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  • Christians Together : Christian Palestinianism; a response
    18 22 The video in this article outlines the background from recent events leading up to the conference a report from the conference by Dr Wilkinson and a statement concerning the conference from international Messianic leaders Some of the footage was shot in Dundee in an hotel and the following day in the church of Rev Robert Murray McCheyne the Scottish minister who led the pioneering 19th century Mission of Enquiry to the Jews Paul Wilkinson s two essays entitled Prophets who Prophesy Lies in My Name and The Church at Christ s Checkpoint 2011 and 2012 respectively are available by clicking on the titles the images below or from the side bar of this page The sidebar also contains links to other articles on the subject of the Gentile church and Israel Click on images below to access these documents Footnotes From a Scottish perspective the Church of Scotland spent the best part of an afternoon at its General Assembly in May 2011 discussing how it could best campaign to boycott Israeli products while staying just within the law At the General Assembly of 2007 such was the anti Israel bias that a senior retired Church of Scotland wrote a letter i n response to the Assembly of that year The document A Covenant keeping God outlines the biblical covenants with a focus on the Abramic Covenant and the conflicting theological perspectives of Covenant Theology so called and Dispensationalism The theological arguments used to support infant baptism based on a refusal to differentiate between Abraham s special natural children the Jews and his spiritual children all believers run right through mainstream Presbyterian doctrine As a natural outworking these lead directly into a Replacement Theology position Christians Together 08 05 2012 Christian Palestinianism Dr Paul Wilkinson Dr Paul Wilkinson speaking on an American radio programme about the rise of what he has dubbed Christian Palestinianism a modern outworking of a theology dating back to the earliest NT times which teaches that God has finished with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel in His plans and purposes Downloads 826 Recorded 23 02 2011 Length 21 minutes Listen Download MP3 Audio 20 171 KB Britain s Last Mandate David Davis Speaking in Birmingham on the occasion of the National Day of Repentance 2006 David Davis spoke a message concerning Britain s destiny in terms of our history responsibility and calling under God to align ourselves with God s sovereign purposes for the Jewish people David sees us as living in a season of Sudden Downloads 922 Recorded 17 09 2006 Length 54 minutes Listen Download MP3 Audio 128Kbps 38 199 KB Feedback Brian Ross 08 05 2012 19 56 Have just read the article i e haven t yet followed any of the links and the words that are already ringing in my ears heart are those quoted by the father of Corrie ten Boom to his then young daughter They Israel are still the apple of His eye We

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  • Christians Together : God hears even when the mikes are off.
    give a different important and specific understanding of the concept of a curse Derived from various words the Hebrew definition is twofold 1 to stop or impose a barrier ban or paralysis and 2 to treat lightly or make light of to belittle or make little A curse in the Old Covenant is much the same as a judgment When people curse therefore they are in essence praying for judgment Likewise when God curses He judges On this basis and given the Hebrew sentence structure of Genesis 12 3 Bible commentators suggest its curse verse could be translated more accurately as follows The one who treats you lightly I must curse A short review of Koenig s book asks the question What do the following major record setting events have in common The ten costliest insurance events in U S history The twelve costliest hurricanes in U S history Three of the four largest tornado outbreaks in U S history The two largest terrorism events in U S history And his answer All of these major catastrophes and many others occurred or began on the very same day or within 24 hours of U S presidents Bush Clinton and Bush applying pressure on Israel to trade her land for promises of peace and security sponsoring major land for peace meetings making major public statements pertaining to Israel s covenant land and or calling for a Palestinian state Are each one of these major record setting events just a coincidence or awe inspiring signs that God is actively involved in the affairs of Israel The world may know nothing of or care less regarding God s end time prophetic purposes for the Jewish people and the land and that is hardly surprising But what is both surprising and alarming is that a huge swathe of the Christian church is walking in ignorance or denial also And it shall come to pass in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem Zechariah 12 9 Ed footnote The remarks of Obama and Sarkozy will effectively legitimise the actions of Ahmedinijad Hamas and all who think like them With the growing threat of a nuclear armed Iran these developments will futher hone the knife edge on which the world is sitting Watchman 10 11 2011 Feedback Editor 21 03 2012 14 01 I can t stand him He s a liar French President Nicolas Sarkozy speaking to the US President Barak Obama about Israel s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sarkozy was speaking 4 months before the murderous attacks on French soldiers a teacher and schoool children http www bbc co uk news 17455224 I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you Gen 12 3 God s word to all who will listen including France the US Britain and the Arab and Muslim world The attacks in France were demonic but the attacker was merely following the basic teachings of the Islamic faith

