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  • Internet Filtering Interactive TV Network ITV KACE Help Desk Technology Planning Web Hosting This blog is maintained by Ty Duncan Coordinator Accountability and Compliance Services 806 281 5832 Like us on Facebook Follow InstructionalLe Instructional Leaders November and December Hard Months For Teachers Nov 08 2014 07 16 00 pm We recently completed 3 days of training on Transformational Leaders and Teachers created by our friends at Region 20 Our team had great dialogue with teachers and leaders as we look to impact students in a positive way in this world of readiness The slide above certainly resonated with me but with all of our teachers and leaders in the training as well Teacher retention continues to be an issue statewide especially for those in rural districts Education is experiencing the same trends as other industries in that the Baby Boomer generation is retiring and they are being replaced with a younger less experienced workforce Couple that with the demands of accountability and growth and you have a stressful environment for leaders and teachers Replacing teachers is a very expensive endeavor in regards to training cost and experience lost The High Cost of Teacher Turnover a policy brief from The National Commission on Teaching and America s Future is the first valid study based on actual school district data to estimate the cost of turnover The study focused on several districts across the country and found that when a teacher leaves the cost of recruiting hiring and training a replacement teacher is substantial The national cost of public school teacher turnover could be over 7 3 billion a year Take a look at a presentation on Keeping Teachers Teaching done by Shana Lane and Lela Taubert at our recent Instructional Leaders event Great information around the need for induction programs

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  • Young through the 2014 rating process 10 30 to 11 20 Breakout Sessions Register for the Next Instructional Leaders Event February 24 2015 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 15147 T PESS and T TESS Implementation with TEA Tim Regal Educator and Leadership Quality with TEA Main Hall repeated session This update will cover both the new teacher and principal evaluation systems that TEA and 65 districts are currently piloting this school year The update will address the goals of each evaluation system the tools and components currently being piloted and the timeline for implementation statewide At Frenship High School We Call it HOMEroom Jim Burke Frenship High School Assistant Principal and Kim Spicer Frenship High School Principal PC Labs 302 304 At Frenship High we have made a focused effort to increase academic and emotional support of our students by implementing a mentoring program to encourage teachers to build and maintain nurturing relationships with a small group of students throughout the school year In the past three years our plan has evolved into a weekly HOMEroom Class Through it we have been able to foster those relationships and also involve students in service learning opportunities where they become more aware of their societal role on a campus community regional and global scale We invite you into our HOMEroom to see what we are doing Texas Consumer Resource on Education and Workforce Statistics Reuben Garcia Texas Workforce Commission Lecture Hall repeated session Texas Consumer Resource on Education and Workforce Statistics TX CREWS is a joint Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Texas Workforce Commission project TX CREWS is designed to provide consumer information to students parents and counselors about the long term labor market outcomes and related student loans by program of exiting cohorts from Texas postsecondary institutions TX CREWS raises the bar on accountability and consumer reporting The R Word Increasing Rigor through Depth and Complexity Greg Reeves ELA Specialist Neely Room repeated session If gifted and advanced students are not challenged by the rigor and relevance of their classes they begin to equate smart with easy and begin to resist challenges and hard work In this session we will investigate ways to increase both depth and complexity of instruction using Sandra Kaplan s icons STAAR A Accommodated Moving Forward Margo Knox ESC 17 Curriculum Specialist Douglas Room Come as we explore the latest information released by TEA on the new STAAR A Accommodated assessment scheduled for the Spring of 2015 and address questions you have about this new test 11 30 to 12 20 Lunch in the Main Hall Program Updates from Region 17 Staff Like us on Facebook https www facebook com pages Region 17 Instructional Leaders 204792002878635 pages Region 17 Instructional Leaders 204792002878635 Attention Administrators Please fill out the following survey in re gards to when your school district is offering US History I am trying to collect data to have available for administrators at the end of the year so they can

