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  • Mongolian Koyashai Massage
    illness by adhering to certain principles and philosophies Massage is used in Ayurvedic medicine to enable the free flow of Prana the Life Force or energy through the body as all diseases are believed to be a result of congestion blocks and restrictions within the energy channels of the body The eyes and feet are linked directly in the energy system by two of the main channels Acupressure is an important part of traditional Mongolian Massage and the acupressure points which are the same as those used in Tibetan medicine are pressed firmly or rotated during the massage The benefits of the massage are Aids lymphatic drainage and promotes good circulation Counters the effects of stress and promotes feelings of inner calm Reduces eye tension and relaxes eye muscles Nourishes and hydrates the delicate skin around the eye area Helps to reduce puffiness and to eliminate dark shadows Has a draining effect on sinuses Soothes sore and tired foot muscles Relaxes the whole body Improves the condition of the skin Reduces overall fatigue and promotes relaxation Mongolian Koyashai Massage is performed with the client lying fully clothed except for the feet on a couch The feet are kept warm and

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  • Korean Hand Massage
    fundamental concept that the body is reflected onto the hand is also used as a basis for this non acupuncture massage The philosophy behind Korean Hand Massage is that like hand reflexology specific areas and points on your hands correspond to specific areas and organs of your body If you have a pain or problem somewhere in your body you can find a corresponding tender point in your hand As you massage that point a soothing message will be sent to the corresponding area In Korean Hand Massage every joint in the hand represents a joint in the body and the therapy is an expecially good treatment for muscular skeletal problems Our hands are always busy and are usually tense so they feel great when they are given this relaxing massage The Benefits of Korean Hand Massage are Helps to prevent conditions such as RSI Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility Improves the skin condition of the hand It is deeply relaxing It balances the energies within the body and supports the body s natural ability to heal itself This massage is given while the client is sitting up fully clothed and comfortable Oil or handcream is used to soften and

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  • Hopi Ear Candling
    its knowledge of healing and for the spiritual nature of its lifestyle The translation of Hopi is peaceful ones Ear candles have been widely used for centuries not only by North American Indians but also by the Greeks Egyptians and Romans These special candles are made from 100 pure Beeswax Honey Extracts Herbs Beta Carotene Vitamin A and a pesticide free woven cotton They contain a long filter which prevents any candle residue from entering the ear They are entirely safe and they release a wonderful aroma when they burn What to expect when you have a Hopi Ear Candle treatment This treatment lasts for about 45 minutes during which time you will lie comfortably on a couch on your side covered by a blanket Two candles are used one for each ear and they each take about 15 minutes to burn The therapist holds the candles in place while they are alight It is a very peaceful and quiet treatment and you will feel a pleasant warmth from the candles The last part of the session is a gentle head face and shoulder massage to aid the lymphatic drainage stimulated by the candles You will find it a very

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  • Russian Honey and Cupping Massage
    toxins Help treat cellulite Massage with cups still forms part of Traditional Russian Honey Massage and is used prior to performing Honey massage in order to increase the circulation to the skin so that toxins are more easily absorbed by the honey and the beneficial nutrients of the honey are more easily absorbed by the skin Cupping feels much like having a massage but is more intensive and it makes it easier for the practitioner to acheive deep tissue work It is great for removing knots in muscles Glass or slicon cups may be used and they are not heated for this treatment Oil is used to lubricate the skin Why Honey massage For at least 2 000 years honey has been used to treat a variety of ailments through topical application due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties Honey is a high acidic and has a hydrogen peroxide effect and has low water activity which causes osmosis The low water content of honey creates a poor environment for the growth of micro organisms therefore inhibiting the growth of bacteria Hydrogen peroxide is antiseptic and antibacterial and can be used for wound dressings Some studies suggest that the topical use

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  • Meditation and Courses
    this can prevent us from being peaceful and at one with ourselves Sometimes it can be difficult to give ourselves permission to spend even a short time to sit in silence and peace each day What do we mean by meditation To meditate is to be present This means to be at one with ourselves in the now To meditate we need to find a quiet place where we can sit comfortably it doesn t have to be on the floor and allow ourselves to clear our minds of the chatter in our heads that gets in the way of finding the silence within us This takes practice it takes time but it is worth it Even when our thoughts wander we can acknowledge them and then bring them back to the moment There are different techniques to help us quieten our minds and each person finds the best one for them Mindfulness can also be practised at any time try to clear you mind while doing everyday tasks and concentrate on what you are doing in the moment without thinking about anything else Focus on that one thing for as long as you can Why should we meditate Meditation is important for all of us It is good for our health as it will reduce stress and anxiety and gives our bodies a chance to relax and heal Meditation gives us a greater understanding of ourselves and of our place in the world and helps us to find positive ways to engage with the changing world around us The more meditation we do the closer we get to the true self the essence of ourselves and the connection we have to the world and universe of which we are a part Meditation Courses are for those who want to

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  • The Life Symbols
    thereby facilitating a multi levelled rebalancing of energy How do we use the Symbols The symbol cards are divided into 7 packs and each pack has an accompanying book and each pack is related to one of the main Chakras of the body Each set of cards has the colour of the Chakra it represents The symbols themselves are very beautiful and come in a range of colours Each Symbol has a shape a meaning a colour a number a sound and a gift The shape of each symbol triggers a resonance at both cellular and molecular memory level causing a mental and or emotional shift To help make sense of the experience each Life Symbol comes with an explanation of its meaning and the gift it provides There are various methods for reading the cards and usually I start with one pack chosen by the client It is a good idea for each person to choose the pack they are most drawn to During the reading another pack may be added People find the cards quite fascinating and are often attracted to some symbols strongly and some not at all These reactions are important when undersatnding how they work for us individually An important aspect of the Life Symbols and their use is that they are very empowering for the client Each person chooses their cards and they interpret them when they discover their meaning and then decide how they relate to their lives and circumstances The practitioner helps to identify the cards and leads the reading but the interpretation of the symbols and their meanings and their importance to each client is for each individual to discover After each reading certain Symbols will have been identified as key Symbols for the client and some of them will need

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  • Administration
    and Courses The Life Symbols Administration Administration Area Login This administration area is reserved for Ros Knowles You require a password to enter If you have forgotten your password please e mail service webhealer net Login Remember me how does this work click 2016 get in touch is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Contact Information

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  • Keeping In Touch
    often asked by different clients for a particular therapy in a short space of time as if there is a great need for help in certain areas for people and in certain ways This year so far has revealed a need for stress relief and I have been asked to give lots of people Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage I never fail to be amazed at the power of this therapy even after having using it for years This is a little known massage and often confused with Indian Head Massage which is good too but entirely different to this Traditional Tibetan Head Massage For this the client lies down and is kept warm with a blanket for the hour that this massage takes The face shoulders and neck are massaged as well as the head and traditionally warmed oils are used on the head during the last part of the treatment This is optional however The massage is designed so well that within 5 minutes of the treatment beginning the client is usually well on their way to total relaxation I may be working on the head but the whole body is being treated with this massage During the massage the therapist makes use of special acupressure points used in both the Buddhist and The Bon medical traditions The Bon acupressure points are pressed with the thumb or index finger and the Buddhist points are either circled or pressed The acupressure points are directly related to the five recognised Tibetan Chakras and to the organs of the body closest to them Stress relief is not the only benefit of this massage here are some others It Increases Endorphin production Increases circulation to the scalp Increases oxygen supply Aids healing and nourishes tissues Counters the effects of stress Relaxes facial and

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