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  • Christians Together : A word for this hour?
    for one am waiting to hear the loud voices of the prophets and reformers sounding once more over a sluggish and drowsy church They ll pay a price for their boldness but the results will be worth it To be right with God has often meant to be in trouble with men This is such a common truth that one hesitates to mention it yet it appears to have been overlooked by the majority of Christians today Apart from God nothing matters We think that health matters that freedom matters or knowledge or art or civilization And but for one insistent word they would matter indeed That word is eternity We are in real need of a reformation that will lead to revival among the churches The man who has been taught by the Holy Spirit will be a seer rather than a scholar The difference is that the scholar sees and the seer sees through and that is a mighty difference indeed The apostles went to jail and that is not too revealing because they went against their will but when they got out of jail and could go where they would they immediately went to the praying company The choices of life not the compulsions reveal character Moral power has always accompanied definitive beliefs Great saints have always been dogmatic We need right now a return to a gentle dogmatism that smiles while it stands stubborn and firm on the Word of God that liveth and abideth forever The unsatisfied longings of the prophets for human understanding caused them to cry out in their complaint and even our Lord Himself suffered in the same way The man who has passed on into the divine Presence in actual inner experience will not find many who understand him I believe that the imperative need of the day is not simply revival but a radical reformation that will go to the root of our moral and spiritual maladies and deal with causes rather than with consequences with the disease rather than with symptoms When the children of God accept the world s values it is time some Christians spoke up Babylon may have her gods her own way of life and moral standards It is when Israel begins to adopt them that the prophet of God becomes responsible to rise and cry out against them Truth consists not merely in correct doctrine but in correct doctrine to which is added the inward enlightenment of the Holy Spirit John the Baptist said A man can receive nothing except it be given him from heaven John 3 27 He was not referring to men s gifts He was speaking of spiritual truth The radical element in testimony and life that once made Christians hated by the world is missing from present day evangelicalism It is useless for large companies of believers to spend long hours begging God to send revival Unless we intend to reform we may as well not pray Unless praying

