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  • Christians Together : Barry Morrison's Story
    was also aware that people were praying for me through this experience Not all my life was negative during these days But a positive encounter The one great blessing I had was meeting Joanne Morrison yes same surname with whom I started a relationship Joanne who was from a church background was so genuine and had such a good heart For the most part she kept me out of trouble The positive didn t last long and Joanne fell pregnant at sixteen I thought for certain that this would be the last straw for her Mum and Dad and that there would be no way that they would want their daughter to have anything more to do with me The opposite happened and Joanne s parents stood by us both and showed me love forgiveness and patience which spoke volumes to me concerning their Christian faith A gift from a police officer Joanne s dad a police officer gave me many books But the first of these was a copy of the New Testament from the Bible issued by the South African Christian Police Association He is a police officer I remember one night been locked up in the police cell but this experience was so different from all the others I cried and screamed and shouted to God to come into my life and help me I was in the cell for about twenty hours and humbly called on God on many occasions during that period When I eventually got home I felt beaten and that life was not worth living I then remember going to bed and picking up the police Bible and saying a short prayer As I lay down I experienced a comforting affectionate presence holding me which I can only describe as being heavenly I believe this was God showing His love for me On another night I found myself in a flood of tears as I thanked God sensing His overwhelming love and care for me I also remember being at the Ross County football ground with Joanne s dad when I felt such a strong presence of God in every sight sound and smell so far removed from all the excitement and all the euphoria that was happening around me Zoey our daughter was born in 1997 and Joanne and I were married during 2001 We have a lovely family home and I have been in full time employment for a number of years We are also expecting our second baby on Christmas Eve 2004 God is good My life has changed so much from the days of chaos emptiness and evil What happened I found Jesus God s transforming grace Over a period of time the Lord in His remarkable grace has completely and utterly transformed my life from one of darkness to one of light and purpose I can never thank God enough for His mercy and forgiveness I started regularly going to church some time ago When Joanne s dad

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  • Christians Together : What can you do in 7 minutes.
    with God You can see below a trailer comprising snapshots from some of the interviews that have been completed These interviews are intended to be stories from all walks of life and testimonies covering all aspects of life no subject is off limits We are talking straight forward honest and open discussion 7 Minute snapshots Get the Flash Player or an HTML 5 compatible browser to see this player Our first interview was with Brian Irvine former professional footballer who told us of his life as a footballer playing for Aberdeen appearing for the Scottish international team scoring against Celtic in a Cup Final and then faced with the shocking news of a diagnosis of MS But God met with him in it indeed prepared him in advance Laura Maxwell has been interviewed by us for her 7 Minutes when she visited the Highlands to complete a DVD that will accompany her book Getting involved in spiritualism and the occult From tragedy through this Laura went on a quest to discover the true meaning and agenda of the spiritual world Other life stories that are being edited right now include Major Rtd Iain Alasdair Macdonald Rev David Robertson John Wilson

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  • Christians Together : Comments from '7 Minutes'
    Politics Reaching Out Is there any word from the Lord Printable version Email to a friend The comments facility below can be used for any responses questions or suggestions relating to the testimonies in the 7 minutes series Please state to which particular clip you are referrings Christians Together 02 01 2011 NOTICE The Response facility on some articles may be restricted to CT site members In these circumstances comments

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  • Christians Together : Brian Irvine's Story
    After I had been on the field for two minutes the ball broke to me and I laid it to Dean Windass in midfield and then I blacked out For a split second I wondered what was happening to me Then I realized that it wasn t just me who had blacked out but the floodlights had failed I was picked for the game next Saturday 8 December against Motherwell Aberdeen won 1 0 and I was chosen man of the match by the sponsors Football wise I haven t looked back since The whole experience has had a deep impact on me It has taught me to value my health as never before I feel that God has healed me in response to many prayers While the healing has come through natural means doctors and a homoeopath I see God at the centre of the process My career took off dramatically in the 1990 Scottish Cup Final The game could not have reached a more dramatic climax Aberdeen and Celtic finished 0 0 after 90 minutes 30 minutes extra time still did not bring a goal so that match went to a penalty shoot out Each team nominated 5 penalty takers After 10 penalties it was 4 4 Now the rest of the players took penalties in turn As the Aberdeen defender I was a most reluctant penalty taker However with each team having had 9 penalties and the score 8 8 I had no choice When a Celtic player missed their tenth penalty I stepped up scored and won the cup for Aberdeen Afterwards I told others I was really nervous as I took the penalty kick but I just said a prayer and put my faith in God Another major highlight of my career has been playing for Scotland On Sunday 9 September 1990 I went to church as usual in the morning and returned home to find the telephone ringing It was the Aberdeen manager who told me that the Scottish football association had been trying to contact me all morning I was to pack my kit and join the Scotland squad immediately I made my debut for Scotland who won the game 2 1 At the time of writing I have played nine times for Scotland in World Cup and European Championship qualifiers This is a marvellous achievement for someone who was still working in a bank in his late teens an age when most players have already been signed up as professionals A faith throughout It was while I was playing semi professional football for Falkirk that I made a life changing decision I had a Christian background and went to church but it didn t really mean anything It was something I did out of routine Then one day in the car on the way to football training at Falkirk we started talking about the meaning of life One of the others said that Jesus was going to come back After the game

