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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 143' Sloop "SYL"
    a good sailing performance and safety factor Built using Alustar aluminium alloy at Shwartz Hautmont in Barcelona Spain SYL has a very high ballast to displacement ratio to attain a theoretical positive stability up to 118 of heel We adopted a twin rudder vertical daggerboard configuration and originally she also had a canard rudder foward but this was later eliminated in search of simplicity Her flush deck configuration is equally extreme with only a low coaming surrounding a very large cockpit fitted with a transverse eating table for ten and eight individual reclining seats This area is protected by a large retractable bimini top and dodger combination which can be set independently according to conditions A large area of the forepeak is dedicated to the storage of two large tenders which can be launched with a single telescopic crane One of the tender wells also doubles as a swimming jacuzzi pool The interior was a developed by the owner and sports four similar sized double cabins These hace lockable communicating doors between the cabins on each side allowing the interior to be opened up or closed to order Her sloop rig with its swept back spreaders is very similar sized

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 143' Sloop Blue Papillon
    whose brief called for Superyacht racing and family cruising in comfort and safety The hull and deck structures are built in Alustar aluminum alloy for strength and stiffness Scantlings and machinery are according to Lloyd s and MCA rules and regulations She features a very efficient and powerful sail plan set on a swept back spreaders carbon fiber mast and composite rigging having a short based non overlapping jib as the working sail code 1 and code 0 light weather and down wind sails set on a flush deck hydraulic roller furler The deck is clean with a low superstructure and a deep comfortable cockpit only two steps above the deck saloon floor level The well protected double steering station is set well outboard and above the cockpit level for clear visibility while sailing in close company Other sitting areas for the owner s party abaft the steering and free from the crew action position are also provided Sail handling is via captive winches plus other auxiliary drum winches for racing The 5 meter tender bay is aft on a separate watertight compartment with a dedicated crane Thanks to her slender easily driven hull deep keel and modern spade rudder

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 118' Sloop "Extra Beat"
    118 Sloop Extra Beat Back to List Previous Design Next Design When Fiat boss Giovanni Agnelli ordered the 116 ft Maxi Extra Beat in 1987 the project challenged many technical frontiers No light displacement yacht built of aluminium had carried a 32 ton keel Never before had a yacht been fitted which such a large rudder formed from titanium and carbon No boat had previously had the capacity to pump six tons of water from ballast tanks on one side of the yacht to the other within 60 seconds No one with the exception of the Kiwis with their mammoth light weather America s Cup challenger New Zealand had ever built a 160 ft carbonfibre sloop rig and no one other than the New Zealanders had contemplated a fully battened mainsail of these dimensions The big difference between Extra Beat and Michael Fay s Cup Challenger of course was the Agnelli s 116 footer had to stand up to all weathers not just the fickle winds found in San Diego Bay This the first modern superyacht was built by the German yard of Abeking and Rasmussen one of the few shipbuilding companies in the world that specialises in advanced wood

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 112' Yacht "Ipanema"
    Rassy Frers for Hylas Frers for Nautor s Swan Frers for Wally Frers for Sirena Marine Frers Superyachts 112 Yacht Ipanema Back to List Previous Design Next Design A blue water high performance cruising sloop built in Alustar in New Zealand by McMullen Wing Shipyard developed from our Unfurled design The accommodations are classic with the owner s party aft divided in three ample en suite double cabins and galley

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 112' Aluminium Sloop "Unfurled"
    Next Design As the yacht neared completion the owner wrote Great design is powerful It has the ability to touch the eye the mind and the heart It provokes comment thought and reaction The Concorde aeroplane the architecture of Le Corbusier and the sculptures of Brancusi have all changed our way of seeing and thinking In modern design we feel that Germán Frers is an artist without peer His sense

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 105' Cutter "Ulisse"
    Drawing Board Frers Cruisers Frers Superyachts Frers Day Sailers Frers Multihulls Frers Classics Frers for Hallberg Rassy Frers for Hylas Frers for Nautor s Swan Frers for Wally Frers for Sirena Marine Frers Superyachts 105 Cutter Ulisse Back to List Previous Design Next Design A cruising boat designed for the head of the Prada fashion house Patrizio Bertelli with a large flush deck that is easy to sail and provide

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 105' Sloop "Bolero"
    List Previous Design Next Design Paul Berrow first met Germán Frers at the 1987 Swan regatta in Sardinia while sailing aboard Yellowdrama the first Swan 651 owned by former world offshore powerboat champion Ken Cassir Not only did Barrow like the yacht he came close to buying one to compete in the Whitbread race but decided that Frers was one of the few designers with the flare to translate his

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  • German Frers: Boat Details: 105' Loa Sloop
    Frers for Hylas Frers for Nautor s Swan Frers for Wally Frers for Sirena Marine Frers Superyachts 105 Loa Sloop Back to List Previous Design Next Design This yacht is a beautiful combination of simplicity large spaces and high performance Weight saving is achieved by simplifying the systems and eliminating superfluous futures that are not related to sailing or comfort The hull is a light aluminium construction with composite present in large areas of the deck The Carbon mast and composite rigging ensures an efficient aero package with low Centre of Gravity The lifting keel allows a draft of 3 80 m under power and 5 80 m when sailing The sails are kept to a minimum because of the light displacement high stability and a low drag hull Accommodation is for 8 plus four crew From the immense saloon is possible to see both ends of the yacht enhancing the feeling of space The interior design with solid wood and textures delivers a warm feeling Seaworthiness is achieved by keeping the boat and its ends light and providing high stability Solar panels and hydrodynamic generators will reduce fuel consumption significantly and help the yacht achieve the required world cruising

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