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  • Dynamic Duo - Forcible Entry - FIRE HOOKS UNLIMITED
    the Maxximus Mod DYN DUO MOD The marrying slot locks the Maximus to the Axe for easy one hand carrying no straps required Tap the handle on any surface for quick release Maxximus Part DYN DUO One piece dropped forged forcible entry tool Made of 4140 chrome vanadium steel A completely tuned halligan 2 3 4 inch wide adz for gapping doors Rex lock pulling feature Square tops of the fork for striking in tight entry operations Thinnest Adz and Fork on any other available bar Adz and Fork have depth gauge markings TPR molded grip improve handling Protective insulation up to 24000 volts electric cars range from 600 700 volts Standard 30 inch length Ez to hit ez to hold ez to carry and ez to marry to our lock slot 8lbs force axe Almost 2lbs lighter than a Halligan Pro Bar Lock Slot 8lb Axe WITH OUR NEW THERMO RUBBER GRIP AND OVERSTRIKE Perfect balance when in the hand of the user for striking the Maximus Dropped forged head of high carbon steel rockwell heat treated and coated with anti rust nickel plate Marrying slot designed to lock the axe to the Maximus no strap required Single Hand

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    AND 14 Lengths of solid fiberglass that can be shipped by UPS Joined together by a unique feature of heavy threaded stainless steel with a thick wall You can join these sections together by simply twisting the top unit to the bottom unit making the unit ULTRA STRONG but yet functional The top unit can be used as a 6 Hook for normal firefighting use When high ceilings use is needed the bottom section is attached The last feature used is the perminent attachment which is simply gluing the parts together to form one solid piece ALL HEAD S ARE AVAILABLE AND CAN BE PUT ON THE TRI TWISTER AT YOUR REQUEST PLEASE ADVISE HEAD MODEL ALL PURPOSE HOOK ALL PURPOSE HOOK The New York City Fire Department standard hook to exact specifications in every detail The most versatile hook used in the fire service today This hook has a multitude of uses from opening ceilings walls floors moldings and casings to the rapid removal of wood lath and plaster tin and sheet metal plasterboard fiberboard and sheetrock Features specially tapered hook head point gas shutoff end super strength fiberglass pole electrically non conductive stainless steel wear sleeve and celtex grips Available in the following sizes 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 32 40 with D handle MULTI PURPOSE HOOK MULTI PURPOSE HOOK Solid fiberglass with stainless steel wear sleeves gas shut off with directional slot Approximate weight is 1 lbs per foot The 10 12 and 14 have added fiberglass for extra stiffness Available in the following sizes 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 32 40 with D handle DRY WALL HOOK DRY WALL HOOK A hook specifically designed for dry wall removal of all types Can be used on other materials such as wood plaster sheet metal walls and ceilings An exceptional overhaul hook Features larger contact point conventional penetration an arc hook exceptional pry action combination rake and hoe handles made of solid fiberglass stainless steel wear sleeve and celtex Grips Available in the following sizes 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 32 40 with D handle ARSON TRASH HOOK ARSON TRASH HOOK This hook was developed to find hiddenfire in deep seated smoldering fires normally found in dumps or dempsey dumpsters The normal hook just won t pull trash in large quantaties Our trash hook because of it s two large six inch pointed prongs will grasp debris in huge chunks Available in the following sizes 32 40 4 6 8 10 with D handle UNIVERSAL HOOK UNIVERSAL HOOK This hook does it all It can penetrate or pull all types of materials used in the building trades It features two sharpened blades one on the top for penetration during thrust and one underneath for slicing on the pull stroke An arc hook on the back of the top blade is used in place of limited space A chisel tooth of 1 1 2 right angle blade tooth is sharpened to penetrate loose

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  • FIRE HOOKS UNLIMITED - Newark 44 Bar
    Bar NEWARK 44 A combination Roof Hook with Adz and Spike FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL US AT 732 280 7737 Contact a Distributor Near You click here HOME 2010 Fire

