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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - About me
    keeping a website running and writing RFCs Besides the job I like to spend some of my time on open source software like BitlBee Obviously with BitlBee as my main project I also spend way too much time on mostly Dutch IRC channels on the OFTC network My nickname is far from original wilmer but that s because I just don t see why I should hide myself behind a

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  • Wilmer's stuff
    install that package only twenty or so days old from sid on my testing laptop Posted by Wilmer van der Gaast in Linux at 22 44 Comments 4 Trackbacks 0 Monday August 1 2011 Bank statement scraper for Bank of Ireland Like many people I was also losing track of my finance Having bank accounts in use in both NL and IE probably didn t help As any proper FOSS geek I learned to like the monster called GnuCash Psst Guys It s pretty amazing that a product more than ten years old still doesn t let you do operations like delete on multiple entries at once dont you think And there s this thing about Irish Banks They have bigger issues to worry about than how well their Internet banking service works What keeps you away from looking at my bank account You hopefully not knowing my six digit user ID date of birth top secret information Have I mentioned that my birthday is next Saturday P and another six digit number this time my PIN number No one time passwords no challenge response system nothing else My only hope is that this lets you transfer money only to accounts to which I ve transferred money before IOW all you can do is give my landlady a little present Pfew Also going back to the original topic there s no way to export info from their web interface So I wrote one myself One advantage of a pretty simple website is that I could easily write a scraper for it Run it with the right arguments and it ll spit out a CSV bank statement ready to be fed to your favourite accounting software What else have I been doing Been working on Giggity Android development s fun I spent the weekend scraping the Dance Valley timetable page Google Last FM Wikipedia and more to automatically generate a Giggity schedule file for it Love it Posted by Wilmer van der Gaast in Development at 15 14 Comments 0 Trackbacks 0 Monday June 13 2011 On Pandaboard SD card performance I have the Pandaboard running as my home server for a while now Until last weekend I was using a Microdrive as its root filesystem Sadly the drive seems to be broken That means I finally had a chance to try bootstrapping a server very quickly using Puppet This worked fairly well which means the time investment is paying off already Since all the storage I had at home was the 32GB SD card I bought for this thing anyway I decided to give it another chance At some point I was reminded already that alignment really matters with these things Some Bonnie runs do seem to confirm this I removed the second partition on the SD and recreated it on a 4MB barrier The trick to do this is to use the u command in fdisk to switch units to sector instead of cylinders and make sure the start

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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - Music
    beta firmware for the iMP 550 is a bit buggy When I m at home it s only silent when I m asleep Stuff you ll usually hear coming from my room Aphex Twin when I m in a weird mood Children of Bodom Dream Theater Incubus Massive Attack Opeth Pink Floyd Radiohead Tool Underworld and a lot more Obviously I got CD s of all these artists Although buying

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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - Films and TV
    ve really seen all episodes And of course SpongeBob is also a good choice when you re in the mood It s only a year ago that I started watching films regularly In Hengelo there s a great video store with all kinds of less popular but still very good films Some of the better films I ve rented there so far Dogville Impressive to see a film recorded on just one set That s not the only impressive thing in this film by the way Memento If you think your memory is bad watch this Delicatessen From the guys who wrote Amélie but this story is even more bizarre Shallow Grave If you thought Trainspotting was weird You have to check this out British films are cool Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Yet another proof that British films are cool Ze sequel to this one Snatch is also certainly worth watching Kill Bill To be honest I haven t rented these I watched them on the real screen also known as cinema Although probably not as good as Pulp Fiction Kill Bill is still great The Matrix The sequels weren t half as good as the first part

