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  • Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy for Taverham, Norwich and Drayton
    codes of practice As an addition to Aromatherapy Massage and Reflexology I have had further training and gained diplomas in Maternity Reflexology and Pregnancy Massage these are on offer at my treatment room in Taverham which is close enough to Norwich for clients to pop in without having to travel too far and more importantly there is no worry about parking Visit my Pregnancy treatment page for more therapy advice and information Are your muscles suffering from overuse tired or you just have old injuries have you considered a half hour deep tissue massage combined with N M T neuro muscular technique is very beneficial you don t have to travel to Norwich now for this treatment I treat many people in the surrounding areas of Taverham Drayton and Costessey not too far from the City and as stated above there are no stresses about parking TREATMENT ROOMS I have a modern treatment room in Taverham nr Norwich which is easily accessible from Norwich Drayton and the surrounding areas so if you are looking for i e Reflexology Taverham Massage Therapy Norwich or Aromatherapy Drayton please contact me apart from the above areas my treatment rooms are easily accessible from Hellesdon Costessey Sprowston Wroxham E Dereham Easton Mattishall and all surrounding areas CONDITIONS TREATED I work with a range of conditions which include Stress Exam Nerves Depression P M T Pregnancy related problems Menopausal Problems Back Pain Neck Pain Migraine Insomnia Fertility problems including Endometriosis Polycystic Ovary syndrome PCOS to name a few plus many more conditions so feel free to contact me as I may very well be able to help Also see my special Pregnancy packages for that pre birth treat You do not have to be unwell to seek a treatment holistic therapies help to balance the

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  • Reflexology
    Face Upper Foot Resporatory Area Mid Foot Digestive System Heel Pelvic Area The whole Foot Body is worked by applying gentle pressure to specific reflex points giving special attention to crunchy or tense areas this helps to clear blockages which reflect congested areas in corresponding parts of the body You do not have to be unwell to receive a treatment foot massage promotes a feeling of well being as well as being extremely relaxing some of the conditions that Reflexology can help are Menopausal Problems Job Stress Exam Nerves P M T M E Depression Fertility problems Polycystic Overies Feeling under the weather WHAT DOES A REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT ENTAIL At your first consultation a medical questionnaire will have to be completed this will include question about your past and present health your lifestyle and diet Please note that any information given is treated in the strictest confidence Next you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks tights and then made comfortable on a treatment couch if in your own home you will be able to sit in one of your own easy chairs and the therapist will use her own footstool to elevate your feet to a comfortable position The aim is to make you as comfortable as possible A cooling wipe will be used before the treatment to cleanse your feet then a light oil will be used to aid the movement of the therapist s fingers during the treatment Pressure to specific areas is applied using the fingers and thumbs you may feel brief discomfort which is an indication of areas that may be unbalanced or congested and should ease as the treatment progresses After the first treatment you will be given an aftercare leaflet which you will be asked to read TREATMENT LENGTH A Full

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  • Aromatherapy / Holistic Massage
    normalise blood pressure relax the mind and sooth the skin WHAT TO EXPECT AT AN AROMATHERAPY TREATMENT Before the start of your first treatment a medical questionaire will have to be compeleted this will enable the most suitable essential oils to be chosen to suit your individual needs these mixes can change with each treatment depending on your presenting problems After your consultation you will be left alone to undress in privacy down to your underwear you will then lay on the treatment couch covering yourself with a warm towel During your treatment you will be fully covered with warm towels with only the area being treated at that moment uncovered ie arm leg back On each visit a blend of oils will be created specifically for you Depending on your presenting problem you will be given the option of purchasing creams bath oils shampoo with essential oils made up to your specific requirement to use at home e g if you suffer from stress you might find it beneficial to have a relaxing essential oil blend for your oil burner at home or a essential oil blend for your bath water After the first treatment you will be given an aftercare leaflet which you will be asked to read Many conditions benefit from regular treatments and a treatment plan will be drawn up e g chronic conditions would probably need 1 treatment per week for 4 6 weeks lessening to fortnightly treatments and eventually 1 per month to maintain bodily balance HOLISTIC MASSAGE How Can Massage Help Me Using the power of touch to calm soothe and revitalize the body massage eases aches and pains caused by stored tensions improving tone and elasticity of muscles due to increased blood supply Massage encourages the flow of blood and lymph which

