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  • Christians Together : God's purposes in Israel?
    a bad name and I believe He withdraws then The Charismatic movement is another example where excesses and satanic messages have been widely preached Yet there seems always to be a niche or three where the Holy Spirit remains to carry out the work He has begun Under no circumstances would I condone applaud or support a pre emptive strike against Iran or anywhere else Superficially this is getting back to the Mutually Assured Destruction of the Cold War era Not something I want to live through again The Israeli s are quite capable to sorting out this mess themselves 1981 Saddam Hussein threatened Israel with developing nuclear weapons at Osirak in Iraq The Israelis took out that plant before it could produce weapons But it s very dangerous to try and take Gods promises to abraham into our own hands and force them through Such wisdom should be at the heart of every ministry church fellowship house group etc but regretfully it seldom is I could easily say this is the main plank of my earlier statement about Christian Zionism and mega ministries They forcing the issue of alliya Even when the Children of Israel entered the Promised Land they were told they couldn t have it all in one go because it couldn t bear them Your quotes from John Hagee say to me something other than the Holy Spirit is at work there This is intimidation it s manipulation neither of which are condoned in the Bible I remain at heart a Christian Zionist and all that means I still support a small charity in England which carries on with the whole package outlined above Martin Lisemore 17 02 2011 13 25 I should add to my post above both Christian Zionist ministries I ve supported also work almost equally but in different ways for the Palestinian Pawlo 17 02 2011 14 45 John To rebuke is not to curse if you are rebuked you are not cursed or hated Where you get this thinking from is beyond me God is incapable of anti semitism again here you seem confused as to rebuke and curse As for replacementism much of what the western church teach is thinly veiled replacementism John Piper is a case in point Palistine and Palastinian are political terms designed to destabilise and delegitimise Israels right to exist The palistinian people are far worse off under their own govenance than under Israels I know Arab Christians who are pro Israel I know Palistinian Christians who are opposed to Israel Israel is not the evil movement here however they are no doubt sometimes misguided They have all the worst characteristics and habits of the West which is our fault and are where they are because of disobediance not faithfulness to God They are heading for the time of Jacobs trouble which is no picnic in the Promised Land I am sorry John if you feel I have been too harsh or critical of what you

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  • Christians Together : Welsh fellowship evicted from village hall
    vulnerable if their message offends Christians Together 19 11 2010 Feedback page 1 2 3 Rosemary Cameron 01 12 2010 18 28 PS My comments are general and are not aimed at the particular church headlined in the above article Tom Meeks Guest 01 12 2010 20 10 Re passwords I was just meaning that a church could not be accused by the authorities of giving gratuitous offence if its sermons needed a password to access i e the person who claimed to be offended would have to explain how they accessed the material by hacking into the site Re courting controversy I agree that we should be wise and polite and not go looking for trouble However preaching means public proclamation and the Gospel is an offence 1 Peter 2 8 So while we should not court trouble we will inevitable attract it Peter Carr 01 12 2010 20 16 If a church decides to put controversial stuff on its webpage it should be prepared beforehand for the likely consequences So we shouldn t publish on the internet what God has already revealed in His Word which is available to anyone who buys a bible Rosemary Cameron 01 12 2010 21 15 I didn t say that Peter I said you should be prepared And I wasn t thinking of publishing bible verses so much as some of the other sort of statements which we all know can cause controversy Tom Meeks Guest 01 12 2010 21 33 statements which we all know can cause controversy I m afraid the Gospel is full of offence to the carnal mind What Christians would see as a basic statement of core beliefs or a sermon on the divinity of Christ would be quite enough to cause offence around the world We cannot tip toe around the Truth lest we offend someone somewhere somehow Any church worthy of the name Christian and sadly many have deserted the faith needs to boldly preach the Cross of Christ All this is of course not new It s just that after such a long period where the Christian faith was an integral part of the nation s life we are now faced with a hostile environment in politics multi faith religion the media the legal system etc etc All we need to do is recognise the change and keep going Martin Lisemore 02 12 2010 00 26 All we need to do is recognise the change and keep going Tom yes because if we don t own Him now He might not own us at a moment more important to us than right now We have not been given leave to desist from preaching the Gospel or making disciples of all nations It goes on Any church worthy of the name Christian and sadly many have deserted the faith needs to boldly preach the Cross of Christ In the final analysis I wonder how many churches are Christian I ve been around so many in

