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  • Programming Tutorials and Lecture Notes
    computer graphics and other topics Programming Tutorials and Lecture Notes Tutorials and Lecture Notes Introduction to Computer Science using Java for computer science majors Lecture Notes on Java Programming Introduction to Assembly Language Lecture Notes on MIPS assembly programming Vector Math Tutorial for Computer Graphics Vector Math Tutorial Interactive tutorial in mathematical preliminaries for computer graphics ANSI C C Puzzles Structured Program Design Practice C with Puzzling Pictures Introduction to Programming using QBasic Lecture Notes on QBasic Note QBasic no longer runs on recent microsoft operating systems IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology SSIT Web Site IEEE SSIT BOG meeting minutes Oconnell Award Nomination Form word document Oconnell Award Nomination Form pdf document Bookmark power electronics course Introduction to Computer Applications One Comment Pingback Programming Languages and Techniques Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow up comments by email Notify me of new posts by email Top Posts Pages Digital Signal processing Signals and Systems Fluid Mechanics Ethics Engineering Nanoelectronics Materials Science and Engineering Electromagnetic waves III Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis chemical reaction engineering Discrete mathematics Recent Posts Programming Tutorials

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  • Power electronics course
    Module 05 Module 5 DC DC Converters Power Electronics Module 06 Module 6 Buck Converters Power Electronics Module 07 Module 7 Boost Converters Power Electronics Module 08 Module 8 Buck Boost Converters Power Electronics Module 09 Module 9 Other Considerations in DC DC Converters Power Electronics Module 10 Module 10 Average Representation Power Electronics Module 11 Module 11 DCM in DC DC Converters Power Electronics Module 12 Module 12 Feedback Controllers in PE Regualtaion in DC Power Supplies Power Electronics Module 13 Module 13 Voltage Mode Control Power Electronics Module 14 Module 14 Peak Current Mode Control Power Electronics Module 15 Module 15 PF DPF THD Power Electronics Module 16 Module 16 Diode Rectifiers Power Electronics Module 17 Module 17 PFC Fundamentals Power Electronics Module 18 Module 18 PFC Controller Design Power Electronics Module 19 Module 19 Magnetic Concepts Power Electronics Module 20 Module 20 Design of HF Magnetics Power Electronics Module 21 Module 21 Forward and Flyback Converters Power Electronics Module 22 Module 22 Full Bridge Converter Power Electronics Module 23 Module 23 Soft Switching Power Electronics Module 24 Module 24 Converter Ratings in Various Applications Power Electronics Module 25 Module 25 Synthesis of DC for DC Motor Drives Power Electronics Module 26 Module 26 Synthesis of AC single phase Power Electronics Module 27 Module 27 Synthesis of AC three phase Power Electronics Module 28 Module 28 Space Vector PWM Power Electronics Module 29 Module 29 Ancillary Topics in Switch Mode Inverters Power Electronics Module 30 Module 30 Thyristor Rectifier Single Phase Power Electronics Module 31 Module 31 Thristor Inverter Single Phase Power Electronics Module 32 Module 32 Three Phase Thyristor Converters HVDC Power Electronics Module 33 Module 33 Utlity Related Applications Power electronics lecture Notes Bookmark Solid State Devices Programming Tutorials and Lecture Notes Leave a Reply Cancel

