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  • Craniosacral Therapy in Central London. Shiatsu Massage in Covent Garden, Westminster
    important to learn how stress affects you and to try and increase your ability to cope with it That way you can reduce the chances of stress leading you to develop more serious problems After being asked for suggested reading I have now made a list of books that you may find helpful JUST GO TO THE SUGGESTIONS TAB CLICK on the button beside the title and you will be taken strait to the book where you can also read the reviews Featured Testimonial Climb Every Mountain I am a climber who has been suffering from post viral fatigue for over six months despite feeling drained I continued to train abeit sporadically At the time I first went to see Sharon an hour s moderate exercise would leave me feeling ill for a week Eventually the associated malaise was to much for me and I decided to cease climbing altogether Sharon helped me enormously through some very difficult times After several weeks of regular treatment I started to notice a difference in how I was feeling Sharon put me back on the road to recovery and gave me the strength to continue in a demanding job and an equally demanding

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  • About Craniosacral Therapy
    listen to the subtle patterns of motion within the body Every condition affecting a person influences this movement By responding appropriately to these patterns the Craniosacral Practitioner will be able to stimulate and enhance the body s natural self healing mechanisms Why use Craniosacral Therapy Craniosacral Therapy can influence the deeply held patterns of disease both physical and psychological which accumulate throughout life as a result of injury and illness tissues contract Sometimes particularly when the shock is severe or accompanied by strong emotions the tissues stay contracted and become held in the body leading to ill health and dysfunction Any trauma stresses strains or tensions which remain in the body restrict the body s functioning and may give rise to problems over the years The effects may be both physical such as back pain migraine or digestive disorders and emotional such as anxiety or depression Balancing your Craniosacral system speeds your recovery and helps to relieve your pain while improving neural hormonal muscular visceral and brain function Craniosacral Therapy has the potential to transform these patterns of restriction and resistance in our lives at a very fundamental level thereby supporting the body in eliminating disease and restoring health What does it involve At your first session an indepth medical history will be taken and discussed with you this is followed by a hands on treatment Craniosacral Therapy is usually carried out with the client lying down fully clothed in a quiet peaceful environment Whilst the therapist applies a light touch to palpate either the head feet lower back or a combination of these You may feel pleasant sensations of warmth and deep relaxation Craniosacral Therapy is client led Your body will set the pace of work so you will remain comfortable in control and able to integrate the changes

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  • About Shiatsu Massage
    to maintain good health The actual word SHIATSU means Finger Pressure SHI Finger ATSU Pressure It s origins are ancient and a part of the classical oriental medical theory which dates back as far as 2 000 BC To the beginnings of Acupuncture There are a variety of techniques used but they are all linked with the common belief in the body s energy KI which flow in interconnecting channels or Meridians around the body Each Meridian is connected to a psycho physical function or organ It s action can be affected at certain points along the channels known as Tsubos which are more prominent where the energies meet When good health is maintained the energy flows smoothly along the Meridians But if the body has been weakened through Incorrect posture traumatic experiences EG Accident or immoderate life style deficiencies will arise in some areas the KI no longer flows smoothly and disease wil occur Most people are liable to Stomach upsets Colds Depression Moodiness And will fall into the category of Half Healthy People SHIATSU is an excellent way to keep the body balanced and in harmony maintaining it s vitality and health When skilfully administered SHIATSU can aid

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  • Qualifications, Testimonials, Suggestions
    as an NGO working on projects worldwide dedicated to the promotion of peace culture and education Sharon has also been involved with reference books on health stress and massage which she highly recommends as an introduction to understanding your own bodily needs The Book of Massage The complete step by step guide to Eastern and Western techniques Forward by Clare Maxwell Hudson Ebury Press ISBN 0 85223 328 0 The Book of Stress Survival How to relax and live positively Forward by Michael Van Straten Unwin Paperbacks ISBN 0 04 132022 0 Testimonials Craniosacral Therapy Craniosacral Therapy CST is a new concept for me I have suffered from depression sporadically throughout my adult life and I have an imune deficient condition Both illnesses need to be managed conscientiously on a daily basis My sessions with Sharon have unearthed amazing equilibrium I ve never experienced before I continue to be amazed at the subtle sublime and unique quality each session has provided Sheer magic It has reduced noticeably the unwanted side effects of my conventional medications I find the treatments tailor made to my needs in a remakably profound way each session is the highlight of my week THT client Light House West London Craniosacral Therapy I live a fast stress filled life and I was concerned that the way I dealt with my stress would lead to serious illness I suffered chronic back problems particularly to do with the neck and also lower back worries would keep me awake at night and often I felt as if I was forcing myself to hold back my feelings and frustrations caused by every day urban living The cranial experience is very deep and yet gentle at the same time Once I put myself in Sharon s healing hands I felt instantly relaxed and safe It is such a luxury to be listened to and when you have somebody so focussed on ones needs it s not surprising that the results are so effective At the end of each session I would feel enervated and refreshed ready to face the world ready to be creative and ready to give back again It s become an essential tool for my health from Jo Lynn Splash Press Agency London UK Shiatsu I will never forget how you helped me overcome the difficult period when I was ill Your professional care and understanding made the difference You supported my healing process in a wonderful way You gave me energy and activated the healing power in me and you made me feel relaxed so that I could harmonize again with my body Thanks to you I am now a healthy happily married woman with a two year old toddler leading a wonderful normal life Thank you Michela Lucchini Zobrist Government Administrator Bern Switzerland Shiatsu I was one of Sharon s patients last year and it was at a time when my life had hit a dead end I needed change but didn t know to what or

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  • Latest Offers & Links
    Massage Guide the comprehensive list of therapists in London Visit their site for regular offers GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE Please note that if you are unable to keep an appointment we need a minimum of 24 hours notice or the fee remains due Reconnect To Vitality To support you in maintaining your new health routine I would like to offer you 25 discount on all full 1 hour sessions booked at clinic this month when you introduce a new client who also books a session Normal Price 80 FOR YOU ONLY 60 Why Connect To Health Sharon Bannister launched Connectohealth Which is totally committed to supporting you in your quest to find Optimum Health and Vitality and to emphasise her view that total health and wellbeing derives from being completely connected Life is indivisible she says Everything you do or feel will affect your environment both internally and externally Buddhist monks have known this concept for centuries and called it Esho Funi and that each living being has its own unique environment Once you realise this vital principle it becomes clear why if you are out of sync you become disconnected and eventually unwell So many people spend their entire

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  • Directions & Noticeboard
    Massage Qualifications Testimonials Suggestions Latest Offers Links Directions Noticeboard Administration tel 44 0 7969 300 341 click here to email London Directions To The Therapy Rooms THE HEALTHY LIVING CENTRE 282A St Pauls Road Highbury Islington London N1 2LH www thehealthylivingcentre co uk Tel 07969 300 341 2 Mins from Highbury Islington on the North London Overground Victoria Line NOTICEBOARD WEST LONDON PRACTICE AT The Light House 111 117 Lancaster

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  • Administration
    44 0 7969 300 341 click here to email London Administration Area Login This administration area is reserved for the webmaster You require a password to enter If you have forgotten your password please e mail service webhealer net The

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