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  • FIRE TUFF SAW by Fire Hooks Unlimited (732) 280-7737
    handles reduce fatigue Air injection makes the saw run stronger and longer Smart Start and purge pump provides east starting This saw is make for multiple rough ON and OFF operations Weighs a perfect 12 lbs of weight distribution The FIRE TUFF comes with these additions A powerful 3 5 horsepower engine Bar and Chain Included 18 inch bar with chain to handle any operations Reflective saw shoulder carrying sling

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  • FIRE HOOKS UNLIMITED - Wildland Products
    steel tanks Adjustable padded shoulder straps are rugged yet fit comformatbly and distribute the weight evenly down your back Tank holds 5 g allons Choose from two models DELUXE or DOUBLE DELUXE Deluxe Model Includes the above described unit including padded and adjustable shoulder straps Double Deluxe Model Has a female quick connect fitting on the tank and a male fitting on the hose This allows removal of the pump to increase storage space of the tanks No longer will the hose be in the way with its loop attachment You can now store your pump and hose elsewhere on the rig When using simply connect the male to female with its quick connect application and your in operation Redesigned in 2006 with New Hose Disconnect feature SOFT PAK BRUSH PUMP Our portable pump tank makes other models obsolete While other canvas tanks are single walled and burst easily this is the only double walled pump tank on the market A tough and replaceable inner bladder gives extra strength making the unit durable cost effective and easy to repair This is the only pump on the market with Lubeport a new design which allows you to lubricate the unit without having to take it apart SHO HOE TOOL The SHO HOE represents a unique feature in Wildland Firefighting by incorporating several tools into one It s a SHOVEL It s a HOE It s a GRUB AXE It s a BRUSH HOOK It s a WEED AXE It s a DITCH HOOK It s a TRENCHING TOOL Made with a pointed Steel Shovel Head two sides of the blade are seperated for chopping or penetrating The handle is made of fiberglass with a non slip Celtex grip The heavy threaded twistlock allows the tool to be used as a straight

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  • PRO-BAR by Fire Hooks Unlimited
    FIRE DEPARTMENT IS RIGID CALLING FOR A ONE PIECE DROPPED FORGED HALLIGAN WITH THE PRO BAR DESIGN THE PRO BAR SPECIFICATIONS IS USED BY THE F D N Y TO MEET THAT REQUIREMENT OTHERS HAVE TRIED BUT FAILED THE PRO BAR HAS A RECORD OF EXCELLENCE WITHOUT FAILURE FOR 30 YEARS WHAT OTHER TOOL COULD BOAST THIS RECORD BOB FARRELL CAPTAIN E 82 L 31 F D N Y RETIRED PRO BAR 30 The most utilized tool in the fire and rescue service today The Pro Bar is the Halligan type entry tool that is recognized worldwide It is 30 in length and is the industry standard PRO BAR 24 Halligan type entry tool 24 in length PRO BAR 36 PRO BAR 42 Halligan type entry tool 36 or 42 in length Comes with Celtex Grip JUMBO PRO BAR A wide variety of uses including ability to force window gates bars and roof doors picking up roof saw cuts poping car hoods outside vent operations drop ladders on fire escapes etc 54 in length 13 lbs ROOF PRO BAR Comes with Rings Strap Using a rope with snap it is thrown from the roof level to vent windows below MINI

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    equipped with a metal top bracket to insert the Adz of a Pro Bar Halligan for a perfect marry attachment The bracket is very strond and can be used for striking during forcible entry FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL US AT

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  • Lock Slot 8 - Forcible Entry Axe - FIRE HOOKS UNLIMITED
    for striking the MAXIMUS Forcible Entry Halligan Bar The Lock Slot 8 features a drop forged head of high carbon steel rockwell heat treated and coated with anti rust zinc plate The marrying slots lock the MAXIMUS to the axe for easy carry by one hand no straps needed To quickly release from the married position simply tap the handle on any surface The Lock Slot 8 handle has a

