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  • Psychotherapist in Newton Abbot and south Devon | Counsellor counselling near Totnes
    or unhappy Our relationships with partners children and friends may become problematic The fulfilment we gain from our work life may diminish We can be left with a sense of emptiness and isolation Finding help You may be feeling lost and unsure where to turn for help You don t need to feel alone or put your life on hold Meeting with a professional counsellor psychotherapist in a compassionate confidential space can help with these sorts of feelings and what may feel like a crisis Counselling and psychotherapy involve talking about your difficulties but it is different to talking with a friend or family member Therapy can help you gain a greater understanding of yourself enabling you to make meaningful choices and take back more control of your life I live between Totnes and Newton Abbot Currently my Devon counselling and psychotherapy practice is based in Newton Abbot which is also within easy reach of Totnes Torbay and the South Hams area I use a consulting rooms at the Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy and nearby conveniently close to Newton Abbot town centre only 9 miles from Totnes and less than 10 miles from Torbay towns You will find lots more information on the website to help you decide if counselling would help you and how it works in practice with me You can also found out more about my training background my approach to psychotherapy counselling and related interests by clicking this link Feel free to call or email me to discuss your personal situation ask questions or to book an appointment I am also happy to reccomend other psychotherapists and counsellors in Newton Abbot and across South Devon if it is not possible for you to work with myself Looking for supervision Are you a psychotherapist or

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    Your Email Your Message click 2016 Counselling with Trudi Macagnino is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Call 07775 773778 Click here to email Share Email

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  • Will counselling help?
    unable to perform her job well even simple tasks such as shopping were extremely difficult for her She had begun to feel increasingly depressed After working together for a few months her anxiety had subsided and the panic attacks were less frequent and less severe After two years of therapy she is now leading a more fulfilling life She has taken on increased responsibilities at work and rarely suffers any panic attacks She is able to manage her anxiety levels effectively John a management consultant came to me because he was deeply unhappy in his marriage and was in fact having an affair with another woman He felt in crisis and was afraid that his life was falling apart We worked together for ten months during which time he was able to break off the affair and begin to rebuild his marriage Julie a nurse sought help because of coping with a partner who suffered from an addiction She felt that the best thing for her was to leave him even though she still cared deeply for him We worked together for ten weeks during which she was supported to make the very difficult decision of breaking off the relationship Martin a GP was experiencing difficulties with his teenage son The relationship had deteriorated to such a point that his son had moved out Over about a year we were able to explore the roots of his difficulties and he has been able to rebuild the relationship in a new and more satisfying way He is hopeful that one day his son may decide to move back home Counselling for Couples Choosing a partner and staying together through life s ups and downs can be very challenging and very few relationships remain conflict free This can lead us to feel

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  • Coming to see me
    may not have experienced satisfactory therapy in the past I believe that for a successful outcome you must be comfortable with me and my approach to therapy During the first session we will Discuss the difficulties you are experiencing and the reasons for seeking therapy Briefly explore any relevant background such as childhood experiences previous traumas and losses and any physical or psychological illnesses Then decide whether therapy is likely to help and if so agree some goals Therapy outdoors I believe that the natural world is very important for our sense of well being I therefore also offer therapy and supervision outdoors in natural settings such as woodland and parkland This can be discussed during our first meeting to establish your needs and what would be most appropriate and helpful What happens next We will aim to meet weekly for 50 minute sessions However if this is not possible we can discuss alternative arrangements I will also review progress with you on a regular basis How much therapy will I need This depends on what the issues are For some clients a short and focussed approach of 8 10 weeks is enough to help them deal with a specific problem For others a longer period of time is necessary to help them fully explore their history and their current life difficulties Many clients feel satisfied and able to move on after 10 18 months A few clients find it helpful to stay in therapy for longer especially if they are dealing with a particularly traumatic event How much does it cost My fees are as follows Individuals 45 per session Couples 60 per session Supervision for trainees and qualified therapists 45 per session I have some concessionary places available for those on low incomes Payment is due at the