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  • ITV KACE Help Desk Technology Planning Web Hosting This blog is maintained by Ty Duncan Coordinator Accountability and Compliance Services 806 281 5832 Like us on Facebook Follow InstructionalLe Instructional Leaders Learning from AIE Sep 28 2014 07 16 00 pm The AIE Conference was very enjoyable and I learned a great deal from some great presentations I have attached my presentation from below Get Linking Accountability and Instruction slides here Search aieconf on Twitter There were a lot of great tweets and educators sharing their learning Cheri Hendrick posted a great chart that shows how many questions it takes for a student to move across the passing standards http www esc20 net default aspx name sup ss Accountability View or Post a Comment 0 Linking Accountability and Instruction Sep 21 2014 07 34 00 pm We would love for you to use ESC or tag us in posts using instructionalle as the twitter handle AIEConf Click here for slides Linking Accountability and Instruction 9 30 AM September 25th in Room 14 at the Convention Center Session Hashtag esc17 https guidebook com guide 23560 poi 2051834 Induc tion and Support Keeping Teachers Teaching September 24th 3 00 in 12A at the Convention Center https guidebook com guide 23560 poi 2051815 View or Post a Comment 0 Urgency Necessary to Prepare Students for High Standards Sep 01 2014 05 04 00 pm TEA s Friday release of Important Changes to the Texas Assessment Program in the 2014 2015 School Year certainly brought changes to the STAAR Assessment Program for this school year The Commissioner announced changes to the Performance Standards previously as well that sent some relief to the educational community Keeping the Phase In 1 standard is a positive thing for the present but we must still plan for the future of increasing standards Accelerated students is a huge issue TEA has now received written notification from the United States Department of Education denying the agency s waiver request submitted January 27 2014 as stated in the last Friday s letter This is something districts need to monitor closely as we move forward Investing in the TEKS in Mathematics is imperative We will get scores on these students with new TEKS and they will be a part of the accountability system I am not an expert in the math TEKS but the colleagues I trust and respect assure me the changes are substantial and will cause teachers to read ponder talk about and experiment with this school year TEA will be creating equivalancy standards to use for this school year which will help with these substantive changes but getting ahead by gaining a deep understanding of the math TEKS should be an integral part of every campus PLC and PD TEA has heard your concerns You will get less field testing short answer responses and more STAAR released questions These concerns were real and these changes are certainly necessary for educators to improve assessment scores for the district We want

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  • for Children with Disabilities PPCD Positive Behavioral Interventions Support Project Psychological Services Speech Language Pathology Transition Services Visual Impairment Blindness Technology Technology Services Distance Learning Email Services eRate Support Internet Access Internet Filtering Interactive TV Network ITV KACE Help Desk Technology Planning Web Hosting This blog is maintained by Ty Duncan Coordinator Accountability and Compliance Services 806 281 5832 Like us on Facebook Follow InstructionalLe Instructional Leaders Action Items for 2015 Aug 17 2014 07 32 00 pm As everyone pours over the data from recent Accountability Ratings release there is always a sense of relief when targets are met However that relief turns into realization and urgency as we start the engine for another year of instruction This year will bring challenges and adjustments that will need to be made as we move forward in this accountability system These three things are a must for teachers and leaders as we move forward Formative Assessment Every Single Day Eduptopia posted an article last week on strategies teachers can use to check for understanding every day This accountability system places great emphasis on students getting better every day as a result of the instruction they receive There is too much time in between district scheduled benchmarks to intervene appropriately Dealing with failure to learn the content immediately is the only way to ensure students get better every single day Intellectualism Students achieving Level III in this system is just as important as passing the test How much intellectuallism do students see every day from teachers AND leaders Are we about showing what really really smart looks like to students Are we modeling the deep connections students must make to make it to Level III These kids deserve to see SMART everyday Grinding A word you often hear in the sports and training industry to speak of working really hard when the going gets tough and excitement is hard to summon To add value to students gaps in instruction simply cannot occur with breaks in instruction There has to be an excitement that comes with the content everyday and the students need to see it We grind when we are tired grumpy and it is tough to summon the excitement This speaks to leadership really as leaders must motivate staff to grind because the students who are struggling cannot have a day off and the students at the top end need to see the intellectuallism daily View or Post a Comment 0 Explaining Accountability Results to Stakeholders and Board Members Aug 08 2014 07 05 00 pm With public release of Accountability results for 2014 comes the opportunity to explain these scores and ratings to stakeholders and board members We have posted a PowerPoint that helps with this process It contains graphs that compare the campus and district index scores to the state targets Click Here for Powerpoint We do think it is best to remain conceptual with stakeholders as the weeds of this can cause people to run away When I