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  • Solid State Devices
    References and Supplementary Information E bands Carrier Densities and Eqn of Motion Review Week 6 Recombination Generation Bulk and Surface Reading Assignment Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 134 167 Lecture 13 Recombination Generation Quiz1 Lecture 14 Bulk Recombination Quiz2 Lecture 15 Surface Recombination Generation Quiz3 Week 6 Quiz Answers Week 6 References and Supplementary Information Recombination Review Exam 2 Exam 2 Goals Exam 2 Results Exam 2 Exam 2 Solutions Key Equations Week 7 Carrier Transport Semiconductor Equations Reading Assignment Advanced Semiconductor Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 190 210 Lecture 16 Carrier Transport Week7 Quiz1 Lecture 17 Hall Effect Diffusion Week7 Quiz2 Lecture 18 Continuity Equations Week7 Quiz3 Lecture 19 Numerical Solution of Transport Equation Week7 Quiz4 Week 7 Homework Assignment Week 7 Homework Solutions Week 7 Quiz Answers Week 7 References and Supplementary Information Semiconductor Equations Review Week 8 PN and MS Diode Electrostatics I V Characteristics Reading Assignment Semiconductor Device Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 195 259 477 501 Lecture 20 Electrostatics of P N Junction Diodes Week8 Quiz1 Lecture 21 P N Diode I V Characteristics Week8 Quiz2 Lecture 13a Fermi Level Differences for Metals and Semiconductors Lecture 25 Schottky Diode I Week8 Quiz3 Lecture 26 Schottky Diode II Week8 Quiz4 Week 8 Homework Assignment Week 8 Homework Solutions Week 8 Quiz Answers Week 8 References and Supplementary Information Notes on Exact PN Junction Electrostatics Law of the Junction Revisited Heterostructure Fundamentals Week 9 PN Junctions non ideal AC Resp Trans Reading Assignment Semiconductor Device Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 260 346 Lecture 22 Non ideal Effects Week9 Quiz1 Lecture 23 AC Response Week9 Quiz2 Lecture 24 Large Signal Response Week9 Quiz3 Week 9 Quiz Answers Week 9 References and Supplementary Information Exam 3 Exam 3 Goals Exam 3 Exam 3 Solutions Exam 3 Results Key Equations Week 10 Bipolar Transistors Reading Assignment Semiconductor Device Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 371 433 Lecture 27 Introduction to Bipolar Transistors Week10 Quiz1 Lecture 28 BJT Design I Week10 Quiz2 Lecture 29 BJT Design II Week10 Quiz3 Week 10 Homework Assignment Week 10 Homework Solutions Week 10 Quiz Answers Week 10 References and Supplementary Information PN Junctions Review BJT Review Week 11 Heterojunctions and HBTs Reading Assignment Semiconductor Device Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 371 429 Lecture 30 Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors I NO QUIZ ASSIGNED FOR THIS LECTURE Lecture 31 Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors II NO QUIZ ASSIGNED FOR THIS LECTURE Exam 4 Exam 4 Goals Key Equations Exam 4 Exam 4 Solutions Exam 4 Results Week 11 References and Supplementary Information Heterostructure Fundamentals Week 12 MOS Electrostatics Reading Assignment Semiconductor Device Fundamentals 2nd ed R F Pierret pp 563 599 Lecture 32 MOS Electrostatics I Week12 Quiz1 Lecture 33 MOS Electrostatics II Week12 Quiz2 Lecture 34 MOSCAP Frequency Response Week12 Quiz3 Week 12 Homework Assignment Week 12 Homework Solutions Week 12 Quiz Answers Week 12 References and Supplementary Information Additional online lectures on MOS electrostatics Lecture

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  • integrated circuit devices
    13 Oct 11 2007 MOS Capacitors Lecture 2 Lecture 16 Oct 23 2007 MOSFETs Lecture 2 Lecture 19 Nov 1 2007 MOSFETs Lecture 5 Lecture 23 Nov 20 2007 BJTs Lecture 4 Lecture 2 Aug 30 2007 Semiconductor Fundamentals Lecture 5 Sept 11 2007 Semiconductor Fundamentals Lecture 8 Sept 20 2007 PN Junctions Lecture 2 Lecture 11 Oct 2 2007 MS Junctions Lecture 2 MOC Cap Lecture 1 Lecture 14 Oct 16 2007 MOS Capacitors Lecture 3 Lecture 17 Oct 25 2007 MOSFETs Lecture 3 Lecture 20 Nov 6 2007 MOSFETs Lecture 6 BJTs Lecture 1 Lecture 21 Nov 13 2007 BJTs Lecture 2 Lecture 24 Nov 27 2007 BJTs Lecture 5 Lecture 3 Sept 4 2007 Semiconductor Fundamentals Lecture 6 Sept 13 2007 Fabrication Technology Lecture 9 Sept 25 2007 PN Junctions Lecture 3 Lecture 12 Oct 9 2007 MOS Capacitors Lecture 1 Lecture 15 Oct 18 2007 MOSC Lecture 4 MOSFETs Lecture 1 Lecture 18 Oct 30 2007 MOSFETs Lecture 4 Lecture 22 Nov 15 2007 BJTs Lecture 3 Lecture 25 Dec 6 2007 Review Slides Solid State Devices Bookmark Applied Thermodynamics Solid State Devices Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required