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  • Supervision
    However there is considerable flexibility about how frequency and duration of supervision depending on your caseload your level of experience and any specific difficulties you are having Rates 45 per session If you are looking for a supervisor I would be very happy to discuss working with you Please call or email using the contact form by clicking here Special events Outdoor supervision days DATES FOR 2016 TO BE ANNOUNCED please contact Trudi if you are interested in these events These are unique opportunities to experience how the supervisory process can be enriched through working within a dynamic natural setting Using experiential exercises in the natural environment to support us we will aim to incorporate our intuition bodily experience and creative imagination as we reflect on our client work We will initially work to formulate your supervisory question We will then seek an answer or fresh perspective through the rich stimulus of nature You do not need to be working outdoors with your own clients WHO FOR Counsellors psychotherapists and other professionals working in a therapeutic capacity TIME 10am to 4pm WHERE Near Totnes Devon COST 60 NUMBERS Limited to 6 FACILITATOR Trudi Macagnino is an experienced Integrative psychotherapist supervisor

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  • About Trudi
    Ecopsychology Training I am an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist and have worked with clients suffering from depression anxiety panic disorder relationship difficulties bereavement stress I also work with clients wishing to undertake personal growth and development My approach My approach is Humanistic and Integrative What does this mean I believe that as human beings we are all capable of making choices creating meaning in our lives and embracing our full potential Rather than seeing you as ill or flawed I will see you as a human being who has become stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking feeling or behaving Your choices may no longer be clear to you your life may have lost meaning and you may not feel that you are achieving your potential in life This can lead to symptoms of depression anxiety stress and frustration I offer a non judgmental and honest therapeutic relationship providing a careful balance of support and challenge to enable you to explore your difficulties My aim is not just symptom relief but a deeper personal transformation Areas of interest Ecopsychology A new field within psychotherapy ecopsychology recognises the alienation that many of us feel as a result of being disconnected from the natural world It is this disconnection which allows us to continue to destroy our planet whilst at the same time engaging in ultimately dissatisfying behaviours This dissatisfaction and alienation can then lead to depression emptiness and other psychological symptoms Working in an ecopsychology mindful way I am open to listening for signs that such a process may be at work within my clients Creative writing I am also interested in creative writing and poetry in particular as a means of expressing feelings and processing our experiences Career background Before training as a psychotherapist I worked for many years in a

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  • Further resources & Links
    situations are potentially dangerous or risky When we anticipate such situations arising in the future we experience anxiety For example if we were once involved in a car accident on an icy road we may experience anxiety whenever we have to drive on icy roads in the future We learn that this is a potentially dangerous situation and so our bodies are programmed to be hypervigilant Like fear anxiety is a healthy reaction Problematic anxiety If you are suffering from problematic anxiety you are experiencing the same fight or flight response as described above but for you these thoughts feelings and physical symptoms are triggered even when there is no obvious sign of danger or they are far in excess of what others experience in the same situation The anxiety can be a general feeling that is with you often or it can be triggered by specific situations such as driving or being in public spaces In this case your body is experiencing a false alarm You are likely to be over estimating the risks and so your body is unnecessarily on standby for possible danger The feelings may come out of the blue they may even wake you up at night You may spend hours thinking about and fearing the feelings and this may prevent you from doing important activities in your life Useful Links BACP The British Association for Counselling Psychotherapy Professional body representing counselling and psychotherapy in the UK includes a directory of therapists Dartmoor Centre for Counselling Psychotherapy Also location of where Trudi is currently based for private clients and supervision For more details about the Centre s counselling training and personal development click here Ecopsychology UK If you are looking for any sort of Ecopsychology input a therapist a workshop a speaker someone to interview

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    This administration area is reserved for Trudi Macagnino You require a password to enter If you have forgotten your password please e mail service webhealer net Login Remember me how does this work click 2016 Counselling with Trudi Macagnino is powered by WebHealer Cookies are set by this site To decline them or find out more visit our cookie page Call 07775 773778 Click here to email Share Email Print

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