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  • Maternity Reflexology & Massage
    miscarriages Very gentle treatments are giving avoiding specific areas on the foot Monthly relaxing treatments are ideal A full medical consultation will be taken before treatments commence and any concerns discussed During the second trimester any feelings of sickness should have gone and a feeling of well being should be experienced Reflexology treatments are much appreciated at this time dealing with any minor ailments and tiredness Monthly treatments are ideal at this time The third and final trimester ideally you will be having shorter weekly treatments to help ease any discomfort of the growing baby inside you relaxing you for the forthcoming birth POST PREGNANCY New mothers are very busy but often appreciate an hours treatment when possible this helps to relax and balance the body getting it back to its pre pregnancy state PREGNANCY MASSAGE The Muscularskeletal system carries the greatest burden during pregnancy this is due to increased weight gain this can cause problems with posture affecting the nerves muscles and the joints around 75 of women will suffer from back pain at some time during their pregnancy Most therapists prefer not to massage until after the first trimester at the beginning of the second trimester and only

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  • Hot Stone /Indian Head Massage
    onto the therapist s hands where she massages the client until the stones are at a temperature that the client can tolerate at this point the therapist begins to massage the client using the warm stones The benefits of Hot Stone Therapy are as follows Increases circulation facilitating maximum blood for optimum body functioning Vaso dilation of blood vessels causing an increase in blood flow around the body Providing the important fuel to keep the body functioning at total efficiency Increases cell metabolism thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins Increase lymphatic function thereby increasing detoxification cleansing and elimination Deep relaxation of muscles helping to alleviate stress and tension Creates a feeling of balance and harmony Gives the client a deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE Indian Head Massage is an effective therapy that was practised first practised in India over a thousand years ago A treatment takes approximately 25 minutes and is carried out with the client sitting upright in a chair and involves a relaxing massage to the shoulders neck head and finishing with a lymphatic drainage massage to the face Stress affects major muscle groups in the body

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  • Hopi Ear Candling
    often referred to as Ear Candling is a safe effective and relaxing treatment The treatment consists of an approximate 45 minute treatment which includes the ear candling followed by a 10 minute pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage This is a natural and simple way to cleanse the ears nose and throat improving many nasal throat and ear problems Hopi ear candling is also said to help cleanse the mind body and soul creating a relaxing and enjoyable treatment for both the client and therapist During the treatment the client lays on their side and a lighted candle is placed into the ear with a tight seal between the ear and candle due to the lack of oxygent the rising air inside the candle creates a very mild suction to help loosen any compacted ear wax or congestion The heat and the ingredients within he candle help to soften congestion deeper in the ear and this will loosen over a period fo 48 hours The ears nose and throat are all connected and therefore ear candling has the effect of regulating and balancing the pressure in the upper respiratory tract as well as clearing the head nose and sinuses Conditions

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  • Voucher Shop
    want on this page if not then please email or phone me Each voucher will be despatched to you within two days and along with the voucher will be a gift card and envelope Essential Balance tri fold brochure and a small location map Indian Head Massage 16 00 1 2 hour Hot Stone Massage Treatment Voucher 18 00 1 hour Hot Stone Massage Treatment Voucher 33 00 1 2

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  • Price List / FAQ
    pamper half hour massage and half hour reflexology Add a Luxory face pack and head massage 42 00 total 1 1 2 hrs Also bespoke massages to suit you at your request SPECIAL DEALS Book four appointments in advance and get the fifth half price Book a Wedding massage or reflexology treatment for Bride Mother of Bride Bridesmaids etc RELAX AND STOP THE CLOCK FOR AN HOUR GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE WHAT BETTER CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY PRESENT PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE HOME TREATMENTS Please note that there is a minimum charge for home treatments of 5 00 within a 10 mile radius of Taverham over 10 mile radius there is a 10 charge F A Q ARE YOU FULLY QUALIFIED Yes I qualified as a Reflexologist in August 2003 and am a member of the Association of Reflexologist I qualified as a Holisitic Massage Therapist in September 2005 gaining an ITEC Diploma In July 2006 I qualified as an Aromatherpist and am a member of the Internation Federation of Aromatherpists ARE YOU INSURED Yes I hold full medical malpractice and public liability insurance HOW DO I FIND YOUR PRACTICE Please see the Price page where you will find a link to where to find me DO YOU DO HOME VISITS I do in specific circumstances please ask when enquiring about a treatment and I will be happy to discuss this with you I WORK FULL TIME WHEN WOULD I BE ABLE TO HAVE A TREATMENT I appreciate that many people work during the day plus mothers fathers and carers who have the responsibility of others during the day apart from working all day Mondays and Fridays I also work evenings Monday to Friday and have two time slots 6pm and 7 30pm but if these times do not

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