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  • Christians Together : Revelation TV puts Highlands on the map
    which supports work in Peru whilst the work of Blythswood Care and the support group is aimed mainly at countries in Eastern Europe Hilton Church choir with choir leader Audrey Whyte Manger scene in Eastgate Centre Blythswood Care Support Group Thistle Channel Christians Together 14 12 2010 Feedback page 1 2 3 Peter Carr 23 12 2010 21 06 Andrea Halloween does not pretend in anyway to be Christian Christmas on the other hand Martin Lisemore 23 12 2010 22 29 Peter given I m in the East of England albeit married to a Scots lady things are a little different here Whilst it may not be a Christian or Jewish festival the fashion in which the Church of England and Methodist and I m truly sorry to say the local Baptist church endorses encourages and even organises Halloween events disgusts me Local people I know for the most part think Halloween is a Church festival simply because local churches encourage it I believe it s Satan s old trick blurring the edges and breeding familiarity Martin Lisemore 23 12 2010 22 30 Editor I m not getting well off topic just replying to the above two posts Penny Lee 23 12 2010 23 28 Martin I still think its a valid point and agree that some churches actively encourage Halloween activities Also many fail to focus on the true meaning of Christmas to widen the appeal of Carol services Peter Carr 24 12 2010 08 07 Here s a radical idea tomorrow instead of doing all the usual Christmas stuff with tinsel turkey and all the other trimmings of the 25th why don t we have a marathon stint on CT putting the world to right Pawlo 24 12 2010 10 12 I ll sign up for that Peter

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  • Christians Together : Sweeping it under the carpet
    for the Free Church the Presbyterian church worldwide and indeed many churches both modern and traditional which are not of the Presbyterian fold One of the very profound and important issues which Presbyterian churches are choosing to ignore is the extent to which traditions anachronistic church laws and the deficiencies and errors in the Westminster Confession of Faith are producing unsustainable hypocrisies loopholes and unbiblical practices and constraints into regular church life A question put to the Free Church in 1989 has never received an answer God sees under our carpets Many local churches and denominations not least have been brought very low and even destroyed by expediently choosing to ignore serious problems and seeking to cover these over in an apparent belief that they are thus rendered invisible to the Almighty and Lord of the church cf Ezek 13 10 16 Matt 10 26 Meanwhile legalism and mere tradition bolstered by out moded man made rules are combining to bring many groupings to the point of ruination Note 4 An observer at the Plenary Assembly concluded his review by saying One final thing that became clear in the debate was that the Free Church does not have a clear definition of public worship Note 5 The whole psalms instruments debate has exposed enough serious questions to keep Plenary Assemblies going for a long time But at least the process might now be underway We certainly don t want another denomination God will already be displeased enough with our history But mere denominational realignment will just not do this would be tinkering at the edges If Knox were with us today he would probably be leading another Reformation and correcting the inherited deficiencies of the last one Note 1 One of the main tensions between the Scottish Presbyterians and the English Puritans related to the differing views of who on earth should be at the head of the church Most of the Puritans felt it should be the parliament i e the state the Church of England and the King Charles I and II at that time saw the sovereign as head under King Hendry VIII s Divine Right of Kings whereas the Scots eschewed both of these views proclaiming Christ Jesus the sole head of the church return to main article Note 2 Reference is often made to the dispute between Paul and Barnabas regarding whether or not to take John Mark with them on a mission No satisfactory explanation has been given for this event however it is altogether possible that they BOTH missed the leading of the Holy Spirit who might have saying to these men that it was time to launch out in two different directions It is a common mistake to presuppose that yesterday s format will pertain indefinitely return to main article Note 3 Worship is essentially from the heart and it is a dynamic which may outwork in a tangible and physical expression of praise thanksgiving and adoration We find worship of Father Son under the new covenant referred to at the level of an individual Matt 8 2 John 4 21 1 Cor 14 25 Rev 19 10 small group Matt 2 11 Matt 14 33 Matt 20 20 Acts 13 2 and the whole assembly Luke 14 10 Rev 4 10 Nowhere in the Bible is there found a prescription for when where and how worship might take place under the new covenant These OT laws were confined to the old covenant What happens in a church building on a Sunday morning in a gathering of God s people might include worship but there is no guarantee that worship is taking place just because a call to worship has been made Nor if worship does take place does it necessarily end with the Benediction being pronounced Moreover corporate worship might spontaneously break out and often has amongst a small gathering in say a home on any day of week and at any hour return to main article Note 4 Whatever the ill effects of anachronistic practices there are many traditions which are good and should be sustained Conversely there are some innovations coming into today s church which are carrying subtle heresies and deviant influences Discretion is a key requirement for the days in which we live Matt 24 4 See article Truth Error and Deception return to main article Note 5 The term public worship is an artificial term And it is at this point that we come to the afore mentioned Westminster Confession of Faith which Of Religious Worship and the Sabbath Day XXI V states The reading of the Scriptures with godly fear the sound preaching and conscionable hearing of the Word in obedience unto God with understanding faith and reverence singing of psalms with grace in the heart as also the due administration and worthy receiving of the sacraments instituted by Christ are all parts of the ordinary religious worship of God beside religious oaths vows solemn fastings and thanksgivings upon special occasions which are in their several times and seasons to be used in an holy and religious manner The above could easily be dissected on a significant number of points but suffice to say at this juncture it is not likely that there is any Free Church congregation which includes the Lord s Supper at every worship service However there is a much bigger question relating to how the Lord s Supper is observed Current practice has strayed far from what Christ modelled to his disciples on that pre crucifixion evening More later d v return to main article Christians Together 05 12 2010 Feedback page 1 2 3 4 Guest 08 12 2014 23 53 Editor Would you please be so kind as to enlighten us members and non members and guests alike as to which laws Jesus made two of these even more stringent Most Christians liberal and otherwise would exclaim No one in the OT NT age can be saved by keeping