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  • Christians Together : The enemy is within the church
    the marriage of two streams Replacement theology and Palestinian Christian Liberation theology We cannot analyze these two streams in depth here but it can be said that the erroneous belief that the Christians are the new Israel and that the Jews divine election has been revoked and that Christians will inherit the Land of Israel coupled with the perception of modern Israel as evil and illegitimate has led to explosion of anti Semitism and anti Israel hatred within the Church In Palestinian Christian Liberation Theology God is seen as the God of those who are oppressed the Palestinians are viewed as the oppressed and the Jews are their oppressors Thus pressure must be put on Israel so the oppressed will one day be set free and enter their Promised Land which is being denied them Some leaders in this movement such as former Anglican bishop of Jerusalem Riah Abu El Assal have gone as far as claiming that the Palestinian Christians are the true Israel More and more conferences are being held in the US and in Europe and even in Israel and whole denominations are being influenced to switch sides and come out against Israel What is the danger Evangelical Christianity is now the last bastion of Israel support in the western world If the enemy can topple this stronghold if he can cause prayer for Israel to cease then the way is open for the total destruction of Israel The last anti Israel conference held in Bethlehem last March has awakened the Israeli believers and such ministries as name of organisation in Jerusalem to the gravity of the situation I recently received two invitations to speak The first at an international conference at a significant date in the Jewish calendar and the second to speak at a national leaders meeting in the Land regarding Israel s role and call in the last days The writer goes on to advise that a group of visiting Christians are going to Bethlehem Bible College which he says is a bastion of Palestinian Christian Liberation Theology Ed Here is what we are asking you to pray for That the Lord will absolutely keep us in the Spirit and not let us be riled up in our soul these issues are so fundamental to our being that we could easily succumb to the temptation to become soulish thus exposing ourselves to the enemy s attacks That we would be led of God in each case and that He would fill our mouth with His Word We want the Fire of His Word to burn within us We are in a time of preparation for these engagements and we need the mind of the Lord That the Lord would protect us and keep us our whole family under His blood and protection The spirit behind these movements is so agitated and active in the world and we dare not even touch these things without asking for His covering blessing and protection Please remember to

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  • Christians Together : Trip to the Holy Land 2010/2011
    in first two weeks of December this year or the first two weeks of January 2011 I hope to have final pricing including air travel in the next two weeks Those who would to come with us should register their interest with me ASAP so that we can begin planning for the appropriate numbers Update 12 07 10 Leo writes We have a few folks who have already registered interest in a trip to Israel in January 2011 The dates have not yet been set 100 but we are looking at some time in January 2011 We are offing the following two options OPTION 1 FULL TOUR 10 day all inclusive return airfare Inverness Tel Aviv 4 5 star hotels meals fees to all sites 1 500 per person Based on double occupancy OPTION 2 BUDGET TOUR 5 day 4 nights of accommodations all inclusive tour return airfare Inverness Tel Aviv 4 5 star hotels meals fees to all sites 930 per person double occupancy Shalom Almog is the tour company owner Shalom is a retired IDF colonel and he has been in the tour business for 20 years now Shalom has a network of connections and works hard to get us into the maximum number of sites Ronnie Winter will be our guide Ronnie is a retired archaeologist and Israeli historian who spent his entire career digging in Israel Ronnie is a wealth of information Pastor Leo Rose has been to Israel numerous times and will lead the devotional bible teachings at a few of the more significant sites See below for collage of pictures from previous trip A slide show presentation that was given in the Inverness CYC along with a link to song composed by Tommie Mackay during the trip Click here Some pics from the evening

