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  • Engineer Blogs - Digital Signal processing
    Sneak preview of filterbanks and digital filter design Lecture 24 IIR filter design Lecture 25 FIR filters Lecture 26 Eigenfilters and the Parks McClellan algorithm Lecture 27 Statistical techniques for filter design and Wiener filters Lecture 28 Adaptive filters and the LMS algorithm Lecture 29 Perfect reconstruction filterbanks Lecture 30 Orthogonal filterbanks Lecture 31 Wavelet transforms and time frequency analysis Lecture 32 Multiresolution analysis Lecture 33 Intro to Image Processing Modern Digital Signal Processing Text Book Roberto Cristi Modern Digital Signal Processing Brooks Cole 2003 Homework Solutions Computer Assignments slides and more Lectures Notes Introduction to DSP Text Book Signal Processing and Linear Systems by B P Lathi second international edition 2009 Oxford University Press Review of Signals and Systems Continuous and Discrete Time Fourier Series Continuous and Discrete Time Fourier Transform Z Transform Frequency Domain Analysis of Discrete Time LTI Systems Sampling Fast Fourier Transform 2 Aug 4 Aug 8 Aug 9 Aug 10 Aug 11 Aug 17 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 5 Sep 6 Sep 7 Sep 8 Sep 14 Sep 15 Sep 16 Sep 19 Sep 20 Sep 21 Sep 26 Sep 27 Sep 03 Oct 04 Oct 10 Oct 11 Oct 12 Oct 13 Oct 17 Oct 18 Oct 19 Oct 20 Oct 24 Oct 27 Oct 31 Oct 01 Nov 02 Nov 03 Nov 10 Nov 14 Nov 15 Nov 16 Nov 17 Nov All Circular Convolution DFT and Spectral Analysis Aspects of CT and DT Signals and Systems Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4 Assignment 5 Assignment 6 Assignment 7 Advanced Digital Signal Processing Streaming Algorithms and Dimensionality Reduction 1 Introduction to streaming algorithms Estimating the number of distinct elements and the L0 norm 2 Estimating the L2 norm 3 Estimating the Lp norms using

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  • Signals and Systems
    Frequency Domain Analysis of Discrete Time Linear Systems Chapter 5 Periodic Inputs and Fourier Series Homework Imperial College London Signals Linear Systems Spring 2011 Textbook Linear Systems and Signals B P Lathi 2nd Edition Oxford University Press Lecture Notes Problem Sheets Prof essor Peter Y K Cheung Notes Problem Classes Lecture 1 Introduction to Signals Lecture 2 Introduction to Systems Matlab Tutorial 1 Problem Sheet 1 Solutions Lecture 3 Zero input Responses Lecture 4 Zero state Responses Matlab Tutorial 2 Problem Sheet 2 Solutions Lecture 5 Convolution Lecture 6 Laplace Transform Problem Sheet 3 Solutions Lecture 7 More on Laplace Transform Lecture 8 Frequency Response Problem Sheet 4 Solutions Lecture 9 Poles Zeros Filters Lecture 10 Fourier Transform Problem Sheet 5 Solutions Lecture 11 More Fourier Transform Lecture 12 Windowing Effects Problem Sheet 6 Solutions Lecture 13 Sampling Discrete Signals Problem Sheet 7 Solutions Lecture 14 Discrete Fourier Transforms Lecture 15 z transform Problem Sheet 8 Solutions Lecture 16 More z transform Lecture 17 Digital Filters Problem Sheet 9 Solutions Sample Past Papers Sample Paper 2011 Past Paper Solutions 2010 Past Paper Solutions 2008 Useful links Matlab Documentations and Demo videos Tacoma Bridge Disaster video demonstration of characteristic modes resonance of a system Princeton University Signals and Systems Prof Paul Cuff Fall Semester 2011 12 Topics linear time invariant systems Fourier Laplace and Z transforms system stability and design signal analysis sampling and modulation wavelet transforms and principle component analysis Lecture Notes Ch 1 1 5 6 slides lecture Ch 1 2 4 slides lecture Ch 2 1 3 slides lecture Ch 2 3 5 slides Ch 3 slides lecture Ch 4 slides lecture Ch 3 slides one matlab Ch 4 slides lecture Ch 5 slides lecture Ch 6 notes Ch 7 notes one Review notes Speech matlab Ch 9 pdf one Ch 9 pdf one Ch 9 pdf one Ch 9 pdf Ch 9 10 pdf Ch 10 pdf Ch 10 11 pdf Ch 11 pdf Ch 11 pdf Ch 11 Wavelet Transform pdf Wavelet Linear Algebra DFT pdf Assignments Problem Set 1 Problem Set 2 Problem Set 3 Problem Set 4 Problem Set 5 Problem Set 6 Problem Set 7 Problem Set 8 Problem Set 9 Signals and Systems I University of Kentucky College of Engineering Textbook Linear Systems and Signals by B P Lathi Berkeley Cambridge Press 1992 Unit 1 Unit 4 Unit 6 Unit 9 Unit 12 Unit 2 Unit 4a Unit 7 Unit 10 FS Review Example Unit 3 Unit 5 Unit 8 Unit 11 Introduction to Signals and Systems Text Book James McClellan Ronald Schafer and Mark Yoder Signal Processing First Prentice Hall New Jersy 2003 Course Description Mathematical representation of signals and systems spectrum representation representation of signals by sample values discrete time filter characterization and response the z transform continuous time signals and linear time invariant systems frequency response continuous time Fourier transform and application to system analysis MATLAB basics with application to signals and systems Includes lectures demonstrations and laboratory assignments

