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  • Christians Together : Election results in the Highlands and Islands
    SCP Highland Annual Conference 2007 Threats to freedom to witness Kirking of the Council put on ice Concern over Public Benefit test Post election observations thoughts and feelings Scottish Christian Party Election results in the Highlands and Islands Click here for a summary of the election out turn And add any comments you might have by going to the discussion area For Highlands and Islands List vote out turn see

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  • Christians Together : Post-election observations, thoughts and feelings
    t like but people who have joy in our hearts People who want to help those without housing to find it those without drinking water to drink it to help people who are hungry at night to know what it is to have food And you know some people say Are you worried that the government might try to do it and yes I am but I m even more worried the church won t do it and the government will mess up trying That s why those of us who are people of faith need to act out of our souls and consciousness and not expect government to do what we could do if every believer instead of sending half of his money to the government in taxes would give one dime out of every dollar to his church Be encouraged We are looking forward to see what God will do in the future with the Scottish Christian Party Grace and peace to you Leo Rose Inverness Bible Fellowship A Calvary Chapel Church Peter Carr 08 05 2007 15 35 Yes we are looking forward to see what God will do in the future with the Scottish Christian Party but whilst we are waiting let us not forget that God s Sovereignty and our responsibility are to work in harmony Just as the church requires further tweeking to become what the Lord wants it to be I suspect the same applies to the SCP as well as you and me Archie MacArthur Guest 12 05 2007 20 18 I was disappointed in the SCP s posture they seemed to focus on fear of what may happen to us as Christians rather than on how we can be a blessing to others The posters and the leaflets seemed to emphasise the need for separation including the language used those elements of the manifesto which were as incomprehensible to some of us Christians as they were ludicrous to the world around the predictable responses to issues which usually get Christians going such as homosexuality the Lord s Day abortion etc it was perhaps inevitable that SCP were unable to represent the whole spectrum of Christian thinking and practice but I d like any MSP MP and local councillor I vote for to be more interested in working with others than stressing the differences between them I think SCP should as well as rejoicing for the votes they did get consider how many people chose not to vote for them and consider the many reasons why despite the many posters they displayed across the Highlands so many of us weren t confident that this party would be worth having represent us and work on our behalf If this party want to increase their votes I d suggest they come closer to the grass roots asking not just Christians but the wider community too where the concerns are and what the perceived need for change Peter Carr 14 05 2007 08 17 Archie

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  • Christians Together : Scottish Christian Party
    was interviewed last November on camera courtesy of HCVF Television The audio track of this 45 minute interview is available elsewhere on this web site During the interview brother Hargreaves stated that there will probably be two partys with the word Christian in their party name The other being the Christian Peoples Alliance The CPA has an open membership policy to include people of all faiths or none Under the Scottish sytem of proportional representation small parties have a good chance of gaining seats Refering to the SCP logo Hargreaves call to voters is to Put your cross where the Cross is The SCP is fielding candidates throughout Scotland and the top on the Highlands and Islands list is Mr Murdo Murray a 51 year old consultant engineer and former Technical Director with the Western Isles Council Meanwhile Dr Sheila McLaughlan of the Church of God Inverness is to stand as a candidate elsewhere in Scotland In the Highland and Islands area Dr Donald Boyd has taken up the role of Campaign Manager and is assembling a team to work with him Premises have been made available to the SCP team at the offices of Graeme Fraser Inverness The SCP is hoping to send party workers up to the Highlands and Islands just prior to the elections on 3 May If anyone is in a position to offer accommodation to these workers they should get in touch with Dr Boyd Tel 01463 796952 E mail Donald Boyd www highlandscp org Christians Together 11 03 2007 Feedback Donald Boyd 03 11 2011 01 07 The Scottish Christian Party is fighting the Inverness South Ward by election details here http www highlandscp org news scp leader fights inverness south ward by election This page needs radical updating the current website for Scotland