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  • Christians Together : The 'Flotilla' video some people don't want you to see
    labeled them as potentially inappropriate Glick also points out that the We Con the World video squarely falls into the realm of parody That qualifies it for the fair use exemption under copyright law Warner Chappelle can make all the claims they want but they would lose in court YouTube wants to avoid paying for a court appearance but it doesn t speak well of a New Media outlet that exists to support content producers that they cave to outside pressure so easily if that is indeed what happened and if they weren t just looking for an excuse to eject Latma s content from the beginning It s YouTube s site and they can do what they want with it They are no more a public utility than is Hot Air and subscribers have to deal with their editorial decisions Content producers may want to start looking for alternatives to YouTube however as they can also control where and how their content gets published Footnotes 1 IDF is an acronym for the Israel Defence Force 2 At time of publishing there is evidence of YouTube back tracking in the face of criticism about double standards in its editorial policies Song parodies and cover versions of copyrighted material abound on YouTube s on line TV service 3 We con the world music is based on a Michael Jackson song We are the world 4 See Lies D lies and media headlines and the way that God sees things Christians Together 18 06 2010 Feedback Pete Smith Guest 22 06 2010 22 04 A report in the Times in December 2009 stated Yitzhak Aharonovitch captain of the the Holocaust survivor ship Exodus As captain of the passenger ship Exodus Yitzhak Aharonovitch played a crucial role in an event that came to symbolise the Jewish struggle for a homeland In 1947 the Exodus left France for Palestine then governed by British mandate with 4 515 survivors of the Holocaust on board but as it neared the port of Haifa British naval forces surrounded it and opened fire killing three people With the decision made to surrender one that Aharonovitch opposed the passengers were relocated interned first in Cyprus and then a former Nazi camp Pawlo 22 06 2010 22 49 Both Lebanon and Iran have said they are sending ships to challange the naval blockade of Gaza Lebanons vessel the Mariam named after the Virgin Mary is an all women vessel They said We are all women in order not to give the thieving enemy Israel an excuse to use arms against the ship Alhaj told a local Israeli Arab language radio station at the weekend The Zionist entity will be defeated by women that will come on the boat We don t have Scud missiles or any other missiles and you will see what they will do to us The article went on to say UNITED BY their hatred for Israel Sunni Shi ite and Christian women from Lebanon the US

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  • Christians Together : Chuck Cohen: why do the nations rage?
    an important message for the church in the UK Why do the nations rage And the peoples meditate a vain thing Psalm 2 1 In June for the past 7 years Chuck Cohen has co led an Intercessors for Israel Prayer Week at Ellel Scotland s Blairmore House near Huntly This year he spoke to a meeting in Inverness in the week following the controversy surrounding the boarding by Israeli military personnel of a ship bound for Gaza The meeting was sponsored by Yachad a Scottish grouping of individuals and ministries which has a prayerful concern regarding God s purposes for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel Chuck speaking at Blairmore House to Christians Together The following week Chuck also gave a personal interview to Christians Together during his time at Blairmore House He brings solid biblical teaching to bear on the subject of current affairs including the situation in Israel alongside God s word A DVD is now available of Chuck speaking at the Inverness meeting in Inverness and includes the 30 minute interview in the course of the week of prayer Meeting in Culduthel Christian Centre Inverness In the course of the Inverness address Chuck speaks about God s way of salvation in Jesus Christ and His past and present purposes for the Jewish people In the subsequent interview he gives his testimony of how he came to know Yeshua HaMashiach as His saviour and addresses the very important issue of Replacement Theology which teaches that the church has replaced Israel in all of God s end time purposes The discussion also covers current issues relating to the troubles in the Middle East DVD Trailer Have a look at a short trailer with clips from the Inverness meeting and short extracts from the interview The full