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  • Fluid Mechanics - Engineer Blogs
    How do fluids flow Modeling fluids Continuum mechanics Control volume A first momentum balance Shell balance for flow down an incline plane Navier Stokes Flow down an incline redux Poiseuille flow in a tube Newtonian constitutive equation More complex flows dimensional analysis correlations hydraulic diameter packed beds fluidized beds Macroscopic balances External flows Dimensional analylsis Intro to Heat Xfer conduction in a slab with temperature BC Newton s law of cooling BCs Conduction in an annular tube temp BCs Newton s law of cooling BCs heat conduction with generation with convection unsteady state Unsteady state heat conduction Double pipe heat exchanger heat exchanger effectiveness Shell and tube heat exchangers Heat transfer with phase change evaporators and condensors Radiation heat transfer radiation heat transfer coefficient Fluid Mechanics videos Midterm Solution M1 M2 Homework Solution Fluid Mechanics I ME 305 Lecture Notes for Fluid Mechanics I First Lecture PDF Fundamental Fluid and Flow Properties PDF Fluid Statics PDF Kinematics of Fluid Flow PDF Integral Formulation of Fluid Flow PDF Bernoulli Equation PDF Differential Formulation of Fluid Flow PDF Similitude and Dimensional Analysis PDF Viscous Flow in Pipes and Ducts PDF Lecture Notes for Fluid Mechanics II Irrotational Flow PDF Viscous Flow PDF Turbomachinery PDF Compressible Flow PDF Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Fluid Mechanics Spring 2013 Textbook Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics B R Munson H O Theodore W W Huebsch A P Rothmayer John Wiley Sons Inc 7th Edition 2012 Lecture Notes Lab Notes Homework and Solution Topics Statics Kinematic Pressure Energy Variation Bernoulli Normal flow Fluid Property Transport and Conservation Mass Conservation Energy Conservation Linear Momentum Conservation Angular Momentum Conservation Differential Analysis of Fluid Motion Similitude and Modeling Pipe Flow Drag and Lift Introduction to Finite Element Analysis Lecture Notes Chapter 1 Introduction to Variational Methods Not available yet Chapter 2 Introduction to FEM PDF Chapter 3 Computer Implementation of 1D FEM PDF Chapter 4 Trusses Beams and Frames PDF Chapter 5 Two Dimensional Formulation PDF Finite Element Analysis in Thermofluids Lecture Notes ME 582 Chapter 1 Governing Equations of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer PDF Chapter 2 Formulation of FEM for One Dimensional Problems PDF Chapter 3 Formulation of FEM for Two Dimensional Problems PDF Chapter 4 Computer Implementation for 1D and 2D Problems PDF Chapter 5 Formulation of FEM for Unsteady Problems PDF Chapter 6 Petrov Galerkin Formulations for Advection Diffusion Equation PDF Chapter 7 Incompressible Flow Solutions PDF Chapter 8 Computer Implementation of 2D Incompressible N S Solver PDF Chapter 9 Least Squares Finite Element Solution of Compressible Euler Equations PDF Numerical Methods Lecture Notes ME 310 Part 1 Introduction PDF Part 2 Finding Roots of Nonlinear Equations PDF Part 3 Unconstrained 1D Optimization PDF Part 4 Solution of Linear Algebraic System of Equations PDF Part 5 Least Squares Regression PDF Part 6 Polynomial Interpolation PDF Part 7 Numerical Differentiation PDF Part 8 Numerical Integration PDF Part 9 Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations PDF Software The following are open source software written by Dr Cüneyt Sert and his students