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  • Christians Together : The Next Phase of European Power Politics
    that the European Union is not a country and its members cannot be compared to the states of a federal system National governments preserve their national interests and are still accountable to their domestic constituencies Attempts by unelected institutions in Brussels and by large economies such as Germany to impose policy across the Continent will continue to encounter resistance even though all member states committed themselves to the principle of an ever closer union when they joined Naturally Germany s actions are also dictated by domestic concerns In both the negotiations over the Greek bailout and the discussion about immigration quotas conservative forces at home pressured Berlin not to squander taxpayers money in poorly planned rescue programs for Greece or in hosting an unlimited number of asylum seekers An Elusive Balance These developments are noteworthy because they suggest a change in Germany s behavior Berlin has known for a long time that whether it likes it or not its actions are key in steering the Continental bloc But for historical reasons Germany feels more comfortable operating in a system where decision making is shared among many different national and institutional powers If Germany decides it s time for more unilateral leadership in Europe it will open a new era in the Continent s balance of power Since the consolidation of nation states at the end of the 17th century Europe has had several different power structures most of which were based on a balance between multiple states For example a balance of power between the Austrian Empire France Prussia Russia and the United Kingdom emerged after the Napoleonic Wars The end of World War II started an unusual phase because the bipolar structure that dominated Europe during the Cold War involved a non European power the United States and a partially European power the Soviet Union The reunification of Germany in the early 1990s led to a brief period of European bipolarity combining France s political and military leadership with Germany s economic might as the European Union originally intended However the financial crisis put an abrupt end to this balance of power for two reasons First France s economic decline reduced its political influence and made Germany the most powerful nation in Europe Second the financial crisis forced Berlin to protect the unity of the European Union while also defending its national wealth Germany did not react immediately Berlin sought to preserve the image of a co leadership structure with Paris during the early stages of the crisis as exemplified by the Merkozy tandem between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then French President Nicolas Sarkozy This structure did not hold for long however and in recent years Berlin has been alone at the top of the European political process Amid the European crisis the Continent s power structure has taken the shape of what political scientist Samuel Huntington would call a uni multipolar system in which a relatively strong power Germany tries to lead relatively weaker nations but without

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  • Christians Together : An Empire Strikes Back; Germany and Greece Crisis
    clear It is certainly not clear how it would have helped Europe or solved the immediate banking problem The Greeks are broke and don t have the euros to pay back loans or liquefy the banking system The same would have been true if they left the European Union Suggesting a temporary Grexit was a fairly meaningless act a bravura performance by the Germans When you desperately fear something in a negotiation there is no better strategy than to demand that it happen The Resurrection of German Primacy I have deliberately used Germany rather than the European Union as the negotiating partner with the Greeks The Germans have long been visible as the controlling entity of the European Union This time they made no bones about it Nor did they make any bones about their ferocity In effect they raised the banner of German primacy German national interest and German willingness to crush the opposition The French and the Italians among others questioned the German position publicly In the end it didn t matter The Germans consulted with these other governments but Berlin decided the negotiating position because in the end it was Germany that would be most exposed by French or Italian moderation This negotiation was in the context of the European Union but it was a German negotiation And with this the Germans did something they never wanted to do resurrect fairly unambiguously the idea that Germany is the sovereign and dominant nation state in Europe and that it has the power and the will to unilaterally impose its will on another nation Certainly the niceties of votes by finance ministers and prime ministers were adhered to but it was the Germans who conducted the real negotiations and who imposed their will on Greece Germany s historical position was that it was one nation among many in the European Union One of the prime purposes of European integration was to embed Germany in a multinational European entity so that it could develop economically but not play the role in Europe that it did between 1871 and 1945 The key to this was making certain that Germany and France were completely aligned The fear was that German economic growth would create a unilateral German political power and the assumption was that a multilateral organization in which France and Germany were intimately bound together would enable German growth without risking German unilateral power No one wanted this solution to work more than the Germans and many of Germany s maneuvers were to save the multilateral entity But in making these moves Germany crossed two lines The lesser line was that France and Germany were not linked on dealing with Greece though they were not so far apart as to be even close to a breach The second and more serious line was that the final negotiation was an exercise of unilateral German power Several nations supported the German position from the beginning particularly the Eastern European nations that in addition