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  • Christians Together : Collected responses to Free Church statement
    V Class II 1905 Act of Assembly of date 31st May 1883 entitled VII Act anent Instrumental Music No 4 of Class II and resolutions authorising and sanctioning the use of uninspired hymns of dates 3rd June 1872 27th May 1881 26th May 1896 and 24th May 1897 The repeal of these pieces of church law illustrate well the dangers of seeking to legislate the practice of and control over a body of believers Those in their day who authored the legislation would have been as conscientious and biblically literate as any and yet these laws are now being discarded This is not to the discredit of those who wrote them but rather to point out the dangers inherent in legalism So what we have now is a merely a new set of laws Ed note The term antinomianism applies to the discarding of God s statutes It does not refer to any critique of the laws that men enact nor is it here suggested that Christians can behave free from licence 5 The General Assembly declare that purity of worship requires that every aspect of worship services including sung praise be consistent with the Word of God and with the whole doctrine of the Confession of Faith approved by previous Assemblies of this Church Insistence on conformity with the Word of God is essential However there has been a consistent inability to prove one way or the other what God s word actually says or doesn t say on the matter Moreover the inclusion of the Westminster Confession of Faith binds the Church into yet another set of man made rules The Westminster Confession of Faith is an historic document of great worth But it is also deficient anachronistic and in some cases unbiblical in its mandates Ed note See article on Westminster Confession past help present hindrance The article contains a question put to the Free Church many years ago which has never received an answer 6 The General Assembly ordain that every service of congregational worship shall include the singing of Psalms This is legalism at work And what is the definition of congregational worship And does the term have any biblical support as a distinctive from other forms of worship How many people are needed to become a congregation In what circumstances can worship be said to be taking place Are there any stated requirements relating to the age gender and spiritual maturity of those who are worshipping Can worship happen on any day of the week Can worship take place in any location Ed note The lack of definition of what is worship was part the closing remarks of an external observer at the recent Plenary Assembly 7 The General Assembly ordain that with regard to the sung praise of congregations in worship each Kirk Session shall have freedom either to restrict the sung praise to the Psalms or to include paraphrases of Scripture and hymns and spiritual songs consistent with the doctrine of the