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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - Concerts
    consider any Pink Floyd cover band a nasty ripoff I went here with my father and brother and we all came back quite excited Since when should every note sound exactly the same as on the album I m just too young I ve never had the chance to see the real thing Pinkpop 2003 Audioslave Deftones Moby Queens of the Stone Age Massive Attack Danko Jones Counting Crows Placebo 2003 June 7 2003 June 9 Massive Attack One of the best concerts I ve seen this year for some reason I m not really a fan Missed Manu Chao again just like at Lowlands 2001 because some friends including the one I shared a tent with wanted to leave early Fields of Rock 2003 Monster Magnet Opeth Disturbed Marilyn Manson Metallica 2003 June 15 Not really a festival I d go to when there aren t many exciting bands Unlike most other festivals to me this was just a day of concerts Thanks to the Dutch railways I had to miss half of Metallica because the last train back home left before the end of the festival Lowlands 2003 Eels Foo Fighters Admiral Freebee Spearhead Guano Apes Less Than Jake Reel Big Fish 2003 Aug 29 2003 Aug 31 The best one ever The atmosphere was a lot better possibly because it wasn t so busy it wasn t sold out We had a great time not sleeping on the camping and keeping some of our close neighbours awake Danko Jones Electric Eel Shock 2003 Dec 15 Great show Electric Eel Shock is a very amusing support act but I have to admit I wouldn t go to a show with just them playing Too bad I didn t have the money for a Do The Metal shirt Dream Theater 2004 Jan 18 Fantastic show More than three hours of fantastic music and an Opeth CD during the breaks What else can I say Dollypop 2004 Liftid Arthur ten Cate The Skidmarks 2004 Jul 02 2004 Jul 03 A very small festival held less than five kilometers from where I live Certainly worth it because the small number of visitors made the atmosphere very pleasant There were some quite nice bands actually Lowlands 2004 Danko Jones Bloodhound Gang The Hives Dropkick Murphys The White Stripes Franz Ferdinand Chemical Brothers Groove Armada 2004 Aug 20 2004 Aug 22 Great edition Although The White Stripes were at least disappointing most other concerts were worth watching Unfortunately the sound wasn t very good at the main stage Alpha tent this year Spinvis 2005 Mar 15 Fantastic show If you ever wondered what kind of noise you can get from a cello you should ve been here Lowlands 2005 Beatsteaks Dropkick Murphys Franz Ferdinand Foo Fighters Heather Nova Incubus Kaiser Chiefs Korn Marilyn Manson Morcheeba QOTSA 2005 Aug 19 2004 Aug 21 It s too bad they were repeating Lowlands 2004 a bit this year That s what we usually have Pinkpop 2005

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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - Projects
    beginning of wonderful 2009 I spent two three days in sweat recovering a RAID5 array that somewhat blew up md couldn t reconstruct it very well anymore and or started resyncing things incorrectly corrupting every second stripe Instead of figuring out how to make that work I decided to write a little tool to recover the array in userspace raidrec Recently I bought a Netgear DG834Gv4 router the one with a Broadcom chipset unfortunately but with a built in DSL modem and since there s no OpenWRT support I spent a little while on customizing the firmware to get IPv6 support and some other things I want in a router I m trying to write down some of my findings in the 834root Wiki Another small thing that isn t really a project but might be useful xtvmargin I wrote read copies xbacklight and modified it a little bit this little utility to change the margins on the TV output signal on my machine with an Intel i945 graphics chip 2005 and earlier Also I recently started playing with WYSE Winterms got some old models and it d be nice to get Linux running on them Which we BTW didn

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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - Giggity
    it Many events now release their own Android iPhone etc apps but with Giggity I try to just offer a generic app that can be used for any event that publishes their schedule in an open format It s free software and available on Android Market and some other Android markets I ll also try to keep putting APKs in downloads Obviously the source is also available in this bzr

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  • Wilmer.Gaa.st - dnsrev
    should define two lists of tuples like this FWD ZONES db example net example net REV ZONES db example net rev4 192 0 32 0 24 db example net rev6 2620 0 2d0 200 64 The first column is the name of the zonefile The second column is the domain name in FWD ZONES and the ASCII formatted subnet including netmask in REV ZONES You can list as many forward

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