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  • session31172
    patients through culture change Lori Schindel Martin 1 Henrietta Van hulle 2 1 Public Services Health Safety Association Canada 2 Advanced Gerontological Education Canada O93 Personhood at Work An Institutional Ethnography of Nursing Home Life in Nova Scotia Katie Aubrecht 1 Janice Keefe 1 Robin Stadnyk 2 1 Mount Saint Vincent University Canada 2 Dalhousie University Canada O94 Promises and Perils of Permanent Resident Assignment in Residential Care Facilities Sienna

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  • session31139
    becoming increasingly important This symposium will explore the changing notion of retirement at both the individual and structural levels The Aging and Paid Work Thematic Committee was formed to mobilize knowledge between academics and policy makers working in this area The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum to further this agenda and encourage the development of new research projects and networks in the future We encourage researchers

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  • session31174
    Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care Kimberly Lopez 1 Jenny Ploeg 2 Sian Lockwood 1 1 University of Waterloo Canada 2 MaMaster University Canada S39 Partnering together to Dream and Design a new culture of dementia care Sherry Dupuis Janet McKeown Lisa Meschino University of Waterloo Canada S40 The Heart of Dementia Care in a Community Setting Insights on Relationships from the Huron County Culture Change Coalition Lorna de Witt

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  • session31175
    the part An analysis of clothing for an aging cohort Sandra Tullio Pow 1 Megan Strickfaden 2 1 School of Fashion Ryerson University Canada 2 Human Ecology University of Alberta Canada S43 Excluded from fashion Mature men s experiences with clothing consumption and fashion images Ben Barry School of Fashion Ryerson University Canada S44 Old older oldest Social innovation and fashioning of Japanese culture Susan Barnwell School of Fashion Ryerson

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  • session31177
    for Highly Qualified Personnel Klodiana Kolomitro Denise Stockley Carol Barrie John Muscedere Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network Canada P127 Evaluating iPad use in the Field for Social Service Worker Gerontology Students Kathryn Warren Norton 1 Nellie Sheppard 2 Pat Spadafora 1 Lia E Tsotsos 1 1 Sheridan Centre for Elder Research Canada 2 Sheridan College Canada P128 University of the 3rd Age What s Happening Here in Canada France

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  • session31178
    in Detecting and Monitoring Falls in Geriatric Psychiatry Inpatient Care Setting Lisa VanBussel 1 2 Alex Mihailidis 3 4 Iris Gutmanis 1 2 Ed Black 1 Tom Ross 1 Amer Burhan 1 2 Loretta Hillier 1 Kathleen Michael 1 1 St Joseph s Health Care London Canada 2 Western University Canada 3 University of Toronto Canada 4 Toronto Rehabilitation Institute Canada P133 Mobility osteoporosis and falls self reported associated with hyperkyphosis a pilot study in a community of Brasilian elderly Lívia Gasparotto Glaucia Falsarella Arlete Coimbra University of Campinas Brazil P134 Lessons Learned in the Implementation of a National Dementia Knowledge Translation Network Loretta Hillier 1 3 Paul Stolee 2 Katie Mairs 3 1 Kenneth Rockwood 4 1 St Joseph s Health Care London Canada 2 University of Waterloo Canada 3 Aging Rehabilitation Geriatric Care Research Centre Canada 4 Dalhousie University Canada P135 Associations entre la pratique de loisirs et la vitalité intellectuelle des aînés LP Auger 1 B Fournier 1 2 C É Desgagnés Cyr 1 2 M Parisien 1 N Bier 2 K Nour 1 3 D Guay 1 S Laforest 2 1 Centre de recherche et d expertise en gérontologie sociale Canada 2 Université de Montréal Canada

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  • session31179
    9 1 The University of Western Ontario Canada 2 Lawson Health Research Institute Canada 3 York University Canada 4 Athabasca University Canada 5 Simon Fraser University Canada 6 University of Guelph Canada 7 Third Age Outreach St Joseph s Health Care Canada 8 Kiwanis and Hamilton Road Seniors and Community Centre City of London Canada 9 Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health Canada P138 Le répit des centres de jour

    Original URL path: http://cag.conference-services.net/programme.asp?conferenceID=3732&action=prog_list&session=31179 (2014-12-31)
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  • session31180
    assessment and follow up to include a community based model rooted in a comprehensive managed care philosophy supporting primary care within a Health Link Kelly Kay Scott Macpherson Central East Regional Specialized Geriatric Services Canada P142 Clothing for Elderly Persons in India Management and Caring needs in Old Age Homes Arsheen Chopra Saurabh Chaturvedi National Institute of Fashion Technology India P143 Using an SDH Framework to Co create the Voice

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