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  • Christians Together : (23)/09/11 - A day that will change the world?
    unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood I am going to make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem On that day when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations All who try to move it will injure themselves Zech 12 2 3 All eyes will be on the Middle East this week as the Palestinian Authority president Mahmood Abbas defies the United States and Israel by seeking recognition of Palestinian statehood from the United Nations Security Council In response Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he will also visit the UN this week to oppose the Palestinian initiative in light of the factthat Palestinian statehood should be achieved through negotiations Washington is expected to veto the vote in the UN Security Council where decisions are legally binding However the Palestinians also plan to bring their bid to the General Assembly this coming Friday September 23 2011 where a decision would be symbolic but not legally binding No matter what the outcome of the UN vote violence may spill over into the Israeli communities of Judea and Samaria Jewish settlements and other towns villages and cities in Israel including Jerusalem Mass rallies and marches in support of the bid for statehood and against Israel s so called occupation have been slated in the West Bank Arabs are being incited to take their grievances to the streets on September 20th the eve of the UN vote The Palestinians are calling this protest campaign Palestine 194 because Palestinians hope to become the UN s 194th member state The following video gives some background to the United Nation s dealings with Israel since by a two thirds majority the

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  • Christians Together : Mike Moore of CWI writes to David Cameron
    at the UN this month Your threat concerns me for a number of reasons First you are pressurising the victim in the Israel Palestine conflict rather than the aggressor Israel has constantly tried to make peace while their enemies have not and virtually all Israel s concessions to the Palestinians have been reciprocated with an increase in aggression Second Mr Netanyahu has stated publicly that he will be the first to welcome a Palestinian state if that state is willing to recognise a Jewish state Although Mr Abbas wishes the world to recognise and support a Palestinian state he has stated repeatedly that he will never accept Israel as a Jewish state Third a State of Palestine will be a racist state inasmuch as Mr Abbas has declared on several occasions that not a single Jew will be allowed to live there Fourth Mr Abbas Fatah party is in an alliance with Hamas a terror organisation explicitly committed to the genocide of the Jews and the destruction of the state of Israel If Britain supports the establishment of a Palestinian state it will be endorsing a regime committed to a programme of genocide Such unreasonable pressure on Israel is nothing less than a demand that Mr Netanyahu negotiate the destruction of his own country Should Britain support a Palestinian state at the UN later this month I believe future generations will condemn you as the Prime Minister who stood shoulder to shoulder with genocidal terrorists against their victims May I be assured that you will be a true friend to Israel by opposing the establishment of a Palestinian state until such a time as the Palestinian leaders unambiguously recognise the right of the Jewish people to a national homeland Yours sincerely Mike Moore General Secretary Christian Witness to Israel Ed

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  • Christians Together : Israel: Understanding the Times
    This conference has been organised by the issachar Challenge team from the King s Fellowship as part of a course the team are re running this autumn This course was set up to look at what the Bible says about understanding the times in which we live and how that can help believers know how to respond to the perplexities and challenges of the current spiritual and political climate The speakers at this day conference are Eddie and Jackie Santoro who pastor a Messianic Jewish congregation in Israel In a newsletter Eddie has written Today in Israel we feel as if we are surrounded by that darkness on every side Whether it is religious spirits demonically inspired terrorist groups radical Muslims a hostile world or our corrupt government the battle is rapidly intensifying In spite of all this we praise God that He has put us on the front line of this battle We know that the victory is ours The Light is shining in the darkness and by God s grace Revive Israel is increasingly a shining beacon of the light and love of Yeshua Speaking on behalf of the organising group Michael Dillon affirms We are delighted that