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  • Christians Together : A synopis of the Free Church debate on worship
    and its sacrifices to contents Church I believe that the Free Church stands at a crossroads Will we continue with a restriction that is contrary to the Word of God How should churches proceed when there are differences on these matters This kind of open debate is no longer permissible How accurate is it to describe the 1900 1904 church as hymn singing Are we now becoming congregational churches when we leave it up to Kirk Sessions No It s part of our Presbyterianism that Kirk Sessions already administer communion etc Does not unity in diversity equates to a disjointed and disfunctional denomination Many people are put off by our worship Many of us have experienced this We may lose ministers become congregational Will we become a broad church Every denomination becomes liberal if they go this route The genie is out of the bottle but we need to put it back in He did not believe that many Sessions discussed things biblically We should not have a vote by Session We are Presbyterians Our church would be decimated if those who did not agree with our position left Who is the Free Church Our people Or our distinctives A secondary issue is keeping our church in a weaker situation Without this there will be no church and where there is no church there will be no worship Why should we cut of our nose to spite our face I have come to the view that this is about uniformity not psalms hymns etc Should we all be doing the same thing What am I going to say to our young people We are educating them in the Reformed faith and many of them are leaving us They have come to different views And they are going to mixed denominations I want to keep them in our church It would change the character of the Free Church of Scotland forever Such a spirit bodes well for their chances to survive together through the maelstrom that now threatens to engulf them As for legal consequences regarding the constitutional implications certainly we should be prepared to face any difficulty Calvin argued that the Lord s Supper should be celebrated every Sunday and I agree with him on this but we do not have any church in the Free Church that does this Others pointed out that quite apart from that situation hundreds if not thousands of evangelical Scots have declined to join the Free Church over the years because of their stance on hymnody Given the decline in membership and attendance in all Christian denominations in Scotland our survival depends in some places upon consolidation This is not 1900 when everyone went to church He feared that within ten years the Free Church would be debating women elders and concluded that every church that has gone down this road has gone liberal the influence of the departure of the Free Church Continuing was notable for two reasons 1 because some feared that changing the Free Church s practice of worship could open the church up to lawsuits and 2 because a significant portion of those who were most strongly opposed to hymns and instruments departed in 2000 thereby opening the door to the possibility of change to contents Law and tradition Did God just start to do that in 1781 1905 Act was sufficient Confessional Scottish commissioners made it clear it was OT psalms Historical Chalcedon banned singing of uninspired materials in church The freedom granted in 2007 should now be withdrawn Is there any precedent for seeking closure Yes the Free Church Defence Association in 2000 He was concerned about redundant precentors How accurate is it to describe the 1900 1904 church as hymn singing The report does not give any scriptural basis and it looks as though it is just tradition So we will be mocked We have not been able to defend this biblically The Board have not been able to do that They say there is a difference of opinion so try and tinker about with the legislation Does God have one kind of worship on one occasion and another on another We are bringing in something that is unscriptural God is not a legalist How can you assert maintain and defend the practice if you do not think it to be biblical Does this not make the minister more important We already have this the minister already chooses the worship If the regulative principle requires this why should we be allowed to not have instrumental music There are few of us who think that singing hymns and using musical instruments is sinful hence the proposed repeal of the 1910 Act NT evidence is ambiguous No Church court has a God given right to forbid instrumental music Would they have to be authorized No just the text of Scripture The Free Church case was that there was no change in the doctrine worship etc of the Free Church Should not continue until we discuss the vows Our discipline is a mess You have to rule over your people You are governors You have to govern We were not a democracy This is 2010 where the church is a thing of the past not 1910 We have total ambiguity re the vows The scriptural case is absent from the report It s strange to allow Sessions to decide Had asked the Assembly two years ago for Scriptural evidence for our position Still waiting Cited Augustine Chalmers was for music in the church Calvin was not exclusive psalmody How do you think that we are disjointed and dysfunctional Because we have not been able to defend this biblically The Board have not been able to do that The 1872 decision that permitted hymns and the 1883 decision that permitted instruments were very unpopular in the post 1900 Free Church Those who spoke in favor of the Deliverance made occasional reference to the fact that the Free Church had eliminated hymns

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  • Christians Together : Are denominations dying gods?
    than groupings of sinners meeting together with a mix within each which shows our frail humanity for what it is However although in decline they seem to enjoy God s favour evidence of His grace and not our cleverness Better not throw the baby out with the bathwater Rosemary Cameron 18 11 2010 21 52 I ve just read the Report on Worship and the update on today s meeting on the Free Church website and can sum up my feelings in one word depressing Is this really the most pressing issue confronting the church today Martin Lisemore 18 11 2010 23 49 Better not throw the baby out with the bathwater Wise words Peter which is why in a post on another thread I suggested the churches of whatever denomination or none study the New Testament model much more closely and begin to implement it I agree denominations may be in decline but where we find a Godly man leading a fellowship prayerfully waiting upon the Lord then we see prosperity As an Englishman albeit married to a Scot I really shouldn t get rowed in here except to say each of the bulleted points above applies to the Church of England Methodists etc down here Watchman could easily be writing for us It s so sad Watchman felt the need to write this piece Editor 19 11 2010 08 58 Some sound bites from Thurday evening s discussions at the Free Church extraordinary General Assembly We all love psalms and agree that we should sing them We agree indeed on a vast amount Impossible for us all to get what we want We hope that there will not be hint of separation But overblown rhetoric might cause disunity Cant put the present issue off any longer Strong historical views are that instruments were not used in NT Has been hinted that change will save us from decline that has not been shown We do tolerate more than the psalms although lots assume psalms only musical instruments are the less important issue We agree Public worship The 1910 and 1932 acts make clear that we are speaking about pblic worship this allows flexibility If a minister organises outreach etc that in his view do not amunt to PW then why criticise the minister for dong that The basic question at issue divine authority What are we authorised to use What has God authorised We find answers in scriptures we find answers but there are differences in opinion How does church act when there are difference Not by personal preference Where does a paraphrase end and a hymn start Unity of the church which is threatened by this ongoing issue Do you believe that ministers and elders can hold views contrary to agreed practice It is as a matter of personal conscience If in 20 years time every minister changes their position could they change the position of the church He had serious misgivings about not being able to sing

