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  • Time Keeper Award Program Entrance
    Program is optimized for 800 x 600 or higher screen resolutions Please use high color Internet Explorer 6 0 or higher Java Flash enabled for best viewing Copyright 2007 Sandra

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  • Time Keeper Welcome Page
    take the time to help those in need Giving of yourself in spirit and deed Did you take the time to smile and have fun And give someone praise for a job well done Did you take the time to wipe away a tear Chasing away someone s fear Did you take the time to spread some love And give some thanks to him above And when my body turns to ash I pray I did all the Time Keeper asked The Time Keeper poem is dedicated in loving memory to my dear mother Marion Kroening She is sadly missed by friends and family My name is Sandra Gerbers and I would like to welcome you to the Time Keeper Award Program established February 2007 The Time Keeper Award Program is dedicated to Robert Thomas whose fantastic art and graphic work have inspired this program Robert has been kind enough to give his permission to use one of his talented works on this site The Time Keeper Girl is just one of many beautifully done subjects Robert has brought to the Internet for the enjoyment of all Please take the time to view his site FlashThat com if you would

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  • Time Keeper Mission And Purpose
    who have taken the time to build quality sites which are of interest to those who view sites on the Internet The webmasters who win our award must have built their sites with care given to detail using imaginative and creative ideas and must be able to pass our criteria Our evaluation of each site will be done ethically and thoroughly It is our goal to encourage and help all who apply for our award whether they win our award or not Helpful feedback will be given if requested It is our hope that webmasters needing help with their sites will visit and or join the many forums on the Internet that are good places to gain site building knowledge The Time Keeper Award Program recommends joining helpful forums and have some listed in our resource area Please take the time to read all the Time Keeper criteria The criteria are simply stated and clear listing what we look for to be able to win our award Before applying take the time to go through each item listed in our criteria and make sure your site has each item posted take our Self Test then apply for our award if

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  • Time Keeper Ratings And Listings
    programs and should not be reproduced and or displayed without their written permission Time Keeper Award Program Ratings Family Safe Ratings Home Mission Purpose Ratings Listings Memberships Evaluator Ethics Criteria Scoring Award Graphic Process Self Test Application Statistics Status Award

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  • Time Keeper Memberships
    the respective programs and should not be reproduced and or displayed without their written permission I am a member of Mission Aids Their purpose is to help people in need especially homeless children around the world Join Today Cornwall s Voice for Animals View Jollity Farm Video Click Here Home Mission Purpose Ratings Listings Memberships Evaluator Ethics Criteria Scoring Award Graphic Process Self Test Application Statistics Status Award Winners Awards

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  • Time Keeper Evaluator Information Page-Sandra Gerbers
    the position of Bayport Art Club President for four consecutive years I have been honored for my work with the Boys and Girls Club of America in the past and enjoy seeing young people use their potential to be the best that they can be I have helped many people on the web with graphics and award programs and I have met many terrific people along the way I no longer have the time to do graphics for others but it was a very rewarding feeling to be of help to others when they had needed it I wish you all good luck with your applications to our award program and look forward to viewing your sites Experienced in the following areas Website Design Graphic Design Animation Design Poetry Art and Music Sites Designed By Sandra Gerbers Time Keeper Award Program The Ethics Pledge Program Closed Fun Tyme Entertainment Karaoke At Its Best Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program Rockstar Photography Rockerchix Promoters White Swan Award Program Closed Rock N Roll Land Evaluator For Time Keeper Award Program Webmaster Evaluator Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program Webmaster Evaluator White Swan Award Program Webmaster Evaluator Closed Ethics Pledge Program Co Founder Webmaster Evaluator

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  • Time Keeper Ethics Statement
    that I will visit all websites that apply for the award listed on my website That in judging the applicants for my award that I will do so with honesty integrity fairness and impartiality That I will judge all websites by the criteria listed by my awards program That I will show no prejudice to anyone for any reason when considering them for my award That my award program is not a give away award reciprocal award My site has criteria that must be met and I judge by this criteria Applicants from all sites are welcome except as stated on my site That I will not consider any site that contains illegal content pornography or explicit sexual content or any site connected to such content I will not discriminate against any person that applies for my award I agree to maintain a professional friendly and positive manner in any correspondence with any applicant I will respect the privacy of all applicants for my award All information received from applications will be deemed private except that which is stated on award program I agree to uphold the pledge of The Ethics Pledge Program at all times maintaining high standards of

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  • Time Keeper Criteria Information
    can only read English In order for me to enjoy your site to the fullest please make sure your site is in English or has an English translation and consists of at least five 5 pages of original content Please Note We do not count link pages awards won pages and or forums as original content Since the privacy of children is a prime concern to all of us we would like to see the rules of C O P P A abided by We ask that you provide a C O P P A statement on site if your site would be of any interest to children Please Note Requirement for USA based sites only if the site would be of interest to children The rapidly growing problem of identity theft is of great concern to all of us We believe all visitors to a site should be informed how their personal information submitted on the site is handled We would like to see a Privacy Statement that clearly informs visitors what information will be held confidential and what information will be viewed by the general public Please N ote If you have a forum contact page or any other area that asks any personal information you should have a Privacy Statement on your site We take a considerable amount of time evaluating a site giving our award to those who have worked hard to achieve it We would like to see our award displayed in a separate area clearly shown and linked where only awards received are displayed Please N ote Awards won should be displayed at their original sizes in their own area No altered or resized awards please We like to see credit given to the people deserving it We ask that you provide a Copyright Statement pertaining to all work and graphics done by you and or credit given to the creator who has given you their permission to use their work Please Not e If the graphics used are not your own and you have no idea who made them it is not a good idea to use them on your site Statements similar to Found on free graphic site or taken from the web will not be accepted as being valid copyright information or permission L abeling sites with SafeSurf is a practice many of us find very important Labeling our sites show consideration for our visitors and their viewing safety We ask that your site be labeled by the SafeSurf program or has posted a family safe badge from another respected program Award seekers applying for our Time Keeper Award Of Excellence should read our criteria and include the password Time in the space provided in our application form Current standards like to see up to top links on long pages which gives the site visitors a way to quickly return to the top of the page that is being viewed And so do we Please Note Examples Text Form Up To

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