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  • 3 0 Sun Glassfish v3 Others BEA WebLogic Server 8 1 9 0 9 1 9 2 10 1 10 3 1 Database Systems Microsoft IMicrosoft SQL Server 2000 Microsoft Access Oracle Oracle 9i Database Oracle Change Management Pack Oracle Discoverer Sybase Sybase ASE 12 0 Sybase ASE EAServer Sybase ASE Rep Server 12 1 Consumer Applications Adobe Adobe Illustrator Fireworks Contribute Photoshop Bridge Device Central Indesign Creative Suite 4 5 Microsoft Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 5 Microsoft Office 2000 XP 2007 Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Others Borland C Builder Cisco 7 0 Power Builder Samsung DigiMax Master 1 0 Operating Systems Microsoft Microsoft Windows CE Microsoft Windows ME Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Windows 7 Virtual PC Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Sun Sun Microsystems Solaris 9 10 HP HP UX 11i HP OpenVMS Telecommunications Security Software Cisco Cisco Call Manger3Com Security Switch 7245 7280 Cisco Customer Response Solution CRS 3Com Security Switch 7245 7280 Cisco Meeting Place Express Softbank Softbank Troika Rosso Andy Mobile Phone McAfee McAfee VirusScan Intrushield IPS 4 Panda Panda Titanium AntiVirus 2007 Panda Antivirus Firewall 2007 Others 3Com Security Switch 7245 7280 Website Translation Field Customer Project Website Translation Microsoft Microsoft com Microsoft MSN Microsoft Windows Updates Microsoft Windows Online Google AboutPage Android Base Blogger BookSearch Calendar Chrome CodeSite CSE Dasher Desktop Windows Dictionary Docs DoubleClick Earth Friend Connect GAIA Gears Gmail Groups GSA GWS iGoogle Knol Labs Maps Mobile Moderator News Omaha Orkut Pack Photos ProductSearch Profiles Reader Rosetta Sites Talk Tasks Toolbar U2U Video Webmaster YouTube Others Pearson Longman English Online Aquent Web site Borland Web site BC Care Web site Samsung C T Web site LIG Web site Courseware Field Customer Project Courseware Others HP PMP Training Material Microencoder QVPAK 7 3 PTC Pro ENGINEER COACH Wildfire 4 0

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  • schedule produce resource plan and give necessary training to all project team members if necessary After Project Planning we analyze projects in terms of work volume and necessary resource In this analysis stage we classify workspec prepare glossary and setup system environment After all these things are settled we distribute work files to freelancer translators During translation and review Linguistic or technical Quality Assurance QA is performed Build Test and

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  • in various fields General IT ERP Legal Medical etc are working with different materials at all levels of the localization process including translation review proofreading testing and QA They work on every work piece to reflect our customer s expectations on the deliverables while always taking the context into account Cross team Support and Technical Support System Our Engineering team works with PM team to meet the tightest deadline with no quality compromise providing project and job specific technical support with instant and active responses to any errors on working files or CATs Flexible Quality Assurance System Extensive Quality Assurance LQA RQA DQA SPC E4NET has an always on multi phased QA system in place to meet our customers expectations as a general rule we do Linguistic QA LQA on translated documents Review QA RQA on reviewed documents and Deliverable QA DQA on finalized proof read materials Spot checking SPC is done if needed Our skilled veteran QAers check the quality of the product for objective assessment and measurement against our own strict criteria that have been accumulated for a long time With our QA system E4NET has a track record of meeting customers expectations Virtual Terminology Discussion Forum and

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  • System PRMS is a workflow management system developed in house With this system we can deal with all localization and globalization project related tasks such as project management freelancer scheduling task allocation and so on A detailed work process should be defined and performed in order to provide the high quality service of sofware localization manual web site translation and desktop publishing This system helps the project manager gather all the information related to the project and process thus giving visibility over the project s status Project management system is specially designed for IT localization project managers and review team to enhance the translation quality InetDisk WebHard Solution InetDisk has been developed in house by E4NET to allow users to access the data stored in a dedicated file server from any place using http protocol It is mainly designed to offer easy access to data storage on server from outside of company The main features of InetDisk are a file sharing text messaging listing of upload download files and viewing user information TermQ Term Query System At E4NET in order to manage terms more efficiently during the translation cycle we use the system called TermQ It is a web based

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  • IT Governance Solution
    이포넷 이야기 CI 소개 수상실적 고객지원 공지사항 묻고 답하기 회사 연락처 오시는길 회사소개 회사개요 회사비전 CEO 회사연혁 주요고객사 S C 사업본부 S C 소개 서비스 솔루션 및 연구분야 지식채널 T G 사업본부 T G 소개 서비스 전문성 산업 및 고객 글로벌 네트워크 지식채널 프로젝트 S C 사업본부 T G 사업본부 홍보센터 이포넷 뉴스 이포넷 이야기 CI소개 수상실적 고객지원 공지사항 묻고 답하기 회사 연락처 오시는 길 IT Governance Solution S C

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