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  • Christians Together : A Christian Holocaust in our time - is it possible?
    is good reason too as Israel has been engaged in many battles using its military advantage to crush those it doesn t like into the ground If we agree with Israeli foreign policy then fine But don t feel obliged to support it You could certainly argue with Erdogan that Israel has conducted crimes against humanity consider for example the bombing of the refugee camps in Lebanon Editor 04 03 2013 17 11 Guest said There is good reason too as Israel has been engaged in many battles I think Guest that if you check the modern history every battle which Israel has fought has been essentially one with neighbouring states who are seeking using military or political means to wipe Israel off the map I m not sure which bombing of refugee camps you refer to If it is the Sabra and Shatila violence the facts are that it was Lebanese against Lebanese The charge which was proven was the Israeli army didn t do anything to prevent it happening Regarding Israel foreign policy Israel is doing what any nation is bound to do defend its citizens While I am not aware of your nationality perhaps you might like to comment on whether you would wish your government to defend you if faced with external or internal threats which call for your annihilation However the main and by far most important point is nothing to do with politics it is a spiritual matter I don t know whether you know or believe what is written in the Bible but Israel and the Jewish people who have faults like everyone else but are more heavily scrutinised than anyone else are still a banner to the nations Is 11 12 And one day Jesus feet will stand on the Mount of Olives Zech 14 4 and the Jewish people will recognise him as their Messiah Zech 12 10 Matt 23 39 Rom 11 25 27 All we are seeing in the political and military realm is yet another attempt to destroy the nation In the same manner as Haman and Hitler Anti semitism is essentially a spiritual dynamic which strives to negate the sovereign purposes of an almighty God guest Guest 04 03 2013 17 43 The Sabra and Shatila massacre was the slaughter of between 762 and 3 500 civilians mostly Palestinian and Lebanese Shia by a Lebanese Christian Phalangist militia in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut Lebanon from approximately 6 00 pm 16 September to 8 00 am 18 September 1982 3 The Israeli s were using their proxi s in Lebanon The massacre was presented as retaliation for the assassination of newly elected Lebanese president Bachir Gemayel the leader of the Lebanese Kataeb Party It was wrongly assumed that Palestinian militants had carried out the assassination which is now generally attributed to native pro Syrian militants Israel invaded Lebanon with the intention of rooting out the PLO Under the supervision of the Multinational Force

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  • Christians Together : The Israel Periphery
    that the military and the Muslim Brotherhood appear to be adjusting slowly to a new order of Nasserite Islamist rule Unlike the 1979 peace treaty this working arrangement between the military and the Islamists is alive and temperamental Israel can find some comfort in seeing that the military remains central to the stability of the Egyptian state and will thus likely play a major role in protecting the Sinai buffer However merely observing this dance between the military and the Islamists from across the desert is enough to unnerve Israel and justify a more pre emptive military posture on the border Defending Galilee Israel lacks a good buffer to its north The most natural albeit imperfect line of defense is the Litani River in modern day Lebanon with a second line of defense between Mount Hermon and the Sea of Galilee Modern day Israel encompasses this second barrier a hilly area that has been the target of sporadic mortar shelling from Syrian government forces in pursuit of Sunni rebels Israel does not face a conventional military threat to its north nor will it for some time But the descent of the northern Levant into sectarian driven clan based warfare presents a different kind of threat on Israel s northern frontier It is only a matter of time before Alawite forces will have to retreat from Damascus and defend themselves against a Sunni majority from their coastal enclave The conflict will necessarily subsume Lebanon and the framework that Israel has relied on for decades to manage more sizable unconventional threats like Hezbollah will come undone Somewhere along the way there will be an internationally endorsed attempt to prop up a provisional government and maintain as much of the state machinery as possible to avoid the scenario of a post U S invasion Iraq But when decades old sectarian driven vendettas are concerned there is cause for pessimism in judging the viability of those plans Israel cannot avoid thinking in terms of worst case scenarios so it will continue to reinforce its northern defenses ahead of more instability Neutralizing the Jordan River Valley The status of the Jordan River Valley is essential to Israel s sense of security to the east So long as Israel can dominate the west bank of the river the biblical area of Judea and Samaria or the modern day West Bank then it can overwhelm indigenous forces from the desert farther east To keep this arrangement intact Israel will somehow attempt to politically neutralize whichever power controls the east bank of the Jordan River In the post Ottoman Middle East this power takes the form of the Hashemite monarchs who were transplanted from Arabia by the British The vulnerability that the Hashemites felt as a foreign entity in charge of economically lackluster terrain created ideal conditions for Israel to protect its eastern approach The Hashemites had to devise complex political arrangements at home to sustain the monarchy in the face of left wing Nasserist Palestinian separatist and

