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  • Christians Together : Presentation on Israel trip
    answer session All ages welcome Note Leo says If you are unable to join us for dinner you are still welcome to join us afterwards as we hope to begin the presentation around 7 15PM Also so that we know how much food to buy a booking is required so e mail and please let us know if you plan on attending or Tel 01463 798151 A glimpse of glory On a recent trip to Israel Dec 2008 Tommie Mackay Inverness YMCA CYC took this photograph over Jerusalem without really knowing how if at all it would turn out He has entitled it A Glimpse of Glory Jerusalem is the city from which Jesus left to join His Father it s the city to which he said he will return with his feet to stand on the Mount of Olives and it is the city in which God the Father has caused His Name to dwell forever Whilst in the Holy Land Tommie wrote a song about the eternal city Oh Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the centre of our world Ascend and praise His name most high Hallelujah worthy is the lamb As we look upon the valley too the gate so beautiful Where our Lord will enter in and free Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the centre of our world Where once messiah walked upon the rock on which you are formed He could have split you into two but patiently he bides Peace will be restored and the blind will see Jesus is the Christ Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the centre of our world Dived up torn and mocked a living remnant to gaze upon Let us be like the olive trees and know no boundaries Until our lord returns to claim pray peace for Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem the

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  • Christians Together : Elspeth Masson - Christian Friends of Israel
    for Scotland day conference to a gathering of Christians who meet together each month in Brodick The response on each occasion if measured by the attentiveness of the audience and by the number of books sold from the bookstall was overwhelming Presentations to the churches and Christian groups In the context of the above and also with the news from Israel dominating our headlines Elspeth feels that the time is now right to offer this presentation to any church or house group which might be interested While a screen a DVD player and television would be useful in a large group for a small informal gathering no resources are required Why should Christians care about Israel Elspeth responds by saying The Jewish people and the Land of Israel are special to God and that in and through the salvation of the Jews the church will be blessed Amongst the many verses that could be quoted Elspeth offers the following from the Old and New Testaments I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come to be your God and the God of your descendants after you The whole land of Canaan where you are now an alien I will give as an everlasting possession to you and your descendants after you and I will be their God Genesis 17 7 8 In the Salvation of the Jews the Church will be Blessed Did God reject His people By no means If their transgression means riches for the world and their loss means riches for the Gentiles how much greater riches will their fullness bring Romans 11 1 12 Elspeth further explains the work of Christian Friends of Israel in Jerusalem CFI is called to Comfort those

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  • Christians Together : Galya Greig: an interview
    moved to Washington D C to take up a position with Bill and Claudia Koenig of World Watch Daily She has kindly agreed to send reports from America of her work in relation to the political scene there Prior to moving to the USA Galya gave an interview to Christians Together when she spoke of her experiences in Israel the situation facing Israel and the heart of the matter which is about God bringing glory to His name Note To set the above interview in context visit Why no peace in Israel and also A Dangerous Ignorance Footnotes The Israeli Airforce launched a major airstrike assault on Hamas military capabilities in Gaza on December 27 2008 Operation Cast Lead was progressing at the time of the interview with Israeli Defence Force IDF ground troops having just entered Gaza Following a tour of Israel Dec 2008 Leo Rose and Tommie Mackay are due to give an illustrated presentation covering their experiences during their trip Christian Friends of Israel are served in the Highlands and beyond by Elspeth Masson who is available to give talks on the work in Israel and amongst the Jewish people The Israeli Airforce launched a major airstrike

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  • Christians Together : Why no peace in Israel?
    prophecy We need to ensure that our prayers are neither formed nor driven by emotive headlines from purely secular sources The most accurate and unbiased reporter who does not know Christ and the prophetic word and promises of God can never hope to fully understand or analyse the situation in the Middle East or anywhere else Very sadly there are theologians and groupings within the Christian community who write off God s word as allegorical But in spite of this God is watching over His word to perform it God has made eternal and unconditional promises which will be fulfilled One of these was given to Noah and is witnessed by the rainbow we see in the sky it was a promise to all mankind Another eternal and unconditional covenant was given and affirmed to Abraham Isaac and Jacob We are seeing the result outworked in our day and age Footnote The prayers that God will answer are those that are in line with His will and purposes And if we want to find the will of God we can do much worse than looking for these portions of scripture were God says I will In this context it is worthwhile to re read Ezekiel Ch 36 with a focus on the I will s Christians Together 05 01 2009 Tags Israel Middle East Feedback Editor 27 01 2009 11 28 Senator George Mitchell of N Ireland negotiations fame is the new US President s envoy to the Middle East To say that he is walking into a very difficult situation is stating the obvious however impossible is probably a better word To sketch a brief background Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and other parts both have the same ultimate aim i e the complete destruction of Israel as a Jewish state However they are each employing different tactics to achieve their same ends And the each have different groups of militia and income streams i e paymasters controllers Hamas intends to pursue its policies by force whereas the PA headed up by Mahmoud Abbas are travelling on a political diplomatic route aiming to incrementally regain geographic slices of Israel until the Israeli land sector is so small as to be militarily indefensible and the nation politically economically and demographically irrelevant and impotent i e easily vanquished But there is a big battle between Hamas and the PA for control of the situation and allegiance of the people and foreign nations This was why there was a very violent and largely un reported civil war in Gaza when Israel pulled out Hamas won control in Gaza politically and militarily but in doing so slaughtered PA militia and supporters So the enmity between the two groups is immense In terms of attracting the loyalty of the Palestinian people the war which is now being waged is on Who will re build Gaza And basically this needs money and political support at an international level So