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  • Christians Together : It's 1930s Germany all over again
    camps Jewish homes hospitals and schools were ransacked as the attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers Over 1 000 synagogues were burned 95 in Vienna alone and over 7 000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged The events of Kristallnacht led directly into the wholesale deportations and mass murder of approximately two thirds of the nine million Jews living in Europe at that time Point of no return blog 25 11 2015 Feedback Editor 24 07 2013 12 44 BRITISH ROCK VETERAN FORCED TO CANCEL ISRAEL CONCERT Eric Burdon former lead singer of 60s British band The Animals on Tuesday cancelled an August 1 concert in Israel because he had been receiving daily threatening emails his manager said Burdon whose band s decades spinning career including hits such as The House of the Rising Sun We Gotta Get out of This Place It s My Life and Don t Let Me Be Misunderstood was to have performed alongside Israeli legends Tislam at the Zappa Shuni Amphitheater in Binyamina Tickets were already on sale Days ago Burdon met up with members of Tislam in Vienna and told them he was under pressure from anti Israel activists to cancel the show Read on http www timesofisrael com animals eric burdon cancels israel concert amid threats Editor 26 05 2014 14 43 The most recent fatal attack on visitors to the Jewish Museum in Brussels is yet another example of the anti semitism in our present day See http www bbc co uk news world europe 27562915 Josh McDowell the well known American Christian and apologist for the Christian faith has written on his website For almost 1 900 years the Jews wandered about the earth as strangers who were persecuted from every side This culminated in the holocaust of World War II when six million Jews were put to death in the concentration camps Yet against all odds the state of Israel was reborn on May 14 1948 and the Jews began to return to their homeland from all points of the compass This was the second time in their history since becoming a nation that they have come back into their land Since 1948 they have survived some terrible conflicts including the 1967 Six Day War and the 1973 Holy Day War Through all this the nation neither perished nor lost its national identity History has demonstrated that any people who leave their homeland will after about five generations lose their national identity by being absorbed into the new culture but the Jews remained a distinct entity Not only have they survived but the nations that persecuted them Moab Ammon Edom Philistia and many others have either been destroyed or completely lost their individual identity Have you ever heard of a Swedish Moabite A Russian Philistine A German Edomite An American Ammonite No These people have been totally absorbed into other cultures and races However have you ever heard of a Swedish Jew A Russian Jew A German Jew An American Jew Yes As prophesied they have not lost their identity One of us was once attending a debate over the person of Jesus Christ in which a rabbi was participating During the question period the rabbi was asked why he did not believe in the resurrection of Jesus I don t believe in the miracles of the New Testament he replied Some sharp student immediately asked the rabbi why he rejected the New Testament miracles but accepted the Old Testament miracles and on what basis he made the distinction Without batting an eye the rabbi replied That s easy I don t believe in the Old Testament miracles either I think they are all myths It s hard to believe he could make a statement like that considering the fact that his survival as a Jew is one of the greatest miracles in all history When the two of us were in Israel in 1976 filming the movie More Than a Carpenter we were invited to meet with a high official of the Israeli government One of the questions we asked him concerned the survival of his nation How did they manage to survive being twice removed from their homeland the second time almost 1 900 years survive the holocaust when one out of every three Jews living was put to death and stave off the attacks of the more than 100 million members of the Arab world in both 1967 and 1973 Was this a result of their nation being so resourceful or was it because some divine hand was watching over His people He looked up at the two of us and said Although most of the people in my country today would claim to be atheists don t you believe it I think that all of us know deep down inside that some force greater than us has been protecting this nation Editor 27 05 2014 09 33 This article and thread is about anti semitism I have deleted and will continue to do so a number of posts which are totally off topic by Guests One of these posts referenced an article about Josh McDowell It is at http www rapidnet com jbeard bdm exposes mcdowell general htm Anyone wishing to discuss that article should do so elsewhere If there is a desire to discuss it then I am happy to open a site members only thread But I am not prepared to have this CT website become a platform for every heresy hunter who happens to be out there However one of the biggest heresies of the last 1700 years is Replacement Theology and yet most heresy hunters are either a unaware of it b do not understand the issue and its importance c unwilling to tackle it c caught up in it Anyone wishing to discuss it can find a number of articles on this website e g http www christianstogether net Articles 311921 Christians Together in Esther 414 Christian Palestinianism a aspx Further on the

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  • Christians Together : Terms and Conditions
    Islands Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands expressly prohibits the copying of any protected materials on this website except for the purposes of fair use as defined in the copyright law and as described below FAIR USE IS PERMITTED Fair use of copyrighted material includes the use of protected materials for non commercial educational purposes such as teaching scholarship research criticism commentary and news reporting Unless otherwise noted users who wish to download or print text and image files from this Web site for such uses may do so without the express permission of Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands provided that they comply with the following conditions The content may only be used for personal educational or noncommercial purposes Users must cite the author and source of the content as they would material from any printed work The citation must include all copyright information and other information associated with the content and the URL for the Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands website None of the content may be altered or modified Users must comply with all other terms or restrictions which may be applicable to the individual file image or text WARRANTY By downloading printing or otherwise using text and image files from this website users agree and warrant that they will limit their use of such files to fair use and will comply with all other terms and conditions of this license and will not violate the rights of Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands or any other person or entity Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands does not warrant that use of the text images and content displayed on the website will not infringe the rights of third parties not owned by or affiliated with Christians Together in the Highlands and