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  • Christians Together : SCP Inverness Press Conference Pictures
    do not see any pictures listed below then perhaps you are not currently logged in to the site To log on click here To see a short report on the conference click here SCP Press Conference picture show The full range of pictures taken at the SCP Press Conference in Inverness in advance of the Scottish 2007 elections More Christians Together Some of the audience A group of listeners at the conference More The cameraman HCVF s David Eglinton manning a TV camera More Conference literature and copies of manifesto SCP materials available at the conference More The conference gathering Sheila McLaughlan in the foreground with her husband Paul is standing in for the SCP in Lothian More George Hargreaves addresses the gathering The SCP leader with Bible in hand More Tommie and Calum Tommie Mackay in conversation with Calum MacInnes More Sandy Shaw and the Moodies Sandy Shaw speaking to Alasdair and Morag Moodie More One to One Graeme Fraser chats with Paul McLaughlan More The Campaign Manager and Candidates The Campaign Manager and candidates at the Press Conference More A Threesome Tom Morrow speaks to George Hargreaves while the BBC s Craig Anderson looks on More Murdo Murray

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  • Christians Together : Christians and Politics
    Policy This is an area of the Christians Together web site for those active in the political and public policy domain Some message threads will only be open to registered and logged on members of Christians Together only Article printed

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  • Christians Together : Kirking of the Council put on ice
    seeing in our society that God is lifting His hand of protection from us and giving us over to the consequences of our rebellion dave gillan Guest 04 09 2007 17 08 I dont expect any less from a society and a world which has chosen seperation from God The glory of the Lord has departed ichabod David Lynch 05 09 2007 09 19 Did anybody hear the sermon I would be interested to know in what way Jesus spoke about politics in his day Paul spoke before Agrippa and Festus by invitation it seems the invitation from the Kirk has expired That said I think it is a sad loss when colourful tradition vanishes but so is the way of the world it was only ever tradition The church can be as active as ever in the community without any pomp and ceremony Editor 11 09 2007 13 20 Church officials to probe council kirking Senior Inverness churchmen are to investigate whether the city s provost had a right to cut the Kirking of the Council ceremony without consultation Inverness Courier http tinyurl com 3qm4jm Editor 11 09 2007 14 39 According to former Highland Councillor and Old High St Stephen s elder Ron Lyon Provost Wynd declined to follow the Kirking s Order of Service which had him listed for the Bible reading Luke 6 20 31 http www biblegateway com passage search Luke 206 20 31 version 31 Church of Scotland Guest 05 10 2007 14 29 Kirking ceremony is church s prerogative insists presbytery THE four centuries old ceremony of Kirking of the Council is a matter for the church rather than Highland Council Inverness Church of Scotland Presbytery insisted this week Organisation of the ancient kirking service and an invitation in bygone days a strict obligation to civic dignitaries to attend is clearly the prerogative of the minister of the city s oldest church Inverness Old High members agreed They voted unanimously to recommend that Old High St Stephen s congregation continue its invitation to Inverness City Committee to attend the annual kirking ceremony one of the few such events remaining in Scotland And they strongly urged the continuation of this important Christian tradition and link with the past in the Old High Church The presbytery s church and community committee has over the past month fast tracked research on the issue with the help of former depute Inverness provost and local historian Sheila Mackay It has confirmed that the ceremony to mark local politicians affirmation to serve God and their fellow citizens dates back to 1602 shortly after the Reformation reached the Highlands The issue arose in the wake of Provost Bob Wynd s unilateral decision last month to suspend the kirking ceremony for the remainder of the current council s tenure of office which ends in May 2011 Provost Wynd who during this year s ceremony refused to read the Scripture lesson chosen by interim moderator the Rev Douglas Clyne and instead delivered

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  • Christians Together : Concern over 'Public Benefit' test
    which deal with accounting and reporting matters should incorporate this requirement on a statutory regulations basis Charities should consider if there are alternative more voluntary means and or different mechanisms whereby public benefit could be reviewed or reported This is important for charities because it will be a practical way in which the Charities Commission will ask for proof of public benefit There are two other Charity Commission consultations with a closing date of the 3 September 2007 One of these relates to an internal decision review procedure by the Charity Commission on all legal decisions which could later be appealed to a tribunal as set out in Schedule 4 of the Charities Act 2006 The LCF has submitted a response to the Commission s decision review consultation which can be found at http www christianconcernforournation co uk docs ccAug07 doc This decision review consultation relates to important matters set out in that Schedule such as decisions not to register a charity or remove a charity from the register and cy pres schemes This will be important if Christian charities fail to be registered because of the emphasis upon public benefit There is also a consultation in relation to complaints and customer feedback procedures in relation to making complaints about the Charity Commission but this is in relation to complaints which do not come under the decision review procedure Both consultations can be found at http www charitycommission gov uk enhancingcharities feedbackcons asp The Charity commission is also expected to produce a consultation in November 2007 on further draft sub sector guidance dealing with public benefit for Charities for the advancement of religion http www charitycommission gov uk library enhancingcharities pdfs pbconsult pdf see page 5 for proposed timetable and 2 5 2 12 on enquiries on umbrella sub sector consultations prior to this draft guidance In addition the Ministry of Justice is consulting on the Draft Charity Tribunal Rules 2007 This consultation asks only 2 specific questions but would be grateful for comments and feedback on any of the draft rules It is of concern that the draft rules are only proposing a time limit of 28 days after the date on which the appellant was notified of the Commission s final decision to file an appeal Charities may wish to appeal to the Tribunal on the basis of final Commission decisions such as decisions not to register or remove a charity from the register which may be in relation to the public benefit requirement The closing date for this consultation is the 7 November 2007 and can be found at http www justice gov uk publications cp1907 htm The LCF CCFON is encouraging church leaders and trustees of Christian organisations to write to the Office of the Third Sector Charity Commission Ministry of Justice and respond to the consultations particularly those on public benefit matters to demonstrate the depth of concern amongst Christian charities The address for the Office of the third sector is Helen Morgan Office of

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