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  • GREETINGS EARTHLINGS take me to your Futuro
    another in the US Please click here to recieve my newsletter and keep up to date on everthing Futuro your email address WILL NOT be given out For those that email a photo of one not on the list you will recieve a cool tee shirt I designed to say thanks Keep those card and letters coming more to come This site is devoted to the FUTURO spaceship ufo flying

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  • Finland 1968 October 002 Shown in London England Given the name Futuro 1969 Polykem Ltd started Casa Finlandia series 1969 Futuro Corporation USA H Leonard Fruchter Pres 1970 Futuro Fiberglass Homes Ltd Canada A Richard Dick Shain Pres 1971 October 20 Futuro stamp 3 000 000 000 issued in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Finnish Plastics Industry 1972 Futuro Corporation merged with Casa2 Corporation 1974 Futuro Corporation Casa2 90 percent of marketing to Venturo 1975 December Futuro Fiberglass Homes Ltd 1 st prototype chocolate brown in color 1968 1978 Total of 20 manufactured in Finland 12 to foreign buyers 1998 November 23 The movie FUTURO A New Stance for Tomorrow premiers in Helsinki Finland Finish Museum of Archttecture small exhibition 30 year annivesary 1998 December 6 International premier of movie 2002 The book FUTURO Tomorrow s House from Yesterday comes out 2004 January 22 Futuro House net is born Between 1969 1973 manufacturing rites were sold to approximately 25 countries but only about 10 countries launched production F uturo Corporation later Casa2 H Leonard Frucher pres was founded in the US in 1969 and ran production at least to some degree thru 1974 They also retained the rites

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  • told and preserved What did you just read Less then 100 throughout the World These are probably the most unique forms of housing ever What other architectural housing style can be found in so many countries My guess NONE Which makes it even more important that their collective histories can be preserved Now you are probably asking yourself How can I help I don t know of any Well you

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  • General Information
    of the same name be sure to click on More on the film KINOTAR About the movie click English Films then Futuro great hi res pics DESURA Publisher s website complete 1st chapter of the book Futuro Tomorrow s House from Yesterday A must read including the footnotes POP Good bio and picture of model 35th Anniversary in Chinese Translated FLAT ROCK PLASTIC IS SO PASSE NOW NO DOOR Debra

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  • The Search Is On
    2 Quinlan Photo Album 2003 September Now Geocaching 2004 July Lake Tawakoni 2001 September 2 Dallas Morning News Want Ad 16308 1995 Juno Spector CD cover Wisconsin Today Somewhere Episode on HGTV Pennsylvania Philadelphia Model at 20th Parkway Florida Fort Myers On main drag p114 F Stop Spaceshop p114 Spacecafe ala Futuro green p114 Space Boutique Playboy Photo shoot 3 Delaware Rehoboth eMail Florida Tampa TrexBBS Maryland Annapolis eMail New Jersey Toms River Geocaching New York Lake George RoadsideAmerica Ohio North Canton RoadsideAmerica Pennsylvania Pipersville St rd 661 in field eMail South Carolina Myrtle Beach RoadsideAmerica Texas Dallas In Advance of the Landing Texas Houston eMail C anada Prince Edward Island Today 1972 Cavendish Rainbow Valley Kids Park also uncreditrd in In Adv of the Landing Montreal 1976 October Place Bonaventure Prototype Ski Show Winter Photograph Photo Album Quebec Private rural home In advance of the Landing P loykem Ltd 20 launched 15 found 5 MIA p16 Netherlands 000 white Today Utrecht Centraal Museum inv 28218 2003 January 12 Utrecht Netherlands tentoonstelling Ideaal 2001 November 10 11 Utrecht Netherlands Centraal Museum Mobile architecture on the Storkterrein p53 2001 Sept 28 2002 Jan 7 Amsterdam Netherlands Dutch Foundation SKOR p51 2000 Sept 21 2001 Jan 14 Louisiana Museum Denmark Vision Reality Conception of the 20 th Century p51 1998 Aug 1999 July Utrecht Netherlands Museum Courtyard office p51 1998 Jan 31 April 26 Düsseldorf Germany 68 Design Pop Culture Consumer Conflict 1997 May 31 July 6 Utrecht Netherlands Museum 1960 s Exhibition of Finnish Design p48 1996 May 10 July 7 Vienna Austria Wiener Secession Skop Exhibition p39 1990 June 28 Sept 2 Kotka Finland Radar UFO exhibition p37 Few Years Hameenlinna Finland Stored in shed p37 Mid 70 s Moved to Keitele Finland Matti Suuronen s holiday house p16 1968 June Mid 70 s Turenki or Aulanko Finland Ski retreat in movie Private mag photo shoot p16 1968 March Hiekkaharju Finland Shown to press p17 Finland 001 yellow Today 1969 Lake Puuiauesi Hirvensalmi p16 Late 60 s Armature sci fi movie Estonia 002 yellow Today 1999 Jimi Tenor music video Year of the Apocalypse Click on video or right click and save target as to save p37 1995 Parnu Estonia Santa Arrives in Futuro Halinga cafe p37 Lieto Zoolandia Finland Cafe p37 1969 1982 Lake Lahnajarvi Finland Shell Diner Nightclub bar lakeside hotel p21 1968 Oct London England Finnfocus Export Fair on ferry given name Futuro Visited by Princess Margaret p38 39 Germany 013 Today Berlin Spreewald Amusement Park 2004 August 21 Geocaching Ellip soid Book Berlin City in Space Finland 015 white Today Merimasku Seaside location p37 1969 1970 Turku Finland Student union p38 Finland brown Today Always Ahvenanmaa Aland Inlands Original owner fishing hut 1997 Movie website p38 Finland white Today Kauihava Private collector light blue p46 47 2001 Sept 22 Nov 17 Istanbul Turkey 7 th International Istanbul Biennial Vaasky Finland In pieces storage Luumaki Finland UFO cafe Japan Today Maebashi Felica Design School p38 2001 2003

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  • Quick Time Video From The Movie Futuro A New Stance For Tomorrow MP3 s By Ektroverde Soundtrack From The Movie Futuro A New Stance For Tomorrow Slide Show From Japan Watch Out For The Cat Swedish Business Works Out Of

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  • Ltd the Canadian licensee of the Futuro Well seeing I brought my digital camera I clicked off a few pictures and went home to plot my bidding strategy Putting pen to paper I tried to figure out how much I could bid Did I mention in the listing of the auction they had numbers at the end which were 3000 4000 I m thinking no way could that be 3000 4000 DOLLARS But yes it was The winning bidder ALSO pays a 20 buyers premium and Chicago sales tax 8 75 The 3000 4000 was the estimated value If there were few bidders they believed it would go in the 3000 range 4000 if popular At this time I found that this would also be a live auction on eBay The listing on eBay had an opening bid of 2100 After much deliberation I decided I really can t go above 3200 4120 really So figuring there would be a good chance of being out bid I went back to Chicago with my digital camera Talking with the great folks at Wright they said I could bid 1 of 4 ways Leave an absentee bid and hope for the best Be there in person to bid Bid online and hope my internet connection is good or One of their representatives calls about 3 minuets before and it s like being there I decided them calling me was the way to go I sat in front of my computer and watched on eBay and waited for a phone call When the phone rang I was a little nervous Just before the auction started I asked if there was a lot of interest and she said that there appeared to be a few on other phones Then BAM it came up on

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  • This is a faux headline

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