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  • Applied Thermodynamics
    First Law of Thermodynamics lecture 6 lecture 6 Evaluating Properties PvT Relations lecture 7 8 lecture 7 8 Ideal Gas Model lecture 9 lecture 9 Specific heats lecture 10 11 lecture 10 11 Control Volume Energy Analysis Equations lecture12 13 lecture 12 13 Applications lecture14 15 lecture 14 15 Second Law of Thermodynamics Heat engine lecture16 18 lecture 16 18 Carnot Engine lecture19 lecture 19 Entropy lecture 20 21 lecture 20 21 Isentropic Efficiencies lecture 22 23 lecture 22 23 Vapor Power Cycle Rankine lecture 24 lecture 24 Gas Power Cycles Otto and Diesel lecture 25 26 lecture 25 26 Brayton lecture 27 28 lectures27 28 Refrigeration Cycle Vapor Compression lecture 29 Tutorials week 2 questions and soln 1 and 2 week 3 questions and soln 1 and 2 week 4 questions soln 1 and 2 week 5 question and soln week 7 questions and soln 1 and 2 week 8 question and soln week 9 questions and solns week 11 questions and solns week 12 question and soln Thermodynamics Bookmark Calculus and its Applications Integrated circuit devices Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published Required fields are marked Comment Name Email Website Notify me

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  • Engineer Blogs - Page 3 of 6 - Lecture Notes and Video
    engineers to society to their clients and to the profession As a scholarly discipline it is closely related to subjects such as Continue reading Best 6 engineering website 0 Best 6 engineer websites The Engineer website is online resource for the engineering industry offering users the latest news and features product news Best 6 engineer websites is a resource for students and teachers is a leading web based science research and technology news service which covers a full range of Continue reading Learn English free learn english online free 1 14 Free Websites to Practice English at Home Learn English free 1 Free English as a Second Language a starting point for ESL EFL learners who want to study English through the Web The site is updated constantly It refers you to hundreds of other high quality free Continue reading arduino solar tracker 3 What is a Sun Tracker A sun tracker is a automatic platform for solar panel which follows the movement of the sun as it rotates from the east to the west every day by using few photo sensors like Photo resistors Advantage of Sun Tracker The sun tracker system is mostly Continue reading Top 10 best technology websites 2013 Tech technology 0 Technology news 2013 list is the best technology Websites the top technology site on the internet enjoy keeping up with the latest in technology Most Popular Tech Gadget Sites Continue reading Computer and Network Security Network Security 0 Computer and Network Security by Avinash Kak AES The Advanced Encryption Standard TCP IP Vulnerabilities IP Spoofing and Denial of Service Attacks Malware Viruses and Worms Proxy Server Based Firewalls PGP IPSec SSL TLS and Tor Protocols computer and network security Continue reading Calculus resources 0 Calculus resources everything you re looking for calculus org Resources

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  • Engineer Blogs - Page 6 of 6 - Lecture Notes and Video
    Ordinary Differential Equations Matrix Analysis Discrete Mathematics Mathematical Models Lecture Notes Homework Solution Read more Computer science engineering Operating Systems Network Security Multimedia Networking Database Image Video Processing Computer science engineering Read more Physics Thermodynamics Modern Physics Machine Learning Materials Science and Engineering Statistical Mechanics Physical Chemistry Solid State Devices Biophysical Chemistry Read more Electronics Communication Engineering Analog Electronics Electromagnetic waves Neural Signal Processing Signal Processing Communications Systems Fiber Optics

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  • Video lectures - EngineerBlogs - Best Educational Sites
    Biology Physics Chemistry Mathematics Computer Science Engineering Medicine Management and Accounting Dentistry Nursing Psychology History Language Training Literature Law Economics Philosophy Astronomy Political Science This site provides free video and audio lectures The MIT Video developed and maintained by the MIT News Office aggregates and curates video produced by the Institute s offices laboratories centers and administration This includes feature and editorial videos event recordings academic content and more Each day the editorial team at MIT Video selects one or more videos to spotlight based on the videos content production value and timeliness We hope you enjoy MIT Video and welcome your feedback as we continue to develop the site More than 150 channels Chegg No matter what the subject You can ask any homework question and get expert answers in as little as two hours And unlike your professor s office we don t have limited hours so you can get your questions answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week With Chegg you ll never get stuck on a homework question again Homework Help by Category Business Finance Economics Accounting Operations Management Engineering Computer Science Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering English Poetry Literature Communications History American History European History World History Math Algebra Calculus Statistics and Probability Advanced Math Other Math Geometry Trigonometry Prealgebra Precalculus Miscellaneous other Science Physics Chemistry Biology Social Sciences Psychology Sociology Anthropology Political Science International Relations Philosophy Writing Help Prewriting Postwriting Wikibooks the open content textbooks collection that anyone can edit 2 494 books with 44 970 pages The Web s Most Complete Resource for University College and Career Search Operating since 1996 BrainTrack lists over 13 000 higher education institutions in 194 countries and is continually updated with new resources for education and careers Thousands of sites reference BrainTrack including Harvard

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