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  • Christians Together : How a Man of Prayer was used by God
    Shortly later during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin he spoke of his visit to El Alamein Rabin then spoke quite passionately about the danger then facing the Jewish people in Eretz Israel had the Germans won at El Alamein A similar attitude was voiced by General Uzi Narkiss the commander of the Israeli forces who captured Jerusalem in 1967 when Kelvin also interviewed him It was clear that this sentiment was known by every section of the Jewish community who lived in the land of Israel during that traumatic period Describing these events Kelvin spoke about his new book El Alamein Stemming the Tide of the Holocaust Hosting the gathering in the House of Lords was the present Viscount Montgomery son on Field Marshall Montgomery The seventy five guests were made up of members of the House of Lords bishops military personnel members from the Jewish community and members of Christian organizations who support the Jewish people and Israel During the reception Lord Montgomery spoke personally with former Desert Rats Len Burritt and Norman Whyte Len in his 95th year addressed those present in a strong voice saying how wonderful it was to be there with Lord Montgomery s son having fought under his father Norman paid tribute to the four young soldiers from the 101RE Bomb Disposal Unit serving in Afghanistan who were also at the Reception As everyone left they were given a copy of Kelvin s book together with a commemorative bookmark Many had not known about the significance of El Alamein in saving the Jewish population of Egypt and Palestine All thanked Lord Montgomery for his gracious hospitality and Kelvin for his excellent talk And those who came said An Awe inspiring occasion and would not have missed it for anything A brilliant talk by Kelvin Crombie I had a great chat with the grandson of one of the men who fought in the campaign who is Jewish Kelvin was his usual brilliant self I was intrigued by all he had discovered on the importance of the Battle and the evil plan that would have been hatched to sweep into Palestine and annihilate the Jews living there I just didn t realize the importance and especially since my father was in North Africa too Kelvin mentioned that people like Rees Howells in S Wales Bible College had been alerted by the Lord to pray Lord Montgomery was a wonderful and gracious host who set the tone for the event Absolutely astounding Just to say the talk was outstanding yesterday and I was privileged to be in the company of the ex and existing servicemen who were present I have already dipped into the book and it is fascinating The opportunity to hear Kelvin s talk and get his book plus touch that Bible what an honour We thought it was a significant occasion and it was a privilege to be there Kelvin is an excellent speaker This was quite significant in that it

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  • Christians Together : The Geopolitics of Israel: Biblical and Modern
    cannot project power to the north except with great difficulty but powers in Asia Minor can move south Syria s eastern flank is buffered by a desert that stretches to the Euphrates Therefore when there is no threat from the north Syria s interest after securing itself internally is to gain access to the coast Its primary channel is directly westward toward the rich cities of the northern Levantine coast with which it trades heavily An alternative interest is southwestward toward the southern Levantine coast controlled by Israel As can be seen Syria can be interested in Israel only selectively When it is interested it has a serious battle problem To attack Israel it would have to strike between Mount Hermon and the Sea of Galilee an area about 25 miles wide The Syrians potentially can attack south of the sea but only if they are prepared to fight through this region and then attack on extended supply lines If an attack is mounted along the main route Syrian forces must descend the Golan Heights and then fight through the hilly Galilee before reaching the coastal plain sometimes with guerrillas holding out in the Galilean hills The Galilee is an area that is relatively easy to defend and difficult to attack Therefore it is only once Syria takes the Galilee and can control its lines of supply against guerrilla attack that its real battle begins To reach the coast or move toward Jerusalem Syria must fight through a plain in front of a line of low hills This is the decisive battleground where massed Israeli forces close to lines of supply can defend against dispersed Syrian forces on extended lines of supply It is no accident that Megiddo or Armageddon as the plain is sometimes referred to has apocalyptic meaning This is the point at which any move from Syria would be decided But a Syrian offensive would have a tough fight to reach Megiddo and a tougher one as it deploys on the plain On the surface Israel lacks strategic depth but this is true only on the surface It faces limited threats from southern neighbours To its east it faces only a narrow strip of populated area east of the Jordan To the north there is a maritime commercial entity Syria operating alone forced through the narrow gap of the Mount Hermon Galilee line and operating on extended supply lines can be dealt with readily Multiple attacks There is a risk of simultaneous attacks from multiple directions Depending on the forces deployed and the degree of coordination between them this can pose a problem for Israel However even here the Israelis have the tremendous