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    features our popular NY Roof Hook head and steel pole At the opposite end we have added the Adz from Pro Bar Halligan that will maximize prying and penetration WIDE ADZ PRO BAR HALLIGAN A new type of Pro Bar Halligan Tool Another Original from Fire Hooks Unlimited Inc The Wide Adz Pro Bar is a one piece drop forged with an added feature An additional 1 inch to the 2 inch Adz for a total of 3 inches in width This modification makes inward forcible entry a breeze Great for overhauling debris with the wide Adz Increases the strike surface Length is 30 inches PARTNER SAW NEST The perfect way to mount your Partner Saw This mount is easy to install and will fit in essentially any compartment in fire apparatus rescue truck emergency services truck or commercial truck Heavy walled 3 16 inch brushed aluminum Matches our apparatus Hooks Nest Shaped for safety of non movement Heavy nylon strap with seat belt release The belt is expandable to fit large saws Excellent mount of pull out trays Comes with pre drilled holes and drill taps TRI CUTTER RESCUE KNIFE STAINLESS STEEL LOCKING BLADE SEATBELT CUTTER WINDOW KNOCKOUT TOOL QUICK OPENING THUMB STUD STAINLESS STEEL D RING IN FORCER 36 A gunbarrel steel unit with Sledge face serrated face lock puller and gas shut off on one end The other end has out original All Purpose Hook head The 36 can be used for Forcible Entry lock pulling wall ceiling entry and overhaul Weight of unit is 8 5 lbs and has our exclusive self extinguishing Celtex grips Have you seen our new SHOVELS Made in the USA Shovels BRUSH FIRE TOOL SYSTEM Model BFT 5 This one of a kind system allows firefighters to have the option to interchange various head attachments Our one inch steel handle has heavy stainless steel threads that join the items Also includes Celtex Grips You Choose 5 1 McClould Tool 2 Brush Rake 3 14 Tine Forged Rake 4 Pointed Shovel 5 Square Shovel 6 Shoe Hoe Pick 7 Trash Hook 8 Brush Broom Can be mixed or matched Your Choice IN FORCER 36 A gunbarrel steel unit with Sledge face serrated face lock puller and gas shut off on one end The other end has out original All Purpose Hook head The 36 can be used for Forcible Entry lock pulling wall ceiling entry and overhaul Weight of unit is 8 5 lbs and has our exclusive self extinguishing Celtex grips FORCE 3 Model F 3 The FORCE 3 consists of an Adz Axe Pro Bar 30 with ring and a ring attached yellow strap Unit can be carried in one hand New and original three some ADZ AXE Our new ADZ AXE is an 8 lbs Force Axe with a mount for the Adz of our Pro Bar Halligan Bar This mount allows for the Perfect Marriage of the Irons NEWARK 44 A combination Roof Hook with Adz and Spike

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  • FIRE HOOKS UNLIMITED - When The Bronx Burned, by John Finucane
    these men wages a desperate fight to save life and property with limited resources and manpower putting their lives on the line to maintain some degree of order during one of our nation s most chaotic and destructive periods It was unprecendented It was exceptional It was The Usual BUY NOW All Hands Fire Equipment BUY NOW Metro Safety Services Finucane s novel is a true to life depiction of what it was like during the War Days in the South Bronx brings back the memories of what it was like battling those tough all hands fires on Charlotte Street Bravo John Finucane for a job well done Bob Farrell C E O Fire Hooks Unlimited Inc Former Lieutenant and Captain of Ladder 31 1965 1980 BUY NOW All Hands Fire Equipment BUY NOW Metro Safety Services In his novel When the Bronx Burned John Finucane a retired lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department tells the fascinating story of the burning of the Charlotte Street area of New York s South Bronx during the late 1960s and 70s an era when arson for profit drove hundreds of thousands of people from their homes It s an intriguing story

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  • PROMAXX 24 by Fire Hooks Unlimited (732) 280-7737
    MOST POPULAR MULTI FUNTIONAL TOOLS The 14 in 1 Firemaxx and the Pro Bar 24 with two rings and reflective shoulder strap A yellow velcro mini marrying strap marries them together A chrome trigger snap attaches to the rings of the Pro Bar 24 ANOTHER FIRST FROM THIS COMPANY To View the FIREMAXX click here Patent Pending IN STOCK AND AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATELY DELIVERY PLEASE CALL FIRE HOOKS UNLIMITED AT

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