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    Fellow Yellow Barn and with the American Symphony Orchestra Mary has performed recitals at Smith Dartmouth and Western Michigan University She has also been featured on the NPR shows Performance Today and From the Top After studying at the University of Michigan she earned her Master s degree at Dawn Upshaw s graduate vocal program at Bard College winning concerto competitions at both institutions Mary lives in the woods of Vermont where she runs Scrag Mountain Music an innovative concert series with her husband double bassist and composer Evan Premo Greg tapping on Evan s bass strings South African born harpist Jacqueline Kerrod is a versatile performer She is a member of American Modern Ensemble and has performed with Argento Chamber Ensemble the International Contemporary Ensemble and Wet Ink Ensemble Jacqueline has appeared as a member of the New York Philharmonic the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra New York City Opera and as a guest artist with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center Her duo Clockwise with violinist Marc Uys described as masters of strings has been presented by venues such as SFMOMA and the Harare International Festival of the Arts Zimbabwe As soloist she was featured by the Norfolk Chamber Music Festival with world renowned flutist Ransom Wilson and has also appeared as soloist with the Colonial Symphony Montclair State University and the SONOS Chamber Orchestras Jacqueline has performed with Santigold at Madison Square Garden and Antony and the Johnsons at Radio City Music Hall She is prominently featured on two of Robert Paterson s CDs Book of Goddesses and Star Crossing She is also prominently featured on Greg Spears s Requiem New Amsterdam Records with members of the vocal ensemble Anonymous 4 Double bassist and composer Evan Premo pursues a unique life path As a member of Ensemble ACJW

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    At BUHS Due East joins the wind ensemble and choir to present Greg s Vou me embora a concerto for rhythmic Brazilian percussion The PCS students led by Due East and guests composer Elainie Lillios and poet Wally Swist will playfully utilize the seasonal cycle to create multi media works inspired by haiku poetry and sounds that they find in nature Visit One FALL September 19 20 2012 VISIT BLOG ENTRIES Watch Erin in this performance of Elainie s solo flute work Among Fireflies a work inspired by one of Mr Swist s haiku Dense with fireflies The field flickers Through the fog Erin performing Among Fireflies Of the work Elainie writes Swist s imagery inspired me to consider texture and perspective which became two focal aspects of the piece The piece s opening gestures place the performer in a field surrounded by a multitude of fireflies perhaps the performer is a person or perhaps the performer is a firefly him herself The piece s progression slowly separates the performer and listeners from the masses of fireflies the increasing distance changing our perspective on their activity and brilliance By the piece s end we view the fireflies through the fog

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    the pitch lower and chipmunk shifts the pitch higher You can see the icons for chipmunk and monster next to the RED ARROWS above When I shared this instrumental version of my miniature with the group at PCS over Facebook everyone was excited Mary Anne Deer was especially so She shared the recording with the students the very next day and used it as a setting for Coolness a haiku by the Japanese poet Yosa Buson Coolness the sound of the bell as it leaves the bell And this note came in from Mary Anne after she read this in class along with my recording The sound of your song as I recited the Coolness poem was amazing The kids really got how the sounds and the poem could compliment each other Kudos Well Mary Anne KUDOS right back at you Thank you so much for thinking to share the piece in this way with the students It should be said that Mary Anne has completely embraced this project and is a pleasure to work along side to make this a success She and Wally are getting on famously and she is bringing him into her classes to make their experience of haiku even more rich and immediate Reading Wally s book of haiku The Silence Between Us I find it fascinating that haiku poet s are aware of the history of their genre and take pleasure in writing haiku responses to the poems of the venerable Japanese poets of the past Here for example is a poem by Basho and Wally s subsequent response on a withered branch a crow has perched autumn evening early autumn evening crows standing among the stones of a field With this as a model I felt compelled to respond to Mary Anne s gift of the Buson poem Here is my response Autumn s bell sounds clear remembrance of time s passing calling us back home The unused track in the image above was actually used to make an unfortunate recording of one of the boys in the class scraping his feet across the gravel parking lot just outside of the building and the Japanese garden I had hoped it would come out full of texture but it ended up being essentially unusable I subsequently met the boy s mother who had been watching us at work and pointed out that that was her son My apologies to you both I have instead used this track to record myself reciting my haiku response to Buson Deer and have taken the liberty of adding significant reverb and cutting the words up to allow for repetition at various points for emotional effect Here is my finished assignment then Autumn s Bell for the Putney Central School A B A C Our principal contacts at PCS are the creative writing teacher Mary Anne Deer and the music teacher Dan Seiden With Mary Anne and Dan Erin and I developed a game plan to see our project