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    or SHV P 55 WD Made in the USA SHOVEL SQUARE Code SHV F 27 or SHV F 55 Super light and super strong square shovel 27 or 55 inches in length with ramin filled fiberglass handle and 14 gauge steel shovel head Welded seems for added strength a first by a shovel manufacturer Available with D Handle Code SHV F 27 WD or SHV F 55 WD Made in

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  • FORCIBLE ENTRY by Fire Hooks Unlimited
    exclusive self extinguishing celtex grips Handle is 28 long SLEDGE HAMMERS SHF 8 8lbs Fiberglass Handle SHW 8 8lbs Hickory Handle SHF 10 10lbs Fiberglass Handle SHW 10 10lbs Hickory Handle SHF 16 16lbs Fiberglass Handle Yellow or Tactical Black 8 MAUL 8 M28 SLEDGE HAMMER with a 28 Fiberglass handle for forcible entry Protected handle for overstrike and self extinguishing celtex grips The 28 long handle allows this tool to fit any truckman s belt SPLITTING MAUL SMF 8 28 Fiberglass 8 lbs sledge hammer for forcible entry Protected handle for overstrike and self extinguishing celtex grips 28 long to fit any truckman s belt OFFICERS TOOL A Tool Kit This tool meets the specifications of FDNY for their standard officer s tool It s made of high strength steel with the head welded to the shaft The shaft is covered with a non slip gripping surface The shaft end of the tool is formed into a pry bar capable of slipping into tight spaces The head of the tool has a flat driving surface with an A type lock puller machined into the adz of the blade The complete thru the lock kit available with the tool contains the officer s tool a double ended key tool and shove knife The kit can be stored inside the non slip grip of the tool s shaft 17 O BAR KIT Steel forged and welded construction with shock absorbing handle grip that holds the Kerry key This item is very similar to the O Tool Kit except that the O Bar has a Halligan like spike on the A style lock puller The O Bar Kit comes with Celtex Grips Kerry key and a shove knife FEATURES Removes Rim Locks Mortise Locks Tubular Locks Key in Knob Locks Fox Police Brace Locks Fox Police Double Locks Can also be used to probe during searches Vent Windows make examination holes serves as a portable Pry Bar and removes Locks on car trunks REX TOOL A lock pulling tool shaped like a U with sharp tapered blades that bite into lock cylinders of all shapes and sizes Extra leverage and original head design provide the mechanical advantage to pull well secured lock cylinders Opposite chisel end is used to drive rim locks after cylinders are removed J ROD REX TOOL A modified Rex Tool complete with lock puller shaped like a U with sharp taper penetrating spike and A type lock puller at the other end Comes with welded ring TRUCKMAN S TOOL A type lockpuller that can do it all gas shut off nail puller hammer pry bar wedge tool venting tool pull trim snap padlocks make examining holes pull lath plaster vent windows and probe during searches 12 and 16 available HAMMER 3 Solid fiberglass handle with self extinguishing celtex grip weighing 3 lbs Exceptional use as a striking tool for K Tools A Tools and R Tools Hammer is 12 long DOUBLE DROP KEY DD Key A common elevator

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  • THE HOOK SYSTEM by Fire Hooks Unlimited (732) 280-7737

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  • STREAMLIGHT - by Fire Hooks Unlimited
    ACCESSORIES Streamlight Scorpion The Streamlight Scorpion is the serious emergency and backup light Weighing just 4 4 ounces it s rubber armored case is only 4 9 long and it generates up to 6 500 candlepower 2 non rechargeable DL123A lithium batteries power the Scorpion for up to 1 continuous hour and have a 10 year shelf life 85001 Scorpion with lithium batteries 85002 Scorpion without lithium batteries Streamlight ProPolymer

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  • FARR-BAR by Fire Hooks Unlimited
    length and comes with Celtex grip two 2 welded rings and reflective shoulder strap FARR BAR PICK A Multi Purpose Fire Service Tool A new and innovative design of a combination ROOF HOOK and the Adz and Pick of a PRO BAR Halligan The unique placement of the pick allows not only as a penetration tool but also as a handle The NY Roof head and the Adz features speak

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