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  • Christians Together : The Blindness of Revelation
    veneration One would have thought that after its rediscovery the new revelation would following the initial euphoria settle in to its place alongside other important revelations associated with life in the kingdom of God but this appears not to be the case Rather the rediscovery itself takes centre stage and churches which one would have thought ought to reflect the complete revelation of God even name themselves after their revelation For instance the titles Presbyterian Baptist Pentecostal and Charismatic are all associated with the rediscovery of a perceived revelation not the overall mandate of the Church of God Blessing can lead to blindness The ultimate sadness in all of this is that what was once meant to be a blessing becomes the source of blindness Many people become so absorbed in the revelation of the past that they are blind to what God wants to do in the present Such people cannot believe that God has moved on from their rediscovery so their revelation becomes their prison All of this poses an important question Can such a situation be redeemed I personally believe the answer is both yes and no It is yes if the individual or group is willing to let go of the past and move on to the purposes of God for this generation That may mean some very painful choices in the present but will be more than worth the effort now and when we stand before God to give an account of ourselves Sadly however I believe most will opt for the status quo to remain within their comfort zones the traditions of the fathers ancient or modern The choice is ours but the eternal destinies of thousands may depend upon it Steve Taylor is on the Editorial Board of Christians Together He co leads the Xcel church on the Isle of Skye where he lives with his wife and family Steve is a published author writer who also works as a photographer and graphics and web site designer Steve Taylor 13 09 2009 Feedback Eddie Hallahan 17 09 2009 10 24 Good article a h 29 09 2009 14 40 Thanks for article Interesting thought I ve often considered the similar thoughts about revival and the initial responses of the people to whom the revival affects and the subsequent tapering off There always seems to be some kind of highlight experience that then becomes the way from then on Some churches then live out their existence trying to re create something that only the Holy Spirit could create in the first place I get your point totally Remember the story of the church who every Sunday would at some point in the service turn to their right en mass and sing a song while looking at a wall A visitor inquired why Once upon a time the wall had a favourite hymn written on it Over the years the writing began to fade and eventually the wall was re painted However the church maintained

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  • Christians Together : Seer Training: Christian or mysticism
    and strange things you think you see What is the seer s role in relationship with God and others What is indisputable in the age in which we live is that new things are emerging at an unprecedented rate and the need for spiritual discernment is critical in our time The word of God teaches us that there is nothing new under the sun But these things can reappear clad in a new different set of clothes so the need for continual vigilance is paramount And the most subtle forms of deception is counterfeit of the real thing The danger is even greater when there is some truth mixed in with error But in these issues the days of fence sitting and abstract philosophising are over Opportunity or threat It s make your mind up time Watchman 28 08 2009 Tags Watchman Feedback page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 John Ferguson Guest 25 11 2014 14 42 Building on a solid foundation is indeed llaudable but Math 7 24 is an illustration of a individual building on Christ the rock Eph 2 20 is Christ building his church on the foundation laid by the Apostles Prophets whom Christ had fitted for such a purpose Guest 25 11 2014 15 46 Matthew 16 18 tells us that Christ is THE Rock THE foundation and Peter is the pebble petros but of course the RCC twist this to mean something entirely different Editor 26 11 2014 11 11 Guest either identify yourself to me or desist from further posts As I said earlier this article is NOT about the charismatic gifts or the errors of the Roman Catholic Church These things have been the subject of other articles John Miller 27 11 2014 14 43 Reading the description of the seer course it strikes me that it could be construed as an invitation to charlatans to exploit the vulnerable It most certainly has no basis in biblical teaching or truth Editor may I respectfully ask what was the purpose of printing this mumbo jumbo Editor 27 11 2014 22 09 John I published the piece to illustrate the increasing extent to which Christians need to exercise discernment in these days The Bible tells us that deception will be on the increase the nearer we get to the return of Christ John Miller 28 11 2014 10 21 Thanks for that Editor Do I then understand that you do subscribe to the notion that Seers can be trained to foresee future events and that such a belief is not biblical I absolutely agree that we must be on our guard against spurious deceptive teaching which introduces unholiness into the church The Lord warned of this in the parable of the Mustard Seed in Matt 13 Mark 4 and Luke 13 John Miller 28 11 2014 10 23 By the way I think that your little caricature of Seer with his crystal ball sums the thing up well John Miller 28 11