advantage of fighting on interior lines Egypt and Syria fighting on external lines and widely separated fronts would have enormous difficulty transferring forces from one front to another Israel on interior lines fronts close to each other with good transportation would be able to move its forces from front to front rapidly allowing for sequential engagement and thereby the defeat of enemies Unless enemies are carefully coordinated and initiate war simultaneously and deploy substantially superior force on at least one front Israel can initiate war at a time of its choosing or else move its forces rapidly between fronts negating much of the advantage of size that the attackers might have There is another aspect to the problem of multifront war Egypt usually has minimal interests along the Levant having its own coast and an orientation to the south toward the headwaters of the Nile On the rare occasions when Egypt does move through the Sinai and attacks to the north and northeast it is in an expansionary mode By the time it consolidates and exploits the coastal plain it would be powerful enough to threaten Syria From Syria s point of view the only thing more dangerous than Israel is an Egypt in control of Israel Therefore the probability of a coordinated north south strike at Israel is rare is rarely coordinated and usually is not designed to be a mortal blow It is defeated by Israel s strategic advantage of interior lines Israeli Geography and the Convergence Zone Therefore it is not surprising that Israel s first incarnation lasted as long as it did some five centuries What is interesting and what must be considered is why Israel now considered as the northern kingdom was defeated by the Assyrians and Judea then defeated by Babylon To understand this we need to consider the broader geography of Israel s location Israel is located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea on the Levant As we have seen when Israel is intact it will tend to be the dominant power in the Levant Therefore Israeli resources must generally be dedicated for land warfare leaving little over for naval warfare In general although Israel had excellent harbors and access to wood for shipbuilding it never was a major Mediterranean naval power It never projected power into the sea The area to the north of Israel has always been a maritime power but Israel the area south of Mount Hermon was always forced to be a land power The Levant in general and Israel in particular has always been a magnet for great powers No Mediterranean empire could be fully secure unless it controlled the Levant Whether it was Rome or Carthage a Mediterranean empire that wanted to control both the northern and southern littorals needed to anchor its eastern flank on the Levant For one thing without the Levant a Mediterranean power would be entirely dependent on sea lanes for controlling the other shore Moving troops solely by sea creates transport limitations and logistical problems It also leaves imperial lines vulnerable to interdiction sometimes merely from pirates a problem that plagued Rome s sea transport A land bridge or a land bridge with minimal water crossings that can be easily defended is a vital supplement to the sea for the movement of large numbers of troops Once the Hellespont is crossed the coastal route through southern Turkey down the Levant and along the Mediterranean s southern shore provides such an alternative There is an additional consideration If a Mediterranean empire leaves the Levant unoccupied it opens the door to the possibility of a great power originating to the east seizing the ports of the Levant and challenging the Mediterranean power for maritime domination In short control of the Levant binds a Mediterranean empire together while denying a challenger from the east the opportunity to enter the Mediterranean Holding the Levant and controlling Israel is a necessary preventive measure for a Mediterranean empire Important to Empires Israel is also important to any empire originating to the east of Israel either in the Tigris Euphrates basin or in Persia For either security could be assured only once it had an anchor on the Levant Macedonian expansion under Alexander demonstrated that a power controlling Levantine and Turkish ports could support aggressive operations far to the east to the Hindu Kush and beyond While Turkish ports might have sufficed for offensive operations simply securing the Bosporus still left the southern flank exposed Therefore by holding the Levant an eastern power protected itself against attacks from Mediterranean powers The Levant was also important to any empire originating to the north or south of Israel If Egypt decided to move beyond the Nile Basin and North Africa eastward it would move first through the Sinai and then northward along the coastal plain securing sea lanes to Egypt When Asia Minor powers such as the Ottoman Empire developed there was a natural tendency to move southward to control the eastern Mediterranean The Levant is the crossroads of continents and Israel lies in the path of many imperial ambitions Israel therefore occupies what might be called the convergence zone of the Eastern Hemisphere A European power trying to dominate the Mediterranean or expand eastward an eastern power trying to dominate the space between the Hindu Kush and the Mediterranean a North African power moving toward the east or a northern power moving south all must converge on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and therefore on Israel Of these the European power and the eastern power must be the most concerned with Israel For either there is no choice but to secure it as an anchor Internal Geopolitics Israel is geographically divided into three regions which traditionally have produced three different types of people Its