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  • Christians Together : Map of the area
    the area The map below can be viewed as either a rod map a satellite picture or a hybrid mixture of the two It can be scaled up or down and the selected area changed Map Article printed from www

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  • Christians Together : Article 'Response' facility.
    the Christian faith to engage and those who were not the freedom to express their opinions and interface with a Christian audience However Recent situation There has been an increasing number of anonymous posts emanating from what is suspected to be relatively few Christians who are neither site members nor prepared to either register with the site or identify themselves privately to the Editor and this in spite of invitations so to do The messages therefore lack the integrity of being posted in an open and honest fashion by those who are prepared to identify themselves with what they say Very often these messages emanate from those few who endeavour to ab use the facility as a personal pulpit for one hobby horse or another Accordingly Current position All articles will carry the following footnote The Response facility on some articles may be restricted to CT site members In these circumstances posts from non site members should be sent to the Editor by e mail editor atsign christianstogether net It is stressed that any deleting of messages from anonymous sources will NOT be for disagreeing with any parrticular point of view including that of the Editor but rather for one of the following reasons Going substantially or completely off topic Being argumentative or offensive Fixated on any one issue Developing into a ping pong of two persons which would be better conducted as private e mail in order to avoid clutter on the forums Posting repeatedly while remaining anonymous Regarding the last point above an initial anonymous post on any one topic may be allowed to remain provided it doesn t breach any of the other conditions However subsequent anonymous posts from what seems to be the same source will be deleted Notes 1 There is an open forum Debate

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  • Christians Together : Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands
    Guilty Verdict and Public Vilification of the erstwhile International Director of the Barnabas Fund relief and support agency More Virtue Online Israel Prayer Week 11 18 May 2016 A week of information sharing and prayer for Israel led by Messianic leaders who live in Jerusalem An essential gathering for all those who prayer for the land and the people More The Editor Barnabas Fund and Dr Patrick Sookhdeo Following the recent resignation of its founder and International Director the Barnabas Fund which works with the persecuted church has recently published serious allegations of attacks upon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo More The Editor Where do our doctrines come from Are our hopes and beliefs based on traditions theological constructs and even paperback best sellers or the Word of God Corrie Ten Boom invites the question More Corrie Ten Boom Myriam s Story A young Iraqi girl who was driven from her home by Islamic State testifies to her faith in Jesus Christ More The Editor Maintaining our balance Hope for the future realism without despair More Light for the Last Days Confusion reigns in and regarding the church A recent letter from a clergyman illustrates the continuing and profound confusion that exists within the Christian faith relating to the word church More The Editor Watch this space NOTICE Due to persistent and time wasting anonymous postings the Response facility is for the time being restricted to posts from site members only LATEST QUESTION How does the Jezebel spirit operate Recommended Sites Christian sites Christian Teaching Tony Higton Teaching Israel Tours Chris Hill Signs of the Times Philip Wren Secular sites Gatestone Institute Think tank Stratfor Global briefing agency MEMRI Middle East news Recent Comments You don t actually see God calling human beings END TIME REVIVAL HARVEST OF SOULS Potiphar s wife

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  • Christians Together : Israel Prayer Week: 11 - 18 May 2016
    leaders who live in Jerusalem all of whom know the reality of living in Israel and have dedicated their lives to praying for and serving the nation They will be exploring the political situation as more nations actively stand against Israel as well as discussing the significant global rise in Anti Semitism In contrast the intercession will be focused on the Covenants that the Lord has made with Israel and the privilege it is to be alive in the time of fulfilment of so much of God s prophetic word The mornings of this event will be set aside for times of guided and strategic intercession focussing prayers on what is necessary and pertinent at the time The evening teaching sessions will bring a deeper biblical understanding to equip and inspire you to continue in your prayers for God s nation of Israel Note The evening sessions will be open to non conference attendees During the 2014 conference Chuck Cohen gave an interview to Christians Together explaining how the week is structured and the nature of the information and prayer topics Get the Flash Player or an HTML 5 compatible browser to see this player Click here for full information