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  • Christians Together : Israel: what you are not (generally) being told
    all peoples on earth will be blessed through you God speaking in Gen 12 3 He remembers his covenant for ever the word he commanded for a thousand generations the covenant he made with Abraham the oath he swore to Isaac He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree to Israel as an everlasting covenant To you I will give the land of Canaan as the portion you will inherit Psalm 105 8 11 Note Please remember all of these videos can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking on the four arrows symbol bottom right on each video 11 Min History of the ME Conflict The Situation at Present July 2011 UN bias against Israel Israel s Critical Security Needs Israel s self defeat Melanie Phillips Get the Flash Player or an HTML 5 compatible browser to see this player The Truth about the Peace Process Canadian lawyer Whose Jerusalem is it Simulated address to the UN Get the Flash Player or an HTML 5 compatible browser to see this player Caveat The above is a simulated scenario But the speaker s message is a very good summation of Israel s recent history The Truth About the Refugees Israel Palestinian Conflict Rights of Jews and Palestinians It is sometimes the case that links and videos are disabled and we know who is at work Please inform the Editor of Christians Together if any of these programmes do not play Thank you See also article Lies d n lies and media headlines Ed footnote The above information is presented in the clear biblical conviction that contrary to the very common teaching even in many evangelical circles the church has not replaced Israel and the Jewish people and that God is working out His purposes through the nation and the

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  • Christians Together : David Hathaway preaches Yeshua in Israel
    first from Matthew s Gospel then from their own scriptures who their Messiah is Yeshua who came to give His life as a willing sacrifice in prison through torture and rejection then on a cross to forgive their sins and heal their wounds Their response as 90 of them came to receive Him was overwhelming Then each night as I prayed for their Heavenly father to reveal His love by fulfilling the prophecies of their own scriptures the miracles of healing flowed as they did in Biblical days The next night again a capacity crowd As it was the Sabbath some Messianic Jews joined us still outnumbered by unbelieving Jews and Moslems but sharing the outpouring of mercy and grace Again almost all unbelievers came to receive Yeshua as their Messiah and Saviour Many came forward each night to testify of miraculous healing but the pastors told us that on each of the buses which we had chartered to bring these Israeli Jews as they streamed out of the meeting even the holocaust survivors were amazed to find tumours blindness and broken limbs healed by the power of God And all the hundreds of converts on the buses were known by name and had been brought personally by the supporting Messianic congregations Afterwards the pastors said two amazing things We promised these survivors that if they would come they would receive comfort deliverance from the past and healing from the inner pain and suffering and especially miracles of healing in Yeshua s Name They received everything we promised and more than even we dared to believe for This was an historic breakthrough never seen in Israel before We have had other conferences with crowds of Western Believers and Messianic Jews but never before have we seen thousands attending when 90 of them were unbelieving Jewish and Moslem Israelis We wept tears of joy as we saw our brothers and sisters receive salvation in the Name of their Yeshua and Messiah This was the 50th anniversary of my first visit to Israel in May 1961 and on this anniversary God gloriously fulfilled more than everything I had dreamed of and asked for 50 years ago But this is only the beginning because the pastors are pleading with me to return as soon as possible I will as soon as we can raise the funds we need Footnote Further news pictures and video of the Israel outreach can be found at the Eurovision website including information of how you can support the ministry of David Hathaway and the Eurovision outreach David Hathaway 19 05 2011 Feedback A Messianic Jew Guest 25 05 2011 13 05 I was there and I have not seen at all what you are writing in your report dhstern netvision net il Guest 25 05 2011 13 19 I would like to receive a copy of your answer to my friend Noam Hendren s letter reproduced here Shalom Friends Can anyone give objective confirmation of the claims made