coastal plain facilitates commerce serving as the interface between eastern trade routes and the sea It is the home of merchants and manufacturers cosmopolitans not as cosmopolitan as Phoenicia or Lebanon but cosmopolitan for Israel The northeast is hill country closest to the unruliness north of the Litani River and to the Syrian threat It breeds farmers and warriors The area south of Jerusalem is hard desert country more conducive to herdsman and warriors than anything else Jerusalem is where these three regions are balanced and governed There are obviously deep differences built into Israel s geography and inhabitants particularly between the herdsmen of the southern deserts and the northern hill dwellers The coastal dwellers rich but less warlike than the others hold the balance or are the prize to be pursued In the division of the original kingdom between Israel and Judea we saw the alliance of the coast with the Galilee while Jerusalem was held by the desert dwellers The consequence of the division was that Israel in the north ultimately was conquered by Assyrians from the northeast while Babylon was able to swallow Judea Social divisions in Israel obviously do not have to follow geographical lines However over time these divisions must manifest themselves For example the coastal plain is inherently more cosmopolitan than the rest of the country The interests of its inhabitants lie more with trading partners in the Mediterranean and the rest of the world than with their countrymen Their standard of living is higher and their commitment to traditions is lower Therefore there is an inherent tension between their immediate interests and those of the Galileans who live more precarious warlike lives Countries can be divided over lesser issues and when Israel is divided it is vulnerable even to regional threats We say even because geography dictates that regional threats are less menacing than might be expected The fact that Israel would be outnumbered demographically should all its neighbours turn on it is less important than the fact that it has adequate buffers in most directions that the ability of neighbours to coordinate an attack is minimal and that their appetite for such an attack is even less The single threat that Israel faces from the northeast can readily be managed if the Israelis create a united front there When Israel was overrun by a Damascus based power it was deeply divided internally It is important to add one consideration to our discussion of buffers which is diplomacy The main neighbours of Israel are Egyptians Syrians and those who live on the east bank of Jordan This last group is a negligible force demographically and the interests of the Syrians and Egyptians are widely divergent Egypt s interests are to the south and west of its territory the Sinai holds no attraction Syria is always threatened from multiple directions and alliance with Egypt adds little to its security Therefore under the worst of circumstances Egypt and Syria have difficulty supporting each other Under the best of circumstances from Israel s point of view it can reach a political accommodation with Egypt securing its southwestern frontier politically as well as by geography thus freeing Israel to concentrate on the northern threats and opportunities Israel and the Great Powers The threat to Israel rarely comes from the region except when the Israelis are divided internally The conquests of Israel occur when powers not adjacent to it begin forming empires Babylon Persia Macedonia Rome Turkey and Britain all controlled Israel politically sometimes for worse and sometimes for better Each dominated it militarily but none was a neighbor of Israel This is a consistent pattern Israel can resist its neighbours danger arises when more distant powers begin playing imperial games Empires can bring force to bear that Israel cannot resist Israel therefore has this problem It would be secure if it could confine itself to protecting its interests from neighbours but it cannot confine itself because its geographic location invariably draws larger more distant powers toward Israel Therefore while Israel s military can focus only on immediate interests its diplomatic interests must look much further Israel is constantly entangled with global interests as the globe is defined at any point seeking to deflect and align with broader global powers When it fails in this diplomacy the consequences can be catastrophic Israel exists in three conditions First it can be a completely independent state This condition occurs when there are no major imperial powers external to the region We might call this the David model Second it can live as part of an imperial system either as a subordinate ally as a moderately autonomous entity or as a satrapy In any case it maintains its identity but loses room for independent maneuvering in foreign policy and potentially in domestic policy We might call this the Persian model in its most beneficent form Finally Israel can be completely crushed with mass deportations and migrations with a complete loss of autonomy and minimal residual autonomy We might call this the Babylonian model The Davidic model exists primarily when there is no external imperial power needing control of the Levant that is in a position either to send direct force or to support surrogates in the immediate region The Persian model exists when Israel aligns itself with the foreign policy interests of such an imperial power to its own benefit The Babylonian model exists when Israel miscalculates on the broader balance of power and attempts to resist an emerging hegemon When we look at Israeli behavior over time the periods when Israel does not confront hegemonic powers outside the region are not rare but are far less common than when it is confronting them Given the period