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  • Christians Together : Israel Prayer Week at Ellel Scotland: May 2015
    with Chuck at the 2014 Prayer Week Footnote Any questions or requests for further infomation regarding the above week of prayer can be left via the Response facility below or put to Ellel Scotland directly Visit the Ellel Scotland 2015 diary for a listing of other conferences events teaching sessions and healing retreats These include a new course Jesus Israel and the Kingdom of God led by Murray Dixon Ellel Ministries Scotland 11 03 2015 Intercessors for Israel Scottish Prayer Conference 2014 Chuck Cohen Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel speaking to Colin Wilson on the occasion of the 2014 Israel Prayer Conference at Ellel Scotland s Blairmore House Just after the recording was made three Jewish young men were kidnapped and murdered in Jerusalem The 2015 IFI Conference is scheduled for 4 11 May Downloads 432 Recorded 06 06 2014 Length 35 minutes Play Download MP4 Video 146 249 KB Feedback Guest 02 11 2014 19 52 Prayer week Is that ALL I pray for Israel EVERY day I CERTAINLY agree we should pray for Israel It IS a Biblical commandment of NO small measure Romans 10 1 is a Scripture that jumps out at me in the NT the OT is full of them Of course there are many in the Highlands and Islands and elsewhere too who believe that the church has replaced Israel a most damnable and Satanic lie The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is a faithful and covenant keeping God All Israel shall be saved Romans 11 26 Guest 06 11 2014 21 47 If our God is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob Israel as the Bible teaches then how is it the church has replaced Israel Surely then Israel IS the Church plus the Gentile believers Editor 12 11 2014 09 39 The new covenant was first of all made with the Jewish people as described by the prophet Jeremiah Jer 31 31 Rom 9 4 Believing Gentiles are grafted in to the Jewish root stock Rom 11 17 The problem which has produced the heresy of Replacement Theology is that Gentiles read backwards from the NT to the OT seeing the Gentile church as the starting point rather than a latter day outworking of the promises made to the Jews See also http www christianstogether net Articles 357122 Christians Together in Esther 414 Israel and the aspx not ellel Guest 28 11 2014 14 37 I heard a Christian exclaim We Christians should pray for the peace of Jerusalem Psalm 122 6 Yes I replied this is what God wants us to do brother He replied As soon as we get those pesky Jews out of Jerusalem and let the Palestinians take the possession we will have peace Uggghhhhh not ellel Guest 30 11 2014 18 55 Editor Who exactly are the three Messianic leaders from Israel that will be officiating do you know their names The organisation Intercessors for Israel prayer team Who are they and do they

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  • Christians Together : Israel/U.S. relationships under stress
    to reconcile its support of Israel with its support of Saudi Arabia as an example Israel and the Saudis were part of an anti Soviet coalition but they had competing interests shown when the United States sold airborne warning and control systems to the Saudis The Israelis both needed the United States and chafed under the limitations Washington placed on them Post Soviet Relations The collapse of the Soviet Union destroyed the strategic foundation for the U S Israeli relationship There was no pressing reason to end it but it began to evolve and diverge The fall of the Soviet Union left Syria and Iraq without a patron Egypt s U S equipped army separated from Israel by a demilitarized Sinai and token American peacekeepers posed no threat Jordan was a key ally of Israel The United States began seeing the Mediterranean and Middle East in totally different ways Israel for the first time since its founding didn t face any direct threat of attack In addition Israel s economy surged and U S aid although it remained steady became far less important to Israel than it was In 2012 U S assistance 2 9 billion accounted for just more than 1 percent of Israel s GDP Both countries had more room to maneuver than they d had previously They were no longer locked into a relationship with each other and their relationship continued as much out of habit as out of interest The United States had no interest in Israel creating settlements in the West Bank but it wasn t interested enough in stopping them to risk rupturing the relationship The Israelis were no longer so dependent on the United States that they couldn t risk its disapproval The United States and Israel drew together initially after 9 11 From the Israeli perspective the attacks proved that the United States and Israel had a common interest against the Islamic world The U S response evolved into a much more complex form particularly as it became apparent that U S forces in Afghanistan and Iraq were not going to pacify either country The United States needed a strategy that would prevent jihadist attacks on the homeland and that meant intelligence cooperation not only with the Israelis but also with Islamic countries hostile to Israel This was the old problem Israel wanted the United States focused on Israel as its main partner but the United States had much wider and more complex relations to deal with in the region that required a more nuanced approach This is the root of the divergence on Iran From Israel s point of view the Iranians pose an inherent threat regardless of how far along they are or are not with their nuclear program Israel wants the United States aligned against Iran Now how close Tehran is to a nuclear weapon is an important question but to Israel however small the nuclear risk it cannot be tolerated because Iran s ideology makes it an existential threat The Iran Problem From the American perspective the main question about Iran is assuming it is a threat can it be destroyed militarily The Iranians are not fools They observed the ease with which the Israelis destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 They buried theirs deep underground It is therefore not clear regardless of how far along it is or what its purpose is that the United States could destroy Iran s nuclear program from the air It would require at the very least special operations on the ground and failing that military action beyond U S capabilities Aside from the use of nuclear weapons it is unclear that an attack on multiple hardened sites would work The Israelis are quite aware of these difficulties Had it been possible to attack and had the Israelis believed what they were saying the Israelis would have attacked The distances are great but there are indications that countries closer to Iran and also interested in destroying Iran s nuclear program would have allowed the use of their territories Yet the Israelis did not attack The American position is that lacking a viable military option and uncertain as to the status of Iran s program the only option is to induce Iran to curtail the program Simply maintaining permanent sanctions does not end whatever program there is Only an agreement with Iran trading the program for an end of sanctions would work From the American point of view the lack of a military option requires a negotiation The Israeli position is that Iran cannot be trusted The American position is that in that case there are no options Behind this is a much deeper issue Israel of course understands the American argument What really frightens the Israelis is an emerging American strategy Having failed to pacify Afghanistan or Iraq the United States has come to the conclusion that wars of occupation are beyond American capacity It is prepared to use air power and very limited ground forces in Iraq for example However the United States does not see itself as having the option of bringing decisive force to bear An Intricate U S Strategy Therefore the United States has a double strategy emerging The first layer is to keep its distance from major flare ups in the region providing support but making clear it will not be the one to take primary responsibility As the situation on the ground deteriorates the United States expects these conflicts to eventually compel regional powers to take responsibility In the case of Syria and Iraq for example the chaos is on the border of Turkey Let Turkey live with it or let Turkey send its own troops in If that happens the United States will use limited force to support them A similar dynamic is playing out with Jordan and the Gulf Cooperation Council states as Saudi Arabia tries to assume responsibility for Sunni Arab interests in the face of a U S Iranian entente Importantly