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  • changes at a classroom school and district level Disclaimer You will not leave this session with everything you need to go back and fully implement assessment for learning or standards based grading It is a multiyear process that takes a major shift in pedagogy and educational philosophy 11 30 to 12 30 Lunch on Your Own 12 45 to 1 35 Breakout Sessions How to Survive House Bill 5 Phil Warren Superintendent of Shallowater ISD Main Hall In this session participants will get an overview of how HB 5 the most recently mandated state curriculum changes can be used to help facilitate school leaders in doing what is best for our KIDS by leading their classrooms campuses and districts Focus will be on the phases of change the stages of implementation and how sustainability through leadership can be achieved As John Maxwell said in his book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Remember people don t at first follow worthy causes They follow worthy leaders who promote worthwhile causes This session will focus on how we as school leaders remain worthy leaders with a worthwhile cause through the changes found in HB5 Creating Real Parent Engagement in Schools Francisco Rodriguez ESC 17 Specialist PC Labs 302 304 Effective two way communication is impossible without mastering communication such as social media print media face to face or phone calls Participants will be presented effective communication applications through real life everyday situations Participants will also receive strategies to engage parents in order to strengthen partnerships This session will provide the tools in which parents can be reached Critical Success Factors for Schools Lisa Kersh PSP and Southern Bush former Principal in Idalou ISD and Kathleen Crooks Principal at Brownfield ISD Lecture Hall Critical Success Factors help stakeholders focus on the priorities of the organization develop measurable goals and create a culture of teamwork This session will help leaders learn how to integrate these Critical Success Factors into the culture of the organization Center Stage Live Schmoker says Tori Mitchell ESC 17 ACE Specialist Neely Room Focus campus staff on the big 3 practices from Mike Schmoker s Center Stage Live video talk Guaranteed viable curriculum Authentic literacy Instructionally sound effective lessons implemented with fidelity Participate in a discussion about the effective implementation of the big 3 practices 1 45 to 2 30 Breakout Sessions Focus Radically Elevate Student Learning Ty Duncan ESC 17 Coordinator and James Durham Professional Service Provider Main Hall In Mike Schmoker s latest work Focus Elevating the Essentials To Radically Improve Student Learning he offers solutions to simply and prioritize curriculum and instruction in our schools The work will help teachers and leaders focus on the essentials of curriculum and lessons while making them weary of silver bullets in hopes they gain the real joy and purpose of teaching and leading TSI and College Readiness Shauna Lane ESC17 Specialist PC Labs 302 304 Learn more about the TSI Assessment and why it is so important to students and

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  • will generally follow people who have these qualities There is a fundamental that undergirds these three C s A virtue maybe One we do not talk a lot about in leadership circles Humility Reflection It is certainly easy at times to get lost in the details and walk in the weeds of the day to day grind and lose sight of the basic premises of leadership Why would people follow you or me It probably has very little to do with managing the stuff in the weeds We have to give people a reason to follow us by demonstrating our competence daily being courageous in difficult times and demonstrating compassion to the people we serve Undergird this with humility and people might just follow us anywhere Just an instrument in the orchestra How To Get All Teachers to Be Like Your Best Teacher Todd Whitaker Indiana State University Some great thoughts from Todd today How much better would your school be if everyone was like your best teacher In most schools the gap between the great teacher and the average teacher is huge You cannot learn to be great from someone who is average How many complaints would you get if all the teachers were your best teacher There are only two ways to get better in our schools Hire better teachers or make the ones you got better It all boils down to that Crummy people can t do any program Programs do not fix bad teachers You cannot mandate effectiveness We have to teach people how to get better and stop telling Generally people do the best job they know how to do Teachers sit behind their desk so much because they are scared of the students If they are scared of the students do you want them with the students Interesting question Great teachers talk to parents Teach teachers to talk to parents 10 Days OUT OF 10 Treat every student with respect and dignity All the time You do not have to like the students you just have to act like you like the students You never know if this is the day that matters The hardest thing about being a principal is that it matters every day How many days out of 10 do you do this Raise the Praise Minimize the Criticize 5 Ways Authentic Praise must be authentic to work Specific The behavior that is rewarded is the behavior that is expected Immediate If you delay it then it seems forced Clean It cannot be mixed with something they need to do It seems manipulative Private You can always praise privately You can make YOURSELF feel better when you praise Only allow great teachers to have student teachers Never let average to bad teachers have a student teacher They reproduce You have to expose people to great people and we have to do it all the time How can you be great if you never see great people Reflection Every teacher can be