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  • Christians Together : Healing Meetings with John Mellor
    and on the journey John has learnt that all believers can pray for the sick and see them healed The following meetings are being arranged by the Christian Fellowship of Healing Highlands Healing Meeting Friday 11 September 2009 in Averon Leisure Centre Alness at 7 30pm Healing Seminar Saturday 12 September 2009 in Barn Church Culloden Inverness at 1 30pm Healing Meeting Saturday 12 September 2009 in Barn Church Culloden Inverness at 7 30pm Healing Meeting Sunday 13 September 2009 in St Stephens Church Southside Road Inverness at 4 00pm John Mellor Ministries Further information Rev Jim Rettie Tel 01463 798896 or E mail Biography John Mellor grew up in Brisbane Queensland As a young man his life was a mess until one day he surrendered his life to Jesus and became a Christian beginning a journey that radically turned his life around Despite this John struggled to believe in the healing nature of Jesus Christ Many years later amongst various challenges John and his family left their home in Townsville to go to the Northern Territory of Australia where he worked as a missionary pastor with the tribal Aboriginal people As the Aboriginal people were so used to the power of their own witch doctors John soon realised that without true power the Good News of Jesus was nothing more than a nice story to them From a burning desire to see things change John prayed and fasted for 10 days a month for 5 months and cried out to God to reveal himself in power to these people It wasn t long before God began to do miracles and people were healed The local people including witch doctors and even John himself were astounded by the miracles that God did amongst them Some time later John traveled from

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  • Christians Together : Drilling down on Christian issues
    be explored sequentially but in reverse order i e from bottom to top from the foundational upwards Meanwhile any views on the Sunday Sabbath any day topic can be appended to the Debate on this subject UPDATE May 2010 The first article relating to the table below is now available it is entitled A Covenant keeping God UPDATE February 2012 The second article in the series is now available under the title The Westminster Confession a critique UPDATE December 2014 The third article in the series is now available under the title Theonomy the Church ruling the World TOPIC ISSUE SOME COMMENT Sunday Sabbath observance as an example only Christians differ over whether rest days are Sundays Saturdays any every day No evidence of equating Sunday with Sabbath is found prior to the 3rd century New International Dictionary of the Christian church Legalism The descent into enforcing a prescriptive and all embracing behavioural compliance on believers Perceived as a problem in the Scottish Highlands and Islands Are the Old Testament laws binding Who do the OT laws apply to Which if any of these still apply in NT times for believers in Jesus Yeshua There are 613 laws either they all apply or none do unless re stated under the New Testament Covenant Theocracy Theonomy Christian Reconstructionism Does the church have a mandate under God to press its views on the state and the secular political process Jesus said My kingdom is not of this world He never tried to reform the Roman system Westminster Confession of Faith Even the most staunch supporters of this document will if they wish to retain any credibility admit that the WCF contains some fundamental flaws and serious omissions Not for many years has discussion of the theology of the Confession been so vital

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  • Christians Together : Loneliness leads leader to the lost
    s kingdom whilst here on earth in a manner that didn t really impact the listener until the latter subsequently discovered they had been invaded by God Hence the use of parables I have recently felt led to join a local drama group a passion that I enjoyed some 30 years ago at secondary school but subsequently lost However the Lord has reawakened this passion and desire within me On reflection I realise that there are many strands to this prompting from God Firstly I believe that it is part of the ongoing restoration of my humanity because God is creative beyond our ken He wants us to express that creativity also More importantly however I may be the only Christian in that group of people so as things stand if the Lord was to return tonight I would be the only one out of between 20 25 in the group going to be with Him As another strand I have struggled to make true friends amongst Christians since we moved home Partly this is due to the fact that I am a pastor but also having prayed for meaningful friendships I can see that the Lord is steering me away from the church to explore friendships outwith During my training for ministry a number of ministers warned me of the danger of living in a Christian ghetto and advised me if at all possible to have hobbies and even friendships away from Christian circles To be honest I didn t realise that being a Christian can be so lonely However the Lord makes up for that and now I believe He is extending my circles of influence in a new surprising and delightful way So my challenge is to look beyond the usual ways of reaching the lost Why

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  • Christians Together : Pubs 'n' Boats 'n' Planes 'n' Sundays
    It is a pharisaic like effort to force others into a certain pattern of religious life and tradition It is a misguided legalism that seeks to impose God s standards theonomy on unbelievers and christianise society by attempting to force it into a theocratic mode But the kingdom that Jesus came to establish is not ultimately of this world and Jesus roundly condemned those of his time who had set themselves up as God s policemen Nevertheless our non stop society should pause for a moment The pattern of a regular day off was enacted by God himself in the very beginning The word Shabbat means rest in the sense of taking time out It is a creation ordinance Jesus himself emphasized this when he said Sabbath rest was made for man not man for the Sabbath It is for our well being not imposed as a restriction Post revolution France in a fit of decimalisation attempted to move to standard 30 day months and 10 day weeks Obviously the effort failed And scientific studies have shown that the human body when deprived of external clues naturally adopts a 7 day cycle However even the religious Jews rebelled And like our society today maximising profit was a large part of their motives When will the new moon be gone that we may sell corn And the Sabbath that we may set forth wheat making the measure small and the shekel great and falsifying the balances by deceit They brought disaster on themselves by willfully ignoring God s principles So while it may be that the Christian church has no right to claim a Sabbath equivalence for Sunday nor any biblical mandate to impose its views on others we need to pause As a nation as a society and as individuals we put ourselves in very serious jeopardy regarding our general well being by turning our backs on God s pattern for healthy living We might think that we know better than our Maker and His pattern for our creation but in fact we never do oOo Loganair flying into a storm First published in July 2002 Yesterday Aberdeen hosted the ninth conference of the European Pineal and Biological Rhythms Society And the study of bio rhythms and body clocks is fascinating profoundly influencing as they do the functions of life and our world s natural order They set sleep patterns produce jet lag and underlie the astounding navigational precision of migrating birds But our cycles and modes of life are also influenced by and embedded in our respective cultures and belief systems And unsurprisingly Loganair s plans to run Sunday services to the Isle of Lewis have caused a stir Such a move in these parts on that special day is a big domino If it falls the Hebrides will most likely succumb as other places have to the commercial pressures and social change that are turning us into a non stop world So Sunday as a day of rest