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  • Christians Together : Jesus, Israel and the Kingdom of God
    S relationships under stress A Message to the Palestinian People Palestinian Christian speaks of threats to her family Taste of Israel Conference The Co op the Methodist Church Israel and God Jesus Israel and the Kingdom of God Ellel Ministries Scotland are running a new week long course led by Murray Dixon examining how Israel s destiny is inextricably linked with Jesus past present and future 5 10 October 2015

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  • Christians Together : Esther 4-14
    Army Officer is right on target A former high ranking British Army officer has defended the Israeli Defence Force and spoken of the institutionalised anti Israelism found in the UN and the mass media More Egypt Syria Israel the church and the world Just prior to the 2012 Egyptian elections Christians Together caught up with Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel to discuss the Middle East the church and the nations More Christian Palestinianism a response Many heavyweight evangelical leaders are being drawn into an age old heresy which has its roots in the time of the apostle Paul and which is erupting in our age More God hears even when the mikes are off There is a tendency even in Christian circles to think that we can do and say things behind God s back However the whole world now knows what the French and American Presidents think of Israel s Prime Minister God heard too More Do Not Lift That Stone Jacob Prasch looks at events around the world and analyses these in the context of God s declared purposes for our world More 23 09 11 A day that will change the world This week could see a change in the history of the world All eyes will be on the Middle East as the UN considers Palestinian statehood More Mike Moore of CWI writes to David Cameron Mike Moore of Christian Witness to Israel has written to David Cameron about the unreasonable pressure the Prime Minster is placing on Israel More Israel Understanding the Times A Issachar Challenge day conference designed to help Christian believers discern the nature of the times in which we live in the context of God s word and how to respond in the light of Scripture More Israel what you are not generally being told A set of short videos offering a time efficient way of getting to grips with what does not appear in the mainstream media regarding Israel More David Hathaway preaches Yeshua in Israel The Welsh evangelist David Hathaway who has an international ministry in Eastern Europe and beyond preached to capacity crowds in Israel and shared Christ with holocaust survivors More Institutionalised anti Semitism in the church The apostle Paul was obliged to tackle Gentile elitism head on Were he with us on earth today he would probably find the same need to do so within the Christian church More A Call to Repentance a new DVD resource A free 5 part film and printed resource is now available which captures Britain need to repent over its actions in Israel and towards the Jews More God s purposes in Israel What is God s purposes for Israel and the Jewish people The first public showing of Dundee meetings which viewed and discussed the newly released film With God on Our Side More Welsh fellowship evicted from village hall A small fellowship which met in a village hall in North Wales claims to have been pushed out because

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