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  • Christians Together : Can a Christian be demon-possessed?
    of issues impacting on the lives of Christians including that of demonic influences Healing retreats are free of charge and are offered by all the Ellel Centres including Blairmore House which is situation near Huntly in the north of Scotland Watch an interview with Anna Wood who along with her husband Malcolm is a director of Ellel Scotland In the interview Anna speaks of the facilities offered at Blairmore House in terms of Healing Retreats and a programme of care for church leaders called Operation Blairmore Laura Maxwell Another short interview with Laura can be seen at Thistle Channel web site along with details of how to purchase Laura s semi autobiographical book A Spiritual Quest Christians Together and friends 20 10 2010 Feedback page 1 2 3 4 RF Guest 02 01 2011 09 31 It is a curious thing that men and women of letters can be troubled in this way As for ML I have again listened to Gorecki Symphony Number 3 Sorrowful Songs Humanists can be moved Mr L Martin Lisemore 03 01 2011 22 55 Roland I think you underestimate me Some of my most loved music is from quite unbelieving people Schuman his symphony No 1 Mussorgsky Pictures at an exhibition Prokofiev but my very favourites are the Czech composers Dvorak and Smetana whose humble house near Charles Bridge in Prague I have been to My so important point in earlier posts is not the emotion these men s work evokes and it admittedly does it s the sheer fact it is an emotional response and not an spiritual one There is a very big difference the same measure of difference between time and eternity I admit I enjoy these composers and many more including modern singers like Art Garfunkel OK modern when compared with Schuman but some music is eternal spiritual simple yet so compelling as to affect the very spirit of a man It causes a man s eternal spirit to reach out to an eternal creator God Poetry is the same I was very early on taken with Masefield s Sea Fever Later I was the navigator on racing yachts when a student doing the Fastnet and other races Never lost my love of that poem Yet for forty odd years Psalm 84 has moved me at a different more profound level a spiritual level because the words are so spiritual eternal and straight from the mouth of God I expect to go to my grave liking Smetana s music and Masefield s Sea Fever but the words I will hear in Heaven are Psalm 84 I commend it to you RF Guest 04 01 2011 07 53 ML the reference to Gorecki was not a comment about your music knowledge it was a gentle statement about the Holocaust I recommend that you google sorrowful songs Although I would have expected you to have understood that I was nevertheless guilty of going off debate still I am sure you can adopt

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  • Christians Together : Indian church on Christians Together
    in India In response to one of the recent update e mails from the Christians Together website Pastor M Mary who has an outreach to children in India writes Dear beloved Pastor Collin Wilson in Christ Greetings to you all in Jesus Christ Thank you very much for your kind e mail letter Contents there in It has made me very happy in presence of the Lord As soon as I got your e mail letter I showed it to my co workers and church believers and youth groups All are here felt happy and want to pray for your ministry and blessed family We are working for the Lord depending on faith and prayer base Thanks to God for your benevolent heart in Christ Jesus You are in our hearts and thoughts All of our church believers and Pastors Orphans and Sunday school children sends their hearty greetings to you more over They says Hello to you We have a great desire to see you face to face Therefore we pray that the Lord will help you to be able to come to India for his glory Your sound teaching is bearing rich fruit for expansion of Kingdom of

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  • Christians Together : Kingdom or Empire building: that is the question
    the plans of a church in his neighbourhood to demolish a local landmark and sell off part of the site the church owned to a developer It seems that the income from the sale is be used to finance the building of a new church centre costing an estimated 1 5million So what s wrong with that This is good stewardship surely It may be but there is question that lies behind the church s plans which the letter writer has raised And we ll come to that later Local churches disappearing Part of the increased mobility and urbanisation evidenced over many years has seen a trend develop which has impacted on church life Just as central superstores are leading to the closure of local shops so large and relatively prosperous city churches are drawing membership away from small town and country churches As a result these rural communities are being denuded of support and membership In turn this could lead to closure with subsequent sale and the loss of a place of worship and outreach within a community Church in Brasil Assets redirected Let s pray that smaller churches will not be seen as a source of funds for central building programmes But how does the world perceive it all One response is supplied by the afore mentioned newspaper reader The correspondent posed the question in his letter to the paper Put yourself in this position You are an organisation dedicated to following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and you have just received a windfall of 1 5million through the sale of a property to a developer Do you use this 1 5million to support charitable works at home and abroad among the poor and needy or do you use it to build yourself a new replacement

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