of the first iteration of Israel it would be too much to say that the Davidic model rarely comes into play but certainly since that time variations of the Persian and Babylonian models have dominated The reason is geographic Israel is normally of interest to outside powers because of its strategic position While Israel can deal with local challenges effectively it cannot deal with broader challenges It lacks the economic or military weight to resist Therefore it is normally in the process of managing broader threats or collapsing because of them The Geopolitics of Contemporary Israel Let us then turn to the contemporary manifestation of Israel Israel was recreated because of the interaction between a regional great power the Ottoman Empire and a global power Great Britain During its expansionary phase the Ottoman Empire sought to dominate the eastern Mediterranean as well as both its northern and southern coasts One thrust went through the Balkans toward central Europe The other was toward Egypt Inevitably this required that the Ottomans secure the Levant For the British the focus on the eastern Mediterranean was as the primary sea lane to India As such Gibraltar and the Suez were crucial The importance of the Suez was such that the presence of a hostile major naval force in the eastern Mediterranean represented a direct threat to British interests It followed that defeating the Ottoman Empire during World War I and breaking its residual naval power was critical The British as was shown at Gallipoli lacked the resources to break the Ottoman Empire by main force They resorted to a series of alliances with local forces to undermine the Ottomans One was an alliance with Bedouin tribes in the Arabian Peninsula others involved covert agreements with anti Turkish Arab interests from the Levant to the Persian Gulf A third minor thrust was aligning with Jewish interests globally particularly those interested in the refounding of Israel Britain had little interest in this goal but saw such discussions as part of the process of destabilizing the Ottomans The strategy worked Under an agreement with France the Ottoman province of Syria was divided into two parts on a line roughly running east west between the sea and Mount Hermon The northern part was given to France and divided into Lebanon and a rump Syria entity The southern part was given to Britain and was called Palestine after the Ottoman administrative district Filistina Given the complex politics of the Arabian Peninsula the British had to find a home for a group of Hashemites which they located on the east bank of the Jordan River and designated for want of a better name the Trans Jordan the other side of the Jordan Palestine looked very much like traditional Israel The ideological foundations of Zionism are not our concern here nor are the pre and post World War II migrations of Jews although those are certainly critical What is important for purposes of this analysis are two things First the British emerged economically and militarily crippled from World War II and unable to retain their global empire Palestine included Second the two global powers that emerged after World War II the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in an intense struggle for the eastern Mediterranean after World War II as can be seen in the Greek and Turkish issues at that time Neither wanted to see the British Empire survive each wanted the Levant and neither was prepared to make a decisive move to take it US and USSR competing for the space Both the United States and the Soviet Union saw the re creation of Israel as an opportunity to introduce their power to the Levant The Soviets thought they might have some influence over Israel due to ideology

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  • Christians Together : The Middle East: histories in a nutshell
    is right on target Egypt Syria Israel the church and the world Christian Palestinianism a response The Middle East histories in a nutshell A series of short videos which give a rapid but comprehensive overview of the history of the Middle East from biblical times right through to the present day The following videos are very short but give an extremely useful picture from the empires that controlled the bible lands through the the geo political and military backgrounds to the Israel Palestine conflict The actions of the British government and conflicting and broken promises which it made to both the Jews and the Arabs set the scene for the troubles we see today This video gives an overview of 5000 years in 90 seconds no sound The following is a geo political background of the period following WW1 and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire It has been produced by a group of students in Azerbaijan 10 mins The video below focusses in on the period from the end of WW2 through to the present day While it comes from an Israeli perspective the facts are not disputed by any reliable historian 6 mins Christians Together 22 11 2012

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  • Christians Together : Hamas leaves Israel no choice
