Crowdrise Become A Farm Supporter First Name Last Name Email Address Photos on flick r Helpful Links Join the Meat CSA Manage Your Meat CSA Account Join the 2016 Spring Summer CSA Manage Your Vegetable CSA Send Your Kid To Camp Attend A Workshop Calendar Directions Contact Us About Green Gate Farms a

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  • Blog | Green Gate Farms
    include a storage share I must admit I m excited to clear out the fields at the Urban Farm and start fresh again for Fall I love how dynamic the Continue Reading 0 Road Not Taken By Green Gate Farms on July 3 2015 in Blog CSA Flowers After so many gray rainy days we re celebrating yellow Time for new choices With so many changes afoot on the farm Robert Frost s yellow wood inspires The Road Not Taken Two roads diverged in a yellow wood And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler long I stood And looked down one Continue Reading 0 CSA Newsletter Week 14A By Green Gate Farms on June 29 2015 in Blog CSA Essays Jobs Newsletter Notes From the Field Recipes FIELD NOTES Howdy As we get deeper into the summer and closer to the end of the CSA the heat is really starting to set in I do have to say it has been pretty mild so far though The steady heat is making the pigs out at the river pretty irritable and the crops Continue Reading 0 Farm Angels By Green Gate Farms on June 24 2015 in CSA Farm News Flowers This photo of Community Organizer Nikkie Shubitz holding our first flower share of the season makes me happy She put together a group of people a k a farm members at her office a k a pick up site who receive vegetables eggs and flowers from Green Gate each week a k a reliable income COs are our Farm Angels They alight Continue Reading 0 Previous 1 3 4 5 94 Next Twitter Profile Green Gate Farms greengatefarms Cultivating Healthy Food Farmers and Communities Austin TX 1002 friends 1512 followers 817 tweets Tweeting since May 14

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  • Fantasy Food Needs Real Customers | Green Gate Farms
    Agriculture CSA members spending 25 per week during our 48 week vegetable season to meet payroll and basic expenses Each season we struggle to fill memberships Addie Broyles John Lash has gotten to know hundreds of farmers in Central Texas over the past five years including peach farmer Frank read more What are we doing wrong Turns out we re not alone A CSA vegetable farmer in California shared her dilemma in an essay in Salon last week What Nobody Told Me About Small Farming I Can t Make a Living She echoed the frustrations of a Long Island farmer whose New York Times article last summer was titled Don t Let Your Children Grow Up to be Farmers Small scale farming has always been a marginal existence Few farmers today would argue that the local food movement has not benefited their bottom line Buying directly from farmers not only increases their profits but reconnects consumers to the land the hardworking people who make a living from it and the complex health and environmental issues arising from factory food production So why aren t small family farmers rejoicing Why are 90 percent of them still dependent upon off farm jobs Indeed why more than a decade into this movement do we have to ask this question What s different today is the Texas sized gap between popular image and private reality and between the potential to grow the local food economy and its actual share estimated at less than 3 percent of total food consumption No surprise then that all the farmers I know are scrambling We re pickling and fermenting hosting weddings and camps teaching classes writing books selling plants doing whatever we can to supplement the production part of our farm incomes Austin s talented funny determined and it must be said photogenic sustainable farmers are a scrappy bunch who regularly endure biblical plagues and the tyranny of bureaucrats enforcing misplaced regulations Yet they are setting the table so more folks can sit down and take a bigger bite out of the local food movement This month the Growers Alliance of Central Texas a newly formed nonprofit organization is ramping up its mission to unify and empower sustainable farmers while also celebrating chefs who truly buy local Among its concerns are reduced farmers market sales loss of organic certification by Texas Department of Agriculture and the urgent need to improve sales and distribution infrastructure I see the past decade of the farm to table movement as a mere appetizer in terms of what is possible and needed Now it s time to prepare the main course a radically different approach to food and agriculture as summarized in Slow Food s Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture These 12 principles include promoting economic structures and programs to nurture the development of just and sustainable regional farm and food networks Structures and programs like these are beginning to bubble up in Austin Here s just a few opportunities where you