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  • Christians Together : Europe: When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible
    Greece Greece offers an example of what Spanish politics could look like in the future Like Spain Greece had a relatively stable two party system that saw the center right and the center left alternate periods in power But the economic crisis led to the rapid rise of the left wing Syriza party which opposes the EU austerity measures supported by the mainstream parties In 2012 it took two elections for the mainstream parties to form an alliance to keep Syriza at bay In Greece where political rivalries are old and deep such an alliance would have seemed impossible before the crisis Greece will probably return to the center of the European crisis next year when the Greek parliament attempts to elect a new president If the parliament fails it will be forced to hold early elections With Syriza still at the top of the opinion polls it would be more difficult to keep the upstart party from power this time around Syriza has promised to restructure Greece s debt a move that would probably make financial markets nervous and generate uncertainty across the eurozone at a time when Europe thought it had found some stability When the European Central Bank promised to intervene in financial markets almost two years ago the European Union lost the sense of urgency it had in the early stages of the crisis The European Union and particularly Germany chose caution instead of action Should Greece generate financial turmoil in Europe again the Europeans will have to go back to the negotiating table and discuss all the issues that have so far been avoided United Kingdom Finally Euroskepticism will also be a key player in the United Kingdom which will hold elections in March Britain also had a functioning two party system before the crisis making coalitions relatively uncommon But the rise of the anti immigration UKIP party is seriously threatening this system A coalition between the Conservative Party and the Labour Party or an agreement between the Tories and UKIP both seem impossible for now but either would be conceivable if no party wins enough seats to govern on its own The current norm in Europe would have seemed impossible only five or six years ago Most people would not have believed that unemployment in Spain or Greece could go above 25 percent or that nationalist protest and Euroskeptical parties would become key players in European politics More important most Europeans would never have thought that the survival of the European Union would be under such a serious threat For many Spaniards Greeks Swedes and Britons the transformation of their political systems may still seem unlikely but for some a surprise is likely coming next year Read more Europe When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible Stratfor Follow us stratfor on Twitter Stratfor on Facebook Europe When the Unthinkable Becomes Possible is republished with permission of Stratfor Ed footnote The above article is from a secular source but has been published for information to the modern

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  • Christians Together : British Elections and the State of Europe
    dominate the seas to the extent that it could construct an empire that would provide it security without becoming dependent on the European Peninsula for economic development Until World War II Britain had achieved its imperatives It has lost the third of course as well as the second The threat of Scottish secession however remote it actually is and however benign its consequences might be creates a primordial danger to Britain Britain is an upper middle tier power It is the fifth largest economy in the world has the 19th highest per capita income in the world according to the International Monetary Fund and still has a substantial military that can and has deployed intercontinentally I call it upper middle only because the United States towers over all countries and the countries after the United States are all just upper middle tier The point is that it is a significant regional power but not decisive by itself Historically it has never been a power that could impose itself on the European mainland or even on many of its colonies Britain s strategy has been subtler based on two things The first is command of the seas which allowed it to control the global reach of other parties and therefore blockade them at will while transporting troops and products generally without interference The second was a strategy of using its sea avoiding being swallowed by greater entities is fundamental to its national interest as is maintaining the territorial unity and integrity of at least the British Isles power and its limited influence on land to maintain the balance of power not just in Europe but also in India and other colonies Britain is no longer close to being the dominant sea power The United States has taken that role Nor can it influence the balance of power on the European continent At the same time it understands that protecting its sovereignty maintaining its room for maneuver and avoiding being swallowed by greater entities is fundamental to its national interest as is maintaining the territorial unity and integrity of at least the British Isles Britain can no longer force others to balance each other However it can adopt a posture that allows it to balance itself In a certain limited sense the United Kingdom maintains its historical balance of power strategy by finding equilibrium between the European Union and the United States For Britain subsuming its interests with either entity poses a fundamental danger that its interests will be ignored or harmed By refusing to simply subordinate itself to one or the other it maintains its freedom of action There is of course a cost The price of maintaining a relationship with the European Union is that it must to some degree participate in its institutions The price of maintaining its relationship with the United States is that it must be prepared to align its politico military posture to the United States Britain must try to create a European dependence on Britain

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  • Christians Together : A Prayer-Anthem for Scotland and the UK
    The EU the nature of the beast British Elections and the State of Europe Thy Will be done on Earth Democracy under serious threat The Origins and Implications of the Scottish Referendum A nation and nations divided A Prayer Anthem for Scotland and the UK Graham Kendrick s song has a fresh prophetic edge as we head into a very important General Election See also Prayer for the Nation s

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