    the annihilation of Israel and whose charter begins with the ominous warning that Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it just as it obliterated others before it Every rocket from Gaza is a double war crime First the rockets are aimed at civilians second they are fired from built up civilian areas often close to schools mosques and hospitals And about 10 of Hamas rockets fired from Gaza don t reach Israel exploding in Gaza Mohammed Sadallah a four year old killed on Saturday his body displayed in a press conference with Ismail Haniyeh Hamas s leader was according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights most likely killed by an errant Hamas rocket Hamas leaders frequently declare that their people actively seek death Fathi Hamad a senior member of Hamas stated in 2008 that for the Palestinian people death became an industry at which women and children excel Accordingly we created a human shield of women children and elderly We seek death as you Israelis desire life Hamas seeks conflagration and war Death and destruction is seen as a win win calculation as any Israeli death is considered a glorious achievement and every Palestinian death that of a holy martyr providing badly needed propaganda locally and internationally Seemingly there are not enough deaths for them so Hamas s military wing the al Qassam Brigades has been busy sending out pictures of massacres in Syria claiming they were taken in Gaza Israel has been left with little choice but to root out this nest of hate and destruction No nation on earth would allow a third of its population to live in constant fear of incessant fire emanating from a neighbouring territory Our government exercised restraint We gave the international community time to act

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  • Christians Together : British Army Officer is right on target
    neglect the woefully abused rights of 350 million citizens of the Middle East not to mention the rights of many more people the world over the Council focuses its attention almost exclusively on Israel The Report of the UN Fact Finding Mission into the 2009 Gaza Conflict better known as the Goldstone Report accused Israeli forces of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity deliberately killing wounding and terrorising innocent civilians That report was endorsed on two occasions by the General Assembly of the United Nations But only last month Judge Richard Goldstone retracted the most serious allegations that he had made saying that Israel did not in fact intentionally kill or wound innocent civilians He wrote that if he had known at the time of his investigation what he knows now the Goldstone Report would have been a very different document Well I with my far more limited resources and access could have told him a great deal of what is now apparently new to him In fact I did tell him at the time of his report in evidence I gave to the United Nations Human Rights Council in October 2009 During its operation in Gaza the Israeli Defence Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare But a central aim in the conspiracy of delegitimization against Israel is to give validity and justification to attacks on Israel by groups such as Iran s proxies Hamas and Hizballah a central aim is to give validity and justification to attacks on Israel allowing them to strike at Israel with impunity and encouraging the view that any retaliatory or defensive measures by Israel are by definition disproportionate and should be criminalised The more traction this objective is allowed to gain the greater the instability between Israel and her neighbours the less chance of any lasting peace the more that blood will be shed on all sides in the region The most powerful weapons in this conspiracy are legal diplomatic and media Fundamentally we are talking about a war of words Words that are given unprecedented potency by the internet by the globalisation of the 21st Century In this war of words all that is necessary for this evil conspiracy of delegitimisation to triumph is for good men to say nothing I would like to conclude by adding to the theme of this conference As a friend of Israel of course I believe in Israel As a life long soldier I believe also in the brave dedicated and democratically accountable soldiers of the Israeli Defence Forces who sacrifice so much for the defence of Israel and for our Western democratic values Footnotes 1 The full text of Col Kemp s speech can be found here 2 Another article on the Goldstone enquiry carries a video of Col Kemp s testimony to that UN investigation into Operation Cast Lead where Isreali Defence Force entered Gaza to root out

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  • Christians Together : Egypt, Syria, Israel, the church and the world
    is our constitution The Prophet Muhammad is our leader Jihad is our path And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration This nation will enjoy blessing and revival only through the Islamic sharia law He added I take an oath before Allah and before you all that regardless of the actual text of the current Egyptian constitution Allah willing the text will truly reflect sharia law as will be agreed upon by the Egyptian people by the Islamic scholars and by legal and constitutional experts Rejoice and rest assured that these people will not accept a text that does not reflect the true meaning of the Islamic sharia as a text to be implemented and as a platform The people will not agree to anything else These pronouncements do not auger well for the present peace agreement between Egypt and Israel Meanwhile in terms of the upheavals in the region and the conflict in Syria tensions have been escalated by the shooting down of a Turkish military jet by the Syrians and there are now reports of Lebanon being drawn into the fray An oracle concerning Damascus See Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins The cities of Aroer will be deserted and left to flocks which will lie down with no one to make them afraid The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim and royal power from Damascus the remnant of Aram will be like the glory of the Israelites declares the Lord Almighty Isaiah 17 1 3 An oracle concerning Egypt See the Lord rides on a swift cloud and is coming to Egypt The idols of Egypt tremble before him and the hearts of the Egyptians melt within them I will stir up Egyptian against Egyptian

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