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  • Christians Together : Prime Minister apologises to Israel
    to him as well as to other Cabinet members in the British government He said that solutions must be found so that situations in which an arrest order is issued for a senior Israeli official will not be repeated He stressed the importance of Israeli British relations and of continuing the dialogue FM Liberman stated that Israel would instruct its envoys in European countries to work towards changing universal law concerning anti terrorism Terrorism said FM Liberman is the real threat to world peace in the 21st century and combating it is not like confronting regular armies Democratic states must adjust to the new situation vis a vis terrorists that use the advantages of a democratic society to destroy democracy in the world The two ministers agreed to continue their dialogue and to work towards remedying the situation Foreign Office minister Ivan Lewis said Wednesday that Britain was absolutely determined to make sure that this can never happen again Because Israel is a strategic partner and close friend of the UK it is absolutely essential representatives of the state of Israel can visit Britain freely to talk about the Middle East peace process he told the BBC Meanwhile Israel s President Shimon Peres said that issuing a warrant for the arrest of an Israeli politician is one of the biggest political mistakes the UK has ever made Ed footnote The biggest mistake the UK has ever made was back in 1947 when British warships turned away holocaust survivors from entering the land of Israel to have them either sent back to the German camps from which they had fled or imprisoned in camps in Cyprus These events have been captured in the film entitled The Forsaken Promise which chronicles Britain s failure to live up to the resolutions contained in the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and the actions of the UK Government at the end of the Second World War The 2 part DVD highlights a number of tragic events that took place at that time mainly through the testimonies of people who were victims of those events participants in them or eye witnesses to them They speak of Britain s political expediency and even treachery towards the Jewish people in appeasing the militant Arab nationalist movement as well as causing the wholesale misery of many thousands of Jewish people who were turned away from the shores of Palestine in the 1930s and 40s Watch the trailer However over the centuries British Christian leaders have identified in the Bible God s eternal purposes and how God has used Britain as a Cyrus nation in achieving His purposes for the Jewish people Listen to what some of them including Robert Murray McCheyne have said The recording is part of the soundtrack from the film The Destiny of Britain Christians Together 17 12 2009 Feedback Mike Evans Guest 21 12 2009 17 18 I am in Israel to address a major conference and what I m hearing is very sobering The mood

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  • Christians Together : Irena Sendler: a true prize winner
    3 000 false documents to help Jewish families This was a very dangerous activity as all household members risked death if anyone was found to be hiding Jews In December 1942 the newly created Zegota the Council for aid to Jews nominated her by her cover name Jolanta to head its children s section As an employee of the Social Welfare Department she had a special permit to enter the Warsaw Ghetto to check for signs of typhus something the Nazis feared would spread beyond the Ghetto During this work she wore a Star to David as a sign of solidarity with the Jewish people Under the pretext of conducting inspections of sanitary conditions during a typhoid outbreak Irena smuggled out babies and small children sometimes hiding them in a double bottomed toolbox She used large bags to hide older children Trained her dog to bark Sendler kept a dog at the back of her truck which she trained to bark each time she passed through the Ghetto gates This had the double effect of keeping the guards at a distance and also covering up any crying or other noises that the children might make She was caught in 1943 but by then 2 500 infants and children had been saved The Nazis broke her arms and legs and tortured and interrogated her for the names of the children she had smuggled out She didn t break and was sentenced to death along with 39 other women prisoners She was rescued by a guard who had been bribed by her friends and spent the rest of the war with the Home army the Polish underground resistance movement Irena Sendler kept all the records of the children she rescued hidden in a jarburied in her back yard After the war she attempted to locate the parents of the children she had rescued However most of them had been gassed along with 900 000 others in the death chambers of Treblinka extermination camp Imprisoned by her own people Following the post war Soviet takeover of Poland she was at first persecuted and imprisoned by the communist Polish state authorities for her relations with the Polish government in exile and with the Home Army While in prison she miscarried her second child and her other children were later denied the right to study at communist controlled Polish universities In 2007 considerable publicity accompanied Irena Sendler s nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize However the award was made that year to former US Vice President Al Gore for his work on so called climate change Previously in 2003 the kudos and the award went to Yassir Arafat the father of international terrorism When he died a year later he was listed as one of the richest men in the world whilst the people whom he claimed to fight for continued to live in situations of deprivation Meanwhile in 2009 the prize was awarded to US President Barak Obama after just 11 months in office

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