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  • Christians Together : Institutionalised anti-Semitism in the church
    the then Captain was so open hearted such Christ like understanding of us he broke all the Army rules allowed me to wear my kippur and tallith and to intone a Hebrew prayer He married us I love that man He s such an example to me That was twelve years ago Unchurched but not unloved Now we have no strong church affiliations yet our closest friends are clergy with whom we have fine fellowship and with those seeking Jesus We are but a small part of a growing world wide Diaspora a movement of Christians away from the orthodox church Over these years we have met many others in the Christian Diaspora and we are in touch with many of them As the institutional church has developed this last twenty years we now doubt there would be a place for either of us Yet our spiritual lives are vibrant and rewarding and our prayer life continues I no longer teach the Bible but have maintained my studies now in Greek and Hebrew In fact we are praying about building a website for fellow Diaspora Christians and anyone else with Bible teaching material from many reasonable sources As I sit here again I cry for the church and have done so many times But it s worth remembering the Body of Christ is not the church but the church contains some of the Body We live quietly and work quietly and consistently with the more temperate Christian Zionist groups and others a thing I ve done for twenty years The extent of my involvement is neither here nor there We are involved in some pastoral work here I find myself in a no man s land between Gentile church and Messianic congregations Forgiveness brings healing Twenty years ago I met a Jewish Christian rabbi at an Etz Chaim synagogue in Leeds Rabbi David the leader of a small Messianic congregation in that city and a Kossoff look alike As a boy a Polish Jewish boy he had been consigned to Auschwitz where he spent four of his young years I asked him about forgiveness this man would know the meaning of the word His reply was unforgiving hurts me and those around me Once I forgave my captors I began to live How the light of Christ shone from him that evening Unmistakable Wonderful I learned about forgiveness from Rabbi David I learned to practice it at the place he directed me the foot of the Cross They nailed the Lamb of God to a cross Fulfilment and joy Mine is not a hard luck story quite the reverse It s a story of personal fulfilment and joy David wrote before I was afflicted I never heard you and that s the bottom line of my life I praise God for the churches and all those other people because they made of me a living believer in a living Christ Jesus I pray everyone in a fellowship could know as they are known I do not encourage anyone to leave a fellowship stay if you can but don t compromise your knowledge of God It requires a high degree of security in Jesus to live without the props of fellowship The only reason my wife and I have achieved this is by His grace and none other Jesus said to Paul my grace is sufficient for you It s more than sufficient for us I add a prayer taken from Matthew Lord I believe help my unbelief John Wesley s sustaining prayer Footnote Norman Skinner is a psuedonym but is known to the Editor and has kindly supplied his testimony It contains many issues which resonate within the churches Norman Skinner 18 05 2011 Feedback Martin Lisemore 05 11 2010 00 57 This is a time to kick out Replacement Theology show it as the evil it is a cancer in the church and Church It robs Christians of their spiritual heritage It s a lie And and an addendum to Norman Skinner s testimony a Messianic Jew said to me recently it s easier to work in a gentile business than it is to enter a gentile church to worship I do not belong in that church It s so obvious to me What a sad comment on our fellowships But perhaps not yours Maybe that s just here down south Maybe you would like to comment I do hope so Just come back with whatever are your thoughts or opinions Please Martin Editor 05 11 2010 09 04 Just as point of clarification Replacement Theology is a belief which is prevalent within much of the church that the church is now Israel The view derives from theological positions which are deeply entrenched See A Covenant Keeping God on Articles List on left hand column at top of this page The Article List contains links to other related articles Pawlo 05 11 2010 12 07 I have Jewish friends who cannot accept Christ because they see the church as hostile to them They believe that there is no truth in it Its an issue I feel very passionate about firstly for personal reasons but also because I believe that the greatest awakening could come from a church that repents from this wrong doctrine I m not talking about Hebrew roots movement or anything like that I mean fundamental truths about our Saviour and the Jewish nation Peter Carr 05 11 2010 13 10 Paul What you describe is sad indeed but please do not lump all Christians or indeed church fellowships together with this regard When examined more closely none of us have a perfect theology when it comes to our fellow humanity who like us are made in God s image Norman Skinner Guest 05 11 2010 15 00 Peter Carr thank you for responding Please do not think I would be a part of decrying Churches as a whole That is not the case I wrote of

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