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  • Christians Together : A dangerous ignorance
    her life since 1948 and miraculously thus far survived But to lose once is to lose forever Any interim peace that Hamas Hezbollah Syria or Iran agree to is only tactical and temporary so that those who are intent on Israel s total destruction can re group and re arm Meanwhile the political land for peace policy has the same goal of destroying Israel but using a different tactic The negotiations are designed to incrementally reduce the geographical size of Israel through peaceful means to an indefensible area with shrunken borders and a fifth column of terrorist nests within This is what has been happening and is continuing to happen since Israel s recent withdrawals from southern Lebanon and from Gaza Gaza is now a heavily armed centre for international terrorists or insurgents as the mass media would call them But God will have his way There are 16 major prophesies regarding the Israelites Israelis in modern parlance And twelve of these have been fulfilled since the nation was first established Two are presently outworking themselves before our eyes All these things will come to pass and the final two will surely come to pass as the consummation of God s purposes in this present age Already fulfilled Enslavement in Egypt Gen 15 14 Deliverance from Egypt Gen 15 14 Possession of the land of Canaan Gen 15 18 20 Turning to idolatry there Deut 32 15 21 Centre of worship in Jerusalem Deut 12 5 6 Psalm 132 13 14 Assyrian captivity Amos 5 27 6 14 7 17 Babylonian captivity Jer 16 13 21 10 Destruction of the first temple 2 Chron 7 19 22 Return from Babylon Is 6 11 13 48 20 Destruction of the second temple Matt 24 2 Luke 19 43 44 Scattering among all nations Lev 26 33 34 Ezek 12 15 Persecution and oppression among all nation Lev 26 36 39 Being fulfilled in modern times 13 Regathering from all nations Is 11 11 12 Ezek 38 8 Zech 10 9 10 and increasingly 14 All nations gathered against Jerusalem Zech 12 2 3 14 1 2 Yet to be fulfilled 15 Supernatural revelation of Jesus the Messiah Yeshua Ha Mashiach Zech 12 10 14 16 Jesus Christ comes in glory Zech 14 3 5 The true and only peace process Pray for the peace of Jerusalem we are commanded to do so But beware of meddling in the quagmire of international diplomacy and politics which will never succeed and can only ever fail to bring the God given peace to that troubled city and benighted land Indeed well meant but ill judged interference with the things of God can have disasterous consequences cf Uzzah s fate 1 Chron 13 9 10 Additional scriptures In those days and at that time when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat There I will enter into judgment against them

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  • Christians Together : An update report from Galya-Jane - Autumn 2008
    in Washington DC called About Him Bill is a White House correspondent and is actually campaigning in the current US elections They serve Israel by writing articles campaigning reporting and travelling and speaking all over the States about what is going on in Israel Bill has written a book called Eye to Eye which is a fascinating read Ed note The book draws parallel s linkages between the US and its leaders and the actions and attitudes that the country and its leaders adopt concerning Israel Anyway they have invited me to serve in their Ministry and I feel that this is the next step for me I have really been praying and seeking the Lord over this and I really feel that this is what he would have me do at this time So I am planning on going over to DC towards the end of November in time for Thanksgiving I will have time to rest and enjoy the holidays before starting work They are being flooded with requests for Bill to speak so I will be responsible for arranging his speaking schedule and I hope to do some writing too I will leave Israel just before my visa expires and go to Scotland before going on to USA I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Scotland again So I will still be serving and working for Israel just in a different way and different capacity for a few months In Washington DC Who would have thought G d is amazing Again I am open to returning to CFI but right now my season here is coming to an end After working in Washington DC I return to South Africa and take it from there Israel is very much in my heart and has become

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  • Christians Together : Jerusalem's city walls
    parts of the ancient world This wall was knocked down when the Romans razed Jerusalem and the Second Jewish Temple in the year 70 C E The sections preserved are about 3 meters high and may prove to be some of the finest and most complete examples of Second Temple architecture to have survived The team of archeologists headed by Yehiel Singer of the Israeli Antiquities Department also uncovered a later city wall almost in the same spot on Mt Zion It was built by the Christian Byzantine Empire 324 640 C E DEBKAile Meanwhile an earlier report Nov 2007 stated The remnants of a wall from the time of the prophet Nehemiah have been uncovered in an archeological excavation in Jerusalem s ancient City of David strengthening recent claims that King David s palace has been found at the site an Israeli archeologist said The section of the 2 500 year old Nehemiah wall located just outside the Dung Gate and the Old City walls facing the Mount of Olives was dated by pottery found during a recent dig at the site said Hebrew University archeologist Dr Eilat Mazar Jerusalem Post Mount Moriah The present Temple Mount is currently

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  • Christians Together : Anglican faithful, Arab and Jewish believers
    making in terms of biblical integrity within the global Anglican community and not just the Anglican community an equally significant component of the conference saw an Arab and a Jewish believer speaking from the same platform So whilst the Global Anglican Future Conference was principally focussed on defending biblical truth and practice within the Anglican commune it also saw gentile leaders from around the world meeting along with both Israeli and Palestinian church leaders It would be very easy to under estimate the significance of these events yet they surely speak of the true biblical unity that Jesus prayed for in his high priestly prayer of John 17 and the one new man which Paul wrote of in his letter to the Ephesian church Whilst there are obviously serious hurts and concerns on both sides of the Jewish Arab communities and some of that hurt is expressed it is amazing what the Holy Spirit has been doing to bring these sided together on the same platform at the same conference and to hear of how God spoke to one Jewish leader about his Arab brothers Watch for yourself and be amazed at what God is doing Scripture tells us that

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