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    the inner workings and subtle rules of haiku writing When I analyzed his response I sent him back a list of no fewer than eleven teaching points as follows Haiku vocal track 1 Refrain from overly repetitive use of simple articles and perhaps any word for that matter 2 5 7 5 is a challenge to be dealt with carefully and not a default setting Rather it could be considered a starting block lest it become a block of the stumbling variety 3 Haiku form is a breath form and begs concision every word counts is percussive as you say I can certainly understand that metaphor 4 Punctuation choice counts Consider it carefully I LOVE your ellipsis a visual fading that reinforces your word choice in your revision 5 Perhaps one needn t even try to make the haiku fit the 5 7 5 structure 6 Haiku do not use capitalization 7 Haiku consists of a juxtaposition of images meant to capture the ah ha moment of finding beauty meaning in the commonplace 8 Wabi Japanese for longing 9 Yugen Japanese for mystery 10 It is problematic to speak for others many as haiku is an epiphany discovered by an individual Start with self expression something more modest and personal 11 The yin yang imagery found in the sounding and subsequent silencing of the bell s voice is again a metaphor with substantial power Consider it carefully Greg working with the PCS students and their music teacher Dan Seiden The PCS Campus in Wintertime Photo taken with iPad on December 17 2012 The students and we went out exploring in teams Erin took Aleesia and Angelika quite far into the field At one point they gathered sounds at the bridge over the stream right photo Greg took Havah and Analynn around the campus Eventually they headed to the swing set and recorded their feet swishing through the snow at various speeds left photo By the end of the afternoon everyone had recorded plenty of material for their winter soundscapes Lucia presents her fall haiku A single bird trills cold fluffy puffed up feathers greeting morning sun Dakotah presents his project Aleesia explains her project and reads her haiku out loud Falling leaves scatter Wind blows them away from their homes Why do such a thing Greg works on details with Aleesia Elainie sits with Dakotah helping him to work on his piece That evening at the Library each of the students had the opportunity to stand before their parents teachers and other members of the Putney community and present their electroacoustic projects The result was a resounding success Emotions were lifted that evening and the mood was calm thoughtful and joyfully positive Ari Essunfeld s mother Paulina Essunger commented I just wanted to reëmphasize that this project is such a wonderful exercise in mindfulness I m so grateful the children get to have this experience Well I must say that we are equally grateful to Yellow Barn for allowing us

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    The front entry way of the famous Cooperman Fife Drum Company This detour turned out to be incredibly fruitful Prior to heading out to Vermont I had called ahead to make plans for this visit with the idea in mind that we might be allowed to borrow some of their rare ancient equipment for our performance at the high school the following evening This need arose because in addition to performing our featured work with the band and choir Steve Rice band director and our principle contact at BUHS asked us to offer a short set of duo works to demonstrate chamber music excellence for the students and their parents and the surrounding community Erin and I decided on a suite of world music traditionally inspired duos in which Erin would play melodic lines to the accompaniment of all manner of hand held percussion instruments Our world tour began in Brazil took a northern detour to Venezuela headed over seas to an imagined encounter between Ireland and the Middle East and most importantly headed right back to the American Northeast ending with the famous American Revolutionary fife and drum tune The Downfall of Paris Our mini program Ligare 2006 Brazil Alexandre Lunsqui 8 minutes World Music Suite Apanhei te cavaquinho 1915 Brazil Ernesto Nazareth 2 minutes The Hibiee Jibiees Venezuelan Marco Granados 2 minutes Lughnasa Celtic USA Rhonda Larson 2 minutes Downfall of Paris late 18th Century USA British Unknown 2 minutes Not only did the folks at Cooperman appreciate our inquiry they did indeed let us borrow drums and one of the staff agreed to come and perform with us What made the finale of our set so special the was the manner in which it brought together students faculty community and ourselves Both music teachers at BUHS Steve Rice bass drum and Patty Meyer flutist on right performed with us As well Patty s best student flutist joined us flutist in the middle and one of Cooperman s employees Roger Hunnewell joined me on the snare drum For me this was a very special treat both of these snare drums were handcrafted and owned by perhaps one of the most famous people in early 20th Century American drumming legend Sanford Moeller A look inside the Cooperman mill and their incredible collection of ancient drum corps rope tensioned drums many of which were originally built and owned by the late great Gus Sanford Moeller Our performance of Downfall of Paris at BUHS including Due East Patty Meyer Steve Rice and Roger Hunnewell The performance was a success and discussions with students and parents alike about chamber music world music folk music and music s power to transform lasted well after the concert was long over Here is a quote from a parent received in an email within days of our performance that evening Dear Erin and Greg Thanks so much for your absolutely fantastic performance at Brattleboro High School earlier this week It was a revelation I was just

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