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  • Christians Together : Terms and Conditions
    law In addition you also a Indemnify cthi and INSIGHT against all legal fees damages and other expenses that may be incurred by either cthi or INSIGHT as a result of your breach of the above warranty and b Agree to waive any moral rights in your contribution for the purposes of its submission to and publication on the website and the other purposes specified above If there is any conflict between the terms of use and or specific terms appearing elsewhere on this site relating to specific material then the latter shall prevail All rights are reserved and reproduction of part or all of the contents of this site is prohibited other than in accordance with the following permissions a permission is granted to download the materials contained on this website to a single personal computer and to print a hard copy of such materials solely for personal non commercial use b permission is granted for you to copy extracts of texts from news articles that appear on this website excluding without limitation photographs illustrations teaching materials and audio and video materials for non commercial supply to individual third parties for their personal non commercial use but only if i you acknowledge our website as the source of the extract and include a prominent reference to this website s URL If the supply by you of the extract is via the internet such acknowledgment must include a hypertext link to this website with the copy of the extracted material and ii you inform the third party that the conditions set out in this Section 2 apply to him her and that he she must comply with them and iii you reproduce the extracted material in complete and unmodified form and if the supply by you of the extract is via the internet that you do not frame the extract within your own website For the purpose of these terms non commercial supply or use shall mean that neither you nor any third party may charge for viewing any materials that have been downloaded or copied from this website and that neither you nor any third party can use any materials from this website to attract others to buy goods or services Any other use of materials on this website including storage and recording other than on a purely transitory basis to permit you to view them reproduction modification distribution re transmission diversion or republication without the prior written permission of cthi or INSIGHT is strictly prohibited This means for example that you must not use on any other website any materials displayed on this website from time to time Some Icons are Copyright Yusuke Kamiyamane All rights reserved Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3 0 license 3 INSIGHT s Proprietary Rights You acknowledge and agree that the website and any necessary software used in connection with the website SOFTWARE contain proprietary and confidential information that is protected by applicable intellectual property and other laws Except as expressly authorised

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  • Christians Together : Privacy Policy
    email from Christians Together in relation to areas you have expressly signed up for We will not share any individual user details including your email address to any third party without your consent What information do we collect We collect information on our users through registration The minimum information we need to register a user is your first and last name and a password We also ask for some further voluntary information so we can provide a richer more useful address book Who will have access to your information You have control over who is able to access specific items of information By default your personal information will be visible to other authenticated users of the site You can change these settings from your personal profile page Your information will be used to build the online address book and show your birthday in the Christians Together calendar What else you should know about privacy Remember to close your browser when you have finished your user session This is to ensure that others cannot access your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library or

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  • Christians Together : Help
    Life Survival Kit Current News Esther 4 14 Archive My Area Web Site Help If you have a query about information on this web site then please contact Name Colin Wilson Email editor christianstogether net Phone 07534 691 391 a

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  • Christians Together : Christians Together in the Highlands and Islands
    Guilty Verdict and Public Vilification of the erstwhile International Director of the Barnabas Fund relief and support agency More Virtue Online Israel Prayer Week 11 18 May 2016 A week of information sharing and prayer for Israel led by Messianic leaders who live in Jerusalem An essential gathering for all those who prayer for the land and the people More The Editor Barnabas Fund and Dr Patrick Sookhdeo Following the recent resignation of its founder and International Director the Barnabas Fund which works with the persecuted church has recently published serious allegations of attacks upon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo More The Editor Where do our doctrines come from Are our hopes and beliefs based on traditions theological constructs and even paperback best sellers or the Word of God Corrie Ten Boom invites the question More Corrie Ten Boom Myriam s Story A young Iraqi girl who was driven from her home by Islamic State testifies to her faith in Jesus Christ More The Editor Maintaining our balance Hope for the future realism without despair More Light for the Last Days Confusion reigns in and regarding the church A recent letter from a clergyman illustrates the continuing and profound confusion that exists within the Christian faith relating to the word church More The Editor Watch this space NOTICE Due to persistent and time wasting anonymous postings the Response facility is for the time being restricted to posts from site members only LATEST QUESTION How does the Jezebel spirit operate Recommended Sites Christian sites Christian Teaching Tony Higton Teaching Israel Tours Chris Hill Signs of the Times Philip Wren Secular sites Gatestone Institute Think tank Stratfor Global briefing agency MEMRI Middle East news Recent Comments You don t actually see God calling human beings END TIME REVIVAL HARVEST OF SOULS Potiphar s wife

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    Christian Life Survival Kit Current News Esther 4 14 Archive My Area Search Search this site for items containing items written by items tagged with Sort results by Relevance Title Author Date Website Articles Events Forum Messages Media a Church

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