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  • Ethics Engineering
    slides Cautious Optimism and Moral Leadership lecture slides Reference Ethics in Electrical and Computer Engineering Ethics Engineering Text book Martin M W Schinzinger R Ethics in Engineering 4th Ed McGraw Hill Ethics in Electrical and Computer Engineering Lecture PPT other resources and more Electrical and computer engineering as professions Ethical decision making strategies Critique codes of ethics Moral frameworks connections to engineering Personal commitments and professional life Case study OSU College of Engineering student organization Engineers for Community Service Engineering as social experimentation Involving the public in the design process Case studies for engineering as social experimentation Assessment of safety and risk Design considerations uncertainty Risk benefit analysis safe exit and fail safe systems Case studies in impact of safety risk on design Employee employer rights and responsibilities Confidentiality and conflict of interest Whistle blowing Case studies on professional behavior policies on the job Environment sustainable development Multinational corporations globalization of engineering Technology transfer appropriate technology Cautious optimism as a technology development attitude Moral leadership in engineering Related posts Green Engineering Introduction to Engineering Design Environments Problem Solving in Electrical and Computer Engineering One Comment Pingback engineering and ethics Engineer Blogs Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will

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  • Nanoelectronics - Engineer Blogs
    Transport in Graphene Carbon nanotube CNT structure CNT Density of States Transport in CNTs Phonons in CNTs Transport in Organic Single Molecules and Nanofibers Organic molecular electronics systems Phonons Transport Solitons in molecular electronics Transport in organic nanofibers electronic textiles Nanoelectronics ECE 685 Textbook Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics by George W Hanson Pearson Prentice Hall 2008 ISBN 978 0131957084 Lecture Slides Exam Solution and Example Question Click here COURSE OUTLINE Classical particles classical waves and quantum particles Quantum Mechanics of Electrons Confined Electrons Electrons Subject to a Periodic Potential Tunnel Junctions and Applications of Tunneling Coulomb Blockade and the Single Electron Transistor Carbon Nanotubes and Nanowire Transistors Many Electron Phenomena Particle Statistics Models of Quantum Wells Quantum Wires and Quantum Dots Nanowires Ballistic Transport and Spin Transport NanoCMOS Silicon on Insulator SOI CMOS Fundamental Limits to Scaling Nanoelectronics Lectures notes Preliminary stuff first day notes Feyman s nanotechnology Practice problems Exam Quantum Mechanics The Schroedinger equation Why quantum mechanics Time independent Schroedinger equation ree electrons scattering Tunneling Square quantum wells electron scattering tunneling java program Schroedinger in 3D A matrix Harmonic Oscillator Periodic potentials Kronig Penney spreadsheet Related posts Statistical Mechanics Solid State Devices Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email