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  • Click here for Accountability 2014 PowerPoint slides Thanks to Cheri Hendrick of Region 20 for her help in development Here is a link to the 2014 STAAR 3 8 scores for Region 17 and the State We will post EOC scores when TEA releases them to us http www esc17 net users 0225 docs 2014 20Region 2017 203 8 20STAAR 20State Region 20Scores xlsx Our staff in conjunction with Gaynette Turner of Seminole ISD has worked to develop a tool to help predict index score numbers Thank you Mrs Turner for your expertise http www esc17 net users 0225 June 203 845 20am 202014 20ESC 17 20Accountability 20Student 20Achievement xlsx Here is a link to a wonderful accountability document posted by Region 20 http www esc17 net users 0225 docs 2013vs2104May23Update pdf View or Post a Comment 0 Great Year and More To Come In the Summer May 11 2014 10 53 00 pm Improve Academic Performance Accountability Index Training June 2 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14580 Accountability Index Training July 21 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14582 Will conduct onsite if requested Increase Leadership Effectiveness Motion Leadership Michael Fullan s Leadership June 20 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14581 Family and Community Engagement Parent and Community Engagement Training onsite if requested Using Social Media and Web Tools for School Communication June 16 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14693 Social Media PLNs Blogging and Branding June 27 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14583 School Climate Motion Leadership Michael Fullan s Leadership June 20 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14581 Impacting School Climate in a Positive Way June 5 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14792 Teacher Quality Zen and the Art of Instructional Coaching June 18 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14718 Lead Learn and Engage Region 17 Leadership Conference August 5 and 6 2014 Register for this event http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14627 View or Post a Comment 0 Accountability Documents Posted Last Week By TEA May 03 2014 07 28 00 pm The Texas Education Agency released more documents around Accountability 2014 There is a great comparison chart that details the changes from 2013 to 2014 These are very well done and will help us with the transition as we move forward Summary Document Side By Side Comparison 2013 to 2014 This chart details the Index Targets that have been set Preliminary results are coming in on 5th and 8th and other results will be coming in soon Take a look at the Final Level II Recommended standard as you calculate Index 4 for Middle Schools and Elementary Campuses This will jump up and surprise the uniformed The target for Index 3 is going to change dramatically from 2013 to 2014 Adding Level

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  • make us all better and increase student performance and learning We can do some things to help our leaders implement a system that will increase capacity and create a highly skilled practitioner Understand fixed mindsets about my practice harm my students and the culture to which I belong Doing this well will help public perception regarding teaching and learning Stakeholders in all arenas need to see that collectively we are a group of highly sophisticated craftsmen committed to the students of Texas A commitment to excellence through collegial relationships with leadership will help with this perception Implementing it with fidelity Merely complying with the statute is not going to change much of anything or improve practice One of the failures of PDAS was that it became a system of mere compliance or at times used for termination or non renewal I have always said if they ask us to do something we might as well use it to our advantage to increase student and teacher performance Anyone who stops learning is old whether at twenty or eighty Anyone who keeps learning stays young Henry Ford We will be having a roundtable discussion of the new appraisal system led by pilot districts and steering committee members at our Leadership Conference Lead Learn and Engage Region 17 Leadership Conference August 5 and 6 2014 Register for this event http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14627 We will have sessions devoted to leadership accountability new appraisal forums and other hot topics to start the 2014 2015 school year You will not want to miss it View or Post a Comment 0 Final Level II On Two or More Tests Highlights Changes In 2014 Apr 18 2014 09 54 00 pm Click Here for Document Above In our last installment of this blog we looked at some of the changes made by Commissioner Williams in his final decisions on accountability for the 2013 2014 school year We will have a tool for you at the trainings below to help you predict your accountability index score Accountability Index Training June 2 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14580 Accountability Index Training July 21 2014 http escite2 esc17 net default aspx name wmsworkshop w 14582 Impact of the ELL Progress Measure The ELL Progress Measure will impact index scores Students in Year I of US schooling will still be excluded from the indices but those in Years 2 4 will use the ELL Progress Measure to calculate a positive or negative impact to the index score Five years or more in US schools will be required to meet the STAAR standard for that particular index Calculating the index score will require use of the chart below The ELL Progress Measure can be very positive for the index score if students have received proper acceleration STAAR Percent Met Final Level II On Two or More STAAR Subject Area Tests Index 4 was radically redesigned by the ATAC and APAC committees

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