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  • Christians Together : FCC/FCA or FL/CB?
    either meaningful existence which will create the conditions for future splits or alternatively a passive existence in fig leaf and comfort blanket mode which will inevitably result in irrelevance An indicator of intent will be the extent to which these new networks look for financial support so watch this space The sound of bleating on the hills If these questions were to be merely academic then that would not be so bad But as leaders clutch at fig leaves and comfort blankets the air is filled with the bleating of vulnerable confused and insecure sheep Time for bold and biblical leadership There is a crying need for leaders to lead And the time has come to put Truth before the maintenance of personal ministries comfort zones and denominational loyalties and depart from ecclesiastical institutions which have shipwrecked the faith But it is also time to get back to simplicity of local church leadership by a plurality of male elders which is divorced from the overarching and mechanistic structures that have brought the body of Christ to this pretty pass Watchman 15 06 2009 Tags Watchman Feedback Peter Carr 24 06 2009 17 32 Does anybody know what was decided announced by the ministers from their pulpits in Skye and Lochcarron a few Sundays ago regarding the whole Gen Assembly decision Editor 25 06 2009 23 42 Lochcarron and Skye s overture motion was presented and in the final event withdrawn on behalf of that presbytery by Rev Ivor MacDonald Kilmuir and Stenchol In effect a double dodge by the Assembly saw a the Scott Rennie particular case being debated prior to the general motion by Lochcarron Skye In fact the general principle should have been debated first and then the particular case examined once the general principle had been established The second sleight of hand was to allow what was effectively a counter motion to appoint a Special Commission to be voted on in advance of the motion itself from Lochcarron Skye This is all too typical of the political maneouvering of C of S Assemblies and is essentially duplicitous In the light of the procedural ploys to out flank the Skye Lochcarron motion the latter was withdrawn As a final unethical act the acting principal clerk to the Assembly decreed wrongly that Scott Rennie s induction should go ahead unless he robbed a bank in the meantime Again this wrong The Assembly may have given their blessing to the call by Aberdeen Presbytery but the life and doctrine of Rennie should be presented for scrutiny at the time of his induction Meanwhile Rev Ivor Macdonald has written qoute Lochcarron and Skye overture I know that many people are with me deeply upset by the decisions of this year s General Assembly I know too that some have been confused as to why I had to withdraw Lochcarron and Skye Presbytery s overture This overture called on the Assembly to affirm its historic and biblical standards of morality for ministers

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  • Christians Together : An open letter at a difficult time
    on the issue under discussion It would not have been quite so bad if it was an unthinking loyalty to the denomination but it didn t seem to be that although that might also have been an underlying factor It seemed the prize was an avoidance of upset rather than the preservation of Truth Be led by the Spirit Having said all that the dilemma for Church of Scotland folk at all levels now will be whether to stay or to leave the denomination and for each person that will be no easy decision In fact it is not a decision that should be taken in human terms a list of pros and cons just does not figure in God s economy And the last time that Jesus disciples drew lots was prior to the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost From that point on Christ s followers became Spirit led And no less should we be today Many years ago a young man was being encouraged by good friends to train for the ordained ministry when the inner witness of the Spirit said otherwise One bit of excellent advice he received from a serving minister was Be very careful regarding whatever you do and wherever you go that you are sure it is God s will for you because there will come times when that assurance will be the only thing that will keep you going How much he has since found that to be true Avoid the pitfalls But we are human and often insecure creatures and when faced with having to choose on a particular matter most of us having come to a point of decision then go on to defend our actions if only sometimes to ourselves with an apparently unassailable rationale whether it s in the purchase of a house choice of a car or a new dress we can list a host of reasons why we made the best choice Humans are capable of developing a logic for any and every course of action including the Holocaust South African apartheid and membership of the Klu Klux Klan And the more significant and important the issue the stronger are the arguments we are capable of developing to support our choice s For Bible believers in a two way either stay or go situation this therefore has the tendency to create a bi polar division with each side being absolutely convinced by the aforementioned and respective assembled list of reasons that our way is right And accordingly and by default the alternative is wrong That s when relationships start to suffer and that surely needs to be avoided Live in freedom Whatever we do we should not end up a accommodating compromise and or b questioning our actions retrospectively at a future date Life as someone said is lived forward and understood backwards In terms of choices there are many forms of church that have evolved over recent years what is important is for believers

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