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  • Materials Science and Engineering - Engineer Blogs
    for Homework Quiz with Solution Lecture Notes slides more Topics Crystallography Crystallography Grains Polymer Crystals Diffraction Metal phase diagrams Iron Carbon Phase Diagram Aluminum Alloys and Iron Carbon Phase Diagram Polymers Semiconductors Electrical Properties MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING CHEN 313 501 Textbook Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering An Integrated Approach William D Callister Jr David G Rethwisch Wiley Inc Fourth Edition ISBN 1118061608 9781118061602 QUIZZES EXAMS with Solutions Ch 1 Introduction Ch 2 Atomic structure bonding Ch 3 Structures of Metals and Ceramics Ch 4 Polymer Structures Ch 5 Imperfections in Solids Ch 6 Diffusion Ch 7 Mechanical Properties Ch 12 Electrical Properties Ch 17 Thermal Properties Ch 18 Magnetic Properties Ch 19 Optical Properties Materials Science and Engineering Textbook D Callister D G Rethwisch Materials Science and Engineering An Introduction John Wiley 2010 8th edition Chapter 1 Introduction Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 2 Atomic Structure and Bonding Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 3 The Structure of Crystalline Solids Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 4 Imperfections in Solids Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 5 Diffusion Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 6 Mechanical Properties of Metals Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 7 Dislocations and Strengthening Mechanisms Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 8 Failure Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 9 Phase Diagrams Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format 4 slides per page Chapter 10 Phase Transformations Notes in pdf format Notes in pdf format

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  • Electromagnetic Waves
    meaning of the electrostatic potential Green s function conductors in electrostatics Lecture 5 Coulomb problem as a boundary value problem electric field at a charged surface Dirichlet vs Neumann boundary condition examples Green s identities and uniqueness Green s functions part II Greens functions for Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions we will not go over this in lecture Lecture 6 The image charge method for a charge in front of an infinite plane and in front of a conducting sphere Lecture 7 Separation of variables method in rectangular and polar coordinates Lecture 8 Separation of variables method in spherical coordinates Legendre polynomials Green s functions part III Eigenfunction expansion for the Greens function we did not go over this in lecture but it provides some of the theoretical basis for why the separation of variables method works Lecture 9 Multipole expansion monopole dipole and quadrupole moments Lecture 10 Multipole expansion continued magnetostatics magnetic dipole approximation Lecture 11 Magnetostatic scalar potential boundary conditions at a sheet current examples Lecture 12 Symmetry under parity transformations Macroscopic Maxwell s equations dielectrics Lecture 13 Macroscopic Maxwell s equations polarization density electric dispacement field D magnetic materials paramagnetism and diamagnetism bound currents Lecture 14 Macroscopic Maxwell s equations magnetization density H field bound surface current conservation of bound charge boundary conditions Lecture 15 Linear Materials electric and magnetic susceptibilities dielectric constant magnetic permeability atomic polarizability and the Clausius Mossotti equation boundary condition problems Lecture 16 Point charge in a dielectric sphere bar magnets electromagnetism and conservation of energy Lecture 17 Electromagnetic energy density Poynting vector conservation of momentum Maxwell stress tensor force on a conducting surface Lecture 18 Capacitance matrix inductance matrix electromagnetic waves in a vacuum Supplement Force torque and interaction energy for electric and magnetic dipoles in an external field we did not go over this in lecture Lecture 19 Energy and momentum in electromagntic waves frequency dependent atomic polarizability frequency dependent dielectric function Lecture 20 Electromagnetic waves in a dielectric transparent propagation resonant absorption total reflection Lecture 21 Electromagnetic waves in conductors frequency dependent conductivity low frequency good conductors skin depth high frequencies longitudinal modes and plasma oscillations Lecture 22 Linear circular and elliptical polarization waves at interfaces angles of incidence reflection and transmission Lecture 23 Snell s law for transparent and dissipative media total internal reflection coefficient of reflection Lecture 24 Total reflection Brewster s angle Kramers Kronig relation Green s function for the wave equation Lecture 25 Lienard Weichert potentials for a moving charged particle potentials from a particle moving with constant velocity radiation from a source oscillating with simple harmonic motion Lecture 26 Electric dipole magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole radiation fields Poynting vector and radiated power Lecture 27 Radiation from a general time dependent source Larmor s formula for radiation from an accelerating charge special relativity Lorentz transformation 4 vectors Lecture 28 Proper time 4 velocity 4 gradient 4 current 4 potential field strength tensor and Maxwell s equations Lecture 29 Energy momentum 4 vector Lorentz force relativistic

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  • chemical reaction engineering - Engineer Blogs
    reactors Thought in problem solving Critical and creative thinking 10 type of home problems Strategies for problem solving Reference Related posts Physical Chemistry Green Engineering Civil Engineering Thermodynamics Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow up comments by email Notify me of new posts by email Top Posts Pages Digital Signal processing Signals

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