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  • Fall CSA Updates | Green Gate Farms
    is seeking a part time marketing and writing job leads appreciated and the farm will launch a YouFundMe campaign soon to address mounting expenses If you have other suggestions we d love to hear them Our goal is to get through this rough patch with grace and to emerge stronger so we all enjoy a magnificent Spring 2015 season Thank you for your patience and support Next Steps for Fall Vegetable Flower Egg Members Here is where the CSA memberships stand About 50 members have credits of 50 or less Another 15 members have credits of more than 100 We ve planted late Fall early Winter crops such as greens kale collards carrots beets broccoli kohlrabi You will be notified as these are harvested Anticipated harvest dates are mid November thru January Options for your balances include the following Transfer your balance to our Spring Season which will begin mid March Farm Bucks credit Can be used to purchase Fall crops Fall Egg Shares Purchase eggs bi weekly at the farm 6 per dozen Egg pick ups are coordinated with Dairy coop Meat CSA schedule which is listed on the Farm Calendar on our website Flower bouquet Special order herbal flower bouquet from now until December Meat share Enjoy a mix of local meats Shares vary each month may include pork sheep beef bison duck or chicken 50 or 100 More info Donate balance to farm Thank you Please note If you were a member of our Vegetable CSA last season and are currently a member of our Meat CSA we have automatically transferred your positive balance to your Meat CSA account We have created an online form to make it easy for everyone with a positive balance to voice their preference Once we have received your response we will contact you directly with further instructions or to follow up on questions etc If you do not have a positive balance you do not need to fill out the form Link to the online form https www surveymonkey com s DFCDKKK How You Can Help the Farm Sign up and pay for your 20 week 2015 Spring Summer Shares today Note If you select a pickup location that decides not to participate in the Spring season we will notify you before the season starts Support our upcoming YouFundMe campaign through donations marketing Rent the farm Need place for a birthday party office gathering end of the year celebration wedding Attend our Farm Camps and let your friends know about them Sponsor a Farm Camp Kid We have a long waiting list of children who d like to attend camp for a day or week Book a consulting session Do you own land and want to make it productive Thinking about starting a farm Support Spring Barn Raising Fundraiser Slow Money has loaned us 15 000 for building a processing storage shed for vegetables and flowers at the River Farm Friends are donating architectural plans and some construction but what isn

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    socials She never minced words and I liked that After farming for more than 20 years she was confident in her opinions her skin Sarah seemed a world away from me when we started our farm 8 years ago nevertheless she welcomed us into Austin s small organic farming community Over the years Sarah was quick to give advice and knowing glances as we revealed our latest farming disaster Her demeanor helped me understand though farming is so often associated with the man of the farm the one dripping sweat plowing up the fields it s women like Sarah who enable the family and business to persevere through every setback As one accomplished farmer said She was our go to person whenever we had an accounting or organizational question That ability to keep funds flowing despite little or no production in the field the ability to create launch and maintain products Sarah s jellies are legendary and to maintain a happy home life are no small achievement Just keeping up with Gary s dry wit had to be a full time job albeit a pleasurable one During the gathering we also remembered Jean McKemie cofounder of McKemie HomeGrown Farm in Dale Texas Though we never met she was a farmer and accomplished mathematician in her 50s who died of breast cancer last week As we embark on the eighth year of our farming adventure at Green Gate Farms these pioneers will be on our minds They paved the way for us and for you And we are grateful Efforts are underway to organize fundraising events to help fund Henry Rowland s college education Sarah s dying wish was that he attend college In the meantime please donate to The Sarah Rowland Memorial Scholarship Fund Security State Bank P O Box

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  • Seasonal Transitions | Green Gate Farms
    I love Larry at Boggy Creek Farm s stories about how he obliterates the varmints with flames Adding to this challenge is the shift from spring to summer crops For local CSA farmers weeks 5 8 are always a bit unruly as we race to rip out the old and quickly get on with the new Goodbye collards kale kohlrabi lettuce and turnips Hello tomatoes okra beans and potatoes During these transition weeks we straddle the seasons This means that some members may receive the last of the bok choy while others receive the first of the cucumbers We know this can be confusing but there s not much we can do about it Eating in season means you do your best with what the weather offers And this season the weather has offered extreme drought Fortunately a nearly universal favorite is on its way Tomatoes Dare I say it Our tomatoes look gorgeous They are off to a great start and you can look forward to a bounty of luscious red ones in a few weeks You ll get to preview some this week in your share green tomatoes are delicious and so easy to cook And mark your calendar for fun June 4 5 Hootenanny at our new River Farm 18 miles east of here P S Tell your friends tomatoes are coming and we have memberships available About Farmer Erin Erin Flynn s family has farmed and ranched in Texas for six generations In addition to farming pigs and petals she is a writer publicist and is involved with the Slow Food Austin Board of Directors View all posts by Farmer Erin KXAN feature on New Farm Institute Adult Farm Camp This Sunday 5 8 2 Responses to Seasonal Transitions Amy May 5 2011 at 1 34

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  • Is sugar toxic? | Green Gate Farms
    Return to Content Is sugar toxic By Farmer Erin on April 18 2011 in Essays Is sugar behind increasing numbers of obese and diabetic Americans hypertension heart disease and many common cancers University of California San Francisco School of Medicine specialist Robert Lustig thinks so More information in this New York Times article About Farmer Erin Erin Flynn s family has farmed and ranched in Texas for six generations In addition to farming pigs and petals she is a writer publicist and is involved with the Slow Food Austin Board of Directors View all posts by Farmer Erin Better Homes and Gardens KXAN feature on New Farm Institute No comments yet Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website Make A Donation Fundraising Websites Crowdrise Become A Farm Supporter First Name Last Name Email Address Photos on flick r Helpful Links Join the Meat CSA Manage Your Meat CSA Account Join the 2016 Spring Summer CSA Manage Your Vegetable CSA Send Your Kid To Camp Attend A Workshop Calendar Directions Contact Us About Green Gate Farms a certified organic farm was established by